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Aug 26 2010

Following on from our previous post regarding the lack of BBC iPlayer on LG televisions with Freesat built-in, it would seem that LG are now offering customers of the LG LF7700 television a free Freesat digital box, so that they can receive iPlayer.

This would strongly suggest that LG have no plans to make iPlayer available on their now discontinued LF7700 range, choosing to supply all customers who ask with a separate receiver; maybe it is cheaper to buy receivers than develop their software for iPlayer, or they simply cannot get it to work; either way, this does seem an acceptance of blame which they have denied for so long.

So, if you have an LG LF7700 LCD television with Freesat built-in, contact LG on 0844 847 5454 (01753 491300) for further information. If LG agree to supply you with a receiver, they’ll need a few details from you including your original purchase invoice.

Please do let us know what they say to you, what brand they offer, and when/if it arrives.

Below is a copy of the communication received by MCMLXXIII and Phil, joinfreesat readers just in case you need to back up your phone call:

Thank you for your email.

There are technical difficulties in ensuring that the LG Freesat TV is fully compatible with the BBC iPlayer. As a gesture of goodwill LG will provide a set top box to enable your LG Freesat TV to work with both the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player

We require contact details (if not already provided), the serial number and a copy of the proof of purchase in order to process the claim, once received the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14 days. Please call our Customer Service Team on the below number with these details.

Best Regards,

LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

349 Responses to “LG Offering Freesat Receivers For iPlayer”

  1. Richard Crichton Says:

    It makes sense if it’s the Humax as they are both Korean companies.


  2. fluffy Says:

    That makes no sense at all.


  3. Kable Singh Says:

    The whole readon for buying it was to avoid having to buy a separate box to get the i-player!


  4. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    I was led to believe that the freesat receiver inside the LF7700 is a Humax, so it looks like LG has connections with Humax, the the receiver that they will be sending out will be a Humax !

    Doesn’t explain though how Humax receivers works with BBC iplayer, and LG can’t get the LF7700 to work !


  5. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:


    Thanks to this site, & shaun jeffery, I have told a family member & a customer of this issue, both have put in claims for their freesat hd boxes.

    Thanks again guys,

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  6. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    Thanks Mark, took me a while to find that e-mail address (it’s not published anywhere) – quite useful, as the website e-mail system is not always reliable !

    I’ve also sent a letter to head office for the following to be answered.

    •The delay in release BBC iPlayer.
    •Why dates such as soon, mid-July was given for the BBC iPlayer update.
    •Why it has taken until 23rd August to display anything regarding BBC iPlayer on LG’s website.
    •Whether your company has now abandoned a whole cohort of your customers by deciding not to proceed with any future updates (including ITV Player, and other Freesat HD services).
    •An accurate indication when the BBC iplayer update will happen, and the update for ITV player.
    •Why the LF7700 has become an discontinued product.

    and why Jeremy Parnham (Head of customer services) and Steve Fraser (Head of Retail and Distribution) fail to answer any of my e-mails !


  7. Andy G Says:

    The official freesat website states “BBC iPlayer will roll out across all existing freesat HD receivers over time. So if you already have a freesat HD box, freesat+ box, or freesat HD TV there’s no need to buy new equipment.
    ” .

    If freesat made it a design requirement that all freesat HD equipment must be capable of supporting BBC iplayer and LG cannot get the LF7700 TV to work then this may be the reason for the offer of the iplayer compatible boxes to affected customers.

    Note that the freesat website does not state standard freesat boxes will be compatible with iPlayer – could this be because some standard freesat boxes don’t have ethernet ports.

    Just a thought!


  8. admin Says:

    I suspect that pressure has been put on LG by Freesat to comply, and for what ever reasons, they don’t seem able to and therefore are being forced into offering an alternative solution. Unfortunately though a separate box isn’t a solution for everyone, so this partial admittance over the lack of iPlayer might put LF7700 customers in a position where they can demand a full refund.

    Incidently, Freesat’s website changed today to give the LG customer service number for information, so clearly Freesat know what is going on.


  9. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    I sent Emma Scott an e-mail requesting that the website (& channel 999) information regarding the latest with LG is changed.

    I got a response stating that it would be changed.


  10. Jill Says:

    My LF7700 is connected to a single LNB, so to connect the receiver being supplied, I’ve got two options.

    Disconnect TV from the LNB, and plug in the receiver, or to change the LNB to a multiple LNB, and arrange for a second cable.

    The idea for me (in addition to receiving BBC iplayer, etc), was to have only one piece of kit providing me with Freesat, Freeview and catchup services.


  11. Oyodi Says:

    Is the box that LG are giving to owners of the LF7700 an SD FreeSat box or a HD FreeSat box?


  12. Tony Hales Says:

    HD. SD boxes can’t get iPlayer.


  13. Neil Says:

    I wonder how many boxes will need to be shipped? I presume this will count towards Freesat’s total unit sales even though in effect these STB’s won’t actually be ‘sold’.

    My guess is that if most LG owners catch wind there will be a fair few who get a second box and put it in a different room, thus using iPlayer in there instead. If they give away Humax receivers then I guess most people will feel adequately compensated for lack of iPlayer within the TV itself.


  14. Alan Says:

    Seems a very good response from LG to solve the problem.


  15. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Can i ask a silly question?
    I have a twin LNB coming in so if I had one still in the LG and one in the Humax is there any advantage to this and can any of the sources be recorded in any way if I did?


  16. admin Says:

    There is no real advantage to this as both are receivers, not recorders, however, if you linked the Humax via scart to a dvd recorder, you could record one channel whilst watching another channel on the other Freesat receiver.


  17. Shaun Says:

    I think what mcmlxxiii is asking, is can you programme, the humax receiver, to time schedule a channel, so that the receiver switches itself on/off, thus have a recording device timer set, to record the signal at the same time.

    I had my LF7700 set to switch itself on/off (with low volume) to record a programme that was on during the night


  18. Tony Hales Says:

    Don’t use the rip off premium rate number. The correct number is 01753 491300.


