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Nov 10 2009

The long awaited Humax software updates are due to be released today, following our previous post.

The version numbers are FOXSAT-HDR V1.00.11 / FOXSAT-HD V1.00.23.

There is presently the option to download the update directly from the Humax website, but the OTA (over the air) version should come live later this afternoon if you do a scan for it; or over night if you don’t.

Humax FOXSAT-HDR Manual Software Update (V1.00.11)
Humax FOXSAT-HD Manual Software Update (V1.00.23)

Let us know what you think about the updates when you have it.

258 Responses to “Humax Update Available From Today”

  1. Glyn Smith Says:

    I’ve installed the updates. (only rename the 7mb file, the loader file doesn’t need renaming). Fairly straightforward process. Nothing really obvious to see on first glance, but folders do indeed get marked ‘new’.


  2. Glyn Smith Says:

    Working through the list of fixes, here’s the first that doesn’t work –
    โ€ข Resolved issue with Subtitles appearing when use Time Shift Recording.

    BBC News (ch 200) still has subtitles after pausing and rewinding.


  3. Mark Says:

    Question is can you see any of the iplayer stuff yet?


  4. joe dempsey Says:

    does the foxsat HDR update automatic, my box just says software version 1.00.03 update version 6 feb 2009 no udate i leave the box on over night or what can any one help please,


  5. admin Says:

    @joe dempsey

    As per the original post, you can either scan for updates from later on this afternoon, or wait for the system to automatically check over night tonight.


  6. Glyn Smith Says:

    Mark – No iplayer stuff to be seen.


  7. Mark Says:

    I guess the iplayer bits and bobs are disbaled until such a time as it has gone through beta testing. Still I am looking forward to these updates


  8. Nik Carter Says:

    Update installed OK. However would only work for me using the front panel standby switch and not the remote control switch. New icon seen against folders in media list and definitely can delete files whilst recording. The genre list appears in two columns but my frequent gripe that the genre is ‘channel coded’ instead of ‘program coded’ is still valid i.e. selecting Movies simply lists the film channels and does not list films on BBC, ITV, Five etc. This is a feature that was on a Phillips DVD recorder that I once owned and presumably used programme based genre codes.

    The other features will need time to evaluate. Incidentally, all my scheduled recordings are still showing as scheduled. T


  9. Tony Peake Says:

    With regards to the i-player, have you got your LAN port connected to your router ?


  10. Paul S Watts Says:

    Worked a treat for me.

    Downloaded both files to the desktop and, following instructions, copied one at a time to memory stick. Unlike post 1, I had to rename both files. Uploading to Foxsat HD first software upgrade file, deleted from stick, then copied Uploader software and went through the process again. No problems and both upgrades listed in Diagnostics.

    As previously stated, no sign of any reference to iPlayer………………


  11. Roy W. Says:

    All updated using the two downloads. I was on my third and final memory stick before I found one that would work with the Humax!

    Correct version numbers in Diagnostics, and the menus are showing the new options. One positive first impression – deleting of files seems to be much quicker with the new software. Whereas before deleting a 60min SD programme would take 3-4 seconds, now it’s gone in a flash. Not a huge time difference, but it all makes the interface seem more responsive.

    No sign of any iPlayer stuff. If anyone out there is part of the closed iPlayer beta, here’s a question – how do you access the iPlayer? Will it be a menu on the Humax, or a red-button-type interactive request?


  12. Rob H Says:

    there won’t be an iplayer feature yet unless you’re a beta tester – seems to be a little problem with delivery to folk at the the mo, so I’d say this update will prepare the box for the iPlayer once the beta testing stage is cleared.


  13. Rob H Says:

    @Roy W. there probably wasn’t necessarity a fault with the memory sticks you bought, the HDR seems a little picky with FAT32 or Ext3 file systems – found a similar problem myself but ironically after formatting with the Linux Partition editor in Ubuntu an existing stick that didn’t work, now works fine!


  14. Alex Says:

    Just done mine over air, not a lot changed, waiting for the iplayer now


  15. GaseousClay Says:

    All went well for my HDR box but the download for the HD box has knackered my BBC red button Sport Multiscreen :(


  16. Vin Says:

    Mine is updating over the air as I type this.

    It says software version 1.00.11 downloading.
    My question is though, does this also update the loader?

    I guess I’ll find out soon for myself, but I was just wondering if this updates the software + loader in one go, or whether two updates need to be downloaded OTA as with the internet method, or whether the loader doesn’t get an update OTA.



  17. Vin Says:

    OK, and the answer is….

    the OTA update doesn’t update the loader, only the “software version” to 1.00.11

    Looking at the fix:-

    Loader U7.53
    – Resolves issues during the Installation Wizard when using a DiSEqC switch.

    I’ve no idea what a DiSEqC switch is, so I guess I don’t need it anyway.

    I was surprised when the machine rebooted after the update, into non-freesat mode, but other than that, I was happy to see it kept my timers list intact :)



  18. Duncan Says:

    Obtained OTA update by going to Menu – Setup – Software Update (click on) –
    Then highlight Automatic update and click on it. HDR now searches for new software and if found offers to install now or later. I installed now and unit took around 10 minutes to download and then when into several programming runs before returning to normal.

    Software installed ok except my loader version still listed as U7.52
    During download it lists software versions and Loader version was still listed as U7.52.
    Therefore begs question: Have I got U7.53 but wrongly named U7.52 or not?

    Hoping new software will fix failure of LNB1 loop through to function correctly on Standby and hope to test soon.

    Thank you Humax for the upgrade.


  19. Tony Peake Says:

    The update to the loader is not needed unless you have your box hooked up to a motorised dish, DiSEqC is a system that aligns a motorised dish with the right satellite.


  20. Ian Says:

    Updated mine OTA, but only software updated. Loader still at U7.52.
    Manual uploading of U7.53 via 3 usb sticks formatted to FAT32 proved negative from Humax website.
    Any help or will this update overnight?


  21. Vin Says:

    @19 Tony:-

    Thanks for explaining.

    I’ll just leave it as it is now then.

    Thanks again,


  22. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    I didn’t think it supported a DiSEqC switch. Awesome, I might get one now….and a motorized dish XD

    As for the iPlayer function, there’s probably a secret button sequence to press to access the beta like the non-freesat mode on Alba boxes, which was released in full via a software update. The same will probably happen for iPlayer.

    Now then…lets see if someone figures out the key sequence….


  23. Alex Says:

    how are they giving beta testing to the others?
    Is it via a online update they get on there PC. If so, can someone upload the file to rapidshare and we will all install the beta to our machines


  24. Tony Peake Says:

    Have just tried scrolling back into the buffered play. Subtitles are still showing so the so called fix is not working !


  25. Al (Original) Says:

    Already reported to be breaking boxes judging from some posts on DigitalSpy.

    Current reported issues are:

    1. Sound – Volume Control on remote no longer works when Optical out port is used

    2. Picture – On many 16:9 tv’s users are reporting the picture no longer fits the TV screen correctly and that they’re having to set the HDR to 4:3 and the Tv to 16:9 (!!!) to make the picture fit the screen.

    3. Some Foxsat users are reporting loss of some channels typically CBS / Zone using certain vertical transponders

    Update also fails to make non Freesat mode usable by including any kind of EPG or ability to make scheduled records on Freesat whilst in Non Freesat mode.

    Promised major new software features appear to have not materialised.

    I haven’t been able to verify any of this so its hearsay, as I won’t be applying the update to my box. It works fine so I’m not going to risk breaking it to add a stupid iplayer to give potentially low quality internet streams and a delete function I can easily live with.


  26. Vin Says:

    Re post 25.

    1. Yep, volume control on remote doesn’t do anything now, connected to amp via optical.

    2. Aspect Ratio is working fine. Connected via HDMI

    3. Zone channels still seem to be there

    as for non-freesat mode, well, my box was always like that anyway. going to non-freesat mode gives no EPG etc… it’s a shame, as it’s the only way I can get Scuzz these days, but it’s no different to how it was before the update.

    So out of all those, the only one affecting me, is the volume control, but to be honest, I’m not fussed about that, as I use the volume on the amp anyway, but it definitely did work before.

    (Using the Foxsat HDR)


  27. Vin Says:

    Regarding the aspect ratio, I think I see what some people are doing now.

    I have my menu set to

    Screen Ratio: 16:9 – Widescreen TV
    Display Format: 4:3 Pillar Box

    This is what I’ve always used, and gives the correct aspect ratio.
    It outputs 16:9 as 16:9, and 4:3 material as 4:3 pillarboxed
    (ie. it doesn’t output 16:9 as 4:3 and stretch it)

    So this is correct, I had it set to this before the update, and I always get the correct shaped screen.

    Hope this helps.


  28. Paul Says:

    I have the Foxsat HD box (not HDR) and have lost several channels and BBC Sport Multiscreen.


  29. lloyd edwards Says:

    hello ive got a panasonic free sat tv will this update effect my tv if so will there be eny more free chanels ….


  30. GaseousClay Says:

    The good news is since my post #15 I now have BBC Sport Multiscreen and the several channels like zone thriller etc. My Broadband router was interfering with them so I have changed the wifi channel output on my router. :)


  31. Nik Carter Says:

    @Al (Original). I think that the loss of volume control when connected to an amp via optical may be intentional. Prior to the upgrade it worked on non-hd channels but on hd channels the volume from the HDR box was always at maximum. This caught me out when I first connected an amp via optical as I had the volume on the HDR box set to low and the amp set to high. Switching to an HD channel gave a sudden burst of sound that wrote off one speaker. With the software update today, this can not happen as volume will only be controlled on the amp. To me it is a bonus.


  32. Ste Rush Says:

    @ Nik Carter

    Agree about point on the volume. This is like you say, intentional and a bonus.

    Issues with resizing of picture is affecting me although it seems to be ironing itself out. It was noticeable when looking into Guide section for me.


  33. Al (Original) Says:

    @Nik, point taken. It may possibly be the case, Guess we’ll have to wait for an explanation from Humax on that one. You must listen to your system very loud to write off a speaker with the volume difference!

