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Aug 19 2010

ITV have confirmed plans to launch their on-demand ITV Player service on Freesat this Autumn.

The player, which allows you to catch up on ITV programmes, will be rolled out across all Freesat HD receivers via a software update; though it is expected that a beta test will take place on select brands first to ensure reliability.

ITV Player, which is funded by advertising revenue will also be made available on the Sony Playstation 3 by the end of the year, to sit along side the already available BBC iPlayer.

117 Responses to “ITV Player Confirmed For Autumn Launch”

  1. Galvatron Says:

    Great news! I just bought a network switch to enable me to get iPlayer, so this is good timing for me.


  2. Chris Says:

    Autumn in which year……………… Autumn 2011……..Autumn 2012

    Hope it’s not like the wait for the i player…………….us Panasonic users are still waiting!!!!


  3. Paul Says:

    Again, good news and perhaps somewhat overdue. Now all ITV have to do is improve on some of their programme quality. At least having the Player will mean that we sift out the dross and go for the ones worth watching.



  4. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    Great news, but can’t see me using it. Since I have no idea, when I last watched anything on ITV.


  5. Richard Says:

    Seeing as I’m still waiting for my Panasonic TV to get BBC iPlayer, I’m not holding my breath as surely roll out will also be dependent on Panasonic’s co-operation….


  6. Richard Crichton Says:

    As long as they have the films on there its good news.


  7. Tony Hales Says:

    Does that mean the end of the red button HD service or will they use another colour of button?


  8. Brian P Says:

    Alright for some. If only I could get reasonable broadband speeds through my local exchange! Oh well, dream on.


  9. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Tony, Red Buttons is gone… you have an itv hd Channel, or there was last time I looked. Hardly ever watch it in summer..
    Chris :)


  10. Tony Hales Says:

    @9 Chris
    The red button HD service still works with ITV London 977 and most other ITV regions.
    Not everyone in Scotland wants to use a borders postcode to get ITV HD channel.
    That’s why I asked the question.


  11. Lee B Says:

    More good news for freesat….. just need C4HD next


  12. Francis Says:

    I am just wondering if that is to soften the blow from ITV and give us this as piece offering after what they did.!!?? gi


  13. Lee B Says:


    At least ITV have a free HD channel on freesat, that’s more than many of the other channels. If sky are offering large sums of money to buy up HD channels I can’t blame ITV for wanting a piece of the pie, everyone else seems to have had a slice.


  14. Tony Hales Says:

    Freesat is 50% owned by ITV so it would be a bit strange if they didn’t.
    I think a lot of the so called “HD” channels on sly are really upscaled SD channels.
    Agree about getting money from sly to subsidise more HD on ITV1. The dirty digger pays and we benefit.


  15. Tony Says:

    Does every new topic have to end up about HD channels or lack of them?

    Itv i-player will definately be a plus to most ,
    Richard said on post 5 , some of us are still waiting for the BBC i-player on out Panasonics tv’s I second that , all wired up and nothing to watch yet…..

    Come on Panny men get your finger out !


  16. gingercol Says:

    Remember the output will be the same as iplayer (sd) which is not good on a 40in tv. I get iplayer through my humax and ps3 and there is no difference in quality between the two.I would rather have more hd channels and no iplayers BBC or ITV.


  17. Graham Hall Says:

    Catch up programmes on the ITV player? Watching their programmes first time round is bad enough!!


  18. Jon Says:

    If Panasonic had any marketing savvy they would release BBC iplayer update and ITV Player initial release simultaneously to perhaps get up to or even ahead of the competition in this function.
    It also might placate those who have had such a long wait!


  19. Jon Says:

    This is fantastic news. Have Channel 4 or Five been asked if they want to put there on demand software on Freesat?


  20. Robert Hill Says:

    could someone tell panasonic about itv player, as they ignored a large number of loyal panasonic customers why buy their products with the non updated bbc iplayer,panasonic are a quality based company but lack the skills in keeping customers happy.i have a panasonic plasma 42 inch which is great but when you see other manufacturers doing a great job on other things on their products like updating software, i have to think again, come on panasonic show some leadership in the technical department.


