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Mar 12 2010

It has been confirmed today that ITV1 HD will be available as a standalone channel (channel 119 – no red button) from 2nd April 2010. The channel which will be a simulcast of ITV1 will also be available on Sky and Virgin Media.

The ITV1 schedule will be simulcast on the new channel, with the majority of peak time content available in ‘native’ HD, including all live football, and an increasing range of drama, factual and entertainment programming. Other ITV1 content including GMTV and the daytime schedule, will be ‘upscaled’ – giving viewers a better than ever experience of the nation’s most popular commercial channel.

Peter Fincham, ITV Director of Television, Channels and Online, said:

The availability of high definition content is something viewers have come to expect as standard and, as we approach the 2010 World Cup, I’m delighted that we are able to launch our new channel, ITV1 HD, on all major platforms.

All of our output will benefit from the stunning picture quality that high definition offers, whether it’s ITV’s original drama, landmark factual shows, entertainment events or our live football.

This is great news and should now put an end to all the problems ITV have had with certain manufacturers and the red button service; it should also put ITV more in the spot light to take the service more seriously and offer more high-definition content over the coming years.

202 Responses to “ITV1 HD To Launch In April”

  1. Gordon S Valentne Says:

    This is great news, just want Freesat needed! Now lets hope we also get CH4 HD soon.

  2. Soul4real Says:

    Good news and not so good at the same time, for us Freesat bods we have the least amount of HD channels but we are not paying a red cent so we can’t grumble to much, all jokes aside this is what i wanted!

  3. Wouter Says:

    Great, now lets hope that for those with HD sets, the freesat box will put ITV1 HD on channel 3, and remove ITV 1 SD all together (no need to keep them both in my guide)

  4. Bob Says:

    The channel number on Freesat will be very important given that most people probably use the default channel listing – lets hope they do use channel 3!

  5. Jon Says:

    How is there room for this but none for channel 4. Great news though

  6. admin Says:

    ITV1 HD has been allocated slot/channel 119

  7. allan Says:

    Press release show that it will be on channel 119

  8. HoxtonTit Says:

    Lets hope they don’t do what the Beeb do with their HD output by downscaling the bitrate. All we need now is for Five to come online with HD output and C4 to come to Freesat once their contract with Sky ends and then Freesat can truly offer an alternative to those who don’t want to make Murdoch rich

  9. Lee B Says:

    Excellent news, well done ITV. I assume the space for this was created on Astra 2d by moving off other ITV regional channels recently? Any one know what is happening to the space the BBC freed up by dropping the BBCHD bitrate by 40% ?, I bet it’s just sitting around doing nothing, I’d rather the BBC give/sell it to C4 to allow them to launch C4HD on Astra 2D thus getting around any rights holder issues.

  10. Lee B Says:

    @Hoxton, I was under the impression the C4HD contract had ended but they did not have enough free space on Astra 2D to launch a service. Maybe they could offer a red button service while they wait for the space, or deal with the BBC for the extra 40% of a HD channel they have sitting around, it’s not as if the BBC are launching channels currently they are switching them off!.

  11. Froggie Says:

    Good news at last, but I hope now its a stand alone channel they will also remove that terrible yellow logo as I just cant watch it with that thing in the corner of the screen, its so distracting.

  12. Peter S Says:

    @Froggie – I wouldn’t hold your breath. On screen logos are damn near pointless, but I can’t see them going just yet.

    As for the actual news, this is good, but now Sky get ITV’s HD output as well. Freesat’s kinda losing its appeal somewhat.

  13. stig Says:

    i guess this is good news for freesat lets hope theres more HD on the way.

  14. Neil Says:

    This is great news and what has been rumoured for a while now. In response to what the extra ‘nullbytes’ on the BBC tp carrying the HD channel the answer is absolutely nothing so presume it’s reserved for future use, who knows??

    It’s good to see ITV1 HD will be 24/7 upscaled too, not sure what will happen for local news opt-outs though although I guess it will take ITV1 London?? The next development for ITV will most likely be ITV1+1 so we’ll keep an eye out.

    This is all good news for Freesat and will provide more HD for those who, like Hoxten says, don’t want to line Murdoch’s pockets! If they produce this year’s X Factor in HD that will potentially drive growth too as it’s obviously very popular!

  15. Peter R Says:

    Pointless announcement if you never watch the commercial rubbish ITV put out. Ant and Dec in HD? Yuck!

  16. zag Says:

    Looking forward to the world cup in HD though 😉

  17. Ian Says:

    I wish that they would not put ‘upscaled’ content on their HD channel. I’d really appreciate it if they took the same approach as the BBC and put other HD content on the channel when nothing in HD is being broadcast on the ITV channels. My TV upscales SD content perfectly well by itself, and it’s a terrible shame that people will tune into ITVHD in the daytime and think that the mediocre ‘upscaled’ content is what HD is all about.

  18. Alan Says:

    Excellant news. Even the upscaling will be welcome. As for those that think it is a pointless announcement, well ok thats up to them.

  19. Derek B Says:

    Very good news Freesat. Two perminent HD Channels, now push for C4HD and that’s all we need.

  20. Richard Crichton Says:

    @4 Bob
    They wont use ch3 because that’s STV in my neck of the woods and STV are in dispute with ITV.
    @10 LeeB
    The BBC will use the space they saved for red button services during the world cup I would have thought.
    Is this another leg pull like the Technisat firmware update on the 16th that has disappeared? Also its happening in April. April fool? Any news whether it’ll be recordable please?

  21. Rozzo Says:

    109 is blank on freesat and would have been nice…remember when ITV was VHF channel 9?

    plus easier to zap up to by channel up from BBCHD on 108.

    Just kidding really, if they’ve decided on 119 they won’t change it all of a sudden

  22. terryh Says:

    God there is no pleasing some people they have whinged and whinged about ITV HD not being a stand alone channel,yet now that it is about to happen they whinge some more !!!! I have no problem with upscaled sd and hd being shown on the same channel in fact it is more convenient and no doubt sd content will decrease and hd content increase over time.I am firmly in the well done ITV camp.

  23. Eddie Says:

    Does anyone know if this means 5.1 sound on ITV HD in future? The current stereo-only on ITV HD is disappointiing in relation to BBC HD’s 5.1.

  24. Rob Says:

    I think this is excellent news. Don’t watch ITV now but I’m sure there will be something for all of us.
    Well done ITV – and I’ll be able to record this new HD channel on my Technisat box too!

