John Lewis Remove Email Alerts

Thanks to an email sent by David P. to John Lewis, it’s been confirmed that John Lewis have removed their email alerts service for the Humax FOXSAT-HDR unit on the basis of awaiting further information from the manufacturer. Not only this, but it seems that they’ve removed all existing names from the alert too, so if you were waiting on an email notification from them, it’s now unlikely to arrive.

Response from John Lewis to David P;

Dear Mr P,

Thank you for your email regarding the Humax FOXSAT-HDR 320GB freesat Digital TV Recorder.

The e-mail alert facility has been removed from until we have further information from the manufacturer about when this item will be available. Please accept my apologies for the fact that the notification list has now been deleted and all names removed from it.

We trust this information will be of use to you. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us on the telephone number below.

We thank you for contacting John Lewis Direct.

Yours sincerely,

Owen Brown
John Lewis Direct

Please visit our website at or contact us at Alternatively you can telephone us on 08456 049 049, lines are open between 7am and Midnight, 7 days a week, where a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

On a similar subject, Currys, whom are part of the DSG Group which also includes Dixons have stated that they have no Humax PVR stock and have no intention on selling the product at this time. Could this be down to issues in obtaining stock, economic conditions or just wishing to see how successful the unit is elsewhere first?!?!

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  1. that s*cks. I want to order one and have it in home before the Christmas holidays… Now I’m missing out on all the BBC HD goodies…

  2. Since JL had our email addresses it would have been polite to have sent us an email telling us that the alerts had been abandoned.

  3. Regarding what the article says about Comet. Should I be worried that Comet have already taken my money and I am still waiting for delivery??

    I’m a little concerned now.

    Anyone order/received the PVR from Comet? Please comment below

  4. I agree with BJ. They also had my email address to notify me whenteh unit was in stock.
    This sounds to me like they had too many people on the “email notify” system and that they are thinking that it will not be possible to fulfill their orders.
    I also phoned and pre-ordered a unit just in case they never emailed me.
    I just hope that the pre-order list is also not abandoned, due to the “until we have further information from the manufacturer about when this item will be available” phrase.
    That phrase is such a weak excuse, they must have had information from Humax and their suppliers to have put the unit on their web site in the fist place and to add the request for email when in stock button.

  5. I have just emailed John Lewis and expressed my concernm at thier deletion of the email notification list and also asked for assurances that my pr-order will be honoured. I will post their response when I receive it.

  6. Anyone still waiting to buy one, just wait till Argos has stock. They are the only ones who have sent boxes to there customers!

  7. Well done John Lewis for refusing to continue playing a cat and mouse game with a second second new product launch disaster by Humax this year!

  8. placed an order with argos 3 days ago as online said was in stock, after paying they advised me the box was out of stock, so just took £110 for dish installation. just called them to ask when pvr was going to be in stock they advised has been removed from online store and discontinued? not showing on argos online anymore.

  9. I’ve just had this from Comet in response to my email asking for assurance that they would be delivering my order –

    “Following administration checks, I can confirm that your order has been processed. Your order number is XXXXXX and delivery is due to take place on 29.11.08 between the hours of 7am – 6pm.”

    So it sounds like they must have stock?

  10. @ Priscilla, thats exactly what i had as well, except mines being delivered on Monday. I also got phone confirmation just to back it up.

  11. Well, this is getting worse and worse. After JL removing and deleting the email notifiaction list i decided to email their customer service for the online store at 9:20am This morning,

    This what I sent :-
    Subject: Humax PVR your Item No 85815023

    To whom it may concern at John Lewis Direct,

    I have just learned from a web site that I use for information on FreeSat
    ( and its services that John Lewis has deleted the
    email notification list for the Humax PVR product availability. See this
    for details.

    This leaves me some what concerned, as to my mind it would have been easier,
    politer and better business to have emailed all the people, such as myself
    that had signed up to the email notification of this product, to inform us
    that due to delivery concerns that this list was being deleted.
    Many of your customers that do not visit the Join FreeSat web site, will be
    unaware of your decision and thus will be extremely disappointed and upset
    when they fail to receive a notification and fail to buy a unit from your
    website because of your decision to remove the email notification list.