  21. Simon Says:

    Hmm not too excited by this watch BBC iPlayer, but realised I don’t watch anything on ITV, now if 4OD came on to Freesat that would be worth celebrating ahh the Inbetweeners and IT Crowd on demand anytime……


  22. monkeymaniac Says:

    And whats on Itv, oh yes, football, football, bloody football, soaps, soaps, soaps, come dancing and so on. Do not watch ITV much, only when Doc Martin returns for a new series and thats as good it gets or maybe ITV will supprise us when we get the iplayer, we can only hope.


  23. Brian Lincoln Says:

    @ Robert Hill. I got fed up waiting for Panasonic … went out and bought a Technisat HDFS … best tuner ever! Wonder if I’ll get ITV Player on the Technisat before the Panasonic ???


  24. Shawny Says:

    Autumn 2010 ? – Seeing as I’m still waiting for my LG LF7700 TV to get BBC iPlayer, I’m guessing it’ll receive ITV Player in the New Year.


  25. Jill Says:

    For those still waiting for BBC iplayer. I wonder which will come first ?
    BBC iPlayer or ITV Player !


  26. philip clark Says:

    yes i am with gingercol qv


  27. Tony Says:

    With a bit of luck we panasonic people are hoping they appear together ! Let’s hope The Panasonic Customer Service & Technical Team are reading this thread…..
    Your products arn’t cheap , yes they are fantastic but we do need the update badly….


  28. Jerry Says:

    Ah, but will ITV also use Geo-IP technology to identify and exclude users outside the UK? Even though, like me, they still pay a TV Licence fee.


  29. David Says:

    I think BBC iplayer is great, looking forward to any other iplayer, it means less space taken up on the hard drive on my PVR, I can record more things I really want to watch :-)


  30. Alan Says:

    @ Jerry – what has the TV licence fee got to do with ITV?


  31. Richard Crichton Says:

    @22 there are plenty of films in HD on ITV which is more than can be said of the BBC HD channel. Some of the James Bond movies aren’t even out on region B Blu-ray yet. Anyone watch the restored HD version of Physco that was on during the night recently or The Grudge 2. There are lots of rubbish shows on ITV to be sure and some hidden jems tucked away that should not be missed


  32. Tony Hales Says:

    @29 David
    I might have to buy another hard drive if ITV keep on with their HD Films :-)

    @23 Brian
    You have great taste in boxes.

    @28 Gerry I think the geo-ip thing is more to do with rights issues than the licence fee. ITV does not get any licence fee money. BTW have you tried using a UK based proxy server to get iPlayer?


  33. Dan Says:

    Sweet better late then never!!!

    At least its some good news!!

    4od n 5catchup or would be sweet next


  34. Richard Crichton Says:

    Some recent Sony Blu-ray players have Five OD and Lovefilm (no it’s not porn).
    Freesat could have the same in fact a little bird told me that Freesat and Lovefilm are engaged in talks to bring an on demand film service to Freesat. Stress that they are only talks at present.


  35. barrie Says:

    For those of us who subscribe to LoveFilm then this is good news! I really like BBC Iplayer, I can’t remember the number of times I miss the start of a new series, so this is good to catch up.
    All this and I don’t have to pay a monthly fee!
    And kudos to iTV for their football coverage last night, two European games although I thought the Lpool game in HD had a yellow tinge!


  36. David Says:

    @32 Tony

    I know the feeling !! :-)


  37. Robert Hill Says:

    hi all, phoned panasonic tech support ,the official line is until the beta testing is in place panasonic will not touch it with a barge its down to bbc and freesat to offically launch the player i asked about the itv player and was told they are not aware of any launch thats it then doomed.


  38. Daviduk Says:

    Can you get BBCi player on the Grundig GUFSDTR500HD. Is this Freesat Receiver Recorder as good as the Grundig write-up. Costco have on offer at £199.74 at the moment. Any news on Panasonic and BBCi player


  39. Robert Hill Says:

    i’m back again, phoned bbc about the official launch of the still having problems, so the iplayer remains in beta testing mode,so until the bugs are fixed we should all buy the wii console at least thats got wifi connection.i blame the bbc rushing out something that hasen’t been proved.sack the head of bbc let someone who knows what he is doing.check bbc website for iplayer of official launch date then we can expect a software update from panasonic.i hope this helps.


  40. kyle Says:

    really dissapointed with panasonic 2009 and 2008 models on the delay for the BBC iplayer, think they’re now the only ones left without it.

    missing the on-demand TV it was one of the reasons we purchased a freesat tv and it’s now nearly a whole month late.

    pleased to hear about the itv player though, great news. now just need 4od and in my opinion some of the best shows are on 4 😀


  41. Neil Says:

    Who told you this within the BBC? Someone at a call centre or an internal contact??

