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Nov 07 2009


Humax have confirmed to PVRJunction that they will release the eagly anticipated FOXSAT-HDR new software this November. The update is now with the DTG, who organise the over the air (OTA) software update timetables.

The software update has been expected for some time but has been constantly delayed as BBC try to prepare their iPlayer service for launch, of which is embedded within the software update Humax have been working on for months. The software updates/changes include the following:

• Support for BBC iPlayer service (subject to service availability)

• Auto Delete function included

• Ability to Delete Recorded Programmes from the Media List while recording or playing back.

• RGB output available on HD content (Live TV and Recordings)

• Resolved ITV HD Schedules disappearing after a channel scan

• Freesat schedules no longer removed after a Manual Tune.

• Resolved issue with Subtitles appearing when use Time Shift Recording.

• Resolved issues playing back encrypted HD content from an external device.

• Diagnostic Menu now displays the signal levels for both tuners correctly.

• NEW icon now appears in the Media List (Simple view) on Folders with new recordings.

• Resolved issues with Series schedules failing to record.

• EPG Genre screen now appears in two columns

• Resolved Lip-Sync issue resetting after a power cycle.

• Resolved incorrect character appearing on Postcode in the Diagnostic menu.

• Resolved lockup issue when recordings 2 TV channels and changing to a Radio channel.

• Resolved intermittent Lip-sync issue when accessing ITV-HD

• Changes made to some on screen messages regarding conflicts

63 Responses to “Humax To Launch HDR Software In November”

  1. Richard Crichton Says:

    Wow at last. I think a lot of people are going to be very happy. A pity they didn’t get it right in the first place though. Oh and a larger hard drive would be nice as well from now on. Say 1TB. Then it will be worth the asking price no question.


  2. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    I got my hopes up there. I thought that standard Dumax boxes were getting HDR software, when it’s just an update for the existing PVR boxes. Maybe change the title as they’re not “launching” software, they’re “updating” software.


  3. Alex Says:

    Very happy about this. I can finally scan in non-freesat mode without loosing my Schedules


  4. Chazzer Says:

    All very well & my congratulations to Humax, I recall what a difference the upgrade meant to my PVT 9300 in terms of enhanced features…& I also hope that my Hummy does not go the way of the recent Harvard upgrade.

    …but what use is a hardware update if there isn’t the “software” at the other end?

    By this I mean the “software” service providers such as itv hd (they deserve only lower case letters I’m afraid). The final part of their football game today went west with a completely black screen, as did “Star Wars Part 3” completely. I’m not an SF saddo, was just looking forward to something different, a chance to compare itv hd against BBC HD (“Life” has been delightful, capital letters awarded).

    Are these people really believing they can can launch ITV 1 HD for Freeview customers in the North west in less than a months time??????

    Would it be just too pat to suggest fixing something that IS broke rather than spending money on something which is’nt…yet??????????????


  5. John Evans Says:

    This is good but they have missed a major one from my wishlist, the ability to have the epg show the channels limited to and in same order as a favourites list, my freeview recorder did this and it was much nicer.


  6. Ste Rush Says:


    That seems strange regarding the ITV HD feed on the Star Wars as I had no problems at all. Watched the full movie with no blackouts. Anybody else have or have not problems?


  7. David Says:

    At last the HDR upgrade. But…

    1. Where is the HDR loader update to 7.52 to enable the single cable users to upgrade? I understood this was to be released before the next update?

    2. Will there be a simultaneous OAD for the HD? But for this to happen the HDR requires v1.03 which allows HD and HDR OTA downloads to be broadcast simultaneously


  8. Oyodi Says:


    No problems at all with Star Wars, watched it all the way through. This did happen to me a few months ago, (getting a black screen on ITV HD) but I did a factory reset, and have had no problems since.

    At Last this FOXSAT-HDR new software update is long overdue, looking forward to not loosing my scheduled ITV HD recordings every time the box does an automatic update!


