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Dec 14 2010

ITV1+1 is now testing FTA (free-to-air), which means a launch is imminent; 11th January 2011 to be precise according to our source inside the UK broadcaster.

It seems a number of frequencies are being used to test at present, which are the regional variants needed to match those available on ITV1.

ITV1+1 is a time-shift version of ITV1, allowing viewers the chance to catch any missed programmes an hour later. The channel had planned to launch in October 2009, but it was put on hold until now.

If you want to check out the test broadcasts, simply change your settings to ‘non-freesat’ mode and search frequency 10891 22000 H (named 10145).

We are expecting ITV1+1 to fit nicely in channel slot 112 when launched.

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95 Responses to “ITV1+1 Testing, Launching Soon”

  1. Dave Says:

    Delighted to see this, and all the other planned and potential developments around Freesat


  2. Wouter Says:

    I guess only the SD version and not ITV 1 HD +1?

    If that is the case, it is still pretty useless to me as I really want to see the HD variation on a big telly.


  3. Shaun Says:

    lot of the content gets repeated (if not later in teh week on the same channel) on ITV2, etc… which in turn gets repeated on ITV2+1, etc….

    rather have new channels, than +1 channels.


  4. Steve Says:

    A very handy addition if you have a recording clash and can’t record the first placing though.


  5. Phil Says:

    10145, 22/000, H = ‘No Signal’
    Guess its low power test?


  6. satom Says:

    try 10891 H and 10906 V instead there are several versions with IDs like the one admin used as frq – central, meridian ao and stv 1+1. There is UTV with 1+1 epg as well but showing real time UTV atm


  7. Dan Says:

    Good Times, As No.4 (steve) Said, if you have a recording clash its handy!


  8. satom Says:

    as of 9th dec they were: in non freesat all on the two tps mentioned show itv 1+1 resp. stv +1 progs. Ive read there are some behind the $ky curtain on other tps …

    (10125 utv no +1)
    10145 central
    10155 london
    10225 stv
    10255 granada
    10265 meridian


  9. liz Says:

    @ 1. Dave … I agree! .. everything added to Freesat is most welcome! :o)


  10. Neil Says:

    I personally find +1’s very useful as in effect it can give you two versions of the same channel if you are simply channel-hopping to find something interesting to watch. I watch C4+1 pretty frequently if there’s something on more interesting an hour earlier.


  11. Russ Dring Says:

    It is a really good idea to time-shift however, it would be much better to use one of the frequencies to transmit the correct regional varient of our local ITV 1, which is Anglia West, not Anglia East, so that we are able to get more “local “news to match the terrestrial output.


  12. Paul. Says:

    I used to be very scathing about the point of +1 channels, and moaned about how they were a total waste of bandwidth. Until I started to use them. Now I find them most useful.


  13. Justin Says:


    Totally agreed, as I don’t have a PVR I generally watch the +1 channels when I get in from work.


  14. Yukseek Says:

    Another free channel is always a good thing !


  15. Neal Says:

    What’s the point of ITV1+1 does anyone watch ITV anyway. Cannot remember the last time I watched ITV. It’s full of complete and total celebrity c-rap and brain dead soaps.


  16. Tony Says:

    This is fantastic news. Sick of great programmes clashing at the same time. With +1 this should sort this problem out . Well done ITV ! SD is good for me..


  17. monkeymaniac Says:

    @ 15

    Totaly agree with Neal, not much to watch on ITV realy, as for celebrity TV, I won’t post what im thinking about that on here, might get a slap on the knuckles.


  18. JayW Says:

    Does anyone really look at the +1 channels. I have never spoken to anyone that has used them.
    It would be better if the bandwidth was used for new channels especially as it was reported a while ago that there was no room for C4 HD on Freesat. Delete all the +1 channels and there would more than adequate bands available.

    AnyChannel +1? – what an utter and total waste


  19. satom Says:

    I like them, I use them, I need them


  20. admin Says:


    You must not speak to many television watchers as +1 channels are very popular. The key benefits are suiting more viewers availability, and also those that record a lot of programmes at the same time, as timeshift channels at least give you that ability to delay recording an hour so you can get everything you want on today’s twin tuner limiting PVR’s.

    It has never been the case that bandwidth is the cause for C4 HD not being on Freesat, nor is it likely that even if space was available, that those broadcasters leasing it would simply give/sell it to a rival broadcaster to allow them more exposure.