  19. Al Catraz Says:

    and just when we panny owners were beginning to feel there were others worse off than us we drop to the bottom of the pile again…
    maybe panny will read this article and offer us all a BS880…
    oh look – another flying pig…


  20. Chris Says:

    @mcmlxxiii: Yes, the Humax allows you to set a timer (reservation) from the EPG. If you connect it to a VCR or DVD/HDD recorder that has synchro-record (or whatever the particular manfacturer calls it) then you don’t even need to set a simultaneous timer on the recorder in addition – the recorder will wake-up and start recording when the Humax switches itself on. You’ll probably need to connect via the Humax’s VCR SCART socket, not the TV SCART socket.


  21. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Thanks for the replies.
    Do you know if Humax plan to make the usb port able to record like the technisat in the near future?


  22. Tony Hales Says:

    It seems unlikely on such an old box. It would take sales away from their PVR box. Their was a rumour that their new model would have that facility but it appears to have been cancelled. The Technisat was overpriced and they needed something to improve their sales also they didn’t have a Freesat PVR.


  23. Jasmine Says:

    I’d like to thank Shaun for that email address he posted. I didn’t bother phoning just ran off an email with a copy of my invoice and LG got back very quick with a promise to send me out a box. Suits me fine, I’ll let you know when it arrives.


  24. Richard Crichton Says:

    Anyone want a 32LF7700 for £299.95? Richer sounds still have a few. Not a bad deal for a second TV with Freesat HD if you not bothered about iPlayer. You have to enter your name and e mail address to see the deal. Only trouble is its collect from the store only.


  25. Shaun Says:

    then you could sent your proof of purcahse off to LG, and receive the HD receiver.


  26. Richard Crichton Says:

    Then sell it on fleabay . :-)


  27. Bob Says:

    Anyone know if this offer is limited to customers in the UK? I bought a 32LF7700 a month ago from Richer Sounds in Belfast (and paid a lot more than 299!!)

    Also does the number work from outside the UK?
    0044 1753 491300


  28. Bob Says:

    Is there an email address to send a scaned copy of invoice to?


  29. Bob Says:

    Will they ship the receiver or is it collect from shop only?


  30. mcmlxxiii Says:

    they told me it would take a week to arrive-
    but it would be good to know who is bringing it!


  31. Tony Hales Says:

    @29 Ship


  32. Paul Says:

    I got a 42LF7700 from richer sounds yesterday £499. Rang LG today, Set top box will be with me in about 7 days says the nice lady @ LG. Awesome!!!


  33. Mike Says:

    Wish I could get hold of the nice lady @ LG…. after three calls the best I’ve done is a reference number and the promise of a callback.


  34. Alferret Says:

    I have just spen an hour finding the receipt. One of the reasons I brought this TV was that iPlayer would be developed and released. As iPlayer is not being developed & implimented then I am going back to my retailer and trying for a refund (unless they can get iPlayer working on it which they cant) under the 1979 sale of goods act (as amended) I have no room for a stand alone player in my bedroom where this TV resides.


  35. Dan Says:

    Good news…ish.

    But surely this defeats the point of buying a freesat hd enabled telly in the first place.

    Very weird.


  36. Peter Says:

    >Alferret If you have no room for a box measuring 8x11x2 inches (if it is the Humax they are supplying), how do you find room for a 42 inch TV???? It should even tuck under one side of your TV if you have that on a stand.


  37. Alferret Says:

    @ Peter
    I could take a picture & show you, the way it is built in to the availiable space in my bedroom there is no space, also I have the 32″ version of the TV & regardless whether its free or not I do not want another unit sucking juice that I have to pay for. Yes the Humax box may use <2w in standby (I have one in the front room) but its a mute point IMO.
    So even if there was room, which there isnt the TV doesnt do what it was advertised to do, yes a very small something which they are offering to rectify with an add-on box so in effect they are not fixing the problem just getting round it.


  38. Shaun Says:

    Alferret,” isnt the TV doesnt do what it was advertised to do” !
    Do you have advertisement (other than Freesat HD) that advertises it being compatible with BBC iplayer. LG denies that it was ever advertised as such !

    Has anyone not taken LG up on their offer of the free receiver ?
    Has anyone been offered anything else ?


  39. Tony Hales Says:

    @37 It was advertised as being Freesat HD compatible therefore it has to be compatible with iPlayer as that is part of the Freesat HD spec. LG must have signed a license deal with Freesat to comply with the spec before being allowed to use the Freesat HD logo and commence manufacture.
    Now that Freeview HD is available in some areas LG is no longer interested in Freesat so are trying to get out of their previous commitment at minimum cost by offering people a separate box which defeats the point of having Freesat built into the TV. Not good enough LG.


  40. Alferret Says:

    @ 38
    Shaun. The whole part about the TV was that I was sold it as a future proof TV (ie: it would do what it states on the tin & that it will be getting iPlayer)
    This was the sales spiel I got from the sales assistant @ John Lewis.
    Even LG said they will be releasing iPlayer but every time a deadline came it kept being put back.
    So if a sales rep sells me a TV & states that iPlayer will be coming to that TV & in essence so has LG by stating that it will be released on xx date (a few times) then by default the TV I brought doesn’t do one of the aspects that I want it to even though I was told it would.
    I could have quite easily spent a lot less money and a similar spec TV from Samsung (excluding freesat compatibility) but I chose to get the benefit of an all in one package opposed to 2x units.
    At the end of the day if I don’t get compensated (refund or a TV that has freesat with iPlayer) I’m not going to get upset about it because it’s still a good TV all be it missing something that it was sold to me as “in the pipeline”.
    My time & my nit-picking, but a valid point never the less.

    @ 37
    Exactly Tony, it was sold with freesat branding and therefore must have met ALL criteria to display those logo’s on the TV.