  9. Chazzer Says:

    Ste Rush@6 & Oyodi@8

    Thanks for your comments. I’d originally noted my comments on the post relating to the news that ITV were showing the “Star Wars movies in HD” strand…it seemed like a few others had experienced similar problems there, however I do not know if those others were using the Humax Foxsat HDR. Like them, near the end of the Paulton/Norwich football game the HD screen disappeared altogether, to be replaced by a black screen with a slightly darker Dolby sticker in the top right corner (a la bbc?). Being in the Central region, I checked London ITV as well & could get no HD picture, but could get an SD picture both on my regional channel & the ITV London channel. Also, tried recording the HD feed on Central to no avail. Complained to ITV but only received the below…

    Thank you for your email regarding ITV HD.
    We’re sorry that a technical fault appears to have affected the ITV HD service via the red button. Please be assured that your comments have been passed to Transmission for the matter to be investigated.
    May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact ITV.

    I have pressed the “Factory Reset” but having previously had no problems with the Foxsat HDR (installed July 09) I can only admit to being a little perplexed…


  10. Chazzer Says:

    Ste Rush@6 & Oyodi@8

    My apologies…the other comments are on the ITV HD Schedule strand…


  11. Robert Says:

    @Chazzer no problemo here in east Yorkshire in regard to star wars, wasn’t it episode V1, and not episode 111.
    Well that’s what ITV , or the the film said at the end. lol


  12. Robert Says:

    Mine is 7.52, and v1.03, and does NOT NEED most of them them so called updates , they better NOT BUGGER my Humax UP.


  13. Robert Says:

    I did not think you could get HD through RGB. ITS NOT CAPABLE.

    RGB output available on HD content (Live TV and Recordings)


  14. glyn Says:

    Will the ci slot go live in this new update.


  15. Gary Says:

    No mention of a fix for the green screen problem through HDMI


  16. Simon Bainbridge Says:

    Anyone needing more space do a google search it is very easy to do ,i now have 1tb in mine for 5 months and it makes a big difference, also had no problems with Star Wars.


  17. KDHUK Says:

    @Robert – HD output was never sent through the scart………it defaulted to composite output previously and was not available as an RGB signal …at least now you can output a decent (but not HD) signal to a DVD recorder via the scart socket

    @Chazzer ……had same problem here …..had to do factory rest after the signal problems at end of football on ITVHD………hopefully this is another bug that can be sorted…………I had the same problems ear;ier in the year (and are documented on digital spy forums)..the HDR cannot cope with a blip in the signal sometimes and thereafter ITV HD fails to load until the box is reset …….which then wipes the schedules and other settings.


  18. Stuart Says:

    Anyone know if the iPlayer functionality will be released onto Humax HD standard boxes (i.e. without the record function)?


  19. Sedum Says:

    I too had the black screen during the football. However, I was also recording the match & the recording was not affected. ie no black screen, the recording was complete. However, when I turned the box on later, it would not boot up & required the power to be switched off & on at the wall socket. Never done that before.


  20. KDHUK Says:


  21. Chazzer Says:

    Thanks to KDHUK & others who have commented.

    I have performed Factory Reset, will test it out on the football later today (8/11).

    Will have to look out in future if this re-occurs, but at least when the Hummy gets it’s upgrade I shouldn’t then lose the contents of the schedule list.


  22. fluffy Says:

    What do I need to do to receive the software update? Leave the box on or off?

    How will I know when I’ve got it?

    When should I connect the box to my router? Now or when I’m sure I have the update?

    Will the feature to automatically remove a folder when I’ve deleted the last programme in it be included?


  23. fluffy Says:


    Why only iplayer (hardly ever going to use that), why not 4oD etc?


  24. Andrew Morris Says:

    Customer Service?
    I have tried emailing Humax Customer Services via their website because of problems I am exexperiencing with my PVR.
    They just ignore me.
    I am constantly having to re-boot my set (at least once a week) because it keeps freezing. This is particularly frustrating when I am away from home and want to record something in my absence. If the machine freezes, I miss the recording.
    Yet when I ask for help and advice, my cries are just ignored.
    Anyone else had this problem with either the set or Humax themselves?


  25. Rod Says:

    glyn Says:

    November 8th, 2009 at 8:44 am
    Will the ci slot go live in this new update.

    It should already be live. I use mine with a cam and card to watch foreign content in non-freesat mode.


  26. Mark Says:

    Two items that don’t appear on this list and I’d be very annoyed if they don’t get “fixed”:

    – jumping to live tv when a recording finishes and you are watching the same program in time delay. Not critical, since to have the recording, but very annoying.

    – Absolute must feature improvement is the ability to record from the start of programs part way through (assuming the start is still in the available buffer of course) or from the current point if you are time shifted. This has been my biggest let down with the foxsat moving from Sky+ and previous freeview PVRs.


