ITV1+1 Testing, Launching Soon

ITV1+1 is now testing FTA (free-to-air), which means a launch is imminent; 11th January 2011 to be precise according to our source inside the UK broadcaster.

It seems a number of frequencies are being used to test at present, which are the regional variants needed to match those available on ITV1.

ITV1+1 is a time-shift version of ITV1, allowing viewers the chance to catch any missed programmes an hour later. The channel had planned to launch in October 2009, but it was put on hold until now.

If you want to check out the test broadcasts, simply change your settings to ‘non-freesat’ mode and search frequency 10891 22000 H (named 10145).

We are expecting ITV1+1 to fit nicely in channel slot 112 when launched.

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95 thoughts on “ITV1+1 Testing, Launching Soon”

  1. <quote Jools: Rather itv pulled there fingers out and sorted the itvplayer for freesat. Looks like it will be available on the ps3 now before freesat.

    Not will be, is… as of yesterday

  2. 51# I still think a merger between both channels is more likely rather than a cull of both. BBC 3 has invested in several new projects including a documentary about Iraq where as BBC 4 has not invested in anything for a while.

  3. Drama featuring writer Douglas Adams’s holistic detective Dirk Gently
    Thriller based on Henning Mankell’s novel. DS Kurt Wallander
    Pulp at Glastonbury 1995
    The story of musician, producer, record industry mogul and artist Herb Alpert
    Reichenbach Falls – Drama based on a short story by Ian Rankin
    The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
    The Truth About Christmas Carols

    just to name some interesting BBC 4 progs until sunday, not all my cup of tea but certainly better thanb some rich guy telling some crwaling lickers they are fired or to show how dusty your house is or to fight your personal fights in front of a tv audience – called reality entertainment and beeing the heart of ITV and 5s progs …

  4. sorry and 5 was a typo – bbc three has fewer pearls, more the mass entertaiment channel on ITV and 5 level …

  5. We’re getting a bit off topic here folks…

    ITV Player will be here shortly, I believe it’s currently testing and Jon, as far as I’m aware, the position on C4HD has not changed since last Month unless I’ve missed something? Lets not go over the whole “lack of HD” moaning again, believe me the best things come to those who wait!!

  6. Jon Says:
    December 16th, 2010 at 6:39 pm
    Bbc4 produces loads of fantastic programs all the time? What have you been sniffing?

    My neighbour works closely with the BBC especially BBC 4 their budget is being cut relying more on buy in programming and repeats from other BBC channels and are apparently 2nd in line to be cut first being CBBC. Although at the moment nothing is certain concerning the channels and no major decisions wil happen (if any) until later next year.

  7. cutting cbbc as well? No free or affordable schools. Less education in creative and social skills and without cbbc children only have the american crap at citv and cie to watch and learn from? Brave new world …

  8. don’t tell anyone but maggy never really left, she dr.whoed into a person known as T.B. … (better lets stop that now …)

  9. honestly what kind of minds would want to watch celebrity grimefighters instead of a good satire, comedy, movie, quiz or variety show??? Have the public already that dumbded down?

  10. I think there’s plenty of other areas the beeb can save on before cutting domestic output. Now they have to fund the World Service I’d rather see that cut back, e.g all the different language strands they broadcast to different territories.

    Savings can also be made at S4C with possible BBC co-location and shared resources, I really hope they don’t close BBC3 and 4 or the childrens channels as the beeb are simply playing directly in to Murdoch’s demands!

    This (Conservative led) Government seem just as bad as the last in destroying our broadcasting heritage. Something tells me though that they won’t get back in by the next election although that’s 4.5yrs away!

  11. Following the new commercial wisdom of selling all the assets for shorttime cashflow surplus (as ITV shows the way) the sell out of the world service(s) has been announced some days ago as well …

    And S4c was another thing the bbc has bent over and accepted although that is a loose loose situation for wales and the bbc …

  12. @Mediaman, im sorry pal, but are you for real, or just having one long laugh as you post this stuff!!! Dave is already encrypted on $$$ky, its one of them channels that is locked on a pay deal with sky, but free on a Freeview box, and will stay that way, avalible on Freeview!!
    As for BBC Three and BBC Four being shut down, everyone forgets, this ‘report’ came from a newspaper that is owned by….. wait for it…. uncle rupert $$$, who hates the BBC, so do you really think this ‘report’ is as acurate as it would love you to believe, no no no!! i read it, and its got so many holes it, it looked like a tramps vest… after it had been worn as a pair of shreddys!!
    No merge, no close down of them both, just pure and simple bull-

    How would a channel aimed at the 16-34 year old, and a channel for the viewer who wants more deeper style show merge! be serious!!! :-/

  13. I think this plus one channel should of been givin to ulster tv for there hd channel or to channel 4 or 5 for there hd channels instead of itv on freesat or five usa or fiver or dave to launch on freesat

  14. @conor mcdermott

    ITV are hardly going to give up frequency space on 2D to a rival broadcaster; it is all broadcasters responsibility to ensure they have leased enough space from SES; of which Five can be blamed for missing a number of opportunities in the past. It has nothing to do with Freesat space, everyone is entitled to join Freesat, as they are only buying a EPG channel slot.

    Dave is subscription only on satellite via Sky, so couldn’t be available on Freesat; not as an FTA service anyway.

  15. oh yes and can I please have sky news on freesat and all in hd of course – and since I don’t need +1 ones no one needs to get them and my social skilled and community common sensed mind gives erveryone who has no PVR or some such the sound advice: “Buy a PVR. “

  16. Dave is already encrypted on $$$ky, its one of them channels that is locked on a pay deal with sky, but free on a Freeview box, and will stay that way, avalible on Freeview!!

