ITV Player Beta Code Released

ITV has had its on-demand player in beta testing for some time now, but opened up the testing to a wider ‘closed’ audience just before Christmas, to gain valuable feedback from varying satellite dish / broadband setups.

The ITV Player is presently working on Humax Freesat receivers with an enabled broadband connection. The code for accessing the beta test has been leaked should you want to give it a go:

· Go to Freesat Information Channel 999.

· Enter the following sequence of colour keys on your remote:


· On being presented with the ITV Player launch page, press the red button to start:

· On the home page, use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Press either OK or the right arrow key to access the selected menu item.

· Use the arrow keys to navigate the required programme. Press either OK to view the content or the right arrow key to access more episodes where available. Use the yellow button for more programme information or the blue button for Help & Terms.

· Use the Back button to navigate back through the service or the Exit button to completely exit the service.

(thanks to JA for the info)

Please note this code is not official so may be changed, but if you maybe give it a go and report your testing and feedback in our comments section below, they may keep it going.

We don’t know at this stage when the official release will take place.

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  1. My Panasonic DMR BS780 Freesat BR Recorder delivers PERFECT BBC iplayer and using BBGBB on channel 999 also delivers ITV player beta in reasonable picture quality. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I have just tried it on my Humax Foxsat HD and as Triode says I get the message “unable to locate the content”.

    Perhaps it will get better as they finish testing and they launhc a dedicated channel at 902

  3. Just found out about itv player beta on Freesat – works fine on my box and tv – Menu better than BBC – and quicker response

  4. Found the player and interface but every time I select a programme it won’t start, despite having an wired 8 Mb internet connection which works fine with the BBC iplayer. Is this because I am in the Channel Islands and there is some restriction in this beta version?

  5. just watched case sensitive and picture froze once also after each ad break the programe went back appox 5 mins if you tried to forward it you had to make the start point 5 later than you wanted to watch to view it at the correct point very fustrating.

  6. Picture quality is good. Interface good, user friendly. Notwithstanding the obligatory ads, the endless increasing repeating of sequences before the breaks is irritating beyond believe.

  7. works great on my sony tv with built in freesat only broblem is name of program and please wait stays onscren bit of a pain

  8. Tried it on Humax hd box. Took 3 attempts to get the password to work. Loading of most popular fast, picture quality on 40″ Samsung was poor. Lots of pixilation on BGTalent. Tried to view ITV1 but got stuck on the loading page. Await high quality option in the HD world

  9. Tried today, works fine with Humax HD box (via homeplug adapters). A little slow loading compared to iPlayer and picture quality is SD at best but hey it is still in beta! Look forward to full release with HD soon….

  10. Just tried the code on my Goodmans freesat box but all I got was the message `this service is not currently available for this device (10002)`. Was worth a try though.

  11. Tried today on my Humax HDR worked well using home plugs will be good to get it on a dedicated channel

  12. Just tried the GGBGG code(Freesat ch999) on my Panasonic DMR BS850 BlueRay player/recorder(16mths old) – takes its time to load but eventually plays with a reduced picture quality compared to the BBCi player. Thanks for the tip.

    P.S. I also own a Panasonic PZ81B plasma TV, disappointed that Panasonic seem reluctant to upgrade the firmware to embrace the advantages of iplayers via the internet/freesat, seems to be a waste to have all the suitable but now redundant ports in the TV!!

  13. Just managed to access on my sagem hd box! Looks very tidy for a beta 🙂 now to try playing a programme….

  14. Humax Foxsat HDR set. Tried GGBGG then R, after loading screen came up with these words.
    The service was unable to locate content.
    Press BACK to return.
    Press EXIT to restart.

    Both option go back to the home page ( 999 ).

  15. According to a reliable source at Freesat they reckon around 6-8 weeks before official release and other goodies to come this side of Christmas.

  16. Just tried it for first time to catch up on last weeks Law and Order UK. worked perfectly on my humax HDR, picture quality not as good as iplayer and no hd option, but hopefully that will come with full launch, come ITV, this has been testing for seven months now.

  17. Tried the GGBGG code on Channel 999 on my Panasonic DMR-XS350 last week and ITV Player worked fine. This week I just get a message that ITV Player is not currently supported on my Freesat receiver. Very frustrating!

  18. Not the best system!!
    first choice had “a video problem” which persisted over several attempts
    second choice was ruined by the insertion of adverts. I accept that being ITV adverts are required—but it chops lumps out of the progamme equal in length to the advert inserted!!!! suffice to say this ruins the programme
    I will continue to check it out but to comment on the problems that arise–watching a programme is very frustrating.

  19. Tried this on my shiny new GT30B 42″ Panasonic FreeSat capable plasma… no support 🙁 It certainly does appear from reading some of the other threads on here that Panasonic UK are lagging behind their European and American counterparts on keeping their sets updated to meet customer demands.

  20. have humax freesat HD reciever,tried the button code on page
    999 to no avail.
    living in the west coast of scotland ( STV area )

  21. Panasonic have confirmed that they are no longer developing ITV Player. So Pannie owners better buy a Humax box.

  22. When did Panny say they are not supporting ITV Player? Are there any link to the “official” word on this?

  23. dave said:
    anyone having trouble with the bush hd box?

    Got rid of mine, had so much trouble with it. Bought a Humax, for obvious reasons.

  24. Bought new Foxsat 1TB, found ITV player on channel 903. No codes required.

    Not as good as iplayer in terms of content or quality, but its there and it works.

    Now all we need is 4OD and Demand 5 (don’t care about youtube!)

  25. drichard said:
    Bought new Foxsat 1TB, found ITV player on channel 903. No codes required.

    Not as good as iplayer in terms of content or quality, but its there and it works.

    Now all we need is 4OD and Demand 5 (don’t care about youtube!)

    The original post was from Jan 2011, so ages out of date which is why a code is no longer required 😉

  26. Does anyone know why viewers in Scotland do not get the ITV service?

    I’m 100% sure we pay the same licence fee and watch the same amount of adverts. What’s the deal Freesat?

  27. gregor stewart said:
    Does anyone know why viewers in Scotland do not get the ITV service?

    I’m 100% sure we pay the same licence fee and watch the same amount of adverts. What’s the deal Freesat?

    Your license fee doesn’t pay for ITV services, hense the endless adverts. It is due to contractual issues between ITV and STV. You could always use a English postcode, or the Dundee postcode trick still probably works to give you the best of both worlds.

  28. Strange – on my new Humax Foxsat HDR (which seems to be at Software release 17) Channel 903 (after a long wait) gives the message
    The service is not currently available.
    Please try again later.
    But the Green Green Blue Green Green method on the Freesat Information Channel works just fine.

  29. I was watching ITVplayer through my Humax box but after the first advert interval it says that there is a problem and it can´t continue. The error code is 50070.
    Any ideas whats up please?

  30. Frustated that ITV iPlayer was still not available on Viera Connect on my PanasonicTX-L37DT30B, I came across the information about this BETA option froman internet search. Tried it and it worked first time with the instruction given. Picture & sound acceptable not perfect but great for viewing programmes I forgot to record on my HD Recorder. Look forward to it becoming a permanent service pending (I hope) Panasonic adding it to Viera Connect.

  31. I’ve just used 999 green green blue green green on my foxsat HDR and it works well, where the actual channel does not.

    Curious to know if page 999 can be used for any other clour codes. Maybe on demand for channels 4 and 5?

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