  27. Tony Hales Says:

    13. @ Robert
    You can get 720p through RGB cables but not 1080i if HD-DVD players (the old defunct Toshiba format) are anything to go by. It depends if the software allows it though (which HD-DVD did).


  28. BowWow Says:

    No problems at all with Star Wars last night, watched some of it live and recorded parts of both halves. Whilst on UTV we use ITV1 London for HD.


  29. Derek Says:

    I have also previously e-mailed Humax and received no response.

    I can’t say whether this is typical, but it is something that the company ought to improve.

    I can’t immediately find the reference, but we were previously told on this forum that the CI-module slot was not live. When did this change?

    Could this module be a route to C4HD (with a viewing card) as it is not a Sky subscription service (as their small print is obliged to point out)???


  30. Oyodi Says:

    I too in the past have emailed Humax about problems I have had with the Humax PVR, and like Andrew Morris @24, I have also been totally ignored, it seems as if no one actually bothers to check their emails, or if they do, it seems any email asking for help with problems about the Humax PVR is just deleted.

    Luckily on this forum of I have found out that at least I am not alone! And in some cases, like the black screen issue on ITV HD, I have found the answers like “doing a factory reset” on this website, that have solved some of the problems I have had. Thanks joinfreesat


  31. Rob H Says:

    I fancy this update will be toward the end of November – some iplayer testing likely to be in the weeks prior


  32. james guy Says:

    All sounds like good news to me! I have also emailed Humax a couple of times and got a helpful reply each time…


  33. Robert Says:

    @Tony Hales


  34. Ade Says:

    I lost ITV HD about 2.30pm on Saturday 7th. Nov and it has not returned since. I am in the Granada region and Star Wars nor Doc Martin at 9pm could not be accessed in HD. Pressing the red button just gave a blank screen.

    Even trying it on ITV London gave me the same thing.

    I’ll just have to see if ‘Collision’ at 9pm tonight is available.


  35. cliff Says:

    Freeview. Can I access Freeview channels vis my Humax, or do I need another box please?



  36. shane Says:


    Try unplugging the Humax box from mains, leave for 10 seconds and plug in again.


  37. Matt Says:


    You should find doing a factory reset will fix this for you, you will not lose any programs on your Hdd, but you will have to reset your scheduled recordings.

    Cliff, yes you will need another box to receive Freeview.


  38. Graham Says:

    This all sounds great. However as a non techy does it mean that I can record programmes on a USB as there is a slot in the back of the box for one?

    Any help appreciated.


  39. Andrew Morris Says:

    Humax have just responded and given me some instructions on how to solve my PVR problem.

    Coincidence or what?


  40. Ade Says:

    Shane and Matt

    Thanks for your advice – just waiting for 9pm to see if it’s sorted now ;-}


  41. Alex H Says:

    There’s only one thing I was hoping they would change, and they don’t seem to have done it. When playing a programme whilst it is recording, playback stops when the recording stops, interrupting the viewing. This is incredibly annoying as you then have to find your place again. Anyone found a solution to this?


  42. Robert Says:

    @ Alex H

    I thought i would give what you described ago, while recording the Simpson’s and only 15 minutes left to record, I started watching the recording, but playback did not stop.


  43. Robert Says:

    @Alex H

    But playback did not stop when recording stopped


  44. Martin Says:

    Some nice stuff in that list.

    But *desperate* to have a facility to sort the channels into my preferred order on the guide.

    And how can the media list be so s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w? 20-30 seconds to display sometimes, (with disc 95-99% full).

    cheers, Martin


  45. John_M Says:

    @Alex H – I experienced the same problem on Sunday.

    @Robert – I wasn’t watching the file that was being recorded on the hard drive. I was watching the timeslip, having “re-wound” to the part that I had missed. When the timer recording stopped, my playback stoppedd.


  46. Keith Says:

    I wonder if it’ll fix the bloxing pixelation on Fwd & Rwd @2x and 4x on BBC HD. I doubt it as this has onlt just started since bbc changed their HD encoding.

    @ Alex-H & posters above about drop-outs. You have to start to wacth the recording from the media player and it wont then drop out. If you dont, you are using the buffer and it will drop out when the recording time emnds.