    A recent comment from a Panasonic rep to What HiFi mag went along the lines of them being in “final testing”, that was in early August so suspect it shouldn’t be far off now.

    I find it strange how another software update is neccesary to add ITV Player once BBC iPlayer is available on said devices. Surely once the MHEG app is tweaked to work for BBC iPlayer I was under the impression that adding other users on demand streams (ITV in this case) would be much quicker to roll-out?


  42. Richard Crichton Says:

    @37 That dosen’t really ring true. Viera TVs made this year already have iPlayer support. I think tech support is telling you porkies.


  43. Robert Hill Says:

    @42 try and phone panasonic yourself newer tv’s might have the bbc iplayer but you forget the bbc iplayer has been out for a couple of years now and older tv’s arent supported with the update.if the panasonic tech support did tell me porkies,something is going wrong as panasonic keep pushing back the intended software download. i hope i’m wrong because i have a 42 inch plasma with freesat g10 series and would like the bbc iplayer myself.


  44. GaseousClay Says:

    @Robert Hill
    <quote- but you forget the bbc iplayer has been out for a couple of years now <quote

    It's not even been available to freesat units for 3/4 of a year yet.


  45. Robert Hill Says:

    @44 that might be correct yet other tv producers like sony,goodmans have the bbc iplayer on all their tv sets unlike panasonic which championed freesat have still to deliver the goods to their older tv sets.a bit of a lag behind i think when as i said before the bbc iplayer has been around sometime now.


  46. Richard Crichton Says:

    @43 you said they said Panasonic would not touch iPlayer while it was still in beta yet some of their TV’s already support it so what you were told was untrue.


  47. Robert Hill Says:

    @46 i think when i said panasonic tv’s in my last response it was the older sets that they had trouble with, until panasonic gives a definite answer on their uk website i think everybody with a older tv’s like mine g10 series should resign themselves that panasonic are doing a crap job of letting people know of the true reasons why the update keeps on being pushed back, even though the newer panasonic freesat tv’s have the bbc iplayer why didn’t panasonic start testing at the early stages of bbc iplayer readily available for panasonic to do testing on the older tv’.the real reason i presume panasonic want us the public to buy their newer models instead.its up to us to keep putting pressure on panasonic to update our older freesat models this might be the case of the matter.


  48. MikeA Says:

    What hope is there for ITV Player on the 2009 Panasonics if it should require even a line firmware/software code altering?????

    Like many of the others above I too have a Panasonic G10 series from 2009 and also like them I feel very disappointed and fed up with the support and treatment we are receiving from Panasonic. I wish someone at Panasonic would make a full and frank response, I think they owe us one.


  49. Robert Hill Says:

    @48 cheers for backing me up on this issue,i phoned panasonic on the 1st of august and they didn’t even tell freesat know they had pushed the update back it was only when i phoned freesat up afterwards that they put the message of panasonic still testing the download. what a load of rubbish from panasonic.i really thought i was buying the best in tv’s


  50. MikeA Says:

    @49 Robert That’s ok and I do so agree with you. What about Join Freesat again contacting Panasonic on the behalf of us all for a full, frank and updated statement about the upgrade release programme? And maybe even a firm date that doesn’t depend on excuses like beta pragrammes ending etc..etc!!


  51. Robert Hill Says:

    @50 many thanks i emailed join freesat and this was the reply Hi Robert, we have already contacted them and are awaiting responses before we can publish any new information. Hopefully it will be soon. i say whats wrong in them telephoning them i did and i got some bad news from panny maybe if join freesat phoned up maybe they can confirm what they said to me on friday 20th of august read post 37.


  52. Neil Says:

    I’ll ring them in the morning and see what they come up with!


  53. Dan Says:

    Although i am pleased we are getting ITV player i also feel we have the booby prize we get ITV player and Sky get 3 new HD channels (ITV 2/3+4 HD) It hardly seems fair when ITV and BBC are the founders of freesat and were left in the dark


  54. Alan Says:

    @53 – Dan – ITV need to make money and getting that from advertising is getting harder to do. So going through Sky they will get more cash – it is purely business.


