ITV Player now on Samsung receiver

ITV Player (on-demand) is now available on the Samsung SMT-S7800 Freesat+HD Receiver.

The software required to receive ITV Player (channel 903) should be available to download over-the-air now providing you have updates set to ‘automatic’ from within the menu.

The latest software version you should have is 007.000.0379, firmware version 0.39/1.43. Unfortunately Samsung appear to have supplied any release notes on their support website.

We believe the update includes the following and was available a few weeks ago before being pulled due to ITV Player issues:

– Support for the iTV Player
– Resolved the issue with YouTube log-in
– Resolved the issue with the number of media files listed
– Improved the recordings

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Have you downloaded the new software for the Samsung SMT-S7800? Has it improved your opinion of the receiver? Are there any specific bugs that are still apparent that you’d like us to address with freesat/Samsung?

25 thoughts on “ITV Player now on Samsung receiver”

  1. Lee S said:
    2 weeks too late admin.

    I know, it was up 2 weeks ago, then taken back down, then put back up. Have been struggling for the time recently and with the server failure the other day, have been catching up since!

  2. swjoduk said:
    Any chance it will become available on Sony Bravia Freesat tv’s?

    That is a question for Sony, as they are responsible for any updates. All freesat can do is encourage them to include, but can’t force.

  3. I’m thrilled to have ITV player on my Samsung receiver, it’s taken a while, but all good things are worth waiting for!

  4. Nice to see that the Samsung and Echostar HD boxes will be getting ITV Player.

    However I also note that the Bush, Goodmans, Grundig, Technisat and Ferguson HD boxes, which have been marked as “coming soon” for so long by Freesat ( are now down as nevernevernever. I suppose Vestel have lost interest in providing any more support for these platforms.


    Not that there’s much on ITV that I want to see again…..

  5. RE. Sony, it looked promising at one point but like the above post it has said coming soon for so long its beyond a joke!

  6. Hi all, I liked the SMTs7800 box Samsung but in document sent to me by SAMSUNG it reports it is freesat next generation upgradable which to-date they now say it is not, the box has said ITV Player coming soon ever since I had the box since MAY – so the company Samsung and the store agreed a refund and I got the HDR-1000s freesat box.

    The ITV player and roll back service on this box is not yet working correctly not sure why and all Freesat say is reboot the box which I have done several times. I wish i had not purchased a freesat HDR box, if only I could afoard SKY but sky are greedy they try to take control of the TV their price starts low then they creep it up.

    I like subscription free TV – The new Freesat will be good once updates arrive and they promise 40d and demand 5 will be coming by XMAS but quiet a few silly errors to-date and the box was rushed to market, the information on the box advising us what is including is wrong, they said they pulled the YOUTUBE and other content after the printing of the box but continued to use the box without putting a sticker over the stuff or a note to say discontinued, so the box has false advert on the side saying what you get when you don’t actually get the Humax YouTube portal very bad, this is one of the worse upgrades I have purchased but maybe it will get better in time. This is my opinion

  7. I’ve made a transition from humax foxsat to Samsung. Reason being that the Samsung picture quality is far superior to the humax. However, the humax beats all freeway boxes in terms of functionality. I miss the 4 min forward skip function, the padding of epg recordings and manual record. Samsung epg record is flawed as I keep missing 3 or so minutes at the end of a programme because the broadcaster has put the cue for the next programme to start before the other one has finished. How difficult is it to add padding functionality? I have a feeling this is the fault of freesat imposing too many restraints on manufacturers. You don’t see restraints imposed on freebies box manufacturers!

  8. I think Itv player may now be available on sagem and sagemcom boxes too as when i tune to 903 my dtr94250 pvr tells me that theres no internet connection and not that ITV player is not available on your box. also Admin could you please check your details for sagemcom and update them cause they have been wrong for a while.

  9. Updated over the air and did a system reset and the box is working now. Itv player and library probs all sorted.

  10. Can I have the old firmware back? as this has messed up my TV guide. When I go to choose a channel, 50% of the time, the screen will say “no audio or video running”. The firmware updated automatically through the router I believe.
    If anyone can suggest where I can find the old firmware, please do so. May try a ‘factory reset’ to try and solve this frustrating step backwards.

  11. Updated over the air and it seems to have broken anything network related. BBC red button and iplayer are now both broken. ITV player says it can’t find any content. YouTube also now reporting connection problems, although in Settings it says the network is configured correctly.

    Reset to defaults hasn’t helped. Thanks Samsung.

  12. In response to doc’s comments regarding the video/audio dropout, upon channel change, I get the same. I initially thought that this was an inherent design, as the Samsung is very buggy compared to humax. Best to raise issue with Samsung.

  13. Hi it’s the 16 th December in Dundee,and ITV Player is working!!!. If it’s any help,I came across a piece of info stating that if you try to connect BBC Red Button while on the FAVORITES list- it wont work,guy said he was informing Samsung.I now get the Red Button while on the ALL CHANNELS list, and BBC & ITV Player from the ON DEMAND list,NOT the FAVORITE list.So far ,fingers crossed,all is good.Merry X Mas,DEK,Dundee.

  14. Just downloaded latest firmware and software upgrades for Samsung SMT-7800..still doesn’t fix that movies via USB flashdrive still not playing correctly, keep I need to reset something? This has been a constant issue from day one and is not happening on another Triax box.

  15. Just got the Samsung SMT-S7800 for Christmas, picked it because of the good spec and writeup but have installed the latest software version 007.000.0379, firmware version 0.39/1.43 and only getting You-Tube and iPlayer its 4th January 2013 and still no ITV Player (On Demand) ANY IDEAS GUYS 🙁

  16. I have the samsung freesat box and can’t connect to internet? using ethernet cable that works with my laptop but doesn’t appear to work with freesat box? I’ve had to set up network connection manually as the box will not do automatically….. tried putting firmware update on usb stick to update on box but even that will not work! download is showing as corrupted!!!! Box also has two cables to sat dish but will not let me record and watch different programs at same time….. All in all not doing anything it says it should!

    Very frustrating!

  17. I am trying to set uo itv on my asus tablet. In the us It says its not availablein this country. How do i set it uo?

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