  25. Al Catraz Says:

    It only took 8 posts for someone to try highjacking the thread with a mention of bbc bit rates!

    Well done ITV.

    As for the bright logo (Froggie:11) – the BBC were persuaded to reduce the brightness of the BBC HD one, so maybe we can do likewise with ITV…

  26. Rod Says:

    Most of the TV I watch is recorded so I’m not too upset about what number the channel is on. I can see the issue for people without DVR but these folk will eventually upgrade. As long as you continue to get the option to record in HD when you select a show on 103 then no real issues. 4HD would be a welcome addition in our house.

  27. MarkC Says:

    Awesome, the number of linear HD channels on Freesat just doubled over night!

    I hope over the coming months, Freesat HD will begin to resemble the Freeview HD offering.

  28. aln Says:

    well done itv….onwards and upwards (and i dont mean Jedwards first names…chortle)

  29. gordon Says:

    will itv hd have sub titles

  30. Brian Damage Says:

    Excellent news!

    Anyone know where the additional bandwidth has come from ?

    Surely it can’t be the new Astra satellite – that will barely be in orbit by April.

  31. Paul S Watts Says:

    Slowly, slowly catchee monkey.

    Might be a bit slower than we would all have wanted, but, hey……….good news none the less.

    I admit that there is rarely anything much to tempt me towards ITV1, barring the occasional movie [definately not sport] and not the mass of “entertainment for the mindless masses” so prevalent these days and slowly being mirrored by the BBC. But, it will at least add a little bit more to the original Freesat ticket.

    Well done ITV.

    Now, a few more broadcasters take note – and follow suit please.

  32. Al Catraz Says:

    Brian (29) no extra bandwidth – ITV1HD channel is trasmitting already – it just transmits a big ITV1HD logo when there’s nothing in the schedule (ie 90% of the time at the mo!).

  33. Paul. Says:

    @Ian, post 17. But your TV is upscaling a compressed, low bitrate original source – garbage in, upscaled garbage out. With the upscaling done at source and then transmitted at a higher bit rate, you should get a better picture than at present.

  34. Oyodi Says:

    This means that the abillity to change the channel numbers is now even more reverlent and should be made a piority, so that we can allocate channel 119 to channel 3!

  35. Dave Says:

    I wonder if ITV will think about getting the subtitles in sync with the pictures on this new channel ???

  36. derek500 Says:

    @29 & 31. The extra bandwidth is due to ITV moving sub-regions to pan-European beams and paying Sky to encrypt them. ITV HD will take over the space on 2d. They will stop transmitting their current stream on Eurobird.

    So Al Catraz, even though they are already transmitting 24/7, they needed to find the space on 2d so it could be accessed as a linear channel and not use back door entry by red button.

  37. C14R4N Says:

    @34, derek500. Technically they are paying NDS for their Videoguard encryption, however Sky equipment can decrypt this

  38. derek500 Says:

    @37 ITV pay BSkyB for both encryption and EPG regionalisation.

  39. Robert Hudson Says:


    I AGREE this post

  40. Tony Hales Says:

    So how do people view these ITV subregions bearing in mind this is a Freesat board. Do they only apply to BSkyB people or what?

  41. Richard Crichton Says:

    @12 Peter S
    ITV HD has been available to BSkyB viewers for a long time via the add channels facility.
    I would say the appeal of Freesat is more now as BSkyB still charge one way or another.

  42. Brian Damage Says:

    @ 36 derek500

    What’s a sub-region, and how much space on 2D will this free up? Enough for other HD channels ?

  43. Ste Rush Says:

    I feel this a great thing for freesat. I can’t imagine why people would think this is going to be downside to freesat as those subscribing to freesat will know it’s reason for birth and what it offers.

    Sky will always be sky and people who want that kind of TV will always want it.

    I am very pleased with this happening. Thank you to ITV

  44. V Taylor Says:

    in the mean time, does anyone know why my red button service has stopped working altogether, it used to work for the football very well. BBC HD still works fine.
    I have humax freest PVR

  45. derek500 Says:

    ITV is split into regions like Meridian, Central etc. These regions are then split into sub-regions for local news and advertising, e.g. there are four Meridian sub-regions, South and South East (which are available to Freesat and Sky viewers) and South East and North (which are only available to Sky viewers).

    So if you live in one of these regions that’s encrypted on a pan-European beam and you have Sky, you will receive the correct programming/advertising. However, if you’re with Freesat your postcode will give you the nearest FTA sub-region on Astra 2d.

    In the last week or so, ITV have moved some more regions to pan-European beams to make room for ITV HD which will of course be FTA for both Sky and Freesat.

    So indirectly Freesat viewers should thank Sky for ITV being able to free up space for ITV HD!!!!

  46. derek500 Says:

    To add to the above, apart from the two sub-regions moved to Astra 2b, it appears that four have gone altogether. So with six gone and a bit of jigging around there’s now enough space for one HD channel.

  47. Lee b Says:

    @derek500 I don’t think we should be thanking sky for anything, as you said itv are paying them. Sky has delayed channel launches on freesat, held onto astra 2d slots when freesat need them, hacked access to the freesat itv video stream and tied c4 HD into an exclusive contract with them, they are not doing freesat any favors

  48. derek500 Says:

    @ 47

    How many channels were actually delayed. Are they still queueing up now?

    Freesat is only an EPG so doesn’t need slots on 2d.

    Sky only adjusted the PIDs, like other FTA box owners could do manually to get ITV HD. Not really hacking!!

    Two parties make a contract. As with the subsequent arrival of E4HD on both Sky and Virgin (both costing more than their SD versions), it’s obvious that C4 do have some business acumen.

  49. Lee B Says:

    derek500 you would think Sky employees would have better things to do rather than hanging around freesat websites telling us we should thank almighty sky.

    1 I said “delayed” as in past tense

    2. ITVHD was an exclusive freesat channel, changing the sky firmware to pick it up is rather underhanded in my books, what if freesat updated the firmware to pick up sky exclusive channels, I imagine sky would be calling its pack of lawyers.

    3. Freesat is an EPG but freesat channels need space on 2d to avoid rights holder issues, sky is sitting on Astra 2d slots when it does not need a UK focused beam as you know.