    @ Vin # 27, I believe from what others are writing about the picture that its actually an overscan issue ie. the 16:9 picture is there but careful inspection shows that part of it (the edges) are now being lost off the edge of the screen compared to before. However, I can’t verify this.


  34. Chazzer Says:

    Manual OTA upgrade yesterday evening…thank you Humax.

    So far, does what it says on the tin, can delete programmes when recording, more functionality like their PVR 9300T upgrade a few years ago.

    One question, the full manual that you could download from the Humax website does not appear to differ from the manual I have, i.e. no explanations of changes. Would anyone concur?


  35. Robert Says:

    Hi my volume on the amp works fine as it did before d/load connected to amp via optical. (turns it up and down),

    Aspect to ratio works fine (i think) if i put it on 4:3 Pillar Box then change channel it will only put it in to pillar box on zone channels and certain other channels, I think it depends what ratio the program was shot in the, and yes it does work on the BBC, ITV etc, and not the channel!!!.

    put it in pillar box then keep changing channels to see if it swaps ratio.


  36. Robert Says:

    Should have up dated the manual me thinks, as i have the old one!!!!


  37. Robert Says:

    P.S You shold be able to Edit your post once submited!!!


  38. fluffy Says:

    iplayer beta testers received a software update on USB sticks. Can someone upload the software somewhere for the rest of us?


  39. pully Says:

    Hi Guys, I have turned my Humax box on today expecting an automatic update for new software but nothing has happened, I have also tried a manual update but to no avail! On diagnostics the screen says that I am using version 1.00.11. Has there been a problem with Humax not sending the OTA fix?


  40. Matt Says:


    It did the update last night for you, you have the new one FOXSAT-HDR V1.00.11


  41. Duncan Says:

    Regarding the Humax HDR manual download – it is still the original but there is an additional new part well worth downloading/printing and adding to your manual:
    Scroll to the very top of this join freesat page and click on their link for manual hdr software info. Near top of additional functions added list it refers to Auto delete and offers (in brackets) more info – click on more info and print this out which includes a lot of other new info to add to your manual.
    The other key change to manual (See bottom of additional functions list on link mentioned) is you must not edit recording schedules created by clicking on epg. If you want a custom timed schedule you must now create from scratch by clicking on an empty space in the schedule list.

    Admin: Humax seemed to have mistakenly labelled the new loader as U75.2 when it should be labelled U75.3. Hope you can clear this up with your contact at Humax please.

    Really pleased with the new fast delete at any time you wish.


  42. Grubby Says:

    Hello all,
    I have the v11 that I got OTA but my loader version is still U75.1
    I got that onto a stick and renamed it but it did not work when trying to update through the usb on the front. Any ideas?


  43. Peter N Says:

    My HDR wouldn’t update over the air – kept getting an E-OS error message. It did work using a USB stick, but I also had to rename both files.


  44. Grubby Says:

    I renamed the file to FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf for the U75.3


  45. Allan Robertson Says:

    Hi all. Did an OTA upgrade yesterday evening and a USB loader upgrade
    also as I have a 4 LNB, single cable setup to my Foxsat HD. All seemed to go without any problems but this morning I seem to be missing several
    channels!! They display the “not available or scrambled” message.
    The odd thing is, they seem to think they are on the wrong transponders!!
    eg Zone Horror thinks its on 11222MHz, H (as shown by the OPT+ button) but it should be on 11261MHz, H. Zone Horror+1 thinks its on
    11261MHz, but should be on 11222Mhz. Similar story for Bet+1, Clubland TV and Thane Direct !! Deleting and rescanning does not
    cure this, but I can see some of these missing channels that I happen to have retained in non-freesat mode….. Is anybody else having problems like this? They seemed to be OK last night after the upgrade
    but maybe the overnight auto search for new channels mucked something up..


  46. Robert Says:

    @Duncan post 41

    THANK YOU, I found the manual down loaded it and printed it!.


  47. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Allan Robertson

    As mentioned in my own posts # 15 & 30 the loss of the channels you mentioned were also affected. You may need to move your router or DECT telephones or as I have done retune your wifi output channel.


  48. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Peter N
    you need to make sure that you update one file at a time, you may indeed have done so, though it’s not clear from your post. :)


  49. Ade Says:

    Subtitles in buffered play.

    A couple of folk have said the fix for this problem has not worked. It has worked for me. Be careful though ….. if the subs are on when you buffer back, they will remain on the buffered play. You need to canx the subs before you buffer back.
    THEN they don’t show.


  50. Allan Robertson Says:

    Many thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried the Router and
    DECT phone off possibilities without success, and I can still receive some of the channels in question in non freesat mode. I also note now that if I try
    to scan, say, 11222MHz H in non freesat mode it displays the channels
    for 11261MHz and vice versa !! With 4 satellites to rescan and “tidy up”,
    I’m reluctant to do a factory reset :-(


  51. Spencer Byford Says:

    Yup i am another now without volume for my amp via optical so when can we expect another update to resolve as everything elce seems ok


  52. Duncan Says:

    Couple of suggestions Spencer re fixed optical out volume:

    Some universal remotes -e.g. All in one 5 – allow you to control the volume of another device in “SAT mode” e.g Your amp or tv say- without changing remote over to tv or amp mode.

    Latest Sony TVs 5500w series etc. can pass the dolby 5:1 through tv and output as optical from tv whose volume can be adjusted by tv remote or as above. Hope this may be of interest.


  53. Duncan Says:

    Correction to my post at 52 above:
    Sony TVs type w5500 optical output follows the volume set by Foxsat remote volume setting i.e. variable for all channels except HD ones. Foxsat connected by HDMI cable.

    Correct name of universal remote reffered to is One for all 5
    sometimes known as URC-7556.

    Sorry about that.


  54. oyodi Says:

    @ Al 26
    I confirm that the Volume Control on the remote no longer works when Optical out port is used. It never use to work on BBC HD anyway because of the dolby digital 5.1. but it was conveinient on all the other channels though.


  55. Vin Says:

    @33 Al (Original)

    I see.
    I haven’t noticed an overscan problem, although I’ve been mostly using my Topfield SD PVR today. I did watch some recorded BBCHD stuff earlier, but wouldn’t be able to tell from that anyway.

    Out of interest, I just switched the Humax to CNN.

    It displayed properly in 4:3 pillarboxed, and I can see the white lines in the top of the frame, although I swear the lines were slightly more visible before… so if it’s possible, I’d say that at worst, there’s possibly an overscan of a few pixels more than before, but nothing more.

    As I say, if I can still see the white lines in the top of the frame, then it can’t be overscanning by much?

    compared to my Topfield, connected via Scart, I see a lot more of the picture anyway.

    Using HDMI and 1:1 Pixel Mapping on Sony 40w2000.
    I also have SD output set to 1080i, as it looks a bit better than letting the TV upscale.

    Just flicking through a few channels, the DOGs are a fair way into the screen, not close to the edge, so as I say, I can’t say the overscan seems to be a problem here.

    I don’t have a testcard to hand to check for real though.
    Can everybody else see the white lines at the top of the CNN picture?



  56. Vin Says:

    (out of interest, I just tried CNN again, but outputting in 576i, 720p and 1080i again, in all but 1080i, I lost the white lines on the top of the CNN image, due to overscan, but, I’d imagine this is normal, as on my 1080p display, I can only get 1:1 pixel mapping if it’s receiving a 1080 image, but that’s my TV doing the overscanning, not the Humax?)

    I’ve obviously missed something, somewhere.
    But outputting 1080i I can see the noise in the top of the frame, so as I said above, I don’t appear to be losing much.



  57. Tony Peake Says:

    Agree with you Vin that the CNN 4.3 pillarboxed pic did have more visible lines before the update. I have the BBC HD testcard recorded and checking that on 1080i HDMI input with TV set to 1:1 pixel mapping there is no change in the vertical scan size but the horizontal seems to be very slightly wider.


  58. Geoff Harvey Says:

    Everything OK so far except the OTA did not work EO-S error, no problems with the usb stick download and update.
    Disappointed that Humax have still not fixed the time clock re-setting to midnight until a boot is done after a power cut, which we get quite a few, I still have to use my trusty Topfield fta box for recording if going out or on holiday.


  59. Vin Says:

    @58 Geoff

    Before the Topfield got the update to auto power on and set the clock, I used to have (in fact I still do, I never deleted it) a wakeup timer set for the early hours*.
    seeing as it used to power up and think it was midnight, setting a wakeup timer daily for say 00:05 would cause it to wake up and then get the correct time.
    I’d use the powermanager tap to make sure it shut down.

    I’m not sure if you can set wakeup timers on the Humax? but if so, that should do the job? The Humax auto powers down after a certain period of inactivity too? So that may help you out. Just a thought, I don’t even know if you can set a daily wakeup timer… but could be worth trying, as a temp fix until it gets a proper fix.


    *My wakeup timer was actually to allow Jags EPG to populate, before the update came that Freeview channels could update their EPGs without having to be tuned to each channel…. but I just kept that set, because it’s handy to have a full EPG cached on the Hard Drive, rather than wait for it to populate after a power up.


  60. Dave R Says:

    Since the update which happened overnight
    I have lost numurous channels, BBC1 ITV2 ITV3 and others, powered off , retuned made no difference, any one else seen this?


  61. KimR Says:

    @Dave R and Allan Robertson post 45:
    Humax Foxsat HD
    I’ve lost BBC1, BBC HD, ITV1 and various other channels since the update.
    I’ve been getting total pixellation on some channels and “Bad or noSignal” on others. I too have rescanned about 20 times, switched off to cool off, reloaded the update manually via USB.
    Sometimes a couple of channels reappear, sometimes just a couple of channels are missing.
    I was beginning to think it was my dish :(
    Not good Humax, please can we have a copy of the old software to downgrade ASAP


  62. Vin Says:

    I believe I still have a copy of the 1.00.03 software on my server.
    I won’t be able to get at it until tomorrow, however if people do want to try to downgrade, I could always upload it to rapidshare or something.

