ITV HD Christmas Schedule Released

ITV HD Schedule

ITV HD have announced their Christmas programme schedule and must say that if you are in to your films and dramas, you are going to love the content on this festive season.

Films include the sixth Star Wars films, Return of the Jedi (if you work that way around, it’s the third to me!); also on is Gorillas in the Mist, The Nutty Professor, Love Actually, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason, Gladiator and so much more. There is also a Take That special allowing you to enjoy their sell-out ‘Circus’ tour from the past few months.

Settle in this Christmas with ITV HD, visit the full schedule of 48 programmes here.

BBC HD’s schedule for the next 9 days can be found here.

21 thoughts on “ITV HD Christmas Schedule Released”

  1. Well – not a bad offering and the movies are certainly more likely to attract an audience than other ITV typical fare, irrespective of definition.

    It is also good to see that they are stealing a march on others and getting their listings out earlier – perhaps to help underpin their longer term comitment to the platform.


  2. I can’t say I am overwhelmed. Most of the films have been on before or I have on DVD. Why so few dramas and documentaries? For original HD content the BBC is hard to beat.

  3. And what are they doing about their copying flag I wonder.

    Most of the BBC output allows copy once for personal use, but ITV often does not. What happens when we fill our hard drives? 🙂

  4. @ Kevin Ver1 I agree. The only thing that grabs me is ‘An Englishman in New York’, the sequel to ‘The Naked Civil Servant’. So little home produced stuff.

  5. Woof woof and the new DOG is great too (not).
    Will these all be in HD aand not just Upscaled. I thought the Freeview HD simulcast service was starting in December is Freesat not getting that then?

  6. That isn’t confirmation that it won’t be available, just that it is the situation at present and in the near future. The post in question is full of inaccurate information 🙁

  7. With reference to post 10 and 11.

    I have been watching satellite TV since Sky’s 16 channel analogue day’s and have stuck with it the pass 3 years only for the HD.

    With the way that ITV with its half hearty attempted at HD and CH4 HD deciding to be a Sky channel I am afraid to say that come next Easter that I will be buying a Freeview HD receiver and FreeSat with its shopping and slapper channels (plenty of capacity for these) will be history for me.

  8. hey just thought i’d chip in with my 2 cents. i’ve just moved to Oz from the uk in the last couple of weeks and it seems they have just started digital freeview. alot of the channels are on the epg but are not broadcasting yet or are broadcasting copies of sister stations. however they do have HD up and running. you get ONE HD which is pretty much a sports channel, 7HD, Abc HD (BBC HD equivalent) and SBS HD. My point is rather than flooding the airwaves with crap channels like itv 3, 4 and virgin 1, home, and all the shopping channels, they have decided to go for quality. a much better approach in my opinion.
    and rather than this long drawn out switch off, they’ve been told we’re digital now, get yourself a box its going off in a year. none of this namby pamby 10 year switch over nonesense.
    the quality of shows on these channels is for a different thread, however!!!!!

  9. @12 admin
    Can’t see anything changing regarding ITV-HD standalone or CH4 HD coming to Freesat until 2012 at the earliest when new birds are launched providing more narrow beam capacity unless Sky can be persuaded to move their encrypted channels on 2D elsewhere.

  10. @Tony Hales: If the BBC could find space on some of their other transponders for just two regional variations of BBC One (Cambridge and Channel Islands) then they could change the transponder to DVB-S2 and have space for BBC HD, ITV HD and C4 HD (and maybe even Five HD when it launches?), without having to wait for any additional satellites to launch or do a deal with Sky.

  11. @AndrewM the first

    Yes I know it’s really frustrating but can all Freesat HD boxes deal with DVB-S2 and where could they find the space from unless something gives?
    The BBC Trust is asking people in Scotland if they would like to see BBC Alba on Freeview at the expense of the BBC radio stations which would still be available on DAB,Freesat etc so they couldn’t drop the radio stations.The only way I can see to do it is by amalgamating some of the regions or by creating a channel just for regional opt out programming as I have suggested before.

  12. Worst ITV Christmas schedule I’ve seen for years!!!!

    River monsters is on currently and thus repeated at Christmas in 3 weeks!

    The entire Star Wars film collection is also being shown now on Saturdays (so who wants them again in 3 weeks time!).

    Gorillas in the Mist, The Nutty Professor, Love Actually, Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason, Gladiator all old films that have been totally flogged to death..

    …and how many Nutty Professor sequqels do we need (from memory I think there are 3 Nutty Professor films on).

    As for a Take That special, I dare say this will make some happy but it very much depends on you liking Take That.

    The only film I can see that might make anyone happy is Gladiator simply because it was a blockbuster albeit an old one. The others are just old minority interest films.

  13. I’ve enjoyed all these old films in SD already. Can’t see any reason to splash out on an HD upgrade just to see them all again. And Take That are not to my taste. What a waste of an impressive technology.

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