  21. Froggie Says:

    Good news. I use the +1 channels often as I’m always tuning in just as something I wanted to watch, but forgot about, is ending.


  22. Tony Says:

    @ monkeymaniac & Neal.

    How can you knock ITV when they pull in the biggest audience figures of any uk channel. Yes you might not like what they show but you can always switch over rather than slate them . For me and many others they do a fantastic job !


  23. BSJA Says:

    What about itv player?


  24. Mike Bannister Says:

    Really good to have ITV+1 often on my humax HDR i get a clash often at 21:00 when i want to be able to record 2 or 3 programmes. I would prefer ITV HD +1 but this is a start. The late 2010 has brought some good additions to Freesat, now lets hope early 2011 brings us some goodies too – ITV Player maybe???


  25. Neil Says:

    So far only broadcasters with single digit percentage reaches have a +1 timeshift variant. ITV (with it’s 20% UK broadcasting share) will, I guess, do very well out of the +1 and could easily see it gaining high viewing figures during peak time viewing for those wanting to watch episodes of Coronation St etc they missed due to arriving home late or during other programme clashes.

    Whist ITV has shown lots of cheap low-rate programmes in the past they are working on improving their output with a few more documentaries and factual programmes now making their way on to schedules. Either way it’s a popular channel, just look at the 20m+ viewers who tuned in for the final of the X Factor! ITV1+1 will also allow ITV to sell advertising at a premium based on extra viewing figures combined.

    There’s simply no bandwidth to start doing HD+1 variants, even Sky don’t do those!


  26. Jill Says:


    ITV player will be with us during the first half of 2010 !

    See FAQ No. 3


  27. Shaun Says:


    first half of 2010 – did it not mean 2011 ? perhaps a typo


  28. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Now that ITV 1 abandon proper programmes around midnight with the ‘Zone’ I can see ITV 1 +1 giving us an extra hour of worthwhile TV.

    Come to think about it I do not watch much of ITV 1’s output as I tend to prefer the BBC and Channel 4. I do watch ITV 3 and 4 (and the +1 variants) on a regular basis.


  29. Neil Says:

    Kevin, I agree that ‘The Zone’ isn’t exactly riveting but there are a lot of things people will watch during peak time viewing on it’s new +1. For me personally I tend to watch more Channel 4 but do dip in and out of ITV for certain shows if I’m at home.

    Depending on what Richard Desmond decides to do in regards Channel 5’s future strategy they may be next to look at a +1 variant too.


  30. monkeymaniac Says:

    @ 22

    I take it your a reality fan then or something. My point is, surley there is some brains at ITV who can put there heads together and spend there money on something different now & then and not just depend on rip off phone in reality shows and soaps to pull in an audience, GIVE PEOPLE CHOICE Thats all we ask. Roll on Doc Martin, if it comes. Look at what happen to Primeval, as far as I remember it was very good viewing and what did ITV do, scraped it because it was to exspensive to make. I know you can’t please everyone, but at least try some new avenue & meet in the middle. I don’t watch much TV because running my website takes up most of my time and I make effort to do as much as I can to keep everyone happy with something new & different, and it works.

    Tony you are your right, just switch over channels.


  31. ian Says:

    I agree that +1 channels are very usefull, but on a limited space platform like Freeview, it is more than a waste of space, but on Freesat, you don’t have that very tight amount of space to fit the channels into, ive been watching the ITV1+1 Central channel in Non-Freesat Mode for around 10 days now or so, and im glad that ITV have got this going finally, it will be a very good channel to have.
    As for a few comments around what ITV chucks out, yes, at times, ITV1 is pox, but they do have a few gems worth watching, like the Frost ive got on now, gutted that its not in HD as some of the trailers have said, but oh’well, not to bad in upscaled HD!
    Admin, why would ITV1HD not be moved further up the EPG instead of after ITV4+1? its a little odd dont you think?!!


  32. ian Says:

    LCN’s 111 and 112 are avalible, why not use them!!


  33. admin Says:

    I’d agree it would make more sense for ITV1HD to be at channel position 111, and then ITV1+1 at 112, followed by the rest, but we don’t know whether any slots have been allocated and paid for by the broadcasters. We shall see, there might be a shuffle around come launch date.


