ITV Announce ITV HD Simulcast Plans

ITV have today announced the planned launch of ITV1 HD, which is said to be in place by the end of the year when Freeview switch-over begins. The channel has also been confirmed as being available from the off on the Freesat platform, whilst no agreement is yet in place with Sky or Virgin Media.

ITV1 HD will run in a similar manner to how C4 HD currently is, with simulcast programmes and up to an expected 50% of peak-time programming in native HD by 2010, and 70% by 2014.

This channel is said to replace the current red button ITV HD service, although no definite date has been given for this. We’d like to think that our post helped make this decision, although we suspect it had been planned for some time. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Thanks Shane. Weird situation when you can get ITV-HD on every HD box except Freesat ones. It was supposed to be a Freesat exclusive channel but we all know that the only thing that was exclusive about it was the red button.

  2. Thanks Mark

    I have just tried it – and… works!!

    Upscaling is noticeable and overall picture is improvement on the SD Lunchtime news is almost worth watching. I will dip into this again later.


  3. Just to confirm are we saying the red button is now working an all ITV 1 programming for freesat boxes and providing an upscaled picture?

  4. No, the red button was active for the lunchtime news, then switched back to sd for local news. Wait and see if Dickenson is upscaled.

  5. Its working on my Humax. Just press the red button.(There is no prompt)
    The upscaling is pretty impressive. The live news was very impressive. ‘Dickson’s Real Deal’ on now and is as good or slightly better than BBC SD.

  6. The red button only seems to work now and again. I changed channel and can’t get back in.

  7. Nope.

    Reversion to SD now. Mind you, I don’t believe any amount of upscaling would offer an improvement to Dickinson!!!!

    Will hop on and off during the afternoon to see if there is any pattern emerging as to what and when they are switching the facility on and off.

  8. I just tried on my Humax HDR, and its not working

    I do hope corri and monday monday are upscaled now πŸ˜€

  9. As an update to my post at 44, just tried the new Panasonic on Channel 10510 (which on my machine is “Non-Freesat Channel 166”) and the ITV HD sound is loud and clear. However the picture is blocked by a blue bar saying “Data Channel”.

    Come on Panasonic, sort this out with an upgrade – it’s crazy. πŸ™

    I will try the red button later.

  10. To be fair, the whole reason ITV HD is “freesat exclusive” is because of this hidden channel thing. So we shouldn’t grumble too much πŸ˜€

  11. Derek – I got the same on my panny, but tuning to ITV 1 and hitting the red button took me to ITV HD with picture.

  12. Unfortunately it seems that ITV1 HD on Freesat might not be a done deal; official statement by ITV:

    We are currently looking at the options with regard to ITV’s HD service on Freesat.

  13. Watching “Golden Balls” on 10510, the upscaled version is much better than the sd version on 103 (watching on a Sony Bravia full 1080). Will skip Granada Tonight, (no Lucy I see, is she back down here in London for the weekend National News)? Waiting in anticipation for the 6:30 Evening News, Emmerdale and the EUFA Super cup!

  14. Last night’s HD broadcast had a new logo “ITV 1 HD”, so maybe things are moving in the right direction…

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