    Using at your own risk of course ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If there’s a problem going from a newer to an older version of the firmware that bricks your PVR, I won’t be responsible ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Strange how a firmware update would cause, what seem to be, reception problems though!

    I did read on other forums, and a few posts here, that moving DECT phones, and Wi-Fi transmitters helped, in some cases.

    Guess I’ve been lucky then, I’ve noticed no ill-effects, besides losing the volume control via optical, but as has been discussed, that was likely planned, rather than a bug anyway. Some other devices I have here lose the volume control when connected via optical.



  63. KimR Says:

    Thanks for the offer Vin but I guess the V1.00.03 software for the PVR [b]would[/b] brick my HD box ๐Ÿ˜€ as it’s NOT a PVR


  64. KimR Says:

    It’s HZPTSF 1.00.15 for the Humax Foxsat HD that we need


  65. Derek Says:


    It’s the HDR that was updated. I hope no one has tried to do a USB software load of the HDR software to the HD box. :-(

    It’s far safer just to take the HDR software OTA via the search for updated software facility. Mine went on without a hitch, the box rebooted itself, and all is well.

    In view of your post I have just checked my Humax Foxsat HD Box and it is working totally normally.

    The current software is HZPTSF 1.00.23
    Loader version: U 7.22


  66. Derek Says:

    Whoops, correction to 65 – I see that the HD box was also updated.


    However mine has gone on fine (in this case automatically overnight).


  67. Robert Says:

    Hi all, just checked my volume control on Humax HDR remote again and it still Operates the surround amps Volume, even on BBC HD, why does mine still work I wonder?.


  68. daz Says:

    ive got teh hd box and was updated to 023 the other evening. i too have lost a number of channels in freesat and non freesat mode. including bbc hd, itv and cnn to name but a few.

    when looking at a manual scan and going through the available transponders a lot ov V’s are reporting 0% signal strength and quality whereas the H’s are showing 100%

    hope a fix is coming soon as im not happy at all with this


  69. Frenchy Says:

    My set-up includes using the Foxsat digital s/pdif output and piping it into an outboard digital to analogue converter (dac) before plugging it into my stereo.

    Before the update I could use the volume control on my remote. It worked both the analogue and s/pdif outputs.

    Now the digital output is fixed and only responds to the mute button.

    Analogue o/p ok though….


  70. Robert Says:

    I don’t understand why you all lost volume control or loss of channels, as mine as not been affected, i live in East Yorkshire YO15 3DL, not that would have any bearing as to where you live would it???, I now have V. HPRSFCI 1.00.11, Loader Version U 7.52
    On Humax Foxsat HDR.


  71. Sam P Says:

    Now, I am not a techno wizard but the update appears to have changed the way by TV (Sony W series) interprets the Humax signal because when i turn everything on the TV comes up with all sorts of different views that I havent set (ie 4:3 or SMART) which never happened before.

    Whilst i can work my way round this each time (not ideal) I have not enjoyed the phone calls from my good lady who is finding it a little more difficult and therefore annoying to sort this each time.

    Is this something enyone else has seen and what do i need to change to resovle – or is it a bug i need to wait another year for an update for ?

    Ps. – like being able to move around the menu or go back to TV when the box is deleting something. Not got to grips with locked and protected yet or what the difference is though – any explanations ?


  72. Chris Says:

    Locked = requires PIN to view
    Protected = file will not be considered for auto-deletion

    I think.


  73. KimR Says:

    I’ve just spoken to Humax support, they were “unaware” of any problems ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    They’ve taken my phone no. and promised to look into this urgently.

    Watch this space.

    Any comments from Admin?


  74. Skinhead Says:

    I’m a FOXSAT-HD user and since the 023 firmware upgrade I too have lost BBC1, BBCHD, ITV2 etc.
    Following suggestions on here I’ve switched off my DECT and WiFi and it has made no difference. Also performed retune and factory reset with no success.

    Has there been any response from Humax? Do those on here that have contacts within Humax elicited a response, at least acknowledging there is a problem and fixing it. Or at least provide the previous version of the firmware on the website so we can manually go back.

    Incidentally how can firmware upgrades be prevented from happening automatically?


  75. KimR Says:

    My box had no BBC1 etc this morning after I switched on, after half an hour of sitting with CH101 selected, showing “No or Bad signal” I started to get pixellation, then mostly picture with some pixellation, then full picture on all main channels although a lot of the higher numbers were still missing (QVC = no great loss IMO).
    Switched box to standby, back on and the scenario repeats itself, BBC! etc gone again, after half an hour they slowly come back to life.

    Still no callback from Humax, tick…..tock…..tick…..tock ๐Ÿ˜€


  76. Eagle eye Says:

    I too have lost Zone Horror, +1, Bet +1, Clubland tv and Thane direct, how many more people have to comment on this, before a fix is sorted out, please wake up Humax.


  77. Tom Osborne Says:

    I have lost Sky News, CNN and a number of other decent channels. I have yet to do the update, will this restore my service to what it said on the tin. I am not a great techinal expert but my set up is simple. A dish to one TV and a Humax HD Box, “Non recording one”.

    Can anyone help?


  78. martart Says:

    Iโ€™m a FOXSAT-HD user and I have had no problem at all with the upgrade. It seems very strange that it’s affecting some and not others!.


  79. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    The only problem I found was selecting a channel where the content starts early.

    Last night at 6.58 I tried to select from the EPG BBC1 and it wouldn’t let me unless I forwarded the selection to 7pm. When I did I found the One Show had started earlier then billed.

    Other then that I haven’t had to do anything – it was all changed when I switched it on which kind of made me jump…

    Now if they could come up with an update for the remote receiver so I could sit further away from the box…


  80. Martin Says:

    My FoxsatHD has lost a number of channels since V.1.00.23 icluding BBC HD
    Signal quality on OK channels is 100% + 100% but on lost channels it reports 0% + 0% Very annoying as I only use it for BBC HD


  81. Allan Robertson Says:

    @Eagle eye (post 76)
    I see you have lost exactly the same channels that I have…(posts 45
    and 50) Can you check to see if the Foxsat is reporting these channels
    on the correct transponders using the OPT+ button please? With mine
    it’s seems as if the Foxsat has mixed up the two transponders in question
    since the upgrade…….


  82. Eagle eye Says:

    @Allan Robertson (post 81)

    I have just checked the channels with OPT+

    Zone Horror – 11222 mhz
    Zone Horror +1 – 11261 mhz
    Bet +1 – 11261 mhz
    Clubland tv – 11261 mhz
    Thane direct – 11222 mhz
    I was watching one of the channels just before the update, so must be the same problem as yours,


  83. Jaz Lichy Says:

    Like others, I too have lost BBC1, BBCHD, ITV2 & many, many more channels after my FoxsatHD box was updated to v1.00.23. Thanks to this site, it’s a slight comfort to know I’m not the only one. I’ve tried the obvious fixes… switching off at the mains, a factory reset, a channel rescan even re-applying the upgrade via a USB stick, but still get the “no or bad signal” message on these channels. Like others, I have 100% signal strength on these channels, so it seems very coincidental the channel loss occurred at the same time as the upgrade. All worked fine prior to the v1.00.23. Has anyone got found a fix before I call Humax? Seems a shame as the box is (well, was) a great piece of HD equipment. I know people are complaining about the reducing quality of BBC-HD, but this latest version has gone too far! Help!!


  84. wezo Says:

    I emailed Humax the other day asking them if they had any intentions to make a OTA rescan that could make the foxsat HD have a PVR function like the Technisat HD receiver in which they replied that they had no plans to make the Foxsat HD PVR capable……Baar humbug i say!


  85. ste redfern Says:

    i rang humax up on wed and they first said its my tvs fault which it isnt.
    told me that i was the only person to complain..i dont think so.
    told me they would ring back..havent.
    also told me to get my handbook out..dont need to.
    my problem is the aspect ratio the box tells me its on 16:9 widescreen but its displaying in 4:3 trad tv,the tv hasnt been touched as i never have to this only happend after the upgrade as all other things that go into the tv are stiil fine(blue ray,comp,sky box) yes i know sky but at least it has worked for over 3 years so
    to mad to phone liemax again so its going in the the bin after i have stamped on it and taken a photo to e mail to the nasty people at liemax,yes yes i know but i will never be talked down to from “customer service” again.


  86. Davei Says:

    It a shame that the HD update doesn’t enable RGB output like the HDR one does – which is a bit strange given that the HD used to have RGB output until one of the previous updates.


  87. George Says:

    updated the box, but ITV3 I carn’t seem to get intouch with. What freq is that channel on? hat do you guys do when that happens.



  88. colin Says:

    Aspect ratio swithing HAS failed via hdmi it doesn’t matter what you do it is now impossible to get it to output 16:9 at all. The only way to watch 16:9 is to force the tv a Toshiba in my case into 16:9.
    Took it back and will have got another one! I will try to save the original firmware so when they ruin the new box I can mend it this time.
    Very Cross


  89. munc Says:

    No sign of any upgrade on my humax pvr and its Thurs 12th. Am I missing something?


  90. Allan Robertson Says:

    @ Eagle eye (post 82)

    Hi there
    Just as suspected, these channels seem to be reporting the wrong transponder
    according to LyngSat/KingofSat.

    Zone Horror โ€“ 11222 mhz should be 11261MHz
    Zone Horror +1 โ€“ 11261 mhz should be 11222MHz
    Bet +1 โ€“ 11261 mhz should be 11222MHz
    Clubland tv โ€“ 11261 mhz should be 11222MHz
    Thane direct โ€“ 11222 mhz should be 11261MHz

    Not sure what work around there may be for this ’til Humax sort it out. It’s
    also causing problems in non-freesat mode. Will try to contact Humax about
    this and other observations when I feel a little better. Am a bit under the
    weather at present :-(
    Thanks for confirming this, and hope it’s sorted soon.


