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Sep 01 2009


ITV have announced plans to launch a time-shift channel for ITV1. ITV1+1 is expected to go live on 1st October 2009, completing the line-up follow the introduction of ITV2+1, ITV3+1 and ITV4+1 some time ago.

The channel is expected to be available FTA on all satellite platforms, including both Freesat and Sky; plus will be available on Virgin Media. Rumours from within suggest channel slot 112 has already been assigned on the Freesat EPG.

The 1 hour time-shift channel will be available between the hours of 10:25 to 07:00 every day; the notable exclusion being when GMTV is broadcast (GMTV is a franchise therefore ITV don’t have complete control to approve this).

There will be 6 regions available:

South East Macro (Meridian, East)
West Macro (Wales, West, South West)
Yorkshire/Tyne Tees Macro
Granada/Border Macro

ITV1+1 will not be available in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands as they are under separate agreement.

61 Responses to “ITV To Launch ITV1+1 Channel”

  1. Denis Says:

    Useful addition.


  2. Peter Piper Says:

    Good addition yes.

    I always wondered why they hadn’t done it already.


  3. Jason Says:

    I find it ironic given the other thread’s Channel 4HD discussion where we’ve been discussing removing regional channels and the maybe some of the +1 channels so that Channel 4 might get some room. A slap in the face for those ideas then.


  4. admin Says:

    It is true that more +1 and regional variants leave a nasty taste in the mouths of those looking for more HD content, but in reality ITV have as much right to a transponder as any other broadcaster; they are split by lease and not often shared. Hopefully things will change in the future.


  5. David Says:

    ITV1 +1 & audio description. Will all 6 carry AD or just London as with ITV1? If its London only will they add it to channel slot 978 to give AD as with ITV1 at channel slot 977?


  6. Tim Says:

    I’m presuming another +1 for ITV means more advertising revenue? In which case I guess this will, to a degree, benefit us all in the long run.


  7. David Says:

    Where is the narrow beam capacity going to come from unless they’re planning to put them on the same transponder as BBC HD, if this is to be the case then we have lost a lot of BBC HD’s PQ for a bunch of regional variations of ITV +1.


  8. Brian Damage Says:

    I’d have no objection to this if it’s not taking bandwidth away from BBC HD or preventing another HD service being broadcast. However, I’m not sure that this is true.

    Whilst I do recognise that these are difficult times for broadcasters. I feel that they need to wake-up and recognise that there is a big demand for HD on Freesat. More so than for SD channels.

    One more +1 channel really isn’t going to attract lots of viewers in the way that an HD (or possibly 4 HD channels in the case of ITV) would.

    And before anyone jumps in and comments that ITV 2, 3 & 4 generally only show trashy reality shows and repeats of series made in the 70’s and 80’s, just think about how many of those old shows were shot on film – and which now have the potential to look better than ever before in HD!

    Come-on ITV, time to wake-up and smell the coffee…


  9. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    ITV Boss: OK, so we’re low on money. What can we do that pleases both the audience and the advertisers?
    Employee: Well, a lot of people want the HD service to be extended to include upscaled content from ITV1…
    ITV Boss: So…they want to watch ITV1 content differently…..I KNOW! LET’S MAKE A TIMESHIFT!!!
    Employee: That’s not what I said.
    Employee: (that’s not what the customers are gonna think…)


  10. scoobie Says:

    That’s really funny, but probably true


  11. scoobie Says:

    Like others, my only comment is where on earth is the bitrate coming from?
    I suspect they are cutting back on HD or SD quality somewhere else.


  12. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    That does interest me actually. Channel 4 say there’s not enough space for C4HD, but there’s obviously enough space for six regional variants of a timeshift variant (unless ITV lease a spare transponder they were keeping to themselves and not telling anyone about)


  13. Dominique Says:

    What a shame! What a waste of bandwidth. I can understand +1 channels can be useful to people not owning PVRs. ITV1 should be the only channel to have a +1 channel.
    I barely watch ITV anyway. But promoting quantity over quality is not what Freesat joiners signed up for.
    Poor strategy, probably driven by money hunting. The BBC doesn’t +1 channels to succeed, but the BBC has to share the space with bandwidth wasters…
    Bring us Evolution not Bring us HD, this is 2009, +1 channels are only illusions “You could get hundreds of channels” doesn’t appeal to people! Real channels like BBC HD, ITV HD, C4 HD …


  14. sam Says:

    @ Peter – excellent.