  34. Neil Says:

    I guess Freesat have reserved slots for future broadcasters although I would have thought LCN 112 would have been alloted to ITV1HD back in April, this will probably be now used for ITV1+1 in Jan. I guess Freesat have plans for a channel to eventually occupy LCN 111 (C4HD maybe?) and think they’ve done the best thing holding back slots to keep the EPG uniform in fashion, unlike the mess Sky’s has become!


  35. AlexR Says:

    Monkeymaniac @#30 – New Series of Primeval commissioned – broadcasting in early 2011 –


  36. satom Says:

    sory offtopic but since the bbc is one parent of feesat… just read that:

    “Sir Michael Lyons, the outgoing chairman of the BBC Trust, has said that commercial rivals such as Sky and ITV should have the right to comment on how well the BBC is performing.”

    oh yes that worked sooooooo well for berlusconi, italian democracy and the rai, didn’t it? Not the first time I doubt he woks and speaks FOR the benefit of the bbc and her viewers/listeners. An educated guess who will be this “bbc trusty”‘s next emoloyer? guesses anyone?


  37. satom Says:

    and another sorry – my keyboard eats r-s


  38. ian Says:

    Surely it would make common sence for ITV1HD to go to 111, with ITV1+1 at 112, freeing up 119 for Channel4HD, that would be the more common sence thing to do, as mentioned above, we don’t want the Freesat EPG to become like the poor excuse $$$ky has for an EPG now with its jumbled up mess or tosh and HD channels all over the gaff!
    I guess we can hope that Freesat are having a butchers through this thread and see!


  39. ian Says:

    The BBC (mis)Trust boss should not be some fat cat ponce on a qyater of a mill a year to ‘represent what the licence fee payer wants’ it should be made up of the viewing licence fee paying public!! rant over


  40. Jon Says:

    Does anyone here still think we are going to get C4HD? This channel was launched 3 years ago, I have now given up hope. If Freeview HD was available in my area I would be on it like a shot. Getting really frustrated by the lack of news.


  41. Ross Says:

    @Phil #5

    10145, 22/000, H = ‘No Signal’
    Guess its low power test?

    Nope – full power bud. There are 3 ITV1 +1 labels on this freq. (10145 / 10155 / 10225)


  42. ian Says:

    If you go to you will see all of the avalible ITV1+1 channels that are FTA and what the frequency’s are!


  43. Neil Says:

    #40 – Jon; C4HD WILL happen, it’s just a case of when. I’m very confident there will be positive movement on this in the new year, we don’t know what the position is with the BBC bandwidth on offer but I’m sure that if that is going to come off then it will appear sooner rather than later.

    I really want to see C4HD too but as most others say, it’s just a case of sitting and waiting. I’m also confident that longer term Freesat has capacity for far more HD services than Freeview and await the day when everyone starts moaning that some HD services available FTA via Satellite aren’t on Freeview!


  44. mediaman Says:

    There should be plenty of room for Channel 4 HD if the rumours about BBC3 and 4 that will be plastered in the papers today are true. Both are facing the axe by the BBC Trust. Personally I think a merger between the 2 is more likely. Still ITV +1 and STV +1 will be a welcome addition on Freesat a bit of a waste on Freeview what with the lack of space and of course STV 2 is rumoured for Scotland next year I just wish they would get STV HD on Freesat as my box can’t pick it up in Non Freesat. Freesat’s getting better and better and next year should be a good year for all.

    Merry Christmas all (I know it’s a bit early but I am officially on holiday now)


  45. Jon Says:

    It doesn’t matter how much extra room there is for C4HD, they just don’t seem to be interested in joining Freesat.

    When Freesat were previously asked if C4HD would ever join and all you got was “We are working on bringing extra HD channels, watch this space” or Emma Scott in April this year on this site “I’m confident that there will be positive news on the HD front soon” and then a bit later in the interview “we will have as many HD channels as Freeview once 4HD joins”. Again giving the impression the C4HD is coming soon. 8 months later nothing.

    Now when asked about C4HD Freesat have changed their line, its “we’d love C4 HD to join the line-up alongside our 3 brilliant HD channels, and we’ll keep encouraging them! Best to ask C4.” I think this subtle change speaks volumes. Especially when they give the same answer for when Dave will be coming.


