ITV Player Confirmed For Autumn Launch

ITV have confirmed plans to launch their on-demand ITV Player service on Freesat this Autumn.

The player, which allows you to catch up on ITV programmes, will be rolled out across all Freesat HD receivers via a software update; though it is expected that a beta test will take place on select brands first to ensure reliability.

ITV Player, which is funded by advertising revenue will also be made available on the Sony Playstation 3 by the end of the year, to sit along side the already available BBC iPlayer.

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  1. You said ITV Player, not ITV HD, but in any case, looking at the leaflet, it was produced quite some time ago, most likely being used in store as Freesat haven’t distributed a newer one yet.

  2. Just hooked my Panny 42″ plasma to broadband via ethernet cable. Had to update software but very simple. Now I’ve got iPlayer on my TV plus the Vieracast stuff. An earlier poster is right. The quality isn’t good (it looks better on my MacBook and iMac) but it works!

    So, when’s ITV’s player coming to Freesat?

  3. There was a leaflet dated jan 2010 available in the JL’s stores.. It mentioned Freesat having BC iplayer soon, and ITV player around the summer (perhaps Autumn) time….. couldn’t find a copy of the leaflet on Freesat’s site.

    Has ITV player been suspended, or is it still on going…..

  4. I just got a message on my panasonic p42g15b tv telling me to press ok for an over air update. No news anywhere what thus may be, is it ITV player? On wikipedia itvplayer page it states launch date is 23rd nov. Fingers crossed eh?

  5. I have read all the comments re ITV Player Soon/might/2010 etc.Can anybody Fromm Freesat say EXACTLY when?

  6. ITV Player now available

    go to ch 999

    then press green twice blue once then green twice again

    it loads then press the red button to enter. this is the beta version in test mode

  7. When is itv player starting on freesat,they keep on saying its about to start
    but its been a long time coming.
    Come on itv pull your finger out or you’ll be left behind in the technology stakes.

  8. ITV iPlayer still not working on my Panasonic TX-54 tv – channel 903 there but says ‘coming in 2011’ – as it has been all year so far!
    (BBC iPlayer on channel 901 has been working most of 2011!)

  9. Any news on when ITV player will be avialbe on Feesat/ i ahve tried to do what neil said, but it stuck on loading

  10. Iv’e been a beta tester from the start, never been asked for a report which is probably just as well. I watched it tonight after a break of about 3 months,
    as they had some technical issues that needed addressing.
    Sad to say it still has problems approaching the advert breaks in programs and cuts the last 2.5 mins off the end of the programs.

    There are other issues with loading and inability to find programs.

    As for Autumn launch, I hope not….not yet fit for purpose!!

  11. why dont ITV go and ask BBC how to get there iplayer working ,as iv been watching bbc player on my panasonic tv for months now !!

  12. Despite the Freesat Information Service informing us that ‘Viewers with Humax boxes can now test ITV Net Player……’ and Humax e-mailing to advise that
    ‘ITV Player………is currently exclusively available to Humax users’, I have been unable to find either Channel 903 or ITV Player On Demand on my Humax Foxsat HDR Guide. When I contacted Humax Support I was informed this service was not available in Scotland. Whilst accepting the situation I am disappointed this was not highlighted in the advertising for service, as Freesat Information Service has done for available HD services. It would have saved a lot of time.

  13. So the saga / battle with Panasonic continues!
    After receiving a replacement TV (Panasonic TX-L32D28BS) from John lewis for my 2008 (TX-32-ZD81) Panasonic TV because it couldn’t receive the promised BBC iPlayer and other interactive services, I asked panasonic when ITV Player will be enabled and have now been told by a Panasonic Customer Care Adviser that: “Unfortunately, it will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed. ”
    So why oh why did I accept a panasonic TV as a replacement???

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