  91. Paul Says:

    My Foxsat HD box has lost the following channels in Freesat mode since the update;

    120 SC4 Digidol
    136 Zone Reality
    137 Zone Thriller
    202 SC42
    204 euronews
    207 CNN
    401 Weddingtv asia
    504 B4U Music
    509 Zing
    650 Teachers TV
    803 Pitch TV
    804 Pitch World
    805 Gems TV1
    806 TV Shop
    808 JML HOME & DIY
    809 JML
    813 Create & Craft

    All showing “No or bad signal”. All channels still have EPG data.



  92. KimR Says:

    Humax “promised” to call me back at about 11:00 a.m. this morning, so far no call and my Humax Foxsat HD receiver is STILL broken.

    Has anyone else noticed that, if you leave the box switched on, some of the missing channels eventually reappear?

    Poor service from Humax – Engineers should be working on this – Helpline operators should be calling back when they say they will to let us know what’s happening :(


  93. Matt Says:

    Have you tried a factory reset yet to see if that gets your channels back, or a channel rescan.


  94. Jim Says:

    I’ve noticed there are more options in the play options in the media list. There is Lcck/Unlock and Protect/Unprotect. Anyone know what these do?
    I also notice you can now delete a programme when another is recording.


  95. Allan Robertson Says:

    @ Eagle eye (post 82)
    Hi again.
    I’ve been informed on another forum that a Factory Reset will
    sort the 11222/11261 Mhz problem.
    Will try it later. Good luck


  96. KimR Says:


    Yes obviously, I’ve done three factory resets so far and numerous rescans, have you read the entire page?


  97. David Says:

    Regarding the missing channels after the software updates on Tuesday. This affected my HD, but not the HDR. I changed the HD to one of the HDR feeds channels OK, but back on the original feed the channels were still missing. When I tried the HD on Wednesday evening all channels OK and still OK today.

    Regarding the aspect ratio I have the problem on both HD & HDR. Before the updates I used HDMI with vformat set to original. If you now change vformat to 1080i this seems to fix the problem. But I prefer the TV to carryout the SD upscaling. I will be contacting Humax about this problem.


  98. Matt Says:

    KimR @96…… NO……….. :)


  99. martart Says:

    Iโ€™m a FOXSAT-HD user and I have had no problem at all with the upgrade.I think its a good idea to list if you down loaded the update by USB or by the normal SAT update ( which I did ) to see if there is a patten with the problem. I feel sorry for you giys that are having a problem :>(


  100. Mark Says:

    Foxsat HD, update by usb.
    The only problem was 11222/11261 channels after a rescan, which have been fixed with a factory reset.


  101. David Says:

    HD & HDR Loader update – USB

    HD & HDR Software update – OTA

    Problems see post @97


  102. Vin Says:

    Actually I’ve just found an irritating problem with my Foxsat HDR.

    Setting a timer, and then editing it doesn’t work.

    I wanted to record “All the Gear, no Idea” on M&M later.

    Now, this channel doesn’t support whatever it’s called that the main channels use, so setting a timer automatically starts and stops recording the programme at the right time.

    Quite often M&M run late, and I miss the end of a recording, so, only when recording from M&M I set the timer to run a few mins late.

    Never had a problem before.

    Today however, if I set te timer from the EPG, then go to schedule, press yellow to edit it and, for example, change the start and stop times to allow a bit of padding, and exit, it looks alright. But leave the schedule, and go back, the timer is now at the bottom of the list, set for Tue Jan 19th 2038, with a start and stop time of 03:14.

    I’ve tried it over and over, and cannot set the timer that I want.

    So as a further test, I went back to the TV guide, BBC 1, and set a timer for The One Show tonight at 7.

    I then altered the start and end times to 18:58 and 19:35.


    went back to schedule, and now The One Show has also moved to Jan 19th 2038, with a start and stop time of 03:14.

    it seems to do it, no matter what, whenever I edit a timer.

    can anybody else verify this is happening to them?


    P.S. What email / phone number should we write to/call for Humax?


  103. Vin Says:

    OK, found this :- will have to wait until tomorrow now…

    Product Information & Customer Technical Support

    Tel: 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline)
    Open: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm (Excludes Bank Holidays)

    (Before sending the E-mail, please refer to the FAQ for existing answers or solutions there)


  104. KimR Says:

    Humax Support

    Product Information & Customer Technical Support

    * Tel: 0844 669 8800 (UK Customer Helpline)
    * Open: Lines open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm (Excludes Bank Holidays)
    * E-mail:

    Don’t hold your breath when phoning, I was on hold for 30 minutes


  105. Tom Says:

    Hi Vin

    Not sure if this explains things, from humax’s site:

    “This software version does not allow users to edit Schedules that have been originally created via the Guide (i.e. it is not possible to change the start time, end time, or repeat mode of an EPG create schedule). This will result in an erroneous Date and Time.

    It is still possible to create a new schedule via the Schedule list”



  106. Vin Says:

    Oh, thanks Tom, that’s exactly my issue.

    What a strange bug. I’ve done this many times in the past, it always seemed more natural to create a timer easily from the EPG and then just edit the start and end times on the rare occasion I’ve needed to.

    I’ll give creating one manually a try then.

    I’ve already written an email off to them anyway, and included a link to this page to show them the problems other people in here have had.

    Thanks for your post though, at least it’s a recognised bug, and can therefore be expected to be fixed… although I guess there won’t be another firmware for a while!



  107. Vin Says:

    Just for the record, I did indeed create a manual schedule event, and it seems to have saved fine, and not moved it to the year 2038 and 03:14 in the morning! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks again!


  108. Tom Says:

    Yes it does seem strange to go backwards in its capabilities, I’m assuming they is some technical reason for it (can’t imagine what though!). Good luck with your manual recording, you could always record directly to betamax ๐Ÿ˜‰


  109. Eagle eye Says:

    @ Allan Robertson (post 95)


    I have just done a factory reset and all the channels that were missing are now back, Thank you for your advice, Good job we weren’t relying on Humax to help, if this forum is anything to go by. Good luck with your reset.

    Good luck to everyone else aswell, what a nightmare


  110. Chris Says:

    Regarding the ascpet ratio problem, I have a Panasonic Freesat TV.

    I have the TV set to 4:3 permanently. This allows it to display 4:3 programmes from its internal tuner as normal and then detect when there is a 16:9 programme on and it expands the picture. Aspect ratio switching also works correctly in this mode from SCART sources. It seems a bit perverse to set it to 4:3 to allow AR switching, but this is the way my old Sony CRT worked too.

    With my Foxsat HDR, which is connected via HDMI, I have the settings as follows:

    Screen Ratio: 16:9
    Display format: 4:3 pillar box
    V-format: 1080i

    This performs aspect ratio switching perfectly. Or rather, the box auto-pads 4:3 pictures with black bars either side and sends 16:9 anyway – I gather that HD resolutions are inherently/always 16:9 anyway. The TV doesn’t indicate that it’s changed aspect ratio like it does when displaying a channel from its internal tuner.

    If I change V-format to 576i (or Original), it doesn’t work. In this case the TV has to be put into Auto mode. From then on, AR switching works perfectly and the TV indicates it is swtiching to 16:9 or 4:3 as appropriate. I don’t know if this was the case before the upgrade as I never used it in this mode.

    Remember that 576i is inherently 4:3 and 1080i is inherently 16:9 so presumably that’s why the TV needs to be set differently?


  111. Paul S Watts Says:

    My own Humax HD upgraded by USB – No problems at all.

    My 85 year old father – Humax HDR – OAD – No problems at all.

    Strange that some have had difficulties and others none at all.


  112. Allan Robertson Says:

    @Eagle eye (post 109)

    Great !! Factory Reset worked here too :-)
    Now got to redo the other 3 satellites on my setup :-(
    Oh the joy……………
    Best of luck to everybody else with all the other problems.


  113. Paul Says:

    Still no joy for me with a factory reset………..will try again tomorrow.


  114. fluffy Says:

    I don’t know why the people having problems don’t return them to the shop. If enough people started doing that, there would be a ‘fix’ within hours


  115. Alex Says:

    Mines working lovely and fine. ITV HD at the moment working great. No channel lost.
    And love the new delete function


  116. Nimord Says:

    Same problem as other users with missing channels (BBC1 and BBC HD) after OTA upgrade.

    Factory reset makes no difference.

    Channels show bad or no signal when selected.

    Have emailed Humax but no reply.


  117. Nimord Says:

    Just checked again and there are lots more channels now with bad or no signal, too many to list.

    Guess I have a paperweight or doorstop now.


  118. Tom Osborne Says:

    I spoke to Humax earlier who said there have been many problems since the upgrade or downgrade as it would seem in many cases. Was assured they are working on it although it could be up to 2 weeks in some cases before full service is resumed.


  119. KimR Says:

    @Tom Osborne, thanks for the info, at least that’s something hopeful.


  120. Lee b Says:

    Check out realdigitaltv . Com seems to be a new freesat/sky rival, by using a viewing card they can avoid rights holder issues so the service does not have to squeeze on a full astra 2d. Seems one to watch, could a humax hdr get a firmware update to view the service on launch?


  121. Robert Says:

    @Vin 102 yep exactly the same as you


  122. Mark Says:

    @Lee b

    It looks like another paytv service.


  123. KimR Says:

    After my Humax HD box went into auto standby last night I’ve lost all my vertically polarised channels again, pics here ->

    (hope this is OK admin, intention to inform/help)


  124. Lee B Says:

    @Mark realdigitaltv has a pay option for premium channels, but also offers up to 400 FREE channels (more than freesat?). Because it uses a card it can broadcast to UK households without the need to be on the full up Astra 2D, this way it could support C4HD or the extra 5 channels without rights holders issues that are holding back freesat? Just an up and coming service to watch out for I think.


  125. admin Says:


    No worries, have edited to make a hyperlink for you.

    @Lee B

    That’s assuming REALdigital lives up to the promises and isn’t just a further attempt for a certain owner to try and get his own back on Sky following loosing their legal battle! Lets stick to Freesat for now :)


  126. KimR Says:

    Lets stick to Freesat for now :)

    admin, although I’m up for free speech et al, please don’t let Join Freesat (get it Lee B, “Join Freesat”) turn into a discussion/advertising forum for “other” satellite companies.