  55. Neil Says:

    Ok, just spoken to Panasonic’s UK contact centre (08448443852) regarding iPlayer. The agent was quite helpful and put me on hold whilst liaising with other people. She told me that the G10/G15 software update to enable iPlayer functionality was due last week but pulled due to it causing some receivers to hang, so presumably it’s been tested to a closed user group? She told me that the revised update should hopefully be available for download this week so lets wait and see if we get an over-air software update.

    I also asked regarding the PVR/BluRay Recorders BS750/850 and she told me the iPlayer update for this was also expected around the same time.

    Take this all with a pinch of salt as the information may not be 100% accurate but the call agent did seem pretty knowledgeable of the iPlayer and Freesat range of products it would be available on.


  56. Richard Crichton Says:

    @53 Dan
    Where are all the HD programs to fill ITV HD 2,3 and 4 going to come from and how much is it going to cost ITV? There is no such thing as ITV HD 2,3 and 4.They have just been invented out of thin air so that Sky can claim they have them and ITV can get some dosh from Sky.
    ITV cannot even fill one channel with native HD as most of the stuff on the ITV1 so called HD channel is upscaled SD.
    The whole HD thing is a marketing tool, in my opinion, designed to get more money from people who believe eveything that they are told by Sky.


  57. MikeA Says:

    @55 Thanks very much Neil for that update. It is very pleasing to hear so let all those interested in this keep their fingers crossed for a successful test followed by the download coming available from Panasonic later this week!!!


  58. Brian Damage Says:

    @56 ITV 3 & 4 show a lot of old TV dramas, many of of which were shot on film. They won’t need to upsacle these – they are already HD quality.

    As for ITV 2, even that will benefit from being upscaled and broadcast in a higher bit rate.

    Commercial matters aside, I agree with Dan – we’re being short changed on this one, and ultimately I think it’s the wrong move:

    It’s hard to see how Freesat is going to acquire a large audience, and generate advertising revenue, if there’s no incentive for people to watch it.

    As soon as Freeview HD is more widely available, Freesat will lose it’s unique selling point: free HD.

    All that will be left then is it’s coverage of the areas that Freeview still can’t reach, and whilst that is obviously an important service I don’t believe it’s enough to encourage future expansion of Freesat and additional channels.

    But I guess that’s why they are considering introducing Pay TV on Freesat, though how that will work with our current hardware is another matter.


  59. Neil Says:

    @58 – Don’t automatically think everyone with Sky who churn (annualised at just under 10% and close to 1m) suddenly will go out and buy Freeview STB’s. There’s more overall channel choice on Freesat and with people being used to Sky’s line-up Freesat sales will come from this group, this has clearly already been shown by the research of 40% take up from ex-Sky homes. People don’t neccesarily care if it’s from an aerial or a dish, it’s the content that matters and overall Freesat has a wider channel selection than Freeview. 4HD and Fiver/FiveUS will all appear at some point I’m sure.

    Getting back to the point of this thread and lets hope Panasonic get this sorted this or next week for us G10/G15 users. I’d like to think that what I was told this morning is gospel but I’m not holding my breath just yet and will believe it when the software download arrives! I’ll speak to them again next week if it’s still not appeared.

    Perhaps someone else might like to speak to them and post the results.


  60. Tony Says:

    @ panasonic owners…
    I have a PANASONIC TX-P50G20B model and yesterday was on the phone to them about the i player update , unfortunately the person I spoke to could not give me a time scale to when it would be ready. The best that they said was it will be “coming soon”. Let’s hope soon means soon and not “later”
    I’m all wired up & ready to go but it is getting rather frustrating….Looks like were all in the same boat.. It looks even worse for the poor LG customers …
    Maybe we should of seen this coming !!! We all live in hope..


  61. swjoduk Says:

    Will this update include Sony Bravia Freesat tv’s?


  62. Spdrnat Says:


    Aren’t G20’s in the 2010 range? You should already be able to get BBC iPlayer if hooked up correctly.

    @61 Sony Freesat TV’s have been BBC iPlayer capable for a couple of months


  63. Tony Says:

    @62 Spdrnat
    I have also heard this mentioned before but always thought that it might not have been all the g20 models.
    I am begining to wonder if my cable (which runs under the carpet) has been damaged.. Is there an easy way of checking if the tv is getting any signal from the router?
    Any help would be appreciated..


  64. Richard Crichton Says:

    @63 Tony
    Press the red button on BBC1. Does it say BBC iPlayer coming soon?
    If it does you a not getting a signal from the router or your TV is not iPlayer ready.
    Also check if a light comes on on the router when you plug in the cat5 cable with the TV powered up.


