Update: Improving the freetime user interface

Improving the freetime user interfaceReading through a number of the comments lately, it is apparent that there has been a shift from the constant request for more channels, to asking that Freesat make improvements to certain aspects of the UI (user interface).

As things stand, only Humax have freetime boxes available, but they are controlled by a set standard contractually agreed with Freesat; most of what you see has been developed and designed by Freesat in-house.

It is with this in mind that I’d ask that you post a comment below of changes you’d like to see. These recommendations must be specific to how the user inference looks and operates and nothing else (no suggestions of channels, more receivers, network functionality etc – these will be approached separately). Choose wisely and try to substantiate the reasoning behind the changes. (NB – suggestions are specific to the freetime UI, not the previous generation)

For example, I’ve seen quite a few ask that Freesat remove the half grey screen that floats over the channel during certain functions.

Quite a few have been vocal about feeling ignored on the Freesat community and in some cases, having suggestions removed by moderators; I can’t confirm if this is indeed true, but I’m willing to collate the suggestions made and put them to the right people at Freesat (including Managing Director Emma Scott) and see what they can do.

Original post (29/01/14 14:37)

Update (18/02/14 16:03) Freesat have received all your suggestions to improve the Freetime user interface and have provided me with the following statement:

The Freesat team is really grateful of the positive input being provided by the joinfreesat.co.uk community about how they would like to see the award winning Freetime UI evolve.

We are constantly looking at ways to further improve the viewing experience for Freesat viewers, so initiatives like these are invaluable in bringing new ideas and approaches to the attention of our development team.

We will be undertaking a review of all of the suggestions that the joinfreesat community has made and the development team will report back as soon as we’re able to.

With specific regards to the feedback around the information overlay shading, we are aware of this issue and have prioritised implementing an improved solution with our partners. In the meantime, we are advising customers who wish to remove the pop-up immediately, to press the back button to do so.

Many thanks again for bringing this to us and rest assured that we will stay in touch and let you know more as soon as we’re able.

154 thoughts on “Update: Improving the freetime user interface”

  1. Is there any chance a single channel view can be added to the EPG? Single channel layout is much better for planning your night ahead, with the ability to see at a glance all programs for a certain channel displayed vertically down the screen, and then just scroll down to the next channel, and so on. The current layout makes this process virtually impossible and thus this would be a very valuable improvement.

  2. Could we have the ability to alter menu colours or at least default to black text on white background.

    Both my Wife and myself find that white on a green background and green on a green background very very hard to read.

    This will probably be down to our age but a lot of people also have varying sight problems that different colour combinations would help alleviate.

  3. On that note above from Tony, I also find the font of the channel guide and “info’ box too small to read from my sofa and have to get up all the time, or squint! Is there a way to increase the size of the font?

  4. Hi there

    New to the forum, but here’s mine:

    1. When box switches on, open last channel watched and ditch the menu screen
    2. Get rid of the greyed box background when you change channel – have a simpler bar / display
    3. TV Guide, make this start from 101, BBC1 onwards
    4. Align the channel numbers to sky EPG, where possible
    5. Allow ITV player for Scottish viewers, as we can’t even get STV player
    6. Give us an on demand movie service if we’d like one
    7. Allow us to change the EPG guide to a colour we want
    8. Change the now and next and make it bigger so it covers time slots and use more of the screen space to do this, so you can see what’s on in three columns
    9. More sports channels

    That’s me feed-back, hope someone at Freesat takes heed! As I contacted them via Facebook and the response was pretty lame! It could be a great service, if they just improved the EPG!

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