  46. Mediaman Says:

    Dave would never be on Freesat for a number of reasons and the channel itself may not be on Freeview in the near future as many people within the media are suggesting they are looking for an encryption deal with SKY. Dave to me is nothing but repeats of Top Gear abd heavily censored programming most of which is available uncut on the BBC with the odd cheap new programmes thrown in. Apart from the 3 part red dwarf episode there is nothing on there you can’t get elsewhere. Many like the channel but I for one won’t miss it.


  47. Jon Says:

    Yeah i know it’s probably never coming but Freesat gave the same answer for C4HD as Dave so I reckon C4HD is the same.

    All i want for my HD TV viewing is the main terrestrial channels, I think it’s shocking that in order to get these I have to pay Sky or Virgin.


  48. Jools Says:

    Rather itv pulled there fingers out and sorted the itvplayer for freesat. Looks like it will be available on the ps3 now before freesat


  49. satom Says:

    makes me wonder … is the job description of the bbc trust something like

    we trust you with the destruction of the bbc as we know it?


  50. .123. Says:


  51. Richard Crichton Says:

    @44 mediaman
    Don’t think they are true.
    BBC Three have just appointed a new controller. Why would they bother if they are closing it.


  52. GaseousClay Says:

    <quote Jools: Rather itv pulled there fingers out and sorted the itvplayer for freesat. Looks like it will be available on the ps3 now before freesat.

    Not will be, is… as of yesterday


  53. Mediaman Says:

    51# I still think a merger between both channels is more likely rather than a cull of both. BBC 3 has invested in several new projects including a documentary about Iraq where as BBC 4 has not invested in anything for a while.


  54. Jon Says:

    Bbc4 produces loads of fantastic programs all the time? What have you been sniffing?


  55. satom Says:

    Drama featuring writer Douglas Adams’s holistic detective Dirk Gently
    Thriller based on Henning Mankell’s novel. DS Kurt Wallander
    Pulp at Glastonbury 1995
    The story of musician, producer, record industry mogul and artist Herb Alpert
    Reichenbach Falls – Drama based on a short story by Ian Rankin
    The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
    The Truth About Christmas Carols

    just to name some interesting BBC 4 progs until sunday, not all my cup of tea but certainly better thanb some rich guy telling some crwaling lickers they are fired or to show how dusty your house is or to fight your personal fights in front of a tv audience – called reality entertainment and beeing the heart of ITV and 5s progs …


  56. satom Says:

    cutting BBC 4 and 5 would lower the intelligence level of british tv by at least 50%


  57. satom Says:

    sorry and 5 was a typo – bbc three has fewer pearls, more the mass entertaiment channel on ITV and 5 level …


  58. Neil Says:

    We’re getting a bit off topic here folks…

    ITV Player will be here shortly, I believe it’s currently testing and Jon, as far as I’m aware, the position on C4HD has not changed since last Month unless I’ve missed something? Lets not go over the whole “lack of HD” moaning again, believe me the best things come to those who wait!!


  59. Mediaman Says:

    Jon Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    Bbc4 produces loads of fantastic programs all the time? What have you been sniffing?

    My neighbour works closely with the BBC especially BBC 4 their budget is being cut relying more on buy in programming and repeats from other BBC channels and are apparently 2nd in line to be cut first being CBBC. Although at the moment nothing is certain concerning the channels and no major decisions wil happen (if any) until later next year.


  60. satom Says:

    cutting cbbc as well? No free or affordable schools. Less education in creative and social skills and without cbbc children only have the american crap at citv and cie to watch and learn from? Brave new world …


  61. admin Says:

    That’s Conservatives for you; it’s as if Maggy never left, but this time they can just blame the Libs for everything. CON-DEMS!


  62. satom Says:

    don’t tell anyone but maggy never really left, she dr.whoed into a person known as T.B. … (better lets stop that now …)


  63. satom Says:

    honestly what kind of minds would want to watch celebrity grimefighters instead of a good satire, comedy, movie, quiz or variety show??? Have the public already that dumbded down?


  64. Neil Says:

    I think there’s plenty of other areas the beeb can save on before cutting domestic output. Now they have to fund the World Service I’d rather see that cut back, e.g all the different language strands they broadcast to different territories.

    Savings can also be made at S4C with possible BBC co-location and shared resources, I really hope they don’t close BBC3 and 4 or the childrens channels as the beeb are simply playing directly in to Murdoch’s demands!

