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Thanks to AndrewM for the link to this interesting article, discussing in detail how the red button service on Freesat was developed, and also briefly mentioning the upcoming launch of “Freesat Radio, due to launch in the coming weeks, to give our digital radio stations a pretty face.”

2 thoughts on “Interesting BBCi Article”

  1. An extremely interesting article.

    I remain disappointed, however, that the BBC’s interactive ‘digital teletext’ service (whether via Sky’s Open TV method, or via the Freeview/Freesat MHEG method) lacks the breadth of content found on Ceefax (on the BBC analogue channels). It may well look prettier and be more easily navigable (especially the new Freesat version), but if it has reduced content, then to me it’s inferior.

    If the the full content of Ceefax cannot be duplicated on BBC digital channels, then why not make clunky old fashioned teletext available in addition to the MHEG interactive services? (Incidentally, BBC World News has good old fashioned teletext – albeit with a very limited number of pages – so it can be done).

    Having got my grumble out of the way, I still think this is a good article, and I’m pleased to see that work is ongoing to improve the MHEG services on Freesat.

  2. Reading articles like the one above always puts a big smile on my face, the level of competence, technical expertise and dedication is obvious.

    At least 90% of it was over my head but was clear enough to give some understanding and insight into the real nuts and bolts, great stuff.

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