  41. Alferret Says:

    @ 38
    Shaun. The whole part about the TV was that I was sold it as a future proof TV (ie: it would do what it states on the tin & that it will be getting iPlayer)
    This was the sales spiel I got from the sales assistant @ John Lewis.
    Even LG said they will be releasing iPlayer but every time a deadline came it kept being put back.
    So if a sales rep sells me a TV & states that iPlayer will be coming to that TV & in essence so has LG by stating that it will be released on xx date (a few times) then by default the TV I brought doesn’t do one of the aspects that I want it to even though I was told it would.
    I could have quite easily spent a lot less money and a similar spec TV from Samsung (excluding freesat compatibility) but I chose to get the benefit of an all in one package opposed to 2x units.
    At the end of the day if I don’t get compensated (refund or a TV that has freesat with iPlayer) I’m not going to get upset about it because it’s still a good TV all be it missing something that it was sold to me as “in the pipeline”.
    My time & my nit-picking, but a valid point never the less.

    @ 39
    Exactly Tony, it was sold with freesat branding and therefore must have met ALL criteria to display those logo’s on the TV.


  42. Peter Says:

    @40 If that was indeed part of the sales pitch by the salesperson at John Lewi, then it forms part of your contract with them and the Sale of Good Acts then apply to THAT transaction. Your beef is with JL (and any credit card or other credit company you used to purchase it) and not LG. Under SOGA you should be entitled to a full refund – but good luck proving exactly what the salesperson said.

    @39 BBC iPlayer was not, as I understand it, part of the Freesat HD technical specifications at the time they were drawn up. Indeed, it is not defined as part of the Freeview HD specs which just require IPTV ability. I think you would have to show that the requirement for an ethernet port AND the ability to use the extended MHEG5 set that the iPlayer invokes were part of that spec if you go down that route.

    You will, after all, have a separate box that will last a lot longer than you are likely to hold onto the LG television and will not have to pay another premium to get Freesat in future sets (which are becoming increasingly rare now Freeview HD has launched)


  43. Jill Says:

    Same sales pitch I received from Fenwick, when they sold me my TV in Dec. Then in July – Hubby went into store to enquire more about BBC iplayer, and was told that only Humax had BBC iplayer. When told Sales assistant that what he said was untrue, and should refer to Freesats website, was told, “well we arn’t getting anywhere”, and rudly started to play with his computer, trying to ignore my hubby !


  44. Shaun Says:


    exactly – so unsure why LG is trying to escape the fact.

    Under my old TV, I had a freeview box, DVD recorder, and a VCR.

    The LF7700 was purchased, and now have LF7700, DVD recorder and was hoping that along with BBCi player other internet facilities would be introduced – thus recordings will be minimal.

    Now it will be LF7700, Freesat receiver, DVD recorder – one box less.


  45. joepaul Says:

    Well I had BBCi player now it’s gone I have a Humex connected to my computer router and it work’t well on-till 2 weeks ago now the the thing closes down ever afternoon at 2 o’clock even if if it’s on stand by,I can not fathom out what’s going on sent email to humex no can any body out there tell me what’s going on is me or is it Humex playing about with our Freesat? Look forward ITVi that we have no more little problems? keep up the good work Joepaul


  46. admin Says:


    Bare in mind this is still a beta service, so may have these issues, but switching off at 2pm seems very odd. Maybe call Humax for support, they are poor at responding to emails.


  47. whistleblower Says:

    I note that the Humax Freesat HD tuner STB only supports the inferior 1080i (not the full 1080p)!

    So this is not a comparable solution as it suffers lower HD video resolution, additional power consumption, additional space, additional cables and additional remote control.

    My choice of the 47LF7700 was to overcome this gizmo clutter.


  48. Peter Says:

    Have you done a factory reset so that the auto-off has been reinvoked? That is more than likely if you turn it on at the same time each day.

    To check: Menu, Settings, Other and make sure ‘Automatic standby’ is disabled.


  49. admin Says:


    As UK broadcasts are only up to 1080i anyway, it isn’t applicable. Plus the difference between i and p is minimal to say the least.


  50. Alferret Says:

    Emailed LG & got the response expected.


  51. Chrislayeruk Says:

    +1 on Admin. 1080p is not available on TV Broadcasts. Thats for Blu Ray. Sit further away from the TV and you cant tell anyway. Chris :)


  52. Alferret Says:

    Well my 32lf7700 went back to store today for a full refund, no quible or arguments.
    I explained the situation, the guy spoke to his manager and athorised the return.


  53. Dave Says:

    Anyone receive their box yet? Is it a Humax?


  54. mcmlxxiii Says:

    I think (ahem) I was the first to request one, they said a week then which will be Tuesday, rest assured will post


  55. Shaun Says:

    Just looked at my LNB – it’s a quad, with only one cable attached.

    What’s the price expected to have another cable attached in order to connect the box expected from LG ?

    I am now thinking of purchasing a Freeview HD TV, and have the box connected to that for Freesat, and putting my LF7700 in bedroom (hence the need of another cable)


  56. whistleblower Says:

    I assume that Humax were contracted by LG to provide FreeSat HD tuners for the LF7700.

    This tuner has either since proven not to be capable of supporting BBC iPlayer reliably or it is not cost effective for Humax to develop the software update so Humax is providing their STB.


  57. Chris Says:

    @47/Whistleblower. 1080p and 1080i are exactly the same resolution, 1080i is not inferior to 1080i. In fact for a lot of uses, 720p is superior to 1080i.

    The “i” means that the lines are interlaced whereas the “p” means that they are not. There is no difference in the resolution between 1080i and 1080p.


  58. Hopefull Says:

    @56 If Humax boxes can support BBC iplayer, and if the LF7700 had Freesat HD Tuners provided by Humax, you would have thought that these were also capable of supporting BBC iplayer.

    As LG finished their testing way back in December 2009, they should have been able to state shortly afterwards, whether the LF7700 was capable of BBC iplayer – unless they were hoping that the BBC would change it’s player to suit the LF7700.

    As the TV was discontinued around June 2010 – were they waiting for the 1 year guarantee to run out before admitting.