    This (Conservative led) Government seem just as bad as the last in destroying our broadcasting heritage. Something tells me though that they won’t get back in by the next election although that’s 4.5yrs away!


  65. satom Says:

    Following the new commercial wisdom of selling all the assets for shorttime cashflow surplus (as ITV shows the way) the sell out of the world service(s) has been announced some days ago as well …

    And S4c was another thing the bbc has bent over and accepted although that is a loose loose situation for wales and the bbc …


  66. ian Says:

    @Mediaman, im sorry pal, but are you for real, or just having one long laugh as you post this stuff!!! Dave is already encrypted on $$$ky, its one of them channels that is locked on a pay deal with sky, but free on a Freeview box, and will stay that way, avalible on Freeview!!
    As for BBC Three and BBC Four being shut down, everyone forgets, this ‘report’ came from a newspaper that is owned by….. wait for it…. uncle rupert $$$, who hates the BBC, so do you really think this ‘report’ is as acurate as it would love you to believe, no no no!! i read it, and its got so many holes it, it looked like a tramps vest… after it had been worn as a pair of shreddys!!
    No merge, no close down of them both, just pure and simple bull-

    How would a channel aimed at the 16-34 year old, and a channel for the viewer who wants more deeper style show merge! be serious!!! :-/


  67. liz Says:

    saw an ad on ITV last night .. said ITV+1 is launching 11.01.11


  68. conor mcdermott Says:

    I think this plus one channel should of been givin to ulster tv for there hd channel or to channel 4 or 5 for there hd channels instead of itv on freesat or five usa or fiver or dave to launch on freesat


  69. admin Says:

    @conor mcdermott

    ITV are hardly going to give up frequency space on 2D to a rival broadcaster; it is all broadcasters responsibility to ensure they have leased enough space from SES; of which Five can be blamed for missing a number of opportunities in the past. It has nothing to do with Freesat space, everyone is entitled to join Freesat, as they are only buying a EPG channel slot.

    Dave is subscription only on satellite via Sky, so couldn’t be available on Freesat; not as an FTA service anyway.


  70. ian Says:

    Another one who thinks Freeview and Freesat are the same!!
    ‘can we have daaaave….. its on freeview’!!


  71. satom Says:

    oh yes and can I please have sky news on freesat and all in hd of course – and since I don’t need +1 ones no one needs to get them and my social skilled and community common sensed mind gives erveryone who has no PVR or some such the sound advice: “Buy a PVR. ”


  72. mediaman Says:

    Dave is already encrypted on $$$ky, its one of them channels that is locked on a pay deal with sky, but free on a Freeview box, and will stay that way, avalible on Freeview!!

    Except channels that appear on Freeview that are encrypted are at lower cost and would be offered more if they went exclusive with SKY which many on the freeview platform are seriously considering next year due to the high price of the EPG fee and limited space available.


  73. Neil Says:

    On the subject of UKTV, it looks like Scripps Networks are interested in buying VM’s 50% half of the company it’s looking to dispose:

    Scripps own Food Network which is available on Freesat so maybe with a (half) change of senior ownership this could influence the availability of Dave on satellite platforms once their current encryption deal ends with Sky.

    Personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about with Dave. It’s a repeats channel for which I find quite boring when I’ve watched it as it shows the same shows over and over. If you like QI and Top Gear it’s great but not my cup of tea really….!


  74. satom Says:

    btw for ITV 1+1: if you only get the “for … reasons the … cannot be shown …” just switch to another regional outlet – one of them should always be on.

    “Today, the European Commission gave its unconditional clearance for News Corp’s bid to acquire the 61% of Sky that it does not already own.”

    So the door is wide open for Fox Views U.K. … happy new year(s) …
    soon the british public will be as i… all informed as the US one already is


  75. satom Says:

    The day before christman and no new updates. Seems there will be no lats minute christmas present for freesatters …

    A very merry christmas to all here and an big thanks fo the guys and girls at freesat for their work in 2010.

    And for the future we can at least trust in the BBC who’s news new trusty chair will host a big bottom next year with knowledge of and experience in public media and the needs of a public service, as you get it as investment banker, bp boss, economics school diector … you get the picture.

    “The new BBC Trust chair will be appointed on a four-year term with an annual salary of £110,000 for a three-to-four day working week”

    Thats the spirit of broadcasts future, isn’t it?