    4. Sky did not worry about the ITV hd freesat exclusive contract when it hacked the channel

  50. wak Says:

    A new DVB-S2 transponder has been started (well cleared) on the narrow beam satellite, dont count on freeview HD having a better HD service…

    The transponder can have probably offer 4 channels if ITV1HD/BBCHD bitrates are used, perhaps we can get ITV1 HD, C4HD, E4HD, Film4HD, Five HD soon.

  51. derek500 Says:

    @ 49 ITVHD broadcast the same way as the BBC red button streams do. They not encrypted. They broadcast FTA.

    Any FTA box can pick them up. They are not hacking to pick them up.

    The Sky boxes have been configured to pick up the BBC streams. They did the same to pick up ITV HD.

    You can’t sign an exclusive contract if you broadcast FTA!!!

  52. Lee b Says:

    @50 excellent news looks like 2010 is going To be a good year for freesat!

  53. Richard Crichton Says:

    Just because a DVB-S2 transponder has been (allegedly) cleared on 2D people may jump to the wrong conclusions.It might be BSkyB who are the beneficiaries and not Freesat. Please provide links to the evidence and let us draw our own conclusions.

  54. derek500 Says:

    @50 What is your source? Also, Film4 HD has just signed an exclusive contract with Virgin and E4HD has a ‘multi-year’ DSAT exclusive with Sky.

  55. Richard Crichton Says:

    Will the ITV1 HD channel be recordable on the Technisat HDFS in Freesat mode pretty please?

  56. wak Says:

    Actually the transponder is just being prepared for a change to DVB-S2 (in the NiT data), it might have nothing to do with freesat,

    @54 source is the transponder info, any contract can ofcourse be changed, i don’t have any details on the E4/film4 deal so i wont comment. we’ll see

  57. Duncan Says:

    @44 V Taylor.
    Factory reset fixes this problem with loss of ITV hd on foxsat pvr.

    Thanks ITV for the full HD channel. Have enjoyed many Football matches in HD so far. Also look forward to superior quality upscaled SD pics as existing ITV1
    freesat quality not as good as freeview from Crystal Palace.

  58. towny Says:

    This will be very interesting for those in Scotland who are bemused by STV’s decision to screen fewer network-wide ITV productions in favour of more locally-sourced, low-budget gash. I can’t wait to see what happens when people are free to choose between ITV1 and STV. I suspect that many will, like me, vote with their feet (well, with their index fingers anyway) and choose the popular, well made stuff that big brother STV has decreed isn’t for the likes of us folk north of the border.

  59. V Taylor Says:

    @57 `Duncan,
    thanks very much will give it a go.

  60. Neil Says:

    Yep, I agree Sky could be the beneficiaries but I wouldn’t be surprised that if some Sky HD services are destined for this TP, then C4HD could also be included and put FTA. I wouldn’t be surprised if ITV possibly cut a deal with Sky by asking for lease by another broadcaster on a 2D tp in return for ITVHD on Sky, thus possibly paving the way for C4 to move forward. Don’t forget that the World Cup is a time when lots of people consider their existing TV set-up and look to upgrade old equipment and Sky would not want to be left out in this respect. As ITV are a shareholder in Freesat then it’s in their interest to get a fair deal for services on the platform and lets be honest that Sky and ITV’s relationship has never quite been rosy anyway!

    Obviously this could all be a red-herring but I do know that the Sky Active services now duplicated a 2A tp that were on 2D were moved after existing services on that tp were moved elsewhere! If it were for new Encrypted HD offerings from $ky then why not just have put them on that 2A tp??

    Time will tell but I’m just grateful for the time being we’ve now got a full-time ITV1 HD offering!

  61. Lee b Says:

    With the s2 changes I’m betting c4 HD fta to match freeview HD or maybe the missing five sd channels, either would be good news. On another issue I see astra have joined the BBC HD debate by asking channels not to drop bitrates, let’s hope the BBC listen this time.

  62. Soul4real Says:

    Surely Channel 119 was a typing error, I think it will be allocated 109 next to BBC HD and not far from ITV1 just like BBC HD is not far from BBC1

  63. Dean Says:

    This is great news, we dont have to watch the awful quality from itv1 anymore .I can delete this channel now as its history to me. Looked awful on a 42″ screen.
    Well done to itv on this.

  64. Ste Rush Says:

    @63 Dean

    Did you not benefit from the recent picture quality increase? It looked great after the change in the North West region. I thought the pic had perked up a bit before I new of the changes.

    Be interesting to see how well the upscaled pic will look in comparison to the increased ITV1 quality.

  65. Al Catraz Says:

    Towny (58) – you could just put in a south-of-the-border post code in the setup…

  66. Paul Says:

    @65 – Al Catraz

    That’s exactly what I did in order that I receive ITV Anglia on channel 103 rather than ITV Midlands which my post code would give me.

    The post code that I entered was only 2 miles away!

  67. Richard Crichton Says:

    @58 Towny
    We will have a choice of STV or ITV1 HD programmes unlike those living south of the border. My glass is half full. Your glass is half empty.
    PS I think ‘Underbelly’ is pretty good.

  68. Tony Hales Says:

    The Freeview HD version of ITV1 HD has shown exactly 0 films since it began due to rights problems. That includes both HD and upscaled SD. Given these problems, it is a fair bet that non-HD films on Freesat will be broadcast in SD only and not “remastered HD” as ITV1 HD put it.This is because Sky have (allegedly) bought the rights to show the HD versions.

  69. Lee B Says:

    @68 I’m confused by the statement non-HD films on Freesat will be broadcast in SD only and not “remastered HD”. Surely if it’s a non HD film it can only be shown in SD or upscaled which is not real HD anyway.

  70. Oyodi Says:

    @Lee B 69
    All films made before digital on cellulose film were still of a much higher quality then the SD broadcast could manage for TV, hence when these films were remastered to the digital format and now HD, only now can we do justice to them by broadcasting then to your TV set. So to say they are only upscaled SD is not true.

  71. Peter Says:

    Is it my imagination/faulty memory or did a Freesat scan not used give you alternative ITV regions in the 900 range in a similar way to the BBC regions? I wanted to check the EPG for another region and could only find my home region which happens to be London in that range.

    I also did a check this morning and currently Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is showing up on ITV1 London Freesat and Freeview as being in SD and “Unavailable” for London ITV1 HD on Freeview Ch 51. Does this mean that the Freesat version will also suffer from the rights problems of upscaling films that have bedevilled the Freeview version? I cannot check as Channel 119 was a no-show on Freesat even after a scan using the postcode for the ITV corporate HQ in London.