    I can only echo the majority sentiment here. Whilst I am not totally averse to an ITV +1 (always seemed strange that it was the only ITV channel without a +1 but nothing ITV suprises me) it seems to proove so many of our worst fears are true and that these people (ITV in particular) cannot, and will not, work for what is really the best for TV or the viewer (considerations taken for enhanced revenue etc etc).

    I would imagine any BBC HD bandwith is more likely to relate to aligning the channel for Freeview (dissapointingly) but if any other channel has moved to reduce bandwith or we are missing out on more HD either partially or wholly to make way for this it is a major failure. Why oh why do we need 6 of the things, hard to take.


  15. zag Says:

    Don’t see the point of this in the days of PVR’s and online catchup.


  16. Andrew M Says:

    Once again the Scots are to be left out in the cold because of STV’s head -in-the-sand attitude.
    Why can’t they understand that with Freesat, we don’t have to watch STV anymore?
    I live near Edinburgh but now just watch London ITV as it has HD now and then and far better programming – Wuthering Heights for example, which STV refused to broadcast.
    I am sure that I am not alone.
    How long will it take STV’s advertisers in Scotland to realise this?


  17. Peter Piper Says:

    Dominique I have a PVR and still find +1 channels usefull for recording things that clash with other things I want to record.

    I’ve given up hope for 4hd comng to freesat.


  18. Lee B Says:

    Better use of the space would be a dedicated ITVHD channel, C4HD or even extra bandwidth for BBCHD. I hope they don’t half the bitrate of BBCHD again and launch some BB2+1 channels


  19. Lee B Says:

    ITV have made another strange move, they have reduced the resolution of ITV HD to 960×1080, that’s not even a HD resolution anymore?, maybe call it ITV SD+.

    Maybe this should have it’s own section for people to discuss!


  20. Tony Hales Says:

    Not enought space for 4HD was a blatant lie as has just been proved by ITV.


  21. Richard Crichton Says:

    Its a repeat of the DAB debacle. Lower the quality to fit in more channels all showing the same old stuff. What we need is less channels but more quality programmes.


  22. liz Says:

    109 ITV1 HD (due to launch December 2009) .. that’s good news surely?


  23. Tony Hales Says:

    960×1080, isn’t HD in my book.


  24. Jonjo Says:

    What a load of rubbish yet again they is nothing worth whatching on free sat at all. TV at the moment is just soaps and game shows and loads of adverts if you want to see somthing new we gonna have to pay for it (SKY) and all our Licence money goes on wages….


  25. sam Says:

    960×1080 !

    This needs to be regulated. Does this even meet trade descriptions ?! lol.

    Makes me laugh that already we get to refer to HD picture quality in the “good old early days”.


  26. monkeymaniac Says:

    More +1 channels is more advertising = more revenue. We just have to play along and see whats happens, will they plough this extra revenue in to Freesat
    and promote the the platform better and encourage better channels to come to Freesat, cant see it myself. I remember when Freeview started out with good programs and then it just dryed up. Thats why I changed to Freesat, now it seems they could be going down the same path. But I think now Freeview is improving with Virgin showing programs like CHUCK and so on. Any way thats just my opinion.

    Any way I believe FTA has had its days, just hope im wrong, and I wonder how many more channels are going to leave Freesat, cant see any new one’s being
    added in the future.


  27. Soul4real Says:

    The last time we have heard any comment from Emma Scott was June 25th


  28. Lolo12 Says:

    This just gets worse and worse. Why not also have an ITV1+2 and +3 for good measure? Just get rid of the HD channels, that will make some space!


  29. Steve B Says:

    Are we ever going to get anymore HD content ? I’m feeling rather let down by this announcement. Yet another +1 channel taking up even more space……for goodness sake WHY ?