    Except channels that appear on Freeview that are encrypted are at lower cost and would be offered more if they went exclusive with SKY which many on the freeview platform are seriously considering next year due to the high price of the EPG fee and limited space available.

  17. On the subject of UKTV, it looks like Scripps Networks are interested in buying VM’s 50% half of the company it’s looking to dispose:

    Scripps own Food Network which is available on Freesat so maybe with a (half) change of senior ownership this could influence the availability of Dave on satellite platforms once their current encryption deal ends with Sky.

    Personally I don’t know what all the fuss is about with Dave. It’s a repeats channel for which I find quite boring when I’ve watched it as it shows the same shows over and over. If you like QI and Top Gear it’s great but not my cup of tea really….!

  18. btw for ITV 1+1: if you only get the “for … reasons the … cannot be shown …” just switch to another regional outlet – one of them should always be on.

    “Today, the European Commission gave its unconditional clearance for News Corp’s bid to acquire the 61% of Sky that it does not already own.”

    So the door is wide open for Fox Views U.K. … happy new year(s) …
    soon the british public will be as i… all informed as the US one already is

  19. The day before christman and no new updates. Seems there will be no lats minute christmas present for freesatters …

    A very merry christmas to all here and an big thanks fo the guys and girls at freesat for their work in 2010.

    And for the future we can at least trust in the BBC who’s news new trusty chair will host a big bottom next year with knowledge of and experience in public media and the needs of a public service, as you get it as investment banker, bp boss, economics school diector … you get the picture.

    “The new BBC Trust chair will be appointed on a four-year term with an annual salary of £110,000 for a three-to-four day working week”

    Thats the spirit of broadcasts future, isn’t it?

  20. Satom: You’ll not see any further updates until January as most broadcasters are well within their Christmas ‘lockdown’ period for a halt on changes. Don’t expect any updates or changes until at least the 4th Jan onwards.

    Merry Christmas everyone, especially to Admin who’s done a wonderful job keeping us up to date with Freesat’s developments this year. Lets hope for more good developments next year.

  21. At long last Fantastic News, well done to itv,putting Itv+1 up for us all in Jan. Maybe the bbc could put bbc1+1 etc next? Why not,combine bbc3 + 4 together,and childrens bbc split with bbc2 for mornings and tea time programs!

  22. they sometimnes act a bit strange – switch froam another channel to the +1 in question or choose another region – there are a few on air by now. Some like London sometimes show message cards or test belts while others don’t.

  23. Don’t see why most people are so obsessed with HD. What do you watch programmes you don’t usually watch just because it’s in HD? Eventually most channels will go HD then it won’t be such a big deal.

  24. UTV +1 now has stopped showing the real time UTV – replaced by UTV testcard … maybe there’s hope for UTV +1 after all …

  25. I hope that utv will launch a +1 next tuesday so some of northern ireland people can catch up on utv like emmerdale and coronation street

  26. UTV +1 should be postponed untill they put there hd channel on freesat then the month after that they can put+ 1 channel on freesat

  27. +1 makes a lot more sense and is more helpful for more people than jumping on the HD / 3D hype waggon – and its commercialy sane

  28. John… best thing to do if you want ITV1+1 is to put in an English postcode, then use customise channels to get BBC1 NI and BBC2 NI back on 101 and 102. That’ll also give you ITV1 HD if you want it. Sounds like UTV are as much fun as STV!

  29. STV have made a great deal with ITV and the STV1 +1 channel will go ahead officially and hopefully the HD channel as well. They have also gained extra transponder space. On a seperate issue it looks like ITV4+1 could be leaving SKY and remaining on freesat the reason from sources could be the launch of the electric sofa channels.

    If STV is so bad why did it’s +1 channel yesterday have Star Wars The Phantom on when ITV were not aloud to show it for legal reasons. Hopefully the legal issues with ITV’s programming will be sorted out before launch.

  30. @john

    “UTV +1 launches at 8.00 pm tonight”

    We have made changes to improve your UTV experience
    Viewers on freeview will need to retune to receive our new service
    (:::) go to

  31. website seems not online yet, no info about +1 either

    maybe the card is meant for tuesday night

    seems at least ulster viewers should be able to get +1 in non freesat mode

    stv shows “This is stv +1” loop

    background IDs haven’t been changed yet (still 10….)

  32. yes the utv +1 card seems to be meant for tuesday night … lets see whats going to happen tomorrow …

  33. testing in non freesat seems to be over – all +1 have switched to cards or loops (stv and utv seem to show a somewhat similar schedule slightly diferent to Itvs)

    lets see when & which are switched on their respective freesat IDs – all epg are running fro some time – even UTV +1 always showing the +1 schedule – great addiition for freesat users and a good start for 2011

    (then tomorrow lets get back to moaning and asking for more programs including dave and sky news and best in HD and 3D all at once and today of course )

  34. Panasonic with postcode po19 with ITV Meridian South as LCN 103, gives LCN112 as Meridian South East in HD.
    Humax with postcode PE1 with ITV Anglia (East) as LCN 103, gives LCN112 as Meridan South East in HD.

  35. ITV1+1 is very useful, the only problem I have with a Bush HD box is it asks for a postcode, then provides Central TV and not HTV West. with no way to edit to find the right ITV all very odd, I’m all for more +1 ‘s though and many more HD channels

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