  59. Brian Says:

    I have just phoned and are getting one sent out. She couldn’t tell me if it included an HDMI lead – obviously if it doesn’t then that is still an extra cost to get back to the expected functionality.


  60. Vinny Says:

    I rung on Saturday and expect a box in the next 7-14 days.

    Am I right in thinking we will receive the HUMAX Foxsat STB?


  61. Tony Hales Says:

    Thats the unconfirmed (so far) rumour.
    ““As a gesture of goodwill LG would like to send you a replacement set-top box which is capable of receiving BBC iplayer and ITV player.”


  62. Vinny Says:

    The chap I spoke to on Saturday actually said Humax, so I’m hoping that is the case.


  63. Hopefull Says:


    “Work on the technical issues surrounding the iPlayer functionality continue to go on, however we are unable to set a date to as when these issues will be resolved. The offer of a set top box is a gesture of goodwill to customers allowing them to have access to the iPlayer function”

    is a response from LGE customer services.

    So BBC iplayer may still arrive fro the LF7700 TV’s !

    So why tell customers various dates, knowing that they was technical issues ?
    Why tell customers “The software for iPlayer is released by the BBC. As of yet there has not been a deal reached between BBC and LG to allow software for iPlayer to be added to LG televisions.”


  64. Shaun Says:


    ” The Freesat box supplied will be a standard HD freesat box, manufacture and model are subject to change. ” is what LGE informed me.


    “Work on the technical issues surrounding the iPlayer functionality continue to go on….”

    I guess this is what LG has to tell its customers…. I doubt that they will continue whilst we are being offered Set Top boxes !


  65. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Chris @57

    1080i and 1080p are very different.
    1080i is two “fields” of 540 that intermittently flicker (supposedly) faster than the human eye can see thereby creating the appearance lines of 1080 lines of detail.
    1080p is 1080 lines progressively presented on the screen all of the time.
    720p is 720 lines on the screen progresively
    It’s when you add upscaling/downscaling 720p and not to mention 1366 x 768 tv’s it becomes hocus-pocus.
    I had LG 1080p lcd that is pants compared to my other LG plasma that’ 720p too.
    In my experience, below 50″ 1080p seems hardly worth it- and it’s not yet a widely supported format favoured by any broadcaster I know of, and seems to be best supported by blu-ray.
    Finally ,I tried District 9 on blu ray via a ps3 on my Dad’s 50″ 720 p plasma earlier today and it’s the best I’ve seen so far on any format/tv .
    My apologies to take this off topic,
    Keep ya pinkies crossed for those “goodwill” boxes, I wonder what’s coming?


  66. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    2009 Panasonic owners can now get their update, which will appear when you start the VieraCast facility


  67. UV Says:

    I have just called customer support, and the young lad told me that they have been promised the update to the TV will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks… I mentioned that the update had been promised in June/July, but he just verbally shrugged and said he didn’t know what to say, went on a bit about how LG and the BBC don’t talk to each other, but he’d been told it would be ready soon.

    Don’t know whether this is a new development or whether I’ve just been fobbed off. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has gotten the same story.


  68. Shaun Says:


    UV, see if you can get this response in an e-mail.

    Last response I received was:-

    “Work on the technical issues surrounding the iPlayer functionality continue to go on, however we are unable to set a date to as when these issues will be resolved. The offer of a set top box is a gesture of goodwill to customers allowing them to have access to the iPlayer function.”


  69. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Well mine was “ordered and authorised” on their systems on the 25th (odd this as I called earlier than that) the lady was really helpful but said they had no info as to when these boxes will be distributed.
    She went onto saying since forums got a hold of this the response has been immense and gave an indication that the initial order was for HUMAX boxes “that cost over £200” but due to demand couldn’t confirm if that’s what everyone would receive.
    I know its a free gesture- and I am very grateful- but I can’t (and they can’t) give us any idea when they are going to arrive other than mine has been authorised.
    I wonder if ADMIN could dig a little further for us and tell us if it’s going to be the week they originally promised or much longer.


  70. admin Says:


    LGE aren’t responding to us at the moment; no surprise given the exposure they have received on here 😉


  71. Shaun Says:

    @69 I contacted them on 25th, and requested confirmation of despatch, make and model.

    All I received was a response stating it would take 7 days.

    If LG took note of my e-mail, they should have sent or should be sending a despatch confirmation, etc….

    I’ve e-mailed them again today !


  72. Shaun Says:

    had a quick glance at my e-mail received 26th – it stated 7 working days.

    So that looks to be next week.

    (26Th, 27F, 31Tu, 1W, 2Th, 3F, 6M, 7Tu, ….) depending on what’s classed as working days – Postal/Courier systems still work weekends.


  73. Carl Says:

    I was originally quite impressed by iPlayer on my Foxsat HDR…

    I recently bought a Sony BDp-S370 Blu-ray player for £99 and I can safely say that I will never be pressing the red button on BBC ever again.

    The speed on the BR outstrips the FS by an immense amount, coupled with a remote control/receiver that is far superior to the Humax (I can point the remote at my face and it will still pause when I ask it to).

    It can also stream files from a DLNA server on the network, which is never going to happen for most Freesat receivers.

    If you have got the free receiver from LG, do yourself a favour and sell it on Ebay and then replace it with the Sony BR player.

    Blu-ray players are much better equipped for this sort of task. Leave your Freesat receiver to do what it was designed and spec’d for – receiving free satellite channels.


  74. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Luckily I was already registered with them so I got past the email route.
    Thankfully they gave me a reference number which helped alot on my last call.
    Now just working it out with 7 “working days” that would mean today or Friday 2nd Sept for me.
    But I ‘aint holding my breath!
    Keep each other posted


  75. MCMLXXIII Says:

    the bottom line for me is that as a 50% ownwership of the platform, I deem it not unreasonable to expect BBC and ITV players to both be accessible on any Freesat receiver, integrated or not.


