John Lewis Accepting HDR Pre-Orders Online

(Update – seems John Lewis have ran out of pre-orders now!)

Just to update you, John Lewis are now accepting pre-orders on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR, priced at £292 with stock expected within a week.

It’s not the cheapest deal around, but it’s another option if you are sick of searching high and low for stock.

6 thoughts on “John Lewis Accepting HDR Pre-Orders Online”

  1. I phoned John Lewis up despite the website showing no stock. they had plenty available in their central warehouse, this was about 3 weeks ago. Might mean that any pre-orders have been fulfilled as well, so folks stand a good chance of getting one.

  2. The advantage with JL is that they give a free 2 year gauruntee instead of 1 with it. This has got to be worth the extra 10 or 15 quid.

  3. I agree. I prefer peace of mind and deal with a top retailer than save a couple of quid. I’ve been stung by a total lack of aftercare by the likes of Curry’s in the past. Take a look at this month’s Which? survey on high street retailers and JS is in a league of it’s own!

  4. Only 2 months late!!!

    I cancelled my orginal order and got mine from Argos after JL failed to deliver on their promises.

    @ Sasha I got the same thing time and time again, then they finally did but couldn’t deliver. I’d keep plugging away at Argos as they seem to have the best supply chain.

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