  65. Tony Says:

    @64 Richard ,
    It says I-player coming soon , Im begining to think its a lead fault , will do a bit of chasing once the family is out !

    Thanks for your help. A panasonic wi fi dongle is looking good .. or should I say expensive !


  66. Neil Says:

    @60 – obviously that particular Panasonic sales agent needs some training on what AV products the iPlayer is and isn’t already enabled on!


  67. swjoduk Says:

    @ 62, I have Iplayer on my telly, I am referring to ITV player, will there be a software upate which will allow access to ITV player?


  68. spdrnat Says:

    @63 Tony

    Do any of your Viera Cast functions work on your Panasonic? You should be able to see Youtube/Eurosport etc. If these work, then your internet connection works. If still no iPlayer, then you’ll have to ask our helpful friends at Panasonic

    @67 swjoduk

    I’m sure there will at some stage, but will be down to Sony when they have it ready.


  69. Tony Says:

    @68 spdrnat

    No , not getting anything , it must be my ethernet connection lead (a very long one), I will invest in a dongle as soon as money lets me. Bit of a nightmare taking carpet and floorboards up again !

    Thanks for the reply …..


  70. Phil Owens Says:

    Off subject a little.
    Do Havard still do the Bush Brand? I ask because it’s not listed in their brands


  71. fluffy Says:

    I can already access all ITV programmes whenever I want them on my Humax Freesat PVR


  72. Neil Says:

    Still no OTT download on my Panasonic up until today. Further to my previous post the Agent at Panasonic said this was due this coming week. Another call is in hand for tomorrow morning, not holding my breath though!!!


  73. spdrnat Says:

    @69 Tony

    Have you set-up network connection (pp. 75-77 of manual)?


  74. Jerry Says:

    @Tony Hales

    To receive ITV one requiresd a TV licence in the UK.
    I am presently ex-pat, but still paying a licence fee, but cannot use iPlayer, on BBC or ITV.
    I haven’t tried a UK based proxy yet, would like to try before I buy [a subscription], suggest me one.


  75. MikeA Says:

    @72 Neil my disappointment and annoyance over this matter with Panasonic grows by the day. Perhaps we should all start pushing for a replacement TV from them if they don’t get a move on with a download!!!


  76. Robert Hill Says:

    @75 hi mike tryed to get in touch with panasonic on friday apparently the switchboard was too busy ,so they cut me off.Did anybody else have the same problem,are panasonic taking a different approach to their customers?.So the saga continues no bbc iplayer and no customer feedback and now turning their customer service phone line off the hook.what a sham disgusting behaviour from a global player of tech goods,do you think i’ll buy panasonic again ,not on your telly.


  77. Nat Says:

    Hi everyone – quick question and you’re the only ones that will know.

    I’ve got one of the first Panasonic Freesat TV’s the TX-32LZD81.
    Does anyone know if it is on the list to get updated.



  78. Robert Hill Says:

    @77 try 08448443852 panasonic thats their audio visual hotline best of luck for your tv update i’m still waiting for the g10 series update.personally i think what lg have done might happen to us.please read joinfreesat


  79. pete Says:

    hope humax doesnt mess up with the software update for itv player, like they did with the bbc one, and most of us lost red button and channels for four months,


  80. Nat Says:

    Thanks Robert
    I’ve got the iPlayer on my Humax HDR but I always wanted it on the actual TV set.

    I’d be surprised if Panasonic let us down. Surely a software update is cheaper than sending out iPlayer enabled boxes like LG did – I’m guessing that Panasonic sold a lot more TVs than LG.


  81. Robert Hill Says:

    @80 thats depending the panasonic tv’s can be updated, panasonic i have thought had started the software configerations when bbc iplayer was given to panasonic earlier this year.if the other manufacturers of tv ‘s for example all sony bravias sets manage to get the update, there surely something amiss when only newer panasonics have got the iplayer.the truth of the matter panasonic are struggling with the update and the only way us panasonic buyers to get the bbc iplayer,is as i said is like lg supplying buyers of older panasonics with another box,and like you said there are alot of panasonics out there just think of the cost,thats why they’re stalling sorry to say.