  72. Neil Says:

    I’ve noticed ITV have ceased on-air promotion of their existing Freesat ‘Red Button’ service now too ahead of the full-time HD channel launch. I reckon they will most likely bring it on air prior to the launch with some trade test material, maybe an ‘ITV1 HD Preview’ type thing showing clips of what is on offer in HD once the service launches. Considering they will want to give it some promotion it would seem odd if it just suddenly appeared on the 2nd but maybe that’s what they’ll do??

  73. Paul D Says:

    Oh, quelle suprise!!!

    This thread is infested with the moaners, naysayers and sky employees. i never expected that to happen (irony).

    ITV1 HD going full time on freesat is fantastic news. No more red button problems, full time upscaling, and of course, 2 proper HD channels now on a free satellite service.

    The line up for ITV1 HD looks more promising too. Finally we are getting shiny floor shows like Britains Got Talent in HD.

    Wait til the figures for HD viewers of BGT and The X Factor are revealed. SKY’s own HD channels would kill for them.

    With the BBC now missing in action, ITV1 HD is set to become the most watched HD channel in the UK.

  74. Steve Says:

    @Post 55 Richard Yes will be able to record on the Technisat HDFS.

  75. Al Catraz Says:

    Paul (73): well said! we need more “glass half full” people on this forum.

  76. Tony Hales Says:

    Good news but it looks like some HD films will be blocked if the Harry Potter on Saturday is anything to go by. This is allegedly because Sky have bought the HD rights.
    See posts 68 and 71.

  77. Richard Crichton Says:

    @73 Paul D
    That depends on whether BBC HD can be called a proper HD channel? The glass half empty people would say not. Also the majority of ITV1 HD will be upscaled and not proper HD at least initially.
    @74 Steve
    Good good.

  78. derek500 Says:

    @73 Unfortunately BARB don’t issue ratings for simulcast HD channels. Hopefully insiders will get the figures to us.

    ITV should have done this when they first launched, instead of playing silly marketing games with their HD channel.

  79. Oyodi Says:

    Great News about ITVHD on FreeSat
    No Ch5HD on freeview before 2012.

    Ofcom said that the right to use the unreserved capacity now reverts to the BBC, so it may not be long before we get BBC1HD as well as BBC HD showing the best of BBC 2, 3 & 4.

    So if this happens on Freeview, I would imagine that FreeSat would have this too.

  80. Richard Crichton Says:

    There is some doubt about the availability of the ITV1 HD simulcast in Scotland and Northern Ireland. I have asked the question but even the Freesat marketing company do not know. There are also posts elsewhere that it won’t be on Sky in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

  81. Martin Says:

    @ Oyodi – Freesat would only get the additional BBC HD service if there is capacity for an additional FTA HD channel. Although I’m sure the BBC would be looking to put it up asap.

  82. Lee B Says:

    If Five can’t launch a HD channel on freeview due to cost, they can do a couple of things, maybe a red button service on freesat might be cheaper, or do a years exclusive contract with Sky to help set the channel up, I believe c4HD did this, after all Sky are after 50 HD channels to justify the HD pack cost.

  83. derek500 Says:

    @ Martin There is already enough space for another BBC HD channel on the transponder where the current feed is. It’s already been muted by the BBC that this space may be used for another HD channel/feed.

    As the BBC is ‘platform neutral’ there is nothing stopping them now that C5’s space has been relinquished.

  84. derek500 Says:

    @ Lee B Two years would be more likely. I’ve been saying for nearly a year now that C5HD will be a Virgin/Sky pay channel, not even FTV like C4HD.

  85. derek500 Says:

    Five HD on Sky HD from July. Announced this morning.

  86. mra Says:

  87. derek500 Says:

    With Freesat now only going to be getting two out the five main HD channels, I expect the sales figures to drop even more than the unpublished Q4 ones.

  88. admin Says:

    Please keep posts relevant to the topic in hand; not posting anti-Freesat comments just because Sky have exclusive agreement for Five HD.

  89. roly384 Says:

    @87 derek500

    Fortunately the two Freesat HD channels do have exclusive rights to all of this summer’s Football World Cup matches. Hopefully Freesat can market this to their advantage.

  90. Al Catraz Says:

    It doesn’t matter how many channels $ky has – unless the film “the fly” suddenly becomes a reality, it’s not possible to watch that much TV!

    I’m very happy with the content of the current FREE channels – I don’t get time to watch all the stuff I’ve recorded now!

  91. sdsa Says:

    Derek500 thought you said E4HD and Channel4 HD was coming?

  92. Brian Says:

    I wonder when we might see some definite news as to whether ITV HD on freesat channel 119 will be available in Scotland (using a Scottish postcode)?


  93. admin Says:


    We have been told yesterday that NO, it won’t be available in STV or UTV regions; though the information received stated “ITV HD”, not “ITV1 HD”, so we are waiting clarification on whether they were referring to the existing red button service, or the expected channel 119 version.

  94. Ross Says:

    @91 E4HD is contracted to Sky for several years, so dont expect that one anytime soon.

  95. derek500 Says:

    I was told by someone who went to the DTG Summit last Friday, that it was said that C4 HD and E4 HD were coming to Freesat.

    To quote “Was mentioned in the DTG summit that I was at last friday, came from Heads of Freeview, DTG, Digital UK and Channel 4”

    Perhaps ‘admin’ has contacts who also went, who can confirm or deny?

  96. Lee B Says:

    I don’t think Five HD being contracted to Sky for a year is a totally bad thing, Sky must be offering financial and technical assistance and once the channel is on its feet and out of the Sky contract, it should then allow for the channel to jump to freesat and freeview HD. Though I’m a little disappointed more public broadcasters have not launched FTA HD offerings yet.

  97. Paul D Says:

    Admin, as much as i like free speech, it is time to ban Derek. He is clearly here to troll and has no interest in freesat whatsoever except to see it fail.

    You are going to lose readers if he is allowed to carry on.

  98. Richard Crichton Says:

    I’m more concerned about the possible non availability of ITV1-HD with a Scottish post code and the Technisat bugs than Derek.

  99. Paul D Says:

    This has become a very bizarre situation. The only way to get CH4HD and 5HD for free is to have a sky box and a £20 viewing card, but you will be unable to record.

