IAAF World Athletics Championship In HD On Freesat

Press release from Freesat – 27th July 2009

ON YOUR MARKS…GET SET…GO! Introducing IAAF World Athletics Championship in HD on Freesat

Reach for your running shoes and sprint to the sofa, because this year’s World Championships in Athletics is coming to Freesat in high definition and subscription free. From Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd August, the 12th IAAF World Athletics Championship airs on the BBC HD channel.

Olympic Champion Michael Johnson will join the BBC commentary team to report on the nine days of athletics action – disciplines ranging from Relay to Triple Jump and Javelin Throw to 5,000 Metres. Some of this year’s hopefuls include British runner Christine Ohuruogu, as well as American-born Allyson Felix and LaShawn Merritt.

Berlin Olympic Stadium is the host of these prestigious games and for the first time in its history the marathon and walking competitions will take place in Berlin’s city centre – all in brilliant high definition.

HD is perfect for watching all the high-speed athletic action, with a picture that is five times the quality of normal digital TV. This amazing event in pin-sharp HD has a staggering 1,800 athletes, 47 competitions and 24 disciplines, there should be no need for photo finishes. Freesat + also enables you to record, fast forward and rewind live TV, in case you want to re-live any of the best moments.

21 thoughts on “IAAF World Athletics Championship In HD On Freesat”

  1. @ Glyn

    I read elsewhere that the live Coca Cola Championship games that will be aired on BBC will all be in HD. Unfortunately the highlights shows will not be.

    As for the rugby, one would presume that the Autumn internationals would be in HD. Apart from those and the 6 Nations, what other Rugby does the BBC have?

  2. And if the BBC can broadcast Wimbledon in HD then what about The Open Golf? Does anyone know if 2010 will bring more BBC sport in HD?

  3. Oh My God!!!

    Please tell me the BBC HD channel will NOT be hijacked by the sporty and rugger sector. The BBC already panders enough with regards to the sport jockeys as it is. Squeezing the 9 hours of HD content with yet more boring, insipid sport will surely turn off even more supporters of this excellent and diverse channel than will satisfy the already over supported sporty types. Give them a dedicated BBC Sport channel and if they want it an HD channel all to themselves.

    But please, leave the HD to something a little more entertaining / educating / challenging / interesting / worth watching……………

    Apologies to the sports afficianados who may be upset by my views.


  4. @ sa

    F1 in HD is not up to the BBC. They have stated on previous occasions that if it was available in HD, they would show it in HD.

  5. Paul Watts. Be reasonable. It is all about a wide variety of programmes. Just because you don’t like sport there are plenty of others that do. I can take it or leave it but accept there has to be a balance viewing.

    I was not that keen on Glastonbury but accept that there were programmes broadcast on HD.

  6. anything else in hd yes but f1 cars racing no way,
    i would prefer a day at the dentists,
    time to get my scalextrics out anyone for the grid..

  7. Strange the Danielle Nagler head of BBC HD did not mention this in her blog. This illustrates the BBC’s need for a second HD channel as the athletics goes well on into the evening so I doubt they will cover everything. I still dont understand why they did not show the World Swimming championships in HD when Eurosport did.

    For those of you who are not sports fans again a second HD channel would help. Most sporting events are now available in HD and so the extra cost is minimal. The BBC’s descision not to transmit the Open golf in HD angererd atleast one American HD station who had to show it upscaled. I suspect the BBC got alot of complaints from other broadcasters and so the BBC has promissed the golf to be in HD next year.

  8. @Trevor Harris: I completely agree with you about the need for a second HD channel. Just take a look at the scheduling of Sunday night from 7pm to 10pm on BBC1 and BBC2:

    7pm: Countryfile (not yet broadcast in HD, but moving to HD later this year)
    8pm: Hope Springs (simulcast in HD)
    9pm: Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones (simulcast in HD)

    7pm: Dragon’s Den repeat (simulcast in HD)
    8pm: Top Gear (not broadcast in HD, see below)
    9pm: On Thin Ice (available in HD, but not simulcast due to clash, shown on Monday on BBC HD)

    How much longer can the BBC manage with just one HD channel? And that’s without including any programmes on BBC3 or BBC4, although admittedly there are fewer HD programmes on those channels.

    Even if you don’t include sport, the BBC are still getting into a situation where they’ll be producing the majority of their prime drama, sitcoms and factual content (i.e. excluding soaps, docusoaps and comedy panel shows) in HD, but the scheduling will mean that there will increasingly be clashes and they won’t be able to simulcast it all in HD. The time for BBC HD 2 has certainly arrived.

    Note on Top Gear:
    I have seen no evidence that the next series of Top Gear will be in HD, however with many of the BBC’s other major shows having already moved to HD or moving to HD in the near future (e.g. Doctor Who and Dragon’s Den recently debuted in HD, Countryfile will move over later this year) and with strong demand for HD in some international markets (BBC America recently launched their HD channel: http://www.autoblog.com/2009/07/22/i-top-gear-i-coming-to-america-in-hd/ ) I think it’s quite likely that the next series will be shot in HD.

  9. Another example, look at tomorrow at 9pm:

    BBC1: Who Do You Think You Are? (available in HD, but delayed until 10pm)
    BBC2: Dragon’s Den (simulcast in HD)
    BBC4: Breaking the Mould: The Story of Penicillin (available in HD, but delayed until Thursday 10.30pm)

  10. Excellent! Just the thing to show off the true capabilities of HD television. I’ll be watching it for sure.

  11. I cannot believe that Countryfile is going HD before Top Gear. Casting aside the obvious reasons for this sentiment (ie what is Countryfile and who watches this rubbish) surely having Top Gear in HD makes sense for BBC in terms of income for the commercial arm, I thought Top Gear was one of their biggest exports – I know for a fact no one outside the UK would watch Countryfile.

    PS – why is everyone so down on sport in HD ? Be fair, if we have to accept programming such as Who Do You Think You Are and Breaking the Mould: The Story of Pencilin (?!?) surely those of us who want a bit of excitement in our lives get some sport every now an again ?

  12. unfortunately we live in a world in which, the only way to get this thing into homes is by selling sport. why the beab can’t get some of it’s films on there once a week is so annoying.

    when will babechat go hd i ask 😉

  13. Sam – How can you call Country File rubbish just because you don’t watch it.
    It is an excellant informative programme. You might learn something if you watched it. I could say Top Gear was rubbish because I do not watch it. However I realise that there are viewers out there that do enjoy it. Viewing is all about having a broad range of programmes, hence the need for country file.

    Calling something rubbish just because it does not appeal to you is really narrow minded.

  14. BBC athletic coverage very poor.To much inane chat from the panel.We want to see the action on the track, not in the studio.

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