  82. Neil Says:

    Ok folks, just had another chat with Panasonic and they’ve stated the update is due for OTT download availability from a date commencing 20th-24th September onwards. I mentioned a previous correspondence that I’d had earlier on last week with another agent whom stated it was going to be available by now, The lady I spoke to this morning seemed again to understand the model number/age of the unit, iPlayer and Freesat telling me this new date had been briefed to staff late last week.

    I asked about the DMRBS750/850 BluRay/HDR Recorders too as I’ve one of these but as of yet they advise of no date for the planned update for them (I think originally this was stated to be the end of September?). I assume they are currently concentrating on sorting out the 2009 TV’s first?

    Again, take all this with a pinch of salt but it would seem it’s getting closer to a possible update. I’d be interested to know what other people are told so if someone’s got a spare few minutes this week, give them a call on the 0844 No Robert has posted in #78.


  83. Robert Hill Says:

    @82 i also phoned panasonic this morning she said g10 series between 7th – 13th september and the g15 series between 20th – 24th for the update, older sets she couldn’t or didn’t know.she also said they upadated their website.couldn’t confirm this as i couldn’t find the news on their website.


  84. Robert Hill Says:

    @82 just inquired about the upadate again, where the update would be posted on their website,the person on the end of panasonic telephone line said once again that until beta testing is finished there will no update.what the hell is going on, lies after lies after much for the september upadate who knows whats happening 2 different stories what crap.


  85. Neil Says:

    Interesting, I’ve got a TXL37G15 model and TXL32G10B too so one of my sets should (hopefully) receive it’s update sooner than the other!

    I just had a look on the support section of the Panasonic site and can’t see any other info apart from that explaining the extended delay in the software updating for iPlayer. I would hazard a guess that adding ITV Player won’t be such a long-winded exercise once iPlayer is rolled out amongst all major manufacturers products.


  86. Robert Hill Says:

    @82 my mob is 07834164101 got more info about panny.


  87. Roger D Says:

    @86, I’m sure you don’t want us all to ring you on your mobile to get more info!!


  88. Robert Hill Says:

    no just neil who bothers to phone panasonic many thanks


  89. Robert Hill Says:

    Hi panasonic have phoned me back about the official update of the bbc iplayer at 16:55 (rachael was the name given) to my delight she confirmed the updates to start on the 7th of september for the g10 series freesat tv’s, so keep your tv on standby on the 7th for the g10 series bbc iplayer update and keep your fingers crossed. i won’t phone panasonic again until at least th14th of september so cross your fingers time


  90. Roger D Says:

    My model is TH-46Pz81B, is that a G10?


  91. Robert Hill Says:

    @90 sorry roger thats the pz81 model only the g10 and g15 series models are being updated in sept as the panasonics operator has told me. i asked this morning about other models she abruptly went quiet as she told me about the you have 46 inch plasma could phone this number 08448443852 press 1 wait then press 1 again wait for instructions what to do next then ask the operator. best of luck,let us know how you get on.


  92. Neil Says:

    Robert, I’ll keep you posted if I find out anything else regarding the Panasonic updates. This sounds more formal this time so hopefully we’ll see some movement but as mentioned before I’ll only believe it for real when that blue software update screen actually appears on the screen! My G10 32″ TV should have it’s update before the G15 37″ so in that case a week to wait.


  93. Ed S Says:

    Latest develoment:
    See posting No 66 here:

    ( Nigel Whitfield Says:
    August 31st, 2010 at 6:18 pm
    2009 Panasonic owners can now get their update, which will appear when you start the VieraCast facility)


  94. Ed S Says:

    Previous comment should have read:
    See posting No 66 here :-


  95. Neil Says:

    I can confirm folks that the iPlayer is here for us V10/G10/G15 users. Just updated my TV’s firmware via VieraCast to v2.303 and it’s working! Not had chance to properly check it out yet but at least the update has arrived!

    I presume Panasonic will only broadcast the update over the DTG Engineering Channel for a limited time as it’s not free for them so allowing users to update via VieraCast is logical as you’ll have your Ethernet cable connected anyway! The scheduled over-air update Panasonic gave me is between the 7th and 13th then 20th and 24th Sept depending on receiver model.

    Admin, might be worth posting an article about this to make users aware?

    Off for a play now…..!


  96. bob Says:

    Not on the G10. It does not have viera cast


  97. Mediaman Says:

    ITV player launching is a good thing for Freesat but rumors at ITV are suggesting if their strategy for Itv2-4 to encrypt then they will seriously consider dropping the channel 3 license and encrypting completely I
    How this will affect Itv player on Freesat.