    @Lee B If you’re who I think you are, don’t you realise that, far from enthusing the contributors on other fora you infiltrated, you just managed to antagonize them.

    I suspect that you would generate far more interest if you started your OWN forum.

    In the context of this thread, to me you just feel like an ambulance chaser, go and chase $ky subscribers you might have better luck.

    Sorry guys, I’m in a bad temper this morn ‘cos Humax still haven’t called me back – BAAAAD HUMAX ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and BBC1 has reappeared after a lot of pixellating over the last 1/2 hour, weird ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  127. Lee B Says:

    @Admin, fair enough, I’ve invested in a HDR and I’m very happy since the recent Humax update. Though not sure why they waited this long to sort some basic issues, it’s not as if we can access the iplayer service still. Whats the ETA on that 09 or 10?


  128. admin Says:

    @Lee B

    Personal opinion but I think Humax had to hold off because iPlayer had been embedded into the update and BBC dragged their heals on release which was due months ago, but was delayed to coincide closer with its launch on Freeview too. I know that Humax were extremely annoyed about all the delays.

    I don’t think we can expect iPlayer to the masses until the start of the year, as the closer it gets to Christmas, the more holidays come up and support will be missing in the early days.


  129. RL Says:


    I have the same issue and diagnostics screen as per your pics (#123).

    Looking at the Humax website indicates that loader software version should be 7.24 for the v1.00.23 update.

    My HD box however still has this at 7.22 i.e. OTA only applied the software 1.00.23 update but didn’t seem to apply the associated loader 7.24 update ? A Humax manual FAQ/troubleshooting section indicates that old loader software may cause issues with software updates.

    I have not been able to get my HD box to recognise my USB key to apply the v7.24 loader software. I may need to invest in a new 1Gb USB key but wondering if anyone else with similar issues has tried to update to loader 7.24 via USB and see if that resolves anything ?


  130. KimR Says:

    Hi RL,

    I haven’t tried the 7.24 loader as the download page seems to imply it is only an issue with DiSeq

    I’ll give it a try now though, I’m using a 128MB microSD in a tiny thumb reader formatted FAT32.
    Humax’s server is slooooww though about 40kbits/s :(


  131. martart Says:

    My HD box has software 1.0023 with loader 7.22 and I have no problems at all. I’m not going to change a thing!!!


  132. KimR Says:

    @martart, I don’t blame you ๐Ÿ˜‰ but have you tried these channels:- 102,136,137,202,204,207,401,504,509,650,803,804,805,806,808,809,810,813?

    These show “No or bad signal” permanently

    These:- 101,103,108,113,115,116,117,121,122,123,124,135,140,203 all missing at boot up but return by themselves after about 1/2 to 1 hour.

    @RL I just did :-

    Upgrade loader, upgrade firmware, factory reset, power up, standby, power up.

    The same permanently missing channels are still missing so no different, except that this time all the second set of channels appear to be there without having to wait half an hour :/


  133. martart Says:

    @KimR, I have just checked all the channels on your lost and all are there and working fine! Strange things going on here, Did you down load OTA or by USB?


  134. McDuck Says:

    iPLayer beta via another update, you then access it via the red button and a code. And no I wont be passing this on! Info only.

    iPlayer video quality is very good, on a par with SD channels Iโ€™d say. The sound was a little choppy but this may be down to my connection/Beta?

    Not much on there yet, so fa its better than the PS3 iPlayer


  135. Tom Osborne Says:

    I am trying the ota upgrade on automatic mode but it says there is no software to be added? Am I doing something wrong?

    With regards the factory re-set do I have to turn the whole thing off for a few mins before or is there no need?


  136. KimR Says:

    @martart, both OTA and USB.

    Oh cack, I just realised 102 should be 120 ๐Ÿ˜ณ


  137. Paul S Watts Says:


    Thanks for the information. It is good to hear that things are [for some] moving forwards with iPlayer.

    Could you please keep us posted on how it is going and what the ongoing quality / stability / content is>



  138. fluffy Says:

    I hope that realdigitaltv ends up being far more professional that their website looks. It’s full of grammatical errors.


  139. Brian P Says:

    My software updated without any problems (Foxsat HD) with loader 7.22 so I will be leaving mine as it is.


  140. Derek (original) Says:

    @KimR #132

    I have just checked all the channels listed in your post and all are being received OK. I have the PVR and updated the firmware and the loader via the USB port. I am just wondering whether the the fact that some people are having problems and others aren’t may be down to the build standard (age) of their box. Mine is a relatively new PVR bought mid 2009. Perhaps the people who are having problems receiving those channels have older boxes with a slightly different hardware configuration. Could all subsequent posts indicate HD or HDR, method of update (OTA or USB), problem or no problem and purchase date.


  141. Foxsat User Says:

    I have an early foxsat HD and the software update has removed loads of channels – I rang Humax Support a few minutes ago and they said they knew there was a problem and it had affected a lot of people, but they had no fix for it. They hope to develop a software patch over the next week


  142. Jock Says:

    With reference to the thread on lost channels. I have Goodmans SD box and I have had problems like this since the summer. I checked everything – even installed a new LNB. I tried my old $ky digibox and got the same results. What you get on 101, 102, 103 will depend on what postcode you type in – they’re your regional variants. I’ve had times when I could get Kent TV better than my own Scottish stations!

    I had problems last night (Thurs), but everything was fine at lunchtime today (Fri). The big difference was cloud cover. Yesterday saw quite heavy cloud cover, but today it was relatively clear. This seems to point to dish alignment, but everything is bolted up tight to withstand the force of a charging Rhino! My checks implied that the (long) feed cable was OK, but I renewed the F-connectors at both ends. Everything was fine until the summer; it changed suddenly and remains intermittent.


  143. Dazz66 Says:

    I now have a Humax HD box that will not show BBC1 / BBCHD / Any interactive BBC stufff and plenty more channels , this has only happenned after the firmware update :( Have tried everything , re-scans / master reset / off at the mains etc, nothing makes the cahnnels come back ! Are Humax admitting a problem yet ?




  144. bofh100 Says:

    No loss of channels, but the volume issue is a pain in the rear and I’ve just discovered that “Rename” is a great idea but doesn’t work (it just reverts back to the original name).

    Getting the volume control back again would be the best thing to happen.


  145. KimR Says:

    I’ve discovered some new info with help from ๐Ÿ˜ฎ another forum ๐Ÿ˜ฎ user, At switch on all my low band vertical (BBC1, ITV, BBCHD etc.) and high band vertical (Zone Reality etc.) channels are missing.
    After a while the low band channels return, slowly on their own with lots of pixellation to begin with, clearing to OK.
    The high band channels don’t recover, they are permanently missing.
    I might try calling Humax monday morning to see if this helps :)


  146. Nimord Says:

    I spoke with Humax technical support just after 9 a.m. today. They are certainly aware that there is a problem affecting some but not all Foxsat-HD boxes following the recent update. I was asked to leave my name, email address and contact telephone number, which I did. They didn’t give me a case reference number.

    There was no indication given of when a fix might be available, other than to say that engineers are working on it. I believe it may be tricky to fully resolve because not very box appears to be affected in exactly the same way.

    I was asked to give a list of the channels that are missing i.e. reported as missing or bad signal but I explained that there were dozens including BB1 and BBC HD, not just one or two.

    The more people that contact Humax about this problem the better, in my opinion. They can’t then just brush it off as a minor incident affecting one or two users.

    I’m fairly confident that there will be a fix and quite quickly. Humax have a good brand name and thats something they’ll want to protect. If the word starts going around that their own software ‘bricked’ a number of boxes but they didn’t respond and fix it that could quickly become quite damaging.

    Just my own thoughts, would like to know how others feel. I am being too optimistic, clutching at straws etc?


  147. munc Says:

    There hasn been no sign nor suggestion of any kind of update or upgrade to my HDR. I assumed this would happen automatically, like previous changes. Should i be doing something to effect this update, or do i leave well enough alone in the light of all these posted problems?


  148. Duncan Says:

    munc@146. See page 53 and also page 70 of manual.
    Automatic update on page 53 is named funny because if you click on it sets in motion a procedure for you to update there and then – looks for new software and if available offers to download. (Menu-Setup-Software Update).

    It appears that it is only the HD boxes with problems so you should be safe with HDR upgrade. Just remember you must not edit recording schedules obtained by clicking on epg with new software. Info from Humax – click on link re manual software download for HDR at very top of this page and see just below list of additional functions.


  149. Derek Says:

    I have just had a really careful scan through my HD box using the very useful list of “missing” channels posted at 91 and elsewhere on this list.

    I can confirm that, for my box at least, there are no channels affected by the problem. My download was automatic OTA during the night, I am using a postcode the box would identify as London, my signal strength is 100% and my quality is 100%. The loader version is U 7.22.

    This suggests, I assume, some variation in hardware in some of the boxes. If you have a problem, what is your signal strength and quality readings?

    If Humax had loaded their software on to my box during development it would have worked perfectly. This may explain why they have been “caught out”.

    Out of interest I re-scanned in non-Freesat mode (all channels including encrypted) and the box found more channels than previously (907) although this probably has nothing to do with the software change.


  150. Lee B Says:

    No loss of channels upgrade went perfectly.


  151. liz Says:

    I bought my Humax Foxsat HD box in June 2008 .. upgrade went perfectly and no loss of channels


  152. Paul Says:

    I bought mine in December 2008 and have signal strength and quality of 100%. Still missing all the channels I listed in post 91. Still no reply to the email I sent Humax on Wednesday.


  153. Dazz66 Says:

    I fixed it !!!
    What I done was use another Dish Coax lead ( I have 2 to the box, one connected , the other in case I got the recorder) After conecting the second lead and doing a re-scan , all the channels came back ??
    Perhaps if people take the co-ax out of the back and re-connect , it may work for them ?

    I seem to remember an engineer once saying that if you have problems with the LNB , take it out and just touch both parts of the coax with yr finger and it will reset it , or is that an old wives tale :) ??