    Considering channel 4 is a PSB and 5 was the last licensee on terrestrial TV, I don’t even understand why they would be allowed to do this and why they would want to cut out so many free TV viewers.

    SKY viewers can crow about this all they like but the fact is without a sky or virgin subscription, you will never be able to record these channels.

    How is any of this good for viewers?

    Could this be the thing that will prompt sky to get rid of the £10 recording charge on non-sub boxes?

  100. Paul D Says:

    I agree richard, which is why that particular distraction needs to be removed.

  101. Mark I Says:

    Lets just get ITV1HD on air and start asking for BBC1HD and BBC2HD and CH4HD asap because if it does not happen soon people are going to bite the bullet and pay Sky or Virgin for the service and Freesat will loose out

  102. Ste Rush Says:

    101 Mark

    Don’t worry about me as I shan’t be jumping to any of the pay-view platforms. Don’t forget why Freesat is in existence!

    I am very happy with freesat and it’s offerings. Any more I personally view as a bonus.

  103. Mark I Says:

    If this can be done on Freeview it can be done on Freesat

  104. derek500 Says:

    @ Mark The trouble is, BBC HD takes its content from six channels, so can’t do a straight simulcast.

  105. C14R4N Says:

    @104, derek500. Which six channels are these? I thought the BBC only had 4 TV channels

  106. derek500 Says:

    BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, CBBC and CBeebies.

  107. Al Catraz Says:

    Mark I (101) pay $ky? … when hell freezes over as far as I’m concerned!

  108. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I don’t buy The Times or the Sun because of Murdoch so Sky is not on my wish list. I think Freesat is very good. No sub and no extra cost for recording once the equipment is purchased.

  109. Neil Says:

    Ok folks, getting back on track, I’m grateful we’ve now got a full-time ITV1 HD on Freesat and think this is a good start for hopefully what is more to come in the future, lets be positive!!

    Hows about this from SES’s website:
    “ASTRA 1N will initially be positioned at ASTRA`s 28.2° East UK hotspot. ASTRA 1N will give interim additional UK ‘spot beam’ capacity in band C, before moving to 19.2E to replace ASTRA 1G.”

    Ok, we have to wait just over another year but it now seems in 2011 SES will launch 1N to 28.2E to specifically increase “spot-beam capacity” so at least they are acutely aware of the 2D issues!!

    After hearing the Five/Ofcom news this week regarding Freeview HD, it didn’t surprise me one bit that Sky would offer them a sweetener. Remember that ‘exclusives’ don’t last forever and Five will most likely appear FTA at some point in 12-24mths time. Just rest in assurance that the annual £240million in £10 subs from every Sky HD subscriber subsidises channels like Five HD.

    @108 – Kevin, I agree with you 110%, I’d never line Murdoch’s greasy pockets with my hard earned cash be it TV or newspaper media.

  110. sdsa Says:

    109: you have a link to that info? 1N haven’t even announced any spot beams just a pan-europe one!

  111. sdsa Says:

    nevermind found it

    (Click Astra 1N & then satellite mission)
    Sounds Good for Freesat to me!

  112. derek500 Says:

    @108 & 109 I hope you two don’t watch the numerous programmes on BBC/ITV/C4 etc. that come from News Corp and other Murdoch related companies!!

    Even one of BBC2’s biggest successes which has now transferred to BBC1 is made by a Murdoch run company that was originally financed by BSkyB.

  113. Paul D Says:

    Of course they watch them Derek…..difference is, they don’t pay anything above the license fee for them.

    Grasping. At. Straws.

    Much as I hate feeding the trolls, I am fascinated. What is your agenda Derek? Do you work for SKY? Before you answer, remember, a kitten dies every time you lie.

  114. roly384 Says:

    I personally would be happy to pay for premium sports content if it was priced at a reasonable level and I didn’t have to take all the dross that Sky bundle in. Maybe OFCOM could help.

  115. Neil Says:

    Derek I take your point but, as Paul says, I don’t have to pay for them!

  116. Richard Crichton Says:

    @105 @106
    Not to mention BBC News 24, BBC Parliament,and BBC Alba in Scotland. I make that 8/9 BBC channels not 4 or 6.

  117. derek500 Says:

    @ 116 I was making the point that BBC HD take content from six channels.

  118. Mark S Says:

    ITV1 HD test is showing on 10832, in non freesat mode :)

  119. Richard Crichton Says:

    What’s the bitrate?

  120. Mark S Says:

    Avg 10544 kBits/s

  121. PeteWoods Says:

    What WOULD be interesting would be to see the viewing numbers published of those people watching the current available HD channels and what platform they are watching them on (assuming the data’s not being stifled by a certain satellite company who ever that may be)

    Perhaps it would be just the jolt CH4HD and CH5HD need to consider which platforms they will be transmitting on in the future

    Well done to ITVHD on delivering a separate channel before the World Cup

  122. Richard Crichton Says:

    Looks like 10.1-10.8ish MBits/sec

  123. admin Says:

    Excellent suggestion just sent to us by Andy B for those in the Scottish region worried about accessing ITV HD / ITV1 HD:

    Can I offer a little suggestion for people in the STV area who will be unable
    to receive ITV1 HD on Freesat easily.

    If you re-program your box using a postcode for a place in Dumfries and
    Galloway or Scottish Borders, you receive ITV1 Border on 103 and will also get
    ITV1 HD. (TD1 1AA works for me.)

    The advantage of using this postcode rather than, say, a London one is that you
    can still watch BBC1 Scotland and BBC2 Scotland on 101 and 102.

    It might not be a solution for everyone, but it works for me and may be worth
    considering if HD matters more to you than STV’s regional programmes and

  124. Richard Crichton Says:

    Good suggestion but if you have a Technisat HDFS all you need do is press the wxyz (tick) button and select the BBC1 and BBC2 region that you want on 101 and 102 irrespective of the post code you have put in. Any post code south of the border will get you ITV1 HD on 119 it just depends what ITV1 region you want on 103 instead of STV.

  125. Brian Says:

    Thanks To Admin & Andy B for post 123. It’s a shame we need to use a workaround but at least this will still give access to ITV1 HD and the Scottish versions of BBC 1 & 2.

    Thanks Again!

