ITV Player To Launch On Freesat

ITV Player on Freesat

Just a quick post to announce that ITV Player will launch on Freesat in the first half of 2010. A statement release from Freesat confirmed this today;

ITV and freesat are working to launch ITV Player onto freesat in the first half of 2010.

More information to follow as soon as we have it…

17 thoughts on “ITV Player To Launch On Freesat”

  1. if its as bad on freesat as it is online then we will get to have another big laugh at the chaps at ITV !

    Good news all the same if i put my positive hat on of course. Can we get C4HD through the backdoor i wonder ?

  2. All I need now is a decent line speed to be made available from BT on my local exchange – max 1 Mbs – what a joke.

  3. Well, there is very little on ITV that appeals these days, but this is very welcome news indeed. The more the merrier will make the platform a little better each time.

    If iPlayer, when we finally get it is as good as [definately better, I trust] than the latest offering of the channel on the Wii last week, I will be pleased as punch. The Wii version is excellent. Simplified GUI which is nice and incredibly stable, far more so than iPlayer on Virgin Media, even using the wireless connection. I am pleased so far, but can’t wait to get it on the Freesat especially as we have a 20Mb line.

  4. Excellent news, nice to see more positive news, like Sam P says could C4HD launch on this assuming you have the broadband bandwidth to handle it, it would mean no rights holder issues.

  5. @Brian P you think your line’s bad? I can hardly achieve 512k (that’s half a meg). So don’t complain (cos it’s BT, it won’t get you anywhere).

  6. i am looking forward to this with a 7mbit line, it should work great

    skyplayer streams without any buffering and with other people on the net. Also bbc hd iplayer content streams without buffering.

    Looking forward to this in the near future, it will be something sky hasnt got 🙂

  7. @Peter (bobmarleypeople) – I sympathise that your line speed is even slower than mine. It would appear that both of us are well below the average line speed provided by BT nationally. Where abouts in the country are you? I’m in Derby so it’s not quite off the beaten track.

  8. Speed is depandant on distance from nearest telephone exchange rather than geographical area. There are several in Derby alone.

  9. Great to hear we’ll soon have ITV iPlayer on Freesat. BBC iPlayer is great through my Full HD TV.There’s two viewing settings on BBC iPlayer,normal & higher quality,and yes it’s a lot better than online.Just connect your Freesat HD/Freeview HD box to your router with an ethernet cable or if there’s some distance between your router and set top box (say in different rooms) then your better off using a pair of Homeplug adapters.

  10. I bought FreeSat HD with the hope of having more channels. Freeview seem to be getting many of the HD content now, but whats happening here to Freesat. No ITVplayer either, very disappointing and surely the chaps at freesat must know if us Freesat users are going to be getting anything more than the, shall we say 1-1/2 channels we have as BBC only contains some of the BBC1 programmings. Shame..

  11. Well the first half of 2010 went some time ago – any chance that we might get it before Christmas?

  12. Er its nearly Christmas! So I asked Freesat When ITV Player will be on Freesat they said ask ITV…How stupid an answer is that from a professional body ..
    What can you say but **&^%**$ …Oh just another question does your bin man or milk man know when……….well you know what I am saying…Merry Christmas.
    All the best Greg.

  13. Does any body know why I can’t get STV player on Freesat box but BBC iPlayer works ok?


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