  154. Derek Says:

    Well done Dazz!

    I have dealt with a couple of problem installations in the past when the original installer did not make the inner core of the cable quite long enough to make a proper connection. Owners then move the receiver (e.g. to dust it or to install software…) the rear plug becomes fractionally loose and it is just enough to break the contact. It is very difficult to spot an intermittent connection.

    Worth checking if you currently have a problem.


  155. Mark G Says:

    I have also and still am for that matter-experiencing most of the problems reported here with the update. I have lost channels and the aspect ratio does as it pleases.

    Has anybody got Humax to acknowledge the problem yet?



  156. KimR Says:

    Taking out, shorting and replacing the cable doesn’t work for me. I already did that on thursday, as well as trying a different LNB out of the quad.
    I’ve got a feeling that the update has made the box more sensitive to LNB “skew”.
    Different hardware revisions is another possibility.


  157. Jock Says:

    #155 KimR: Skew doesn’t seem to be a particularly sensitive setting; it optimises reception when all of the important alignments are right. If the skew was OK before, it is unlikely (but nothing is impossible!) to account for the widespread loss of channels.

    I would be interested to hear if Dazz66’s fix stays fixed. Channels seem to be coming and going with a will of their own. If Dazz66 loses reception again, try to note what is happening at the same time – for me the weather seems to have an influence.


  158. Dazz66 Says:

    OK , will keep an eye on it ! I will say though, that because I had 2 Co-ax available , I did re-connect the first one to see if it would work, and the same problem returned ??
    Could the update of knackered 1 of my 4 LNB cable inputs ? The other 3 ( 2 to Sky+ and the one connected to the Humax now) are working perectly ?
    Its still a big mystery to me , however as of now , the Humax is still receiving all available channels ??



  159. Kevin Says:

    Well I have just lost all of my channels. Nothing to do with my box though. Everything to do with the weather. My disk elevation is now completely out thanks to the high winds in the South East!

    Must remember to tighten the bolts more securely when I get a chance to adjust it. I hope it is calmer tomorrow.


  160. Bob Says:

    I’m using a Humax HD and the software has update OTA, but not the loader – will leave it as it is, no problems thankfully

    Have noticed that the right button within the information screen now only needs a single press, and the subtitles stay on when you switch from channel to channel (previously you had to reselect it)


  161. KimR Says:

    @Jock quote>for me the weather seems to have an influence.

    Yes, same here, all my low band V channels are marginal, last night in high winds/rain they were all pixellating, all the H channels were OK (still have no high band V at all though)


  162. Lee B Says:

    My 85cm dish is coming into it’s own during this bad weather, I have too many bad memories of the picture breaking up on a 43cm dish during extreme weather.

    I always recommend friends to ask the installer to use a 60 cm dish (zone 2) rather than a 43cm dish. I think a 60cm dish is less than ยฃ20 on ebay inc cable and LNB.


  163. Alex Says:

    I live in the country side with only a few houses around, and my little sky dish with 4LNB works great all year round, I also get Freeview booming into the house with full signal (Just had the first bbc two analogue channel lost, and we are getting the HD channels at the start of next year)

    Freesat better get there backside in gear with getting 4HD, and a proper ITV upscalled/HD channel. Or I will be going with Freeview HD at the start of next year, and so will a lot of other people I know.


  164. Dazz66 Says:

    After watching ITV HD footy this evening , went back to see BBCHD and , as another poster said , all on FAIL again :( Lost all “V” signals from the Humax !

    Bah Humbug



  165. Nimord Says:

    Dazz66 – have you called or emailed Humax technical support? As I wrote in an earlier post the more people that do contact Humax and report a problem after the upgrade the better. If they think its only a handful then their response is likely to be less urgent than for tens or even hundreds of faulty systems.


  166. Dave R Says:

    I sent Humax support an email on the morning after the upgrade and as yet Humax have not responded. Reading through the other posts it would appear i am not the only one. I thnk it is very bad that they have not put up a message on their website acknowleging the issue and a statement about estimated fix time. If we don’t get a suitable response then I’m sure BBC Watchdog would be a good way to escalate this.

    (Humax if you are monitoring these posts which I doubt)

    It would seem the logical answer is to post both the old and new version software for download and suspend the update over the air until the issue is resolved. This way users who have lost channels could role back to the earlier version that we know worked and the users who want to risk the upgrade can do so at their own peril via the USB memory stick method.


  167. KimR Says:

    @Dave R, +1 for that solution, I suggested this to the Humax helpline operator at around 09:30 on thursday morning :rolleyes:

    This was the same operator who promised to “call me back within half an hour”, but never did.

    BTW I was warned that the call was being recorded, I wonder if they delete the record when they tell fibs to their customers?


  168. Andrew Morris Says:

    Re: Humax non response.

    On another topic I commented about this problem. I was not alone!
    When they did not respond to an email I sent them, I sent another one telling them what I thought about their silence.
    Lo and behold, they responded.
    Customer Service?
    It needs attention!
    But their non-response team are excellent.


  169. Roy W. Says:

    @Lee B.

    I agree with you about dish size. I’ve had the HDR for almost a year now, and it was originally running from a standard 43cm zone 1 Sky dish. It was fine most of the time, but it would glitch on picture and sound perhaps once during an evening’s viewing. In heavy rain or snow many of the channels would become unwatchable.

    In the summer I replaced the zone 1 dish with a new 60cm zone 2 Sky dish, and since then I’ve never noticed a single glitch, nor have I lost channels during heavy rain. I’m looking forward to the winter’s heavy snow to see it that affects it.

    I bought the zone 2 dish from a reputable seller on eBay, ยฃ29.99 with a new quad LNB, and including next-day courier delivery.It’s the best ยฃ30 I’ve spent in a long time!


  170. martin Says:

    Further to my post above: Latest software auto upgrade OTA has broken my [18 months old] Foxsat HD

    All V Channels are missing as others have reported.
    Missing channels report 0%+0% signal whilst ok channels report 100%+100%

    Emailed Humax support 10th Nov – no response – still waiting.
    Phoned, but never got closer than 10 in queue – “Unusually high levels of calls” message – after 20 mins of waiting on their Premium Pay line I gave up.

    Factory reset correctly, but does not roll back to earlier [correctly working] software.

    Downloaded latest software and loader from Humax website and installed succefully via USB stick but problem persists.

    Tried re-boots / power cycle – no change

    Clicking on earlier software link on Humax website only reverts to latest version.

    Followed Grahamlthompsons advice on other forums to reset using hidden diagnostic menu but although correctly reset – still same missing V channels.

    I checked the signal for each transponder using the Manual Scan dialog. You can see the signal strength and quality of each one

    All my H transponders show 100%+100% signal but all V transponders show 0%+0%

    Hence all my V channels are showing “Bad Signal” message.

    Doing a manual tune [non-Freesat] results in only H type channels appearing on EPG and being available to view.
    But reverting [re-tuning] in Freesat mode reults in all expected Freesat channels listed on EPG – however – only the H channels work. The others are non-working “Bad Signal”
    The EPG must be preset for Freesat channels, but the new software fault seems to prevent any V transponder signals being recieved.

    All this happened two days before the windy weather.

    Humax do not respond to or even acknowledge this problem
    Their website should at least acknowledge it in the support section.



  171. BowWow Says:

    Location – Dublin, 80cm Dish, Automatic update, No problems, No channels missing, box purchased April 2009..


  172. Jock Says:

    It’s sad to see Humax following so closely in Harvards’s footsteps. Who can you trust these days? The cock-ups are bad enough, but the way they treat affected customers is completely unacceptable.

    The HD(R) has to be able to send signals to the LNB to switch between H and V, and between Hi and Lo band. It sounds as though the update has impaired the ability of the box to switch the LNB reliably. Let’s hope this is just a glitch in the receiver and not permanent damage to the LNB.


  173. ste redfern Says:

    try this tel no….02083266000 and dont select the menu options…wait for operator and ask to be put through to “customer service”….dont let them give you a nunber to ring..cos i know they CAN put you through and also i know they are reading this page.
    you also might want to ring the sales team because in the long run it will affect them to !


  174. Kevin Says:

    Oh dear, first Bush/Grundig/Goodman boxes fail on an on air udate now a 50% failure with Humax. It just goes to show just how difficult it is to deal with technology at times! Hopefuly the response from Humax will be more timely than from Harvard.

    On the technical side I have now realligned my dish after the storms yesterday. Looks like Thursday will be a good test of my bolt tightening skills!


  175. Neilenormal Says:

    Looks like I am a victim of the update too. Mine happened “Over The Air” automatically to the software but the loader did not upgrade to the newer 7.24 – I have successfully done this manually but it makes no difference. I have also noticed now that BBC1 channel number 101 freezes when I turn on a FTA box(Technomate) that is fed from the same 8 way LNB. This did not happen pre upgrade.I have to say I agree with the theories that the upgrade has in some way affected the LNB switching abilities of the FoxsatHD. I have emailed Humax but like everyone else I have had no response. Here’s hoping!!!!


  176. Jeff Says:

    Ive had the Humax HDR for a year now and I think on one occassion the box completely froze, meaning a power off from the switch on the back. Since the upgradde the other day (software and loader) the box has frozen 2 times!!! Not happy!!


  177. KimR Says:

    I wonder what Freesat think of this, it can’t do the image of the platform any favours, can this site put any case to Freesat to apply pressure to Humax.

    Bearing in mind Humax have, hopefully, been brainstorming over the weekend rather than going out on the p*** maybe there’ll be some response early next week.

    If they don’t resolve this quickly then my next STB will definitely not be Humax, it’ll be Technisat, I was thinking of buying a Humax PVR but maybe a single tuner PVR and the safety net offered by having two different receivers that won’t both crash at the same OTA update is worth thinking about.

    My attitude will probably change if Humax decide to treat us like valuable customers instead of like “invisibles”

    If they ARE reading this page then they should realise that our friends and neighbours already know that we are annoyed and disappointed with this treatment, and that this rubs off on potential customers!