  126. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @derek500 112

    I did state I would not buy The Times or Sun newspaper, however if someone leaves a copy on the train I would not have a problem reading them. Likewise I do not have a problem watching programs produced by the Murdoch empire, I just don’t want to pay directly for it.

  127. admin Says:

    Richard and all, had it confirmed just now that ITV1 HD won’t be available on channel 119 if you use a Scottish or N.Ireland postcode. This is because SMG (STV/Grampian) and Ulster Television (UTV) do not wish to broadcast HD (maybe if they are considering launching their own version). Freesat are hoping to resolve this issue with ITV soon.

    Best suggestion for now is the method posted by us (comment #123) for now.

  128. Freddy Says:

    At least us Freesat users in Scotland will be able to get ITV1 HD in some way. Will Sky have to block access to Scottish customers through their cards? Otherwise what’s the point of making it unavailable to Scottish post codes on Freesat?

  129. Richard Crichton Says:

    Thanks admin. As you say or use non Freesat mode. I’m off to watch the test transmission that way now.
    Yes through their cards as you suggest.

  130. Neil Says:

    @ Freddy, I believe they are. At least we Freesat users can change our postcodes, with Sky it’s all pre-programmed on the card and the only way to change it is literally tell them your moving house!

  131. Paul D Says:

    Sorry to go off topic again, admin, but the “word on the street” seems to be that C4HD and E4HD are joining freesat. One of my sources is your hints and winks on the digital spy forum. And Derek’s revelation, of course.

    Is this happening? If so then it is the best news I have heard all year.

    Surely nobody on this site can moan if that happens.

  132. admin Says:

    Waiting for clarification on this, but we didn’t receive a “no” when asking this time…

  133. Richard Crichton Says:

    You can always add it using the add channels facility.
    ITV1 HD 10.832H SR22000 FEC5/6

  134. Jon Says:

    C4HD and E4HD would be fantastic.

    Is there any news of Five US or Fiver coming to freesat? I could handle not having fiveHD for at least a year if we got those channels.

  135. AlexR Says:

    This whole STV thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I can access HD via the red button on ITV1 London on 977, so why can’t we have 119 added?
    Can someone explain?

  136. admin Says:


    This isn’t an Freesat issue; it is STV and UTV that have chosen not to take ITVs HD broadcast; maybe due to costs or maybe if they have plans to launch their own HD broadcasts.

  137. Al Catraz Says:

    Richard (133) thanks mate!
    My panny TV has never let me watch the other “10510” ITVHD channel in non-freesat mode as it says it is a data channel – I can now watch the ITV HD tests too!

  138. Freddy Says:


    I already have it, Richard. I have had Freesat – installed with a Granada area postcode – since it started. I switched from freesat from Sky, which I installed through gritted teeth and was, until Freesat launched, the only means of receiving DTV here in deepest Scotland where even terrestrial reception is lousy. I love it. Strange how I never lose the signal now which was a regular occurrence with the Sky box.

    I was just curious about ITV1 HD being blocked on Sky when it launches because unless STV intend going HD soon it would seem to be an enormous own goal by STV in a World Cup year. My neighbour has already added a FoxsatHD box to his Sky SD set up with the 6 Nations Rugby and the World Cup in mind and will just switch the postcode to get ITV1 HD in April.

  139. Al Catraz Says:

    Freddy – I didn’t think you guys in Scotland needed to worry about the world cup footy this year… he he – only joking!!

  140. Freddy Says:

    @Al Catraz

    Who said I was Scottish? Why do you think I’m chuffed ’cause I can get Granada up here?


    Sorry, didn’t mean to appear so ungrateful. When I said “I already have it” I mean that I added ITV1 HD in non freesat mode last night. However had I read your advice first it would have been easier than doing a complete retune then deleting the hundreds of channels that I don’t want yet again. Thanks.

  141. Al Catraz Says:

    Freddy – ok sorry – should have worked it out from your accent 😉

  142. Freddy Says:

    Sawrite, Mate!

  143. Richard Crichton Says:

    No problemo.
    I’m having a problem with my Technisat freezing on the ITV1 HD test transmission though.

  144. Al Catraz Says:

    there’s a Technisat over-air update available – maybe that’ll help….

  145. Jibbsy Says:

    Will you be able to use the Edit Customisable Channels on the Humax to replace 103 with 119?

  146. Richard Crichton Says:

    @Al Catraz
    Yes from the 25th. That should give me iPlayer and hopefully sort out a few bugs. The ITV1 HD test works perfectly on my Humax in the meantime.

  147. C14R4N Says:

    @145 Jibbsy

    No you cant edit the channels in the Freesat EPG, only delete them. You can only rearrange/ rename in non-freesat mode

  148. Oyodi Says:

    On the FreeSat website it say Harry Potter is in HD via the red button, But I cannot access it!
    Any one else got this problem

  149. admin Says:


    Try a factory reset on your receiver, might help, especially if it is a Humax!!!

    Only 2 weeks or so until these red button issues disappear :)

  150. Brian Damage Says:

    @ Oyodi

    Harry Potter was broadcast on the ITV HD test channel.

    And there was no HD dog! Hopefully they will follow BBC HD’s lead and leave the dog at home for films and drama, in future.

    As for the picture, it was was good for most of it of the film, but started to break up a bit towards the end. Anyone else get this?

  151. Richard Crichton Says:

    It was upscaled on the ITV1 HD test in non freesat mode so no red button and no HD dog.
    looked good though.
    Someone said that Sky have the HD rights for the Harry Potter films.
    I expect Casino Royale will be the same.

  152. Al Catraz Says:

    When the local news comes on ITV1HD, the bottom third of the screen has a big notice telling you to switch to standard ITV1 to watch your own local news. I hope that feature gets shrunk quite a bit when it goes live as you can’t see/read anything displayed behind it!
    Other than that, it looks good – upscaling at source appears to be much better than upscaling in the TV.

  153. Brian Damage Says:

    I must disagree. There’s was no way that was merely upscaled.

    And “Chamber of Secrets” is listed on the HD schedule for next Saturday, so Harry Potter is not Sky only.

    Similarly Casino Royale on now – without question HD. And again, they’ve switched off the DOG ! Hurray for ITV!

    (Only thing is, the picture is still breaking up from time to time)

  154. SupaHD Says:

    wow… Im watching Casino Royale right now in non-freesat mode WOW, It looks and sounds fantastic. Not quite 5.1 Dolby surround, its still in 2.0 but hey I a’int complaining!