  76. Vinny Says:

    @ 69

    I got the same response from them on Saturday regarding the Humax STB being worth £200…..I really can’t see that is the case, the foxsat retails at around £130, if it is a humax they should send the foxsat, it makes no sense to send the HDR version which retails at over £200.

    On a seperate note I got an email response on 1 Sep saying that they have requested a STB to be sent to me.


  77. Mike Says:

    I emailed the other day and got a reply a few hours saying they’d send out a box, just sent my serial and proof or purchase over now, did it all by email,2 emails and it’s sorted.


  78. MCMLXXIII Says:

    @77 But has it arrived yet?


  79. Dean Says:

    Mike, what was the email address?


  80. jmecks Says:

    I’ve just emailed proof of purchase. Richer Sounds doesn’t include the serial number on either the sales receipt or their guarantee certificate – that’s got to be open to abuse. If the STB sent turns out to be a retail version Humax Foxsat-HD, I’ll be surprised but delighted. I’d even be prepared to contribute £100 on top towards a Foxsat-HDR.


  81. Shaun Says:

    I’ve just telephoned them ,and they confirmed the request for the box had been received on 26th Aug., and that 7 working days has yet to pass. Why have they not ordered the same number of boxes as the same number of TV’s that have been sold ?

    Yet there’s no record of a box being dispatched, and they are awaiting additional boxes to meet the demand !

    If my box hasn’t been ordered, how can they have it delivered within 7 working days from the 26th Aug.

    I have been asked to ring back again on Monday, if not received by then !


  82. Tony Owen Says:

    Just had my confirmation email saying new freesat box sent out as a “good will gesture”, now … wait ……..


  83. Shaun Says:

    @#82 yep – wait……..

    after receiving an e-mail on 26th Aug stating that I should have mine within 7 working days – yesterday I was told (when telephoned) that it wasn’t ordered, and to wait between 7-14 working days !

    seems like LG doesn’t have a concept of timescales !


  84. MCMLXXIII Says:

    8 Working days now…
    Why do LG have no information on courier, dispatch, timescale?
    Surely it will help their call centre to have some information to hand so from their perspective more than ours, it would save them alot of aggravation.
    Moreover 14 days now!! (Shaun post 83).
    The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if they have any to send at all yet.
    They are pissing in the wind.


  85. spembo Says:

    MCMLXXIII phone Tuesday 24th or 25th? If 24th I guess today would be 7 days with there being a bank holiday.

    I ordered mine on the Friday evening and lg were helpful enough to contact and no call queue etc. Not really expecting mine till the 9th from their email, anything before I guess is a bonus. Sure its been a touch frustrating waiting for iplayer, especially as i’ve had network cable in my telly since december after i redid all my telephone cabling to move router within range of telly.

    I’m expecting to receieve the Humax foxsat HD even though they said the 200 odd quid value cost on the phone. I think it was once sort of that range on inital release even thoguh nowadays its more like £130.

    I’d imagine its not costing LG a great deal on their goodwill gesture, although they probably didn’t anticipate the response that things getting out on the internet creates, so would imagine possibly later orders could suffer delays. If Humax supplied the integrated tuner as said, I’d imagine they are also somewhat responsible and lets face it, at £130 retail price what do Humax produce them for, 20 quid odd perhaps? Certainly a lot less than the cost to replace the TV.

    When i purchased my TV mid 2009, iplayer on freesat wasn’t really a factor. However, as the port was put on it to freesat spec you always felt at some point it would be of use for something, even if it was simply better epg. If lg hadn’t included the network port, then i guess we’d all have just put it down to the disadvantage of purchasing an integrated device.

    Still, the ideal scenario for me is they still eventually sort iplayer on the TV. Obviously a bonus if they did and we have a spare box as could perhaps make use of it in another room, although who knows, i may love the Humax too much. My intention was always at some point to buy a fressat recorder and certainly not simply have an extra freesat box, but that was to replace the humax freeview recorder i have. Although now Freesat is starting to smell a bit regards HD, i do hope maybe Humax do a Freeview HD/Freesat HD combined recorder as certainly something i’d perhaps be interested in.


  86. Hopefull Says:

    Can’t see where LG’s problem is with the orders !

    They announce on their website on 23rd Aug, for those having problems with BBC iplayer to give them a call.

    They’ve sold x number of LF7700’s, so should have in place an order for x number of freesat boxes before the 23rd ready for all of these calls.

    Each caller should then have been given the choice of either :-

    * a refund
    * a freesat box capable of receiving BBC iplayer
    * an option to upgrade to a freesat+ box at a small cost
    * another LG product- perhaps a Bluray player


  87. MCMLXXIII Says:

    @86 thanks for the reply
    I am perplexed as to how they can say it was ordered, then say it will take 7 working days and then have absolutely no follow up whatsoever on any of those orders taken.
    I tried the call centre today and although again very polite they didn’t have a clue when any of the boxes would be sent, despite any previous communications or confirmations with anyone.
    I can’t track a courier ( which is a norm nowadays when you’re sent anything) .
    If they were told to tell people 7 days then the link exists as to eho told them that- I just can’t find out who or when that was and am left waiting with now order of delivery.
    Who is running the show at LG over this Porky Pig!


  88. Shaun Says:

    I sent them a copy of the e-mail that I received (stating 7 working days), and cheekly asked them as an additional gesture of goodwill, due to the fact that my freesat box hasn’t even been ordered, that this is upgraded to a freesat+ box.

    I’ve had no response ! Do I assume that my request has been accepted.

    Doubt it – guess by end of next week, I’ll either have to wait an addition 7 days, or receive a box.


  89. Alferret Says:

    I contacted my retailer & got a full unconditional refund for my 32lf7700, no question once I pointed them to this blog.
    Popped up to RicherSounds & brought the 42LD690 for exactly the same price as the refund.


  90. jmecks Says:

    If you go to the freesat site and select the list of HD digital STBs with iPlayer capability, the cheapest comes out as the Bush which can be bought from Argos for £70. Argos charges £130 pounds for the Humax Foxsat-HD – £60 pounds more.