    A simple statement of intent here or on their support page reassuring us that they are making some kind of progress would probably go a long way towards calming the waters……….so, where is it Humax?

    If Humax called me back like they said they would last week, I’d be posting that response positively here and elsewhere immediately.


  178. Dazz66 Says:

    I Emailed Humax Last Friday over this issue , no respnes as of yet :( Will send another E-Mail early in the week , My Humax HD box is just over the year old if that adds to the stats



  179. Jock Says:

    Humax owners have one ray of hope not available to Harvard sufferers’

    If you go to it is possible to download the previous version of the software to a PC, then transfer it to the STB by means of a USB stick. This should restore the box to the state it was in before the upgrade (but make sure the upgrade doesn’t happen again before you’ve tested it!). The “downgrades” are available for both the Foxsat and the HDR. In spite of all the problems with this latest upgrade, Humax still appear to be offering it for PC download, so choose the downgrade carefully.

    I’d love to test this and report to the community whether it is a good thing to do, but I’ve only got a Goodmans SD box. Any volunteers?


  180. Dave R Says:

    ref jock@179 Sorry Jock but I can only see the history of software releases, it does not provide any hyperlinks to download the software, the only one listed is the dodgy version 23


  181. bill Says:

    I was wondering why the BBC multiscreen sports channel was not working under the red button and when i read this forum i now know. Everything else appears to be ok.
    Has anyone found a way of fixing it yet? I have the latest firmware installed…23
    Humax HD


  182. Jock Says:

    #180 – Dave R

    Sorry Dave – you’re right. When I visited the Humax site I was sure those earlier files were available for download. They’re not. It might be worth lobbying Humax to provide an internet-based “downgrade” to tide-over users until a satisfactory cure for the present problems is put in place. I thought I had the email address for Graham North of Humax, but I can’t find it.


  183. Tom Osborne Says:

    I have a warranty on my box until 2010, is it worth just taking mine back to the shop and getting a new one?


  184. KimR Says:

    @Tom Osborne 183,

    I suspect that it’s not worth it, the first thing the new box will do when you power it on is look for software updates.
    It can’t possibly already have the 1.00.23 firmware yet but it will load it OTA post haste.
    You may then just end up in the same situation as you are now, until the next fixed update (crosses fingers)


  185. tom osborne Says:

    Cheers for that, hang tight I guess for a while.


  186. Robert Says:

    My Daughter was going to buy a Humax HD box but that is now on HOLD or will now look for ANOTHER make.


  187. Pete Says:

    I’m a bit confused. The update was announced on the 7th Nov, and then this post was put up on 10th November saying that the manual update is ready and the OTA will be out soon. I’ve just checked my Humax HD box and it says that the software version is 1.00.23 with an update date of 25 OCT 2009. Surely this can’t actually be updated to 1.00.23 as that would mean my box had automatically downloaded the software weeks before it’s actually sent out?!?
    I’ve tried pinging for a download again, and I also happened to be in front of my TV last night when it checked for updates and both times it said there were no updates available.
    All of the same small bugs are there that have always been there (scanning through channels and it jumping several hours further forward, or sometimes not able to display past a couple of hours on some channels).
    Anybody else got version 1.00.23, with the date of 25 OCT 2009?


  188. Roy W. Says:


    The date of 25th October is the when Humax finalised the software version. The delay is explained because it then has to be passed on to DTG, who are the engineering company that organise all the OTA updated for both freesat and Freeview. It was 10th November before the OTA update was broadcast. Here’s the page with details of all the updates currently on air:


  189. Lord Coz Says:

    Does anybody know if you can hook up the Humax Fox Sat to an external hard disc drive with USB for storing and playing music and viwing photo files


  190. Lord Coz Says:

    Does anybody know if you can hook up the Humax Fox Sat to an external hard disc drive storing and playing music files


  191. KimR Says:

    @Lord Coz 189 Not at the moment, who knows though, if I can do it with my cheap Technika TV and you can do it with the technisat HD STB then why not?

    @Lord Coz 190 See answer above ๐Ÿ˜‰


  192. Pete Says:

    @Roy W
    Thanks a lot for confirming that, it makes sense now. I thought I’d entered some parallel universe, either that or the update hadn’t worked properly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Will there ever be a say that they include ‘series link’ in a future update?



  193. Dazz66 Says:

    I managed to watch Top Gear on BBCHD last night , switched off, then on again and the channels had gone again !!
    Have E-Mailed Humax again , this time with box details to see if they will respong ??



  194. Mark Says:

    I like many others here have experienced the problem of lost channels and a mind of itโ€™s own aspect ratio, since last weeks software upgrade.

    I been in touch with Humax at 15:10 (16/11/09) and was informed that they are aware of problems and are in the process of listing and reporting the problems, as owners and users make them aware.

    There was no acknowledgement that the software upgrade was the cause!!

    Regards Mark


  195. fluffy Says:

    Tom Osborne Says: November 15th, 2009 at 6:56 pm
    I have a warranty on my box until 2010, is it worth just taking mine back to the shop and getting a new one?

    The warranty doesn’t come into it. If it’s broken because of an over the air update the retailer can’t claim that you could have caused it due to “wear and tear” and c an’t hide behind the length of a warranty period. By law you have 6 years from the date of purchase to seek recompense for a fault that existed at the time of manufacture, and though it’s not been tested yet, this must include additions made later by the manufacturer via updates like this.


  196. Jock Says:

    According to DTG.ORG.UK, Humax are still over-air downloading this update. It seems incredible that they are trying to screw yet more of their customers while this update is still in the dock. I am not clear how many Harvard customers are now satisfied viewers of HD services. Whatever the outcome, Harvard and Humax have done untold damage to Freesat.

    Freeview have today announced how they are going to roll out their multi-HD service. If they achieve what they say, their HD service will out-strip Freesat by the middle of next year (although regions will have to wait for digital switch-over to benefit).

    Of course, we’ll need new receivers to watch Freeview HD and we’ll be back in the hands of the usual suspects and their incompetent OADs.


  197. edward wilkinson Says:

    hi there i have lossed bbc 1 bbc hd it+1 and a lot more tryed retuning but still nothing over channels fine bbc 2 itv 1 ch4 ect any one no how toget them back please .eddie


  198. KimR Says:

    Hi Eddie, I’ve found if I leave the box on overnight by disabling auto standby, the low band vertical channels you mention slowly recover and re-appear.

    If you switch the power off or go to standby the channels disappear again.

    Maybe try just leaving the box switched on.

    This sounds crazy and might not work but it works for me, although I still have no high band vertical channels – zone reality etc.


  199. Duncan Says:

    HI guys I am an HDR box owner but have just spotted some encouraging news on digital spy forum that one HD customer has been sent by Humax the older 015 software which has allowed him to roll back his box to this software and fix the problems.

    Until this is published online somewhere for download suggest you ask Humax to send (email?) you the old software too.

    Guess you load onto a usb stick (4gb types are usually in the correct fat32 format) and power up from mains socket while holding the on button down or some similar procedure (prople say they have unbricked boxes using this method).

    Please Humax publish a download online with installation instructions to sort the problem out now.


  200. KimR Says:

    Great, but this won’t work unless they also remove the newer OTA version, it’ll just update again overnight, unless you leave the box powered on.


  201. KimR Says:

    I called Humax support, got through in 30 seconds, they emailed me the old software version 1.00.15, it’s working ๐Ÿ˜€
    You have to power the STB overnight or it will “upgrade” OTA at 04:00 a.m.

    Thanks Humax, you see, I’m a happy customer once more :)


  202. KimR Says:

    should read power OFF overnight, site removed my brackets


  203. KimR Says:

    Be quick folks here’s a link:
    http://rapidshare dot com/files/308280794/FOXSAT-HD_upgrade_1.00.15.hdf.html

    It’s only a 10 download limit :(

    don’t forget to rename it as per Humax website instructions

    Humax have said this is OK to share.


  204. Skinhead Says:

    A big thanks to KimR!

    I have just downloaded the old version of the firmware from RS and uploaded on to the STB and it’s working again!

    Thanks again mate.


  205. Neilenormal Says:

    I got the 15 version from Humax after a call to them and can also confirm that all the channels work again after loading this older version. Will need to keep box off overnight as suggested – or just download again to STB if I forget!!


  206. John P Says:

    Success! I called the Humax helpline and got straight through. They are having problems that are being sorted but e-mailed me the old software which has returned all of the missing channels!


  207. Tony Hales Says:

    @ Kim R

    I downloaded the software from RapidShare and uploaded it to Mediafire.

    Use at your own risk only.


  208. Mark Gosden Says:

    Many thanks to Tony and Kim.
    Regards Mark


  209. tom osborne Says:

    For someone who is not a whizz at this how do you go about updating this on to your box once downloaded on to the USB stick?


  210. KimR Says:

    @tom osb, 209

    Have a look on Humaxs’ website the instructions are there on the downloads page.


  211. Dazz66 Says:

    @ Kim R , Many thanks for the link , unfortunately, I cannot unplug my box as its in a mess of wires under my Hi-Fi cabinet , will keep it for emergencies , or until Mr Humax decides to replace the Firmware :)



  212. Paul Says:

    Had this email from Humax today…….

    Hi there,

    We are aware of this issue.

    We are going to be resolving this with an automatic software update that should take place at the end of the month.

    We are currently testing the new software, when it is ready it will be released.

    When we have more information regarding this it will be on our website:

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,


    Humax (Technical Support)


    TEL: 0844 669 8800


  213. Dave R Says:

    @KimR 203 and @Tony Hales 207 Thanks guys, downloaded the old version, reflashed and all back to normal. Must remember to power off tonight to avoid over the air update. I still do not understand why Humax have not posted a comment on their website and made the software available, very poor customer relations.
    I guess the next question is who going to be brave enough to see if the revised version works! Watch this space!


  214. Charles Says:

    Would it not make sense for Humax to stop sending the update to boxes now and wait until the revised version of the software is ready?


  215. Neil Says:

    Re an earlier comment, bought the HDR box 3 weeks ago, and wasn’t even aware it had been “upgraded” with the new firmware after leaving it on overnight. Touch wood, no problems with the new version, and it seems to reinforce the theory that it’s the older boxes that seem to be having a problem?