  155. Oyodi Says:

    Just done a non freesat retune and now have ITV HD on 10000 . Fantastic

  156. Shane Says:

    The bond movie was not in HD. upscaled only. In the name of the father was in HD. Itv seem to put the ITV1HD dog onscreen for HD material only, similar to CH4HD,

  157. Neil Says:

    They had the DOG on some SD stuff going out this morning as well, Dickenson’s Real Deal wasn’t in HD but the DOG had appeared! I also notice they’ve sorted the lip-sync out today as it was way out by nearly 750mS on Friday, seems to have been pulled back in step with the video now.

  158. Richard Crichton Says:

    @153 Brain Damage
    Casino Royale was upscaled no question as was Harry Potter. There was no red button for either film.
    The ITV HD schedule has been wrong many times before so we will have to wait and see on that one.

  159. Dave Says:

    ITV HD can currenty be viewed continally on non-freesat 10000 and 10001

  160. Russ Says:

    With the imminent launch of ITV1 HD, has anyone else noticed a improvement in picture quality on BBC HD, or is it just my imagination ? I watched a programme hosted by Richard Hammond yesterday and the picture seemed really sharp. Footage of a dolphin swimming in slow motion was excellent quality. I am sure the bbc must have made some changes. It would be interesting to see if others share my opinion.

  161. derek500 Says:

    This is becoming a major issue!! We get people watching upscaled SD on ITV HD believing it to be HD and others watching HD on BBC, believing it’s upscaled SD.

    I have no problem at all differentiating between upscaled and HD in an instant.

    I can only assume people’s TV settings and/or viewing distance are at fault.

  162. Richard Crichton Says:

    ITV1 HD will be mostly upscaled with the occasional HD shows which are the ones on the present red button service. I actually watched the Coronation Street omnibus yesterday just because it was upscaled. I haven’t watched CS in 20 years.
    PS Anyone know if Gail Tilsley is a murderer :-)

  163. Ste Rush Says:

    162 Richard
    Strangely I too checked out the upscaled version whilst CS was on and I don’t know about you but if this is the quality we will be mostly seeing I will be more than happy.

    PS I think Ivy did it!

  164. Andrew Says:

    Hi All

    Just to let you know ITV1 HD is currently available for free on Other Satellite Channels, channel numbers 397 and 398. If your Freesat receiver is able to scan channels from other satellite sources such the Humax and Panasonic HD equipment (free channel scan may take over 30mins) you can now watch many ITV1 broadcasts in HD. A short-term fix until it is available via Freesat directly.

  165. avit_now Says:

    164 Andrew

    cheers mate your all heart

  166. Derek B Says:

    Hi Andrew, do you mean in non-freesat mode, chan397 & 398?

  167. Freddy Says:


    I would say that if people are watching upscaled ITV thinking that it’s HD then their settings and viewing distance must be nigh on perfect, and assuming that they’re watching BBC HD using the same settings and from the same position and wondering if it’s upscaled then that speaks volumes for BBC HD’s current quality.

  168. derek500 Says:

    @164 What are the many ITV broadcasts you can watch in HD?

  169. Paul D- Says:

    Derek, there are many ITV HD broadcasts, as you well know.

    Let’s just look at a brief list:

    – 40 Football matches per season, including the FA CUP final and the Champions League Final and England internationals (even a Brazil match the other day).

    – The upcoming world cup, exclusively in HD on BBC and ITV. Bet sky are smarting over that!

    – Many decent films, for example the whole star wars saga

    – Many flagship dramas like the bill, wild at heart, Doc Martin, The Royal, and of course all the mini series like Collision and Unforgiven

    Why do people still insist on claiming ITV HD don’t show anything? They have been showinga ll that while it was a red button service. Imagine the improvement now.

    ITV1 HD will be britains most watched HD channel. Just wait til it shows BGT and X Factor in HD. SKY1 HD would kill for such figures.

  170. Andrew Says:

    Hi Derek B

    Yes, can also be called non-Freesat mode or Other Satellite. With my Humax PVR and Panasonic G10, ITV1 HD is shown on channels 397 and 398. Most of the broadcasts seem to be in HD, but I haven’t spent all day watching?

  171. Peter Says:

    With the current debacle of the programme descriptions on ITV1 HD, I today made formal complaints to ITV and Ofcom about the misleading information.

    If people have not been reading about this, the programme synopses on Freeview 51 used to differentiate between SD material broadcast without digital enhancement (‘SD’), those that had been digitally enhanced during the upscaling process to give extra picture detail (“Remastered HD”) and native HD (“HD”). Since the start of anonymous transmissions of the full time Freesat HD service in advance of the formal launch 2 April, these distinctions have disappeared and only “HD” is now used.

    The upshot of this is that currently ITV1 HD are claiming that new native HD productions like “The Bill” and old repeats like the afternoon “Rosemary and Thyme” are both HD programmes.

    Even more confusing, films blanked out and replaced by the “This programme is not available on ITV1 HD” graphic on Freeview 51 are being shown on the satellite transmissions (non-Freesat mode with the channel names 10000 and 10001). The claims these are in HD but the Red Button flag does not appear on Freesat 103 which would confirm this.

    I will let you know the responses I get.

  172. Alan M Says:

    Why don’t people just let Derek500 ramble on we know what we like and all for the price of tv licence Sky do not broadcast full HD only 720,

  173. SupaHD Says:

    Im confused, im kinda new on here… What is the difference between upscaled remastered HD and native HD. I mean picture quality) I have watched many HD programmes on BBC HD, even some movies that where on over christmas,Casino Royale more than matched BBC HD broadcasts even though (apparantly) Casino Royale was not HD. I just thought that to get a HD quality picture they just increased the strength of the signal… like maybe what sky does?! Last week I streamed Hurt Locker in HD through my xbox 360. I had the option to download this (file size was 8-9GB) yet again Casino Royale trumped it in picture quality.

  174. derek500 Says:

    @ 172 All UK HD is broadcast in 1080i. No channels use 720p.

  175. derek500 Says:

    @ Paul I was referring to this comment

    “Just to let you know ITV1 HD is currently available for free on Other Satellite Channels, channel numbers 397 and 398. If your Freesat receiver is able to scan channels from other satellite sources such the Humax and Panasonic HD equipment (free channel scan may take over 30mins) you can now watch many ITV1 broadcasts in HD. A short-term fix until it is available via Freesat directly”

    There is no more HD being broadcast than is currently offered through red button. Especially the “You can now watch many ITV1 broadcasts in HD” comment, Implying you couldn’t before.