  30. mike Says:

    have to agree with lots of the other contributors – don’t think we’ve had an interesting channel release all year. Where is Dave, UK Gold etc etc? Anything but more +1 stuff or more news channels.

    Starting to think that Sky is the way to go…


  31. Lee B Says:

    Mike – UK Gold is a pay channel. Freesat is still what it always was, It’s a cheap introduction to HD for those who don’t want to pay out for Sky. If Sky dropped the HD charge I might defect myself, but at the moment it’s too expensive for the amount of time I would watch it.

    It’s a shame we are getting negative news recently, but maybe when the recession ends we will see bitrate improvements and launches again. Who know what is around the corner!.


  32. Monty's Wildcard Says:

    I’ve supported Freesat since October last year & been a keen observer of this website for the “inside track” on what is going on in Freesat world (thanks Admin & all contributors). More recently, I have grown increasingly frustrated by the seemingly slow progress with the development of Freesat & therefore have taken the reluctant decision to move to the dark side & take a Sky subscription. This decision is based on the fact that you only get what you pay for. For me, this is worthwhile in order to remove the frustrations as demonstrated by the majority of the above posts.


  33. Tony Hales Says:

    @ Monty’s Wildcard

    But we have paid for it via the licence fee and the increased cost of goods in the shops.


  34. monkeymaniac Says:

    I for one would never go to Sky or any other payed subscription service. Why pay money for 24/7 TV, being honest now, is there anyone on here or with Sky can stay up day & night to get your money worth for your subscription, NOT LIKELY. If it ever came to monthly subscription on Freesat or any other free broadcaster outside of Sky, Cable or any other I would just get rid of the box, its a big world out there.


  35. Monty's Wildcard Says:

    @monkeymaniac Each to their own I guess. Like paying Health Club or Golf Club subscriptions, you never use them all of the time indeed, often you don’t use them nearly enough. Try to justify the costs & it is difficult. The point I am making is that for me in my opinion, it is worth paying a premium to have a choice & dip in & out as I choose, Rather this than remain frustrated at little choice.

    For the record, in the past I vowed never to bow to Sky – hence going the Freesat route. Now, I am left wanting more… Murdoch wins I guess!!


  36. scoobie Says:

    I am with you sadly and am also considering a move to the dark side (Sky).
    Bitterly disappointed in Freesat HD, especially recent cuts on BBC HD and ITV HD and lack of other HD channels nor any roadmap towards them.

    Sky is wiping the floor with Freesat at the moment.


  37. evil Homer Says:

    I’ve been using Freesat through my Media Centre for the last year or so, and I think that these timeshift channels are a waste of time, especially in the times of PVR’s and online catch up, and ITV announcing a timeshift version of ITV1 is a kick in the teeth for Freesat, and the other platforms, and their own ITV Player catchup service which is very poor anyway.

    Looking at the number of channels being added, the number is now going down as the more useless channels start dropping off because of falling viewing figures, not going up as Freesat had hoped – we’re a long way away from the 200 channels that they promised at launch.

    I used to have the XL TV package from Virgin Media with a V+ box, which I dropped in favour of saving money whilst saving up for my wedding, but now that the wedding is just around the corner, V+ and Virgin are looking extremely tempting again. Freesat’s channel coverage is extremely stretched and shallow, for example the news channels – I would only watch BBC News to be honest, the other five or six have little or no use to me. I only stick to the BBC/ITV/C4 channels and ignore the rest.

    Just sounds like a nail in the coffin in Freesat, as I think a lot of viewers were hoping for more after 18 months.


  38. Ste Rush Says:

    I have to say all the comments regarding SKY v FREESAT seem a tad tedious and show how people ill inform themselves and at the same time show a great deal of naivety that is then passed off with “authoritative remarks” that just make that person look foolish.

    It’s chalk and cheese.

    If you purchase a Kia Piccanto I would feel rather foolish on returning the car to the showroom and shouting in front of customers “I was beaten off the mark at the traffic lights by some Fiat brand of car….something like Farrari I think it was badged”

    As regards the several references to the dark side….yes go on I would rather stay in the light. I often find that I can read the product details I am putting my hard earned into better when in the light.