    LG Marketing is trying to play down a huge cockup by the LG Customer/Technical Service divisions by making a goodwill gesture. However, anybody assuming the LG Finance will allow the more expensive option is underestimating the influence of the bean-counters in any big company.

    Time will tell (I’m secretly hoping for a Humax Foxsat-HDR with HDMI cable included).


  91. whistleblower Says:

    Rather than a Humax Sat box I would have thought that this would have been a better “gesture of goodwill” fit: … that assumes that iPlayer is working on this box and not another “futureware” feature, although this would be at LGs cost and I suspect that the FoxSat HD “gesture of goodwill” shall be at Humax’s cost!

    I think that LG rather than using the term “gesture of goodwill” they should be using “gesture to meet contractual obligations”!


  92. Jill Says:

    LG’s “No deal reached between LG and the BBC” excuse for not having BBC iplayer now seems to be a a lie, if there are offering freesat boxs as a gesture of goodwill !

    and now it looks like no-one has received one of these boxes within the 7 working days as mentioned in the confirmation e-mails received !

    What excuse/lie are they going to use now ?

    #86 and #91 have listed alternative offers taht would help LG meet demands and like #89, getting a full refund will enable you to purchase a better/larger set.

    (I bet those who voted ‘not bothered’ in the poll that has appeared online, are accepting to receive a freesat box)

    Even if you didn’t want a larger set, if you could get a full refund you could then purchase:-

    32″ Freeview HD TV Toshiba 32RV753B £329.99
    Bush Freesat HD box £73.19

    This would enable you to contine to receive Freesat HD, but instead of receiving freeview (SD), you would have the addition of the Freeview HD channels.

    Not forgetting BBC iplayer.

    and those who paid over £400, would even have a few pounds left over

    I don’t blame #88 for the cheeky additional gesture of goodwill !


  93. MCMLXXIII Says:


    No box has arrived yet

    * 9 working days 10 inc a Sat, an d we don’t do weekend deliveries so sod-off.


  94. hoprfull Says:

    Working day Definition: Any day (other than Sunday or bank holiday) on which legal business can be conducted. Whether Saturday is a working day or not depends on the custom or usage of the trade or jurisdiction.

    Any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday), but it appears LG’s definition is any day other than a day that has ‘day’ in its name !



  95. Mike Says:

    They haven’t got any boxes. If they did there would be no reason not to ship them… unless the iPlayer release is imminent… and couriers don’t sit on them for 7 days. It appears their “gesture” is simply another story. If I could get Jackanory on the iPlayer the people at LG could keep it going for years. Follow up one debacle with another. I suspect the person in charge is in line for a huge bonus and will shortly get tapped up by a major high street bank.


  96. MCMLXXIII Says:


    Although I called on 25th it wasn’t “authorised until 27th therefore minus bank hols, sundays the dogs dinner etc etc I won’t see it until at least Tuesday at the earliest, but most likely the end of the week..
    Apparently some retailers are selling the tv on the premise if you buy it you’ll get a free box.
    I ‘m quite speechless now so I’ll stop until it arrives (IF).


  97. Shaun Says:

    #96 – me too – I am just waiting – no reponse from LG regarding my cheeky request (#88)



  98. andrew Says:

    I did not think anyone would see the box until next week. Working days are Mon-Friday for the majority of UK and couriers charge an arm and leg for Saturday deliveries. I put my details through over bank holiday weekend and had a response by 1.30pm on last tuesday quoting up to7 working days.
    It would have been great if LG had given us an upgrade option- it probably would have covered there cost and they would have come out of the deal free!
    I do not think the majority of LG owners will even be aware of this deal and think the number of initial shipments will be very small.
    I look forward to hearing from the first group who got in before the weekend on the offer, to find out what I can expect on about Thursday.


  99. Dean Says:

    emailed on thursday, still no reply!
    Should I email again or be patient??


  100. Shaun Says:

    #99, I’ve had to response to my e-mail after I telephoned them on Thursday enquiring the depatch date. They may either too busy processing the orders for the boxes, or haven’t looked at the e-mails.

    I’ve e-mailed them again on Sat, but guess this is a none working day, as I’ve had no response.

    No harm in sending the e-mail again (requesting read receipt)


  101. Hopefull Says:

    Those who contact LG prior/on 26th Aug – It’s been 7 working days !
    Has anyone received their ‘Gesture of Goodwill’ or was this just a delay tactic ?


  102. MCMLXXIII Says:

    To anyone expecting a delivery of the “gesture of goodwill”..

    I can confirm that their has been a delay in shipping and they are expected to arrive to LG customer service centre by the end of the week or early next week at the latest.
    They will the be sent directly from the Customer service centre to you once they have arrived.
    I will check with the centre on Friday for an update on this.


  103. Dave Says:

    I’d say Humax will use this as an opportunity to offload their 1st generation Freesat boxes in advance of the new single tuner boxes coming out with faster chipsets and recording/timeshift capabilities


  104. admin Says:

    Humax are not planning to release a new version until next year, so suspect it might be too early for them to off-load.


  105. David Says:

    Just spoke to Richer Sounds Stockport, my set is under 12 months old, I asked if I could return it due to not having anywhere do site a replacement STB as all cables are concealed in the wall and the tv is wall mounted.

    I told them this set isn’t fit for purpose. They have said point blank they are unable to accept it back.

    Does anyone know where I go from here?


  106. Richard Crichton Says:

    More likely to be a Humax refurb from here:


  107. MCMLXXIII Says:

    I notice that box has a component out as well as HDMI, does anyone know if you can do 1080i from this component connection?
    Or is the HDMI any better?