  47. Derek Says:

    @Keith – No, it is coming from the “wonderful” (?) new BBC HD encoding, but of course the “spin” tells us that there is nothing wrong with the “improved” HD picture. Unfortunately some of us remember when it really was HD.


  48. Robert Says:

    @John_M _ Did I get this right I started a off a recording, then rewound the buffer to half way in to recording and then carried on watching.

    And at the end of the recording the buffer (time slip) did the following.

    The Time slip (buffer) did Exactly what you said, yes that would be annoying.


  49. Humax Update Available From Today | Join Freesat Says:
  50. KW Says:

    @Gary 15
    Didn’t realise that the ‘green screen’ problem is so common with quite a lot of owners. It was great when first booted up and configured to work but the dreaded ‘green screen’ problem occurred the very next day. Shame I had to return my 10 days old unit for a full refund.


  51. Graham Says:

    Sorry to ask the question again – can I use the USB port on my box to record programmes on to a memory stick/pen. Non techy so please let me know.
    Thank you


  52. admin Says:


    No, Humax don’t allow recording to USB like TechniSat do, but you can transfer recordings from the in-built hard drive to USB memory stick etc


  53. Joe Says:

    I have have limited success in getting an emailed response from Humax but it’s always answered by a guy with serious literacy issues!


  54. Graham Says:

    Ref my question regarding recording directly to a USB Stick – thank you admin.
    I have looked at the menu etc and cant see how I can record/transfer from the HD to USB.
    Again being a non techy I have to ask how to do it, any help/advice much appreciated.
    Thank you


  55. Chris Says:

    any news on the other “on demand” services, or the FTP server ?


  56. John Gundry Says:

    I am still getting subtitles after download


  57. anne Says:

    I lost my BBC1 andHD channels a week ago,now have no ITV 2,3 or 4 ,and Channel4+1.Today have retuned ,to no avail ,still the same.
    The local dealer called me back to advise a lot of people are having this problem.but HUMAX are looking into it.I presume that means updatedsoftware???

    HUMAX please update .
    Frustrated with no HD.


  58. anne Says:

    Yippee the channels are back ,long may it continue
    Happy Bunny


  59. Graham Says:

    I again request help following my question in No 54. How do I transfer a recording from the Hard Drive to a USB Mmeory Pen via the USB Port on my Humax.
    Please advise
    Thank you


  60. Kenneth Ferrol Says:

    Re 24
    I had same problem with freezing, now resolved by setting to power down when on standby, this causes set to reboot each day at time set to turn on, problem cured.
    Is it possible to set so as current time is shown on display, if so how.
    Time is shown if I pause then restart but not able to get current time.


  61. Robert Says:

    @Graham 59
    try this worked for me put your usb memory pen in the front of your (HDR), click media then click on opt+setting then file manager, then OK, (OK on remote) then move across to your usb press OK on remote to open your usb then highlight the recording you want to copy the copy symbol should go green, press OK on remote you should then get function menu with copy on it, press OK on remote, and Rob’s your uncle as the say,


  62. Robert Says:

    Hmmmm WONDER IF it Worked


  63. Tony Boulden (Anthony) Says:

    I purchased my HDR box back in Feb. 2009 and have been extremely pleased with the picture quality and overal functions, including simplicity of use; however I was informed about two months ago that new software was available and hence tried to update via the HDR box but was unsuccesful.
    1 – On checking my system I was on version 3 software and advised that ver 11 was available at the time; however since then, this has been superseeded by version 12.
    2 – Given I have set my HDR box to receive automatic software updates from installation, clearly there has been a problem with my system as it has not updated automatically via OTA (Over the Air) . I have a twin cable installtion.
    3 – I have followed the upgrade process as per the instructions on the Humax web site without any success to date – this is despite trying three different size USB memory sticks (1,2 & 4 GB), re-installing system, leaving system on overnight (advised necessary to receive ‘OTA’ updates..?)
    4 – Despite many attempts to upgrade, all have failed to date – Message ‘Error E-OS’ displayed every time (assume Operating System error..?)
    5 – I note from various comments on the web that other people are also having similar problems – is there a definitive upgrade process for the new Ver. 12 s/w that works…? ( or, maybe I have a defective box..?)
    6 – I also note that the firmware level on my system indicates version U.52 whereas I understand new HDR units have U.53, is this the problem..? I have not tried to upgrade the Firmware as yet
    Any advice to resolve my upgrade problem would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards, Tony


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