  176. Paul S Watts Says:

    Are any other Freesat users / supporters / mere interested passers by sick to death of the negativity “wash” oozing from Derek500?

    I am not sure what his agenda is – his mission is – his motivation is – his employment status etc. etc

    Either way, his irritation level is massively high and so unimaginatively non productive that his presence on the forum is totally irrelevent.

    I intend to, and I would hope others will do the same, totally ignore further postings from him and not bother wasting time with debate or arguing the toss with one who is clearly on a mission that has a such a downer on our chosen platform.

    Go away and stop wasting my time

  177. Paul S Watts Says:


    I have suddenly realised that I have fallen into Dork500’s trap – I have massaged his ego and started a potential debate about him etc.

    I apologise to all and sundry [but not Dork] and will in future just not view his posts or make any comment whatsoever and trust others will do the same.

    Kind regards all other Freesat SUPPORTERS

  178. derek500 Says:

    So if someone says something that’s not true, it shouldn’t be corrected?

    Sky do not broadcast at 720p, they use 1080i. Fact.

    You can not watch more ITV programmes in HD on the test channels than you can via red button. Fact.

  179. Al Catraz Says:

    did somebody say something?

    don’t worry Paul, you’re mostly in good company!

  180. admin Says:

    Please keep this post on topic otherwise I’ll have to close it which doesn’t benefit anyone. :)

  181. Richard Crichton Says:

    Married Single Other was terribly bad last night with the picture breaking up into blocks both on the red button and non freesat test. It’s about time ITV got their act together. They have had long enough now.

  182. Matt Says:

    We may not be able to watch more Programs filmed in HD via the test channels, but we can watch programs upscaled to 1080i HD. Its already been pointed out that lots of people are more than happy with this. I was very impressed with the upscaled to HD Harry Potter at the weekend.
    I don’t mind people paying (Derek) £500 to Sky a year, they should not worry so much about us watching our Free Satellite TV.

    Mostly on Topic I think.

  183. wezo Says:

    On topic! Great news that ITVHD is becoming a full time channel.

    In regards to derek 500 we continualy hear negativety in regards to the Freesat format.Im just wondering out of interest would he be so kind as to make a list of the positives that he feels freesat has to offer. (if at all any)!

  184. Alex Says:

    The highest format of high definition TV broadcast in the UK is 1080i, with Sky+HD supporting both this and the( 720p HD format.) Each HD channel chooses which format is best for their programmes, MOST of sky is 720p

  185. derek500 Says:

    @184 None of Sky HD is broadcast in 720p. Where are you getting this info from?

  186. Alex Says:

    That was of the SKY WEB SITE

  187. derek500 Says:

    @ 186 The website says it supports both 1080i and 720p but up to now it’s only broadcast in 1080i.

  188. Richard Crichton Says:

    What has this got to do with ITV 1 HD launching in April?

  189. rodders Says:

    What’s going on??? Sd vs upscalled SD vs HD (1080i or 720p) is all specification madness. Surely the question is….. does the picture quality on ITV Red Button or the ITV HD test channel (10000/10001) look better than ITV1 SD.

    IMHO, very often the PQ is excellent, on many occasions much better, sometimes little different. I expect this to be the case as the source material is always variable. Outside broadcast, studio, new film, old film or repeated series on videotape.

    For example for me as opposed to post 181 Married, Single, Other was better than SD on Freeview and Freesat. I did not suffer any picture breakup either.

    So I for one am looking forward to the ITV HD service and BBC HD hopefully giving us extended programming as well.

  190. derek500 Says:

    @ 188 “What has this got to do with ITV 1 HD launching in April”

    I’ve got no idea, you’ll have to ask Alan M why he mentioned it in #172

    @ 189 “Married, Single, Other was better than SD on Freeview and Freesat. I did not suffer any picture breakup either.”

    So it should be. It’s broadcast in native HD.

  191. rodders Says:

    190 re my 189 How do you know that M,S,O, was broadcast in native HD? Where is this information available from?

  192. zed - fetch the gimp... Says:

    This is an informative and very useful website..ruined in part by some really childish and nerdy one up (scale) manship

    p.s. Technisat constantly freezing up/breaking up on ITV1 HD test transmission…

  193. Matt Says:

    rodders, click on the ITV HD logo top left and you will see MSO is on it a couple of times.

  194. derek500 Says:

    @190 As the full time channel is only testing, there still should have been the red button prompt on 103.

    The previous episodes have all been in HD.

    Doesn’t the Freesat EPG indicate HD? If you set to record next week’s you should get the option of SD or HD.

  195. C14R4N Says:

    @194 derek500. As you are unaware of whether the Freesat EPG has this, I assume that you dont have Freesat and imagine you have Sky. If you do have Sky, why are you bothering us on a FREESAT forum?

  196. Tony Powell Says:

    Just tried it on my Mac, coupled up to an EyeTV 310. I was able to watch ITV HD as a stand alone channel before, but had to mess around with the sound settings. I now have the original on 11428 and the new one on 10832 H/ 22000.

    It is showing up as H.264, 1440×1080, 10.82 Mbps, 25 fps and the sound works fine.

  197. jason Says:

    Tony thanks for your post – I’ll try those settings on my PC :)

  198. Paul D Says:


    You have posed a good question. One i have put to derek many times, but he never replies.

    A better question is how Derek subscribes to sky when he lives in Valencia, Spain.

    Fortunately his full contact details are online so I have let sky know all about him. Whether they can trace him or not I don’t know.

  199. Richard Crichton Says:

    @189 190 192
    Re MSO picture breaking up. It seems this may have been confined to the Technisat HDFS as 192 zed has reported the same problem.

  200. pl45 Says:

    @199, not just Technisat – am watching on my Humax HDR recorded from red button on 103 & lots of breakup

  201. C14R4N Says:

    @198 Paul D.
    Glad I’m not the only one tired of this. He seems uninterested in Freesat doing well and adding more services and more interested in Sky adding more services and slowing down Freesat’s growth.

  202. admin Says:

    Ok, comments have gone off topic enough now and the subject has been discussed; we’ll post again when ITV1 HD actually launches so you can discuss further, but for now, comments on this post are closed.

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