  76. Neil Says:

    Satom: You’ll not see any further updates until January as most broadcasters are well within their Christmas ‘lockdown’ period for a halt on changes. Don’t expect any updates or changes until at least the 4th Jan onwards.

    Merry Christmas everyone, especially to Admin who’s done a wonderful job keeping us up to date with Freesat’s developments this year. Lets hope for more good developments next year.


  77. Adrian Says:

    At long last Fantastic News, well done to itv,putting Itv+1 up for us all in Jan. Maybe the bbc could put bbc1+1 etc next? Why not,combine bbc3 + 4 together,and childrens bbc split with bbc2 for mornings and tea time programs!


  78. David Village Says:

    Found ITV 1 +1 but no sound on it


  79. satom Says:

    they sometimnes act a bit strange – switch froam another channel to the +1 in question or choose another region – there are a few on air by now. Some like London sometimes show message cards or test belts while others don’t.


  80. Llew Says:

    Don’t see why most people are so obsessed with HD. What do you watch programmes you don’t usually watch just because it’s in HD? Eventually most channels will go HD then it won’t be such a big deal.


  81. satom Says:

    UTV +1 now has stopped showing the real time UTV – replaced by UTV testcard … maybe there’s hope for UTV +1 after all …


  82. john Says:

    I hope that utv will launch a +1 next tuesday so some of northern ireland people can catch up on utv like emmerdale and coronation street


  83. conor mcdermott Says:

    UTV +1 should be postponed untill they put there hd channel on freesat then the month after that they can put+ 1 channel on freesat


  84. satom Says:

    +1 makes a lot more sense and is more helpful for more people than jumping on the HD / 3D hype waggon – and its commercialy sane


  85. andybell Says:

    John… best thing to do if you want ITV1+1 is to put in an English postcode, then use customise channels to get BBC1 NI and BBC2 NI back on 101 and 102. That’ll also give you ITV1 HD if you want it. Sounds like UTV are as much fun as STV!


  86. mediaman Says:

    STV have made a great deal with ITV and the STV1 +1 channel will go ahead officially and hopefully the HD channel as well. They have also gained extra transponder space. On a seperate issue it looks like ITV4+1 could be leaving SKY and remaining on freesat the reason from sources could be the launch of the electric sofa channels.

    If STV is so bad why did it’s +1 channel yesterday have Star Wars The Phantom on when ITV were not aloud to show it for legal reasons. Hopefully the legal issues with ITV’s programming will be sorted out before launch.


  87. satom Says:


    “UTV +1 launches at 8.00 pm tonight”

    We have made changes to improve your UTV experience
    Viewers on freeview will need to retune to receive our new service
    (:::) go to


  88. satom Says:

    website seems not online yet, no info about +1 either

    maybe the card is meant for tuesday night

    seems at least ulster viewers should be able to get +1 in non freesat mode

    stv shows “This is stv +1” loop

    background IDs haven’t been changed yet (still 10….)


  89. satom Says:

    yes the utv +1 card seems to be meant for tuesday night … lets see whats going to happen tomorrow …


  90. satom Says:

    testing in non freesat seems to be over – all +1 have switched to cards or loops (stv and utv seem to show a somewhat similar schedule slightly diferent to Itvs)

    lets see when & which are switched on their respective freesat IDs – all epg are running fro some time – even UTV +1 always showing the +1 schedule – great addiition for freesat users and a good start for 2011

    (then tomorrow lets get back to moaning and asking for more programs including dave and sky news and best in HD and 3D all at once and today of course )


  91. satom Says:

    itv 1+1 added at 112


  92. Update Scan – 11/01/11 | Join Freesat Says:
  93. Russ Dring Says:

    Panasonic with postcode po19 with ITV Meridian South as LCN 103, gives LCN112 as Meridian South East in HD.
    Humax with postcode PE1 with ITV Anglia (East) as LCN 103, gives LCN112 as Meridan South East in HD.


  94. satom Says:

    utv +1 is up and running :-)

    any one knows when stv hd will start on freesat now?


  95. Rob Says:

    ITV1+1 is very useful, the only problem I have with a Bush HD box is it asks for a postcode, then provides Central TV and not HTV West. with no way to edit to find the right ITV all very odd, I’m all for more +1 ‘s though and many more HD channels


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