  216. KimR Says:

    @Neil, the HDR upgrade hasn’t really caused any problems like missing channels that you’d be likely to notice as a new owner. The missing vertical channels only affects the HD.


  217. roy of essex Says:

    my hdr is one year old this week i have done the upgrade ota .and i have had no problems only the date of the download 25 oct 2009.


  218. tom osborne Says:

    Starting to get fed up with Humax. It’s hardly the cheapest box on the market so you would expect them to show a little more support to their customers.


  219. KimR Says:

    @tom 218
    Have you managed to get the older software version installed from a USB stick?
    Mine’s working fine now, if you do need some more help just ask :)


  220. tom osborne Says:

    Thanks Kim

    Not being a great technical expert any instructions would be great. Some of the instructions I am finding slightly confusing.


  221. KimR Says:

    @tom 220,
    O.K. mate here we go :)
    1. download the old version of the software from Tony Hales post 207
    2. find the downloaded file, rename “FOXSAT-HD_upgrade_1.00.15.hdf” to:
    3.find a less than 1GB usb stick or sd card etc. (the one I used was an old 128MB sd card) copy the renamed file to the root folder of the stick/card, e.g.
    if your stick/card appears in “My Computer” as “D” or “E”, copy or drag the file straight to the stick/card, not into any folders on the card.
    4. Put the humax box in standby by pressing the button on the front of the box (under the flap at the far left)
    5. Plug the stick/card into the USB slot at the back of the box (next to the HDMI connector)
    6. Push the “standby” button and hold it in until the box reports that it is uploading the new software (they say 30 seconds but mine is faster than that)
    7. Once the software is uploaded and installed the box will go back to standby.
    8. Power it back on and go to “Menu>System>Diagnostics” You will get a screen showing “Brand Name, Model Name, Software Version etc.
    9. Check that the version shown is HZPTSF 1.00.15.
    10. Don’t forget, you must switch the box off at the wall each night or it will reload the newer software overnight. I just switch the plug socket off, the box takes exactly the same time to power up as it does from standby so it’s no problem at all.
    11. If you have any problems, feel free to ask for clarification :)
    12. Done – Seemples :)


  222. Tom Osborne Says:

    Cheers for that, off to give it a go now.


  223. Paul Says:

    Iv’e got the old software back on my Foxsat HD via memory stick. Big thanks to those who made it available. All missing channels are now back.


  224. Derek B Says:

    I used ‘auto detect software update’ via dish
    software is HZPTSF 1.00.23
    Loader version: U 7.22
    Foxsat HD box
    I still cannot get the red button Sports multi screen to work
    and lost all the same channels that @Paul #91 has reported.


  225. KimR Says:

    @Derek B see my post 221 above, roll back to V1.0015


  226. Duncan Souter Says:

    Thanks for clear instructions. Didn’t even know there was a USB port on box.


  227. tom osborne Says:

    Wonderful stuff Kim. Humax need to employ you.


  228. Jock Says:

    And to think Kim learnt all that just by reading the owner’s manual!


  229. KimR Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read the manual ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  230. tom osborne Says:

    I don’t think I have enough confidence in Humax just yet to trust the manual.


  231. dazza Says:

    My box won’t break through to the television when you turn it on (when it is in standby and recording.)

    It will start up so you can see the channel in the display but when I put the tv onto HDMI1 all I get is a blank picture

    Am I the only one with this problem very frustrating I have only noticed this since the update.


  232. Jock Says:

    #229 – KimR

    Did you learn all that stuff by trial and error then? I stand in awe!

    I’m a bit more sympathetic to Humax now as they try to offer an on-going hi-tech service to owners who don’t read the manual. We need to work WITH Humax – not against them – and that begins with understanding the box and how to drive it. After all, everyone participating here is doing reasonably clever things with a PC, so why not a FoxsatHD?


  233. tom osborne Says:

    Jock, does the high tech service include losing people channels by doing an upgrade that should have been tested before it was released?


  234. KimR Says:

    @Jock 232,

    More or less, the Humax site has the instructions, “USB”, “reboot”, that’s all you need really.

    I’m a diagnostic engineer.
    My job entails solving complex faults with sometimes minimal information so I got a headstart ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Re Humax and “working with them”, I agree, but only if they have the courtesy to reply to people by phone or email when they say they will, in my case they didn’t, so basically they left me and others to sort it out between us.

    I’ll say it once more, sometimes the best people to help you are your customers, if you treat them courteously!

    I asked them on day 1 to provide me with the 1.00.15 software to try, it might have saved them some embarrassment if they had done that immediately.

    @ tom 233, To be fair it appears that not all boxes are affected, in fact judging by the number of posts here and elsewhere, it only seems to be a relatively small proportion. (bound to be mine though :rolleyes:) They probably thought it was exhaustively tested.


  235. Dazz66 Says:

    Hi , anyone any wiser as to when this update “fix” will become available ? I have not bothered with the firmware rollback yet



  236. Charles Says:

    The e-mail that I got from Humax said that the software update would take place at the end of the month, so possibly tomorrow (although they didn’t specify which month). I did the software rollback but then forgot to unplug the box one night… I still don’t understand why they’re continuing to roll out software which renders some boxes partially broken.


  237. Dave R Says:

    I get the impression that Humax are quick to publish good news and show off the awards but when it comes to bad news they keep it under wraps, they don’t want the bad publicity. They have alienated many customers with poor customer support which is likely to go against them as passed on by word of mouth and these forums. This is a shame I waited for the Humax box to come on the market as I had heard such good things about it and had a trouble free 10 months of viewing.

    I’m sure they would have received better remarks here and feedback if they had admitted the issue and posted an interim solution on the website as soon as it become evident that it was not a small number of cases, its only thanks to several members of this forum that we are able to reflash the old software and get the missing channels back and enjoy what we have paid for.


  238. Ade Says:

    Green Screen !!

    Might intrest dazza post 231

    After the recent software update, my Foxsat HDR under certain circumstances, produces a ‘Green Screen’.

    I have my Humax connected via HDMI and my Sky box via scart. If I switch from Freesat to Sky, and then go back to Freesat after a short time, all I get is the Green Screen. The only way to get the proper output is to change channel on the Freesat and all returns to normal. This is a bit of a pain, but the big problem is if the Freesat had been ‘paused’ to return to that prog where you left it, then this changing of channel just to get the picture back clears the buffer
    and you lose the prog from when you ‘froze’ it to the live program.

    This has only happened since the update. I’ve tried a factory reset and various ‘standby’ options, but I can’t clear the problem.

    Anybody got and ideas ?


  239. Derek B Says:

    Humax were very quick to answer my email. I had reported problems after the over air update. ie. lost channels and red button multi screen. Here’s their reply:-

    RE: Latest update to Humax Foxsat HD boxโ€
    From: [Humax Support] Aaron
    Sent: 25 November 2009 09:47:24
    To: Derek B


    At the moment the software update that went through for the HD unit lost some channels, there should be another software update which fixes these issues.

    If you do not want to wait then I can send you the old software for the HD and you can downgrade the unit to the old software and get the channels back.

    But you will need to turn the unit off at the mains every night so it does not update to the new software.

    Kind regards,

    Humax Customer Support

    0844 669 8800


  240. pete o Says:

    latest update available today 1.00.24


  241. dan Says:

    And this doesn’t work either


  242. pete o Says:

    it dont, and takes an age to download too


  243. Dazz66 Says:

    Nope :( Updated firmware not fixed the problem , still no “V” channels , getting stupid now !



  244. KimR Says:


    I can’t believe you haven’t rolled back to 1.00.15 because you you can’t unplug the box, even if that’s the case just leave a USB stick in the port and reload the 1.00.15 when you switch on to watch, must be better than having half the channels missing :)


  245. pete o Says:

    i hve tried reloading the old version from a USB stick unfortunately it wouldnt load, aparently as others have said its a bit picky as to what USB stick will work
    im not gonna go out and buy a load in hope that one might work


  246. Dazz66 Says:

    Didn’t think of that one KimR :) May do that for Xmas TV if it isn’t fixed by then ! I really on use the box for HD channels as I already have Sky+ and freeview for the norm channels.
    Thanks for pointing that option out tho :)



  247. bill Says:

    Ditto, it hasn’t fixed anything, no BBC multisport on the red button, no CNN which you can receive on a bit of wet string, plus others.
    Maybe they are just fattening themselves up for xmas………


  248. Dazz66 Says:

    Rolled back the box this evening and everything springs back into action ! Will leave the USB stick in , takes less than 5 minutes to roll back firmware :)
    Its a shame that Humax won’t give us a reason for this failure , they must know by now what the problem has been :(



  249. bill Says:

    Got a new file in an email from support today. It works and reverts from .24 to .23
    according to the diagnostic screen.
    I also discovered that the first time i tried it with an 8GB usb stick, it didnt work, even though the file was named correctly and in the top level. The stick also contained a directory with jpegs in it.
    So, i copied the jpegs out and reformatted the stick (fat32) copied the new file on, plugged it in…and works. I did it twice to make sure that it wasnt a fluke.


  250. KimR Says:

    Heads Up Folks

    Just found and installed the latest V1.00.25, All appears to be resolved, Humax Foxsat HD now working correctly.


  251. KimR Says:


  252. pete o Says:

    where you find it kim its not over air yet?


  253. KimR Says:

    I didn’t post it, I was pointed to it on avforums.


  254. KimR Says:

    The link on avforums appears to have been pulled, probably not suprising, I guess that means it will be available OTA very soon.


  255. Dazz66 Says:

    Downloaded it thanks KimR , same as all the other firmware updates , same process i take it ? :)


  256. Dazz66 Says:


  257. KimR Says:

    Nice one Dazz66

    admin notified, hopefully there’ll be a heads up soon :)


  258. fastie Says:

    Anyone experience poor picture quality after update, sometimes picture is pixelated I DONT like it at all, and black scenes are sh***t bad coding or something


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