  98. freeviewfsn6b Says:

    The leaflet at has no mention of ITV player (nor ITV HD).

    has ITV Player been canceled ? or has this leaflet been produced by the BBC !


  99. admin Says:

    Freesat are just promoting existing services, ITV Player hasn’t launched yet.


  100. freeviewfsn6b Says:


    ITV HD is an existing service – That’s not mentioned in the leaflet !


  101. admin Says:

    You said ITV Player, not ITV HD, but in any case, looking at the leaflet, it was produced quite some time ago, most likely being used in store as Freesat haven’t distributed a newer one yet.


  102. Beat Nick Says:

    Just hooked my Panny 42″ plasma to broadband via ethernet cable. Had to update software but very simple. Now I’ve got iPlayer on my TV plus the Vieracast stuff. An earlier poster is right. The quality isn’t good (it looks better on my MacBook and iMac) but it works!

    So, when’s ITV’s player coming to Freesat?


  103. fsn6b Says:

    There was a leaflet dated jan 2010 available in the JL’s stores.. It mentioned Freesat having BC iplayer soon, and ITV player around the summer (perhaps Autumn) time….. couldn’t find a copy of the leaflet on Freesat’s site.

    Has ITV player been suspended, or is it still on going…..


  104. Prospector Says:

    ITV player should be coming soon – its shown on the official Freesat site now:


  105. Gadgetboy Says:

    I just got a message on my panasonic p42g15b tv telling me to press ok for an over air update. No news anywhere what thus may be, is it ITV player? On wikipedia itvplayer page it states launch date is 23rd nov. Fingers crossed eh?


  106. David Prout Says:

    I have read all the comments re ITV Player Soon/might/2010 etc.Can anybody Fromm Freesat say EXACTLY when?


  107. Neil Says:

    ITV Player now available

    go to ch 999

    then press green twice blue once then green twice again

    it loads then press the red button to enter. this is the beta version in test mode


  108. Aileen Burr Says:

    Picture sliding to side all the time


  109. John Adams Says:

    When is itv player starting on freesat,they keep on saying its about to start
    but its been a long time coming.
    Come on itv pull your finger out or you’ll be left behind in the technology stakes.


  110. Jim Says:

    ITV iPlayer still not working on my Panasonic TX-54 tv – channel 903 there but says ‘coming in 2011’ – as it has been all year so far!
    (BBC iPlayer on channel 901 has been working most of 2011!)


  111. Sue Says:

    Any news on when ITV player will be avialbe on Feesat/ i ahve tried to do what neil said, but it stuck on loading


  112. dave Says:

    My panasonic DMR XS35 picks up itv player ok


  113. Mike Says:

    Iv’e been a beta tester from the start, never been asked for a report which is probably just as well. I watched it tonight after a break of about 3 months,
    as they had some technical issues that needed addressing.
    Sad to say it still has problems approaching the advert breaks in programs and cuts the last 2.5 mins off the end of the programs.

    There are other issues with loading and inability to find programs.

    As for Autumn launch, I hope not….not yet fit for purpose!!


  114. john Says:

    why dont ITV go and ask BBC how to get there iplayer working ,as iv been watching bbc player on my panasonic tv for months now !!


  115. Brian Says:

    Despite the Freesat Information Service informing us that ‘Viewers with Humax boxes can now test ITV Net Player……’ and Humax e-mailing to advise that
    ‘ITV Player………is currently exclusively available to Humax users’, I have been unable to find either Channel 903 or ITV Player On Demand on my Humax Foxsat HDR Guide. When I contacted Humax Support I was informed this service was not available in Scotland. Whilst accepting the situation I am disappointed this was not highlighted in the advertising for service, as Freesat Information Service has done for available HD services. It would have saved a lot of time.


  116. Andy Says:

    So the saga / battle with Panasonic continues!
    After receiving a replacement TV (Panasonic TX-L32D28BS) from John lewis for my 2008 (TX-32-ZD81) Panasonic TV because it couldn’t receive the promised BBC iPlayer and other interactive services, I asked panasonic when ITV Player will be enabled and have now been told by a Panasonic Customer Care Adviser that: “Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed. ”
    So why oh why did I accept a panasonic TV as a replacement???


  117. david smyth Says:

    when is itv player coming on free sat we have bbc player


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