  108. Shaun Says:

    #105 suggest you contact LG support, and state the same to them. If the retailer won’t refund you, then perhaps LG will. Good Luck


  109. Alferret Says:

    Sale of goods act 1979 (as amended) If you were sold the TV with specific information from the sales staff that iplayer would be on that set then you should get a refund. I was happy with my TV but it was brought with iPlayer in mind & 9 months down the line John Lewis offered me a full refund when I pointed out that I was sold the TV with iPlayer as a part of the package which LG has failed to provide. So you could go back and say “look I was sold this TV on the premiss that iPlayer would be coming to that TV, now LG has pulled the plug the TV is not fit for purpose”
    Be persistent but calm and if they persist in saying no then ask them for the head office address & start letter writing.


  110. Richard Crichton Says:

    In theory, both can perform equally. Cheaper consumer equipment may have lower performance D/A, A/D components that might tip the balance to HDMI. Try both and see which looks better to you. The signal coming to your house probably passed through several D/A A/D conversions on it’s way.

    If and when all the copy protection schemes get implemented, the user is forced into an encrypted HDMI + HDCP connection to get 720p or 1080i. Analog and non-authenticated DVI/HDMI connections will be forced to drop resolution below 960×540 (quarter resolution).

    The site says ” Some High Definition programmes or events may be protected by the broadcaster and not available via the Component or RGB scart outputs.”


  111. MCMLXXIII Says:

    I’ll give you a pound if you can tell me what Humax receiver is being sent (recorder or not?).


  112. Mike Says:



  113. Shaun Says:


    I’ve just contacted LG chasing the wherabouts of my box. The advisor stated that they have received an e-mal 16:43am


  114. MCMLXXIII Says:

    :@113 Shaun

    The advisor received an email? Or have I missed something in your post?


  115. Shaun Says:

    opps @113 should have read :

    I’ve just contacted LG chasing the wherabouts of my box. The advisor stated that they have received an e-mail 16:43am from head office informing them (the advisors) of the problems with shipment from the manufacturer.

    Why hasn’t LG contacted the customers who received e-mails, that there has been a delay.

    Then he informed me that this was Technical Services, and not Customer services, of which when asked the number for Customer Services, told that it was the same number, and was best to contact Customer services via e-mail !

    I’ve sent another e-mail (4th since Thursday) to (Emma Scott’s assistant from Freesat has also contacted LG on my behalf yesterday), but have yet to have any reply !

    (I’ve also sent another to the store, enquirying about refunds, as this may be the only way forward)


  116. Richard Says:

    I’ve just been on to LG customer services and requested my Humax box. 7-14 days quoted for delivery, but he couldn’t tell me which model it would be.


  117. Shaun Says:

    I was quoted 7 days (confirmed in e-mail) on the 26th August. Contacting LG today, I was stated there was a delay, so unsure why they are quoting 7-14 days, as this may not be achievable.

    MCMLXXIII, myself and a few others have not had their boxes delivered within the time stated in their responses – this being the 3rd week since contacting LG !

    an e-mail I sent them on the 2nd Sept :

    “Attached is the e-mail received from LG on 26th August which clearly states;-
    ‘We can confirm, we have requested this to be sent out to you. Please allow 7 working days to receive this.’

    as it appears from today e-mails to/from LG customer support and phone call Ref: CNE 100######637 (at around 4:00pm) that the freesat box has yet to be ordered !

    As it clearly impossible for LG to have delivered the freesat box within the timescale given, and that I have had to enquiry further, I SUGGEST THAT AS AN EXTRA GESTURE OF GOODWILL, that the freesat box will be updated to an Freesat HD+ HDD box.”

    was replied with

    “LG are awaiting delivery of these boxes from the supplier as soon as they are booked into stock they will be shipped out to customers.”

    * Which doesn’t explain why a delivery date of the receiver being deliver prior 6th Sep (within 7 days).
    * What’s causing the delay, and why their haven’t contacted anyone waiting for the receivers telling them that their’s a delay.
    * Whether the Receiver has been updated to be a Freesat+ PVR as an additional goodwill gesture, as the receiver was clearly not even ordered.

    Even today, LG cannot tell me when I will be expecting my receiver.


  118. Jill Says:

    As the title of the post suggests.
    “LG Offering Freesat Receivers For iPlayer”
    This is in fact what LG are doing.
    By what is said in the previous posts, it appears that LG aren’t actually giving any Freesat receivers – just Offering.


  119. steve Says:

    refunds should be offerd has lg are a waste of time and money


  120. Jill Says:


    I am now considering – If the store where I purchased my TV offers me a full refund, I’ll take it.

    I purchased my TV, in order to have a LCD lTV to replace my CRT TV, with the advantages of having HD channels (via Freesat), SD channels (via Freeview and Freesat), catchup players (BBC iplayer, ITV player), and just to have a single remote and unit.

    With an additional freesat box, I will have two remotes and two units (TV & receiver)……

    So with the cash refund – I’ll purcahse a Freeview HD TV, and a Humax freesat HD receiver, which will be the same setup as above (i.e. TV & receiver , 2 remotes), but will have the addition of CH4 HD, and a almost £100 in my pocket !


  121. markii Says:

    i rang this morning to claim my box and was told stock coming in this weekend and will be delivered between 7 and 10 working days so we`ll see what happens in 2 weeks fingers crossed its a humax!


  122. Shaun Says:

    @121 That;s what they’ve been telling everybody ringing them this week.

    What’s annoying is that those who contacted them last week and the week before, are also being told the same , even though they have e-mail confirmation stating that the receivers would be with them within 7 working days.

    @118 says it all – offering ….. but not actually giving


  123. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Just called again and they ‘aint arrived yet.
    Further digging though they managed to find out for me that it was a single tuner Humax.
    Then due to volume of requests the model has “changed to a different humax” (i kid you not)
    Make of that what you will- I’m totally friggin lost now.


  124. sb Says:

    I wrote to them over the Bank Holiday with the necessary details and someone phoned a week ago today advising that they would be sending out my box “later this (ie last) week”. Needless to say, no sign.
    Despite my original posting causing the flurry of activity on this website about LG’s incompetence, they are still showing themselves as incapable of any level of customer care!


