ITV HD Programme Schedule Increased

It would appear from looking at the next 2 weeks listings that ITV have dramatically increased the number of programmes on their high-definition service, available to all Freesat HD owners via the red button.

With approx. 26 hours of HD in the next 2 weeks; it is still a long way off the BBC’s standard 9 hours per day, but it is a noticeable difference we thought was worth a mention, so make sure you get your fill of HD over the next few weeks!

Have the look at the latest schedule for ITV HD

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  1. Just wanted to confirm ITV HD is available as a seperate channel on all Fortec HD boxes. Additionally the EPG along with new GUI is available simply contact me for the update.

    Additionally all of current HD receivers record to external hard disk in HD which is a nice added bonus if the ITV HD programming does meet your schedule.


  2. No problem just noticing a few urban myths and would prefer the entire information be available. We are very supportive of the freesat initiative.


  3. Welcome news and very, very overdue. It seems as if [I hope] that the powers that be at ITV Towers are finally listening to the discontent of the viewing public and are “starting” to really give us what we want. Not everyone out here likes, watches or wants to watch sport [football mainly] whether it is in SD or HD. So, seeing so much of recent ITV content in HD to appear to sport based has been a missed opportunity.

    As for Arnie movies – that is a real improvement on SPORT! [In my humble opinion – which means I will push the red button and not turn over]

    ITV – good move. Just make sure this is a step and not a sop to recent poor press.


  4. I noticed this development myself recently and will re-iterate my point made on the ITV schedule page – WELL DONE ITV (credit where its due). Cant remember watching the red button other than champions league for many many weeks so to see this improvement is very welcome.

    I think the ITV have made a positive step here. It simply isnt the right economic world to expect ITV to suddenly start turning out a mass of self made drama / programming in HD so the move to show us movies in HD is a sensible bet and too be honest one I applaud.

    Lets think about it Freesatters – we have BBC HD turning out high quality documentary, some drama and comedy in HD whilst ITV are knocking out the sport and movies. Between them we have a full HD channel and long may this continue.

    ITV show alot of movies across their channels so if we start to see nightly HD flicks I dont think we can say fairer for the time being (to be honest cant think of any other ITV show I would watch simply becuase its in HD anyway !!)

  5. At last some good Freesat news, well done ITV I’m sure this is very much appreciated by all freesat viewers, though i’m rather worried about the recent news that most of the ITV channels maybe going subscription only….strange as ITV is one of the companies behind Freesat. Maybe ITV can make the channels subscription only on Sky and free on freeview a bit like Virgin 1 is.

  6. I must be looking at a different ITV- HD schedule if you call a film on Thursday then nothing till Saturday ‘dramatically increased’
    It’s slightly increased at most.

  7. I guess you can’t please everyone all the time, but a film each week day except Friday and 2 films Sat and Sunday is much better than before in my book. You have to admit it’s moving in the right direction.

  8. Yes, but i am hoping that bbc HD bring topgear to their channel this year, and Hustle again and Spooks!

    Anyone know if top gear will be broadcasted on bbc hd?

  9. I am looking forward to a full ITV-HD schedule at peak times. In the meantime I am grateful for the increase and for the films in HD which BBC HD does not show.

  10. Totaly agree with you Paul.

    Whats the difference between European football and English football.

    They play with passion and play to win. English football is all about money.

  11. Nothing is free in this life. Are we going to pay for this extra HD content by losing ITV2, 3 & 4 SD (and all their +1s) to $ky subscription services? Is football the only HD content of interest?

  12. It’s a pity you can’t say the same about English ITV and Scottish ITV.

    English include HD transmissions and Scotland don’t.

    Money? Passion?

  13. Congratulations to ITV in putting out some of the new content.

    The programmes on Tornadoes was one of the best for picture quality I’ve seen for a long time. Its wasn’t perfect, some scenes were “soft”, I suspect production failings here, however most others were razor sharp and extremely detailed. In fact up to BBC HD Natural History standard in many scenes.

    All we need now is for ITV to get some consistency in the picture both between programmes and within programmes and for them to also sort the programme markers out.

    Specifically on the programme markers what we need is:

    1. Correct marking of programmes in the EPG ie.

    a) making HD available when its supposed to be

    b) ensuring both halves of a split programme are HD or

    c) upscaling content that splits programmes into HD so problems don’t occur with a NO HD Available banner when the programme goes onto eg the news.

    2. Better marking of HD for start / finish of the programme and News Breaks etc.

    – currently the markers often cut off the beginning and end of a programme and often finish / restart the programme before its finished or after its started where there’s eg a news break involved meaning you lose the end part of the 1st half and the start of the 2nd half.

    Why can’t it be programmed to switch to SD once the break has started or back to HD just before the break has finished? Alternatively, just show the programme in the break in upscaled SD at high quality and remove the markers altogether, problem solved.

    I’d rather have 1 programme with the news recorded in the middle than 2 half recordings anyway even with correct markers.

    You can easily jump the news using fast forward or chapter jump if chapter markers are placed beginning and end of the break but having a split recording means watching 2 separate files and having 2 separate files on your drive, far less convenient.

  14. They say that Eastenders will be in HD, but the producer’s says that Set will need to be updated, the fact being its to old, and they need a new set all together.

  15. I give up with this red button service from ITV HD, as programs I set to record just do not happen. I set my recorder to record Terminator 2 on Friday, and again it has not recorded. I am very disappointed with this FreeSat service, or is this a fault with the Humax PVR???????

  16. Cont.
    I have been told:
    The recent channel additions (scan) wipes out the ITV HD timers from the schedule list (it’s a bug) so you will have to re-schedule them again…
    Is this true? does anyone else have this problem with ITV HD recordings???

  17. My Humax box did a scan when I turned it on but no channels were added or removed. Is that normal? The box was powered down from the previous day as I do not leave anything on standby.

  18. Just wondering what the need is for you to provide ITV HD listings. It’s not a separate channel. The programmes are as per the ITV schedule. Hence why no other magazine feels the need to list them. If you want to watch something on ITV and it’s in HD, then your Freesat box will tell you.

    Or maybe people just decide they want to watch something in HD tonight?

  19. As mentioned above there are many factors in moving existing SD programming to HD its not just a case of picking up an HD camera to make your programme!! for example investment in new sets, alterations to lighting, make up, and editing all these have to be taken into consideration by programme makers, its much easier when commissioning a new programme in HD than to switch to making existing programming currently in SD to HD.

  20. Anyone having any problems with ITV HD, the prompt for the reb button isn’t showing up on my Humax for todays movies. Done a full factory reset and still no joy!

  21. I have been enjoying ITV HD ever since I fitted my Humax HDR receiver, but last night whilst watching ITV HD on the red button, my screen went black, a caption came up stating this channel is scrambled. Now I just get a black screen when I try to get ITV HD. Red button works ok, but no reception. Has something happened? Thanks

  22. Tuned into ‘Superhuman’ and it took five minutes for the red button prompt to come up. Later it came up instantly.

  23. nice if you re tune the box to ITV london, you dont get ** all from STV in scotland, no ITV HD up here.

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