ITV To Launch ITV1+1 Channel


ITV have announced plans to launch a time-shift channel for ITV1. ITV1+1 is expected to go live on 1st October 2009, completing the line-up follow the introduction of ITV2+1, ITV3+1 and ITV4+1 some time ago.

The channel is expected to be available FTA on all satellite platforms, including both Freesat and Sky; plus will be available on Virgin Media. Rumours from within suggest channel slot 112 has already been assigned on the Freesat EPG.

The 1 hour time-shift channel will be available between the hours of 10:25 to 07:00 every day; the notable exclusion being when GMTV is broadcast (GMTV is a franchise therefore ITV don’t have complete control to approve this).

There will be 6 regions available:

South East Macro (Meridian, East)
West Macro (Wales, West, South West)
Yorkshire/Tyne Tees Macro
Granada/Border Macro

ITV1+1 will not be available in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands as they are under separate agreement.

61 thoughts on “ITV To Launch ITV1+1 Channel”

  1. No chance whatsoever atm – there is STILL insufficient capacity on Astra 2D to allow them to move.

    Im sure our friendly admin will break the news – if it ever happens

  2. @ Rich – post 52.

    There are strict rules to be followed regarding a channel placing on the epg, and the next available slot in the entertainment section is 215. However ITV may have purchased a more favourable slot if onwe has become available….

  3. D: Im sad now… I got up an hour late so I cant watch Jeremy Kyle… Its just so annoying that they have an ITV2+1 and ITV3+1 etc :/ Nobody even watches ITV4! So why not scoot the shows along (ITV2 shows on ITV3, ITV3 merges with ITV4) and have ITV2 renamed to ITV1+1

  4. I was just wondering does anyone know if itv1 +1 is going to be a sky channel, my mum has it on her freeview box but i cant find it on our sky?

  5. Hi Lauren, don’t know if you’ve found it yet but it’s channel 131 the old itv2+1 channel which has now moved to 179.

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