ITV HD Latest Schedule

ITV HD TV Schedule

Just a quick mention for our ITV HD Schedule page, which provides up to date listings on all programmes available in high-definition on ITV HD’s red button service. The latest schedule includes:

Wednesday 5th August 2009 (7.30pm) Grimefighters (documentary)
Thursday 6th August 2009 (9.00pm) The Bill
Friday 7th August 2009 (10.35pm) The Bill (repeat)
Friday 7th August 2009 (11.35pm) Ned Kelly (film)
Saturday 8th August 2009 (11.35pm) Blue Crush
Tuesday 11th August 2009 (7.30pm) Grimefighters
Thursday 13th August 2009 (9.00pm) The Bill
Friday 14th August 2009 (10.35pm) The Bill (repeat)
Saturday 15th August 2009 (3.40pm) The Scorpion King (film)
Saturday 15th August 2009 (6.50pm) King Kong (film)
Tuesday 18th August 2009 (7.30pm) Grimefighters
Wednesday 19th August 2009 (7.30pm) Champions League (tbc)
Thursday 20th August 2009 (9.00pm) The Bill
Friday 21st August 2009 (10.35pm) The Bill (repeat)
Friday 21st August 2009 (11.35pm) Family Plot (film)

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19 thoughts on “ITV HD Latest Schedule”

  1. wow so if you don’t watch the bill this line up is pretty lame , im still sitting on the fence to buy a freesat receiver and news like this keeps me there ?

  2. I think as sets get updated and cameras replaced we will see more and more programs offered in HD, after all ITV need to film in HD to sell their programs abroad and if they want to produce blue rays. ITV & the BBC have already expanded their HD offering, it can only get better over time.

  3. Lee B – that may be true, but for now the ITV HD schedule is absolute pants and a complete waste of a satellite channel.

  4. @ Al Catraz, remember it’s not a satellite channel just a red button service currently. Also with ITV in financial problems I just don’t think we can expect much more until the freeview service launches and advertising revenues increase.

  5. Any technical “wizz” out there? During Grimefighters (in HD) I had a quick look on the non-Freesat channels on the new Panasonic, wondering if I would find ITV HD active, but no luck – however I ran out of time on the scan. Can you actually see it other than via Red Button?

    By the way, the new Panasonic is MUCH easier to switch between Freesat and non-Freesat channels than my much loved Humax. For example, nice easy display of the BBC satellite red button streams (without using the red button) and easy to switch to Sky News. Including radio and encrypted channels the scan found 1149 channels. No, I haven’t looked at them all yet 🙂

  6. Looking at today’s financial results for ITV I’d be surprised to see any improvement in their HD offering in the medium term. We can only hope the recession lifts soon & advertisers are persuaded to spend money with them again.

    It does gaul me that Sky can charge a sub & also get advertising revenue at the expense of ITV who don’t even get a sniff of the licence fee.

  7. Lee B – I’m no expert, but I think it is a proper channel because those $ky users with their new epg can tune into it. As Jason says, it’s broadcasting just the ITVHD logo most of the time.

  8. It’s advertised as a red button service and can only be accessed by freesat receivers as a red button service, but call it what you will.

  9. Derek (6). as $ky users can now manually tune into it I don’t see why you can’t do it on your panny (I have one too, but haven’t tried it myself). Search “ITVHD on Sky” and you’ll see several guidelines including frequency, etc.

    According to one of the sites, it’s on:

    Frequency (GHz): 11.427
    Polarisation: H
    Symbol Rate (Mbaud): 27.5
    FEC: 2/3

    but I don’t know what all those mean! 😉 The channel label is “10510”

    I may even give it a go myself later… not that there’ll be anything much to watch 😉

  10. Tried to watch Grimefighters in ITV HD last night but the lip sync was out with the picture – but ok in normal viewing. Did anyone else have this problem?
    I’ve got a Humax PVR so know thats ok. Think ITV HD is really lame at the moment!

  11. Yes i had the lip sync promblem as well on my humax box on hd . I tried the lip sync opition in the menu with no luck.

  12. I would imagine that with the bad financial news from ITV they will struggle to provide the existing service let alone expand services. I think we just have to be content with what they are doing at present and give up on asking for an improvement.

  13. @Brian

    Sadly yes, as it was accessible via manual tune on a Sky HD box; so this is a simple case of ITV ruining the option by not enabling the red button!

  14. Can’t understand why x factor will not be in HD after all this year as the production facilities are 100% HD equipped etc. Maybe the live shows anyway in time for the launch of freeview HD on Dec 2nd

  15. Sat down to watch the Constant Gardener on ITV HD last week, but the
    logo is so annoyingly bright it totaly spoilt the film and i had to turn back
    to standard def. Can the logo be turned off, or dimmed. how anyone can
    think it’s acceptable is beyond me. The BBC HD logo is much better.
    Why is a logo required, when it is already displayed on the box

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