  125. BB Says:

    Phoned LG after reading this they have taken details and asked me to email proof of purchase. They have advised that it may take a few weeks to receive the box.


  126. Mike Says:

    I did say this in @95. Who is their supplier ? Humax Direct have stock. Are these on a slow boat from Korea ? Jackanory… jackanory…



  127. Alan M Says:

    Just got of the phone to LG 11am 8th sept they said all claims are to be ref to head office because of volume of claims this could take upto 3 weeks


  128. Shaun Says:

    perhaps Admin would contact LG and see what’s happening to teh receivers – especially those who received e-mails stating “within 7 working days”, a few weeks back ?


  129. Alan M Says:

    They should have known how many sets they sold before they made this offer I think this is a bad bit of PR and would not hold my breath.


  130. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Now the call centre advisor I spoke to was just flippant and had a “couldn’t care less” attitude.
    And to top that Babybel cheese has ran out of free space hoppers and I bought 4 packs of 6 to get one-
    Babybel and lg in cahoots with each other on this or what!!
    Time for a smash ‘n’ grab on a humax foxsat pvr….(Cue Braveheart moment)


  131. Shaun Says:

    I’ve just called, explained the previous phone calls, and basically received the same response – no boxes ordered, etc….
    Asked to be passed onto Head of Customer services, or be given Head Office Telephone number – He couldn’t or wouldn’t. He wouldn’t confirm where Jeremy Parnham was Head of Customer Services.
    I telephoned head office (01753 491500), and ended up with Mr. Parnham’s answering machine. Telephone again, and when mentioned that I was passed to an answering machine, was passed to Steve Beaman (Buisness Solutions) – who assures me that he will bring it to the attention of who’s responsible.
    I have told them, you cannot give delievrt times, if you are unable to meet these times !
    I’ve requested that I receive an e-mail within the next two days !


  132. Shaun Says:

    Just e-mailed Steve Beaman (copied to Jeremy Parnham) with a copy of my e-mail sent last week, and this week to to ensure that my enquiry will be looked into, and that he had the right e-mail address.


  133. Tony Hales Says:

    This thread is better than a soap opera. My opinion, no one will get a box.


  134. Jill Says:



  135. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    Fed up with waiting for LG, I have now sent an e-mail to Humax to see if they can confirm if there is a order problem.

    I have also enquired LG about a full refund, only to be replied with….

    “We have not offered any product other than the Freesat HD box that has been stated. Full refunds are done by the retailer not the manufacturer. If a retailer has offered another item for this then that is between the consumer and the retalier.”

    I have e-mailed the retailer, to see what their view is about refunding, but when I visited them in July, I was basically told “no refund – TV works as intended” !

    Not sure if all we can do is sit and wait, or if there is any consumer rights group that we can all contact – or even BBC’s Watchdog !


  136. Jill Says:

    you’ll just have to sit and wait.

    LG mentioned 7 working days – they didn’t mention which 7 working days !

    I am guessing Dec 2010 will be the date.


  137. whistleblower Says:

    If you bought with a credit card then technically you have bought from the credit card issuing bank and your dispute is with them, so ask your credit card company for a refund.


  138. LF7700 owner Says:

    Day 18 in the LG House.
    LG still have no Humax Receivers :(


  139. MCMLXXIII Says:

    The call centre is tight lipped on this.
    Anyone managed to extract any info on whether they have arrived at LG yet (actually it’s regenesis).


  140. Shaun Says:

    Just had a call from Fenwick (the store where I purchased my TV), they’ve contacted TV, and was informed that all LF7700 owners was to contact LG, and arrange for a box to be delivered. I informed them, I’ve already done this, and still waiting, and contacting Customers Services/Head office has had no response in when I am to receive my receiver (PVR as requested).
    What I have mentioned, is that why hasn’t LG allowed the customers to return to the store of purchase, and receiver the receiver from them – and for the store to claim the cost from LG. Fenwick is going to try contact LG again, as they sell many LG products, and should be able to get further information. I have been told I will receive a follow phone call from Fenwick next week.
    Meanwhile, another e-mail sent to LG, and yet no responses. (Guess they’ve blacklisted my address by now). Also sent an e-mail to BBC Watchdog, informing them of the shambles with regards to the LF7700 owners, the BBC iplayer update, and the solution of offering receivers (no one has received one as yet) !
    If LG Head Office replies to my letter send to the 25th Aug regarding this shamble, I should receive a response tomorrow, as I requested I wanted a response by 10th September !


  141. whistleblower Says:

    When I called customer services this afternoon their database stated that mine had been shipped but did not identify when.

    Half an hour later I received a reply to my email inquiry I sent yesterday. It states: “We can confirm that we are awaiting delivery of these boxes from the supplier as soon as they are booked into stock they will be shipped out to customers.”

    ‘all sounds like holding statements to me.


  142. Shaun Says:

    #141 When did you request yours, and did you receive a confirmation e-mail.

    Mine was requested prior 26th Aug, and confirmation received stating that I should be receiving the receiver with 7 working days !

    I can’t even get replies to my e-mails (now sending almost daily 2nd, 4th , 6th 7th, 8th & 9th Sept)


  143. Freeviewfsn6b Says:

    Yong Nam, Vice Chairman & CEO, LG Electronics is the person who may have the answers !


  144. MCMLXXIII Says:


    All guns blazing…..


  145. LF7700 owner Says:

    Just looking via my responses from LG, regarding the Freesat receive
    26th Aug –
    “There are technical difficulties in ensuring that the LG Freesat TV is fully complatible with the BBC i-player. As a goodwill gesture we will be providing a set top box to enable your freesat Television to work with both the BBC I player and the ITV player.
    In order for us to send this out please provide us with the below information:
    1. Your full address details, telephone number and name
    2. model number of the Television and serial number
    3. proof of purchase.
    Once we have received this information we will request this to be sent which will take approximately 7 days to get to you. ”

    There was no mention of ‘Working Days’ so should have expected my receiver by w/