    I also took the precaution of phoning your Kingston store and pr-ordering a
    Humax PVR approximately one week ago. I was given a reference number
    (xxxxxxx) and told that you were expecting some units within 2 weeks.
    I would therefore ask for your assurance, that I will be notified when the
    unit is in stock and that one will be held for me.

    I look forward to a positive response from you.

    This was their response to me which I received this evening:-

    Dear Mr M,

    Thank you for your email regarding the Humax PVR.

    I would like to apologise as I do not have details of when this particular product will be available on our website again.

    Since you have preordered the item at the Kingston Branch, I can reassure you that they will contact you once the item arrives in stock at their warehouse.

    I can advise you that our online services do not share stock levels with John Lewis stores. John Lewis Direct does not have access to accurate stock availability levels within any branches; only the branch can confirm if a product is in stock and available for collection. Unlike our stores we are unable to reserve orders, but this is something we are looking into.

    If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone number below.

    We thank you for contacting John Lewis Direct.

    Yours sincerely,
    Idong Usoro
    John Lewis Direct

    Please visit our website at or contact us at Alternatively you can telephone us on 08456 049 049, lines are open between 7am and Midnight, 7 days a week, where a customer service representative will be happy to assist you

    So the gist is they have absolutely no idea of when they will be getting any stock for the web store and it also looks like each individual store has their own stock and can not see when its due or what other branches have in stock.

    They also avoided answering anything to do with deleting the email notoification list and wrongly assumed that they had already had some in stock!.

    What a farce, this is how just in time ordering and a fully joined up business model is NOT supposed to work.

    I am now sitting waiting and I am not holding my breath!

  12. Decided to bite the buillet and have just managed to order one from Argos who have stock. It will be here on Monday ! 🙂

  13. I am pleased to announce that the Humax FOXSAT-HDR digital Freesat+ recorder is now on general sale, and although demand is very high, this model should start to become more freely available from all major retailers and independent stores during the next two weeks. Due to this high demand, we will sadly not be releasing this model for sale on our direct website until this situation eases.

    The above is an extract received from Humax to-day Saturday 29.11.08

  14. More news.29.11.08. JL ‘phoned to say they have stock in their central warehouse and are arranging delivery for pre-orders at the reduce price of £292. Mine is coming on Friday 5th. December.

  15. Had pre-ordered the Foxsat PVR on Saturday 22nd Nov from my local J Lewis Nottm, they rang me this afternoon to say it is now in stock and will be sent via parcel force and should be with me Tue/Wed 2nd 3rd Dec, and they are contacting a dish installer to contact me Thursday 4th Dec to arrange a date and time, and they have reduced the price in account of the new VAT Rate.

  16. Re: “Currys … have no intention on selling the product at this time”. Why? Could this possibly be related to the incentive scheme they have for selling Sky+HD relative to the (lack of) incentive for selling freesat? It’s years since I worked for DSG, but selling Sky products was usually a Good Thing for sales guys. And I have still not seen a working demo of freesat HD in any DSG shop – the best I’ve seen is a blu-ray freesat demo, and that was only months after launch.

  17. Not convinced DSG Group are in the financial position to be taking on new products at the moment, or it might just be the time of year!

  18. Email off Argos today (Sat) I rang up to be told that they were in stock but whilst the guy was processing the order guess what they became sold out yet again. 30 mins later JL rang to say that they had just arrived and one would be delivered sometime next week. What a result, a very happy bunny

  19. JL must still have customers details, as we just received the following email from them:

    We are sorry to inform you the Humax FOXSAT-HDR 320GB freesat Digital TV Recorder is still not in stock.

    Please click on this link to re-visit John Lewis Direct to select another product.

    If you have any questions please contact us on 08456 049 049 between 7am and midnight, 7 days a week.

    Thank you for visiting John Lewis Direct.

  20. Yes Admin I had the same email. Happily I received my box from Comet on time as promised at a reduced price and have been enjoying the use of it since 1st December. What a great product it is!

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