ITV4+1 Now On Freesat EPG

ITV4+1 was added to the Freesat EPG today, accessible via channel 118 on your Freesat digital box; now only a few short of the 150 revised channel target by the end of the year.

We are still unsure of the reasons why ITV4+1 has taken so long to be added, but suspect that channels are being queued for inclusion and that was the first available slot.

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  1. I have just looked @ ITV4+1 on channel 118 and it has Police Camer Action.. and then i looked @ ITV4+1 on channel 975 it has The Paul O’Gradey Show.. so i am seeing Double?? whats going on here @ Freesat

  2. I just tuned in and there was a notice saying that for legal reasons they were unable to broadcast a programme that had previously been seen on ITV 4.

    What’s that all about?

  3. I’m with Fluff – Not literally. If they wanted to hit 150 channels or even 200, they could just have ITV4+2, ITV4+3 and why not go the whole the whole hog and have an ITV3,2+4

    +1’s are not additional channels, they are just repeaters. For my thinking, you could take out radio stations as well, and might as well exclude the shopping channels as nobody watches them.

  4. Yes! It has taken a long time, I hear it appeared on the $ky EPG a while ago.

    As commented elsewhere, it’s probably down to $ky’s Sloth like ‘configuration’ process, whatever that is? I’m sure Freesat issues are not currently number one on their list of priorities and things will be ‘dragged out’ as long as possible..

    It’s about time $ky cleared encrypted transponders 55 & 56 off Astra 2D and moved stuff around so we can have some space for more HD channels on there.
    In your dreams . .

  5. Same comment as Andrew Morris “There was a notice saying that for legal reasons they were unable to broadcast a program that had previously been seen on ITV 4.”

  6. Does anyone know if the BBC have any plans to adopt the ‘+1’ channels concept? BBC1&2 +1 would be fabulous!

  7. @ 5 and 8: Probably it was due to Liverpool – PSV game which was on ITV 4.
    Still I don’t understand why you have the right to broadcast a live game but not the right to broadcast the same one with 1 hour delay. Stupid when there is a thing called PVR and probably in the future most TVs will come with that or we will have one.

  8. Don’t ‘dis’ the +1 channels! lol

    They come in VERY handy when using a PVR. Because you can only record so many channels at one time (think of xmas coming up), it means you can subset to +1 channels. Of course because BBC do not have +1, I record them first, then +1 channels I use later on.

    note: BBC HD does have some repeats that you wouldn’t think of – i.e ….Cooking Made Easy.

  9. i like the +1 hour channels.i think itv 4 is the best free to air channel in this country.i would like to see clubland and flaunt added.does anyone know of any future channel plans?

  10. With everyone now kitting themselves out with satellite and terrestrial PVRs, why do we need the +1s? Most of the stuff on the +1s is made up of repeats anyway. PVR King could record 2 on Freesat, 2 on Freeview, and 1 on his old VCR. This might avoid ever having to watch anything, as it’s all in the can! And with PIP you can watch 2 channels at once. I started viewing when there was only one 405-line B&W channel, on air from 8pm to about 11pm – but how we enjoyed it!

  11. What Tony does not realise is that Freeview is not national. In our area in the NE of England we have no Freeview, DAB or even FM radio. The latter two we cover with internet radio, of course but we need Freeview for TV.

  12. Personally I think the ‘+’ channels are good intentioned (and a good idea, in principal) but not as useful as they could be.

    I’ve always thought that if I’ve missed a program, you’ve gotta be lucky enough to only ‘forget’ it for an hour max, else you’ve also missed it on the +1 version.

    Surely a +4hr would be more useful ….then the primetime 7pm-11pm could be padded out to 7pm-3am, giving much more versatility in recording/watching the decent stuff …..
    …..take it a further level….make it a +26hr channel (following day a few hours later on) and if you missed a program, everyone is talking about the next day at work, you could catch it that evening.

  13. There are currently 12 +1 channels on Astra 2D, that’s probably enough space for four HD channels.

    Note: Astra 2D has a narrow footprint (excludes most of mainland Europe) which excludes copyright issues for certain programme material hence removing restrictions.

    If you think the +1’s are for your benefit you are mistaken, they are simply a extremely cheep way to increasing advertising revenue.

    You say you want more HD channels, so why are the broadcasters using up valuable space by broadcasting +1’s? The answer is simple, money!

    With ever increasing PVR sales more and more people will skip past the adverts, the danger is obvious resulting in more intrusive advertising campaigns within the programme material to avoid “skipping past” content.

    People have complained about DOG’s but we might be seeing a similar scenario with advertising displayed during programme material which you can’t avoid. Believe me, in time it will happen, no doubt.

    So, carefully consider how desperate you might be to watch a particular programme. it wasn’t that long ago that if you missed it, that was it! You waited another YEAR ’till it was repeated . .

    Sad init?

  14. maisonpierre Says: “What Tony does not realise is that Freeview is not national”. I do indeed realise that Freeview is not national; half of our village can receive it quite well, whilst the other half has to make do with a local relay which does not even offer Channel 5. My remarks were tongue-in-cheek for PVR King who seemed to want to record everything that was going. At digital switch-over Freeview power and coverage will improve and moves are afoot to offer HD channels on that platform.

    With regard to the +1s, I’ve long felt that +8 would be ideal. This would allow shift workers/insomniacs/boozers to watch material usually denied them.

  15. Slightly off topic, but I’m not sure where to post this.

    My Humax PVR has failed to record a programme once and I have twice had to switch it off at the wall after it failed to get past the BOOT message when I turned it on. I have owned the box for three weeks. Should I be concerned at this and return it for a new one?

  16. Re post 7 “Yes! It has taken a long time, I hear it appeared on the $ky EPG a while ago”

    You heard wrong – it launched on December 1st. Blame ITV for the delay in this one launching, not Sky this time

  17. Can’t get ITV 4+1 to appear on my Freesat EPG. Have tried a manual tune at 10.832H. But it still wont appear. Why? Postcode is a Nothern Ireland one.

  18. Did a “first install” to get it. There now at position 118. How come it didn’t appear on the EPG of its own accord? Isn’t this supposed to happen on Freesat?

  19. Don’t dis the +1 channels!!!

    Much to my surprise, I’ve actually found my self watching these more than I thought when I’ve turned on, gone through the schedule only to find I’ve just missed the best film or programme of the night, but its just started on +1!!

    NEXT +1 I’d like to see is ITV1 +1.

    Why does this not exist? Arguably ITV1 is the main ITV channel and yet its the ony one that doesn’t seem to have a +1 service (unless my epg scan missed it).

  20. I am amazed at the number of people who don’t know how to spell the simple word programme (including ITV4 who mis-spell it on their sponsor end-boards. The spelling “program” is most definitely American. The US spelling is however permitted when talking of a “computer program” which is possibly why some people make this mistake.
    The only other explanation I can see is that some people believe we totally adopt American English.

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