  39. stuartA Says:

    great anouther +1 to scroll past


  40. David Says:

    I emailed ITV re AD:
    I have seen announced today that ITV1 +1 is expected to go live on 1 October 2009 with 6 macro regions.
    Can you please confirm if all 6 regions will carry audio description or just London?
    If it is just London carrying the AD will ITV1 +1 London be added at channel slot 978 as you have ITV1 London on 977 to provide AD?

    I have just had this reply:
    The only information we currently hold is copied below for you. As soon as further information is available it will be announced in the press.
    An ITV spokesman said: “We continue to explore options with regard to launching ITV1+1. ITV has begun planning in order that, should the launch of a timeshifted channel be an economically viable option, we would be ready to do so.”


  41. Soul4real Says:


  42. Denis Says:

    Ste Rush – I am with you a 100%. Yes you get what you pay for. All this Freesat v SKY, is just like comparing apples with pears.


  43. Francis Says:

    Us poor scotts are left out again. It’s about time something was done with STV !!!, ( a thought perhaps some other region should take us over).


  44. Jim Says:

    That’s all we need another +1 channel,. Why couldn’t we get Fiver or Five US instead?


  45. monkeymaniac Says:

    I like both, apples & pears YUMMMMMY!!!!!!


  46. Al (Original) Says:

    Great! At 1st I never liked +1 channels and couldn’t see the point.

    Since then I’ve found out how useful they can be in resolving recording clashes on a PVR when all your tuners are in action or when you come in slightly late for your favourite programme.

    I’m now a firm favourite of +1’s.

    If people want more room for additions such as Fiver then they should be asking for the removal of some of the obscure channels not the +1’s as +=1’s on the major channels are a definite + feature.


  47. Denis Says:

    My sentiments exactly. Yes I find +1’s useful as well where there is a clash of recording. I particarly find 4+1 very useful.


  48. Oneguy Says:

    Looks like all +1s except London are now up and testing, and they are indeed encrypted…


  49. Ross Says:

    Yup – 5 test labels on the pan Europe beam of 11972V (2B South), so will certainly be encrypted. (They arent encrypted yet as they arent carrying any video or audio – all pids are at zero)

    FWIW the labels are as follows:

    7450 – Central
    7455 – South East
    7560 – Granada/Border
    7565 – West
    7570 – Yorkshire/Tyne Tees

    therefore London will be the Freesat 2D version.


  50. Paul Says:

    Are there any plans for fiver and five USA to be on freesat in the near future?


  51. Ross Says:

    No chance whatsoever atm – there is STILL insufficient capacity on Astra 2D to allow them to move.

    Im sure our friendly admin will break the news – if it ever happens


  52. Rich Says:

    where will itv1+1 be on sky


  53. Ross Says:

    @ Rich – post 52.

    There are strict rules to be followed regarding a channel placing on the epg, and the next available slot in the entertainment section is 215. However ITV may have purchased a more favourable slot if onwe has become available….


  54. Ross Says:

    The ITV1 +1 launch has been postponed indefinitely according to the AGB Nielsen website.


  55. oyodi Says:

    Where is it ?????


  56. admin Says:

    As per the post above yours, it was postponed so presumably isn’t happening.


  57. Matt Says:

    Is it definately not happening? And why did they postphone it?


  58. Annoyed Says:

    It’s bloody annoying not having ITV+1 – get it sorted ITV!!!


  59. Luxurychoccie Says:

    D: Im sad now… I got up an hour late so I cant watch Jeremy Kyle… Its just so annoying that they have an ITV2+1 and ITV3+1 etc :/ Nobody even watches ITV4! So why not scoot the shows along (ITV2 shows on ITV3, ITV3 merges with ITV4) and have ITV2 renamed to ITV1+1


  60. Lauren Says:

    I was just wondering does anyone know if itv1 +1 is going to be a sky channel, my mum has it on her freeview box but i cant find it on our sky?


  61. Melissa Says:

    Hi Lauren, don’t know if you’ve found it yet but it’s channel 131 the old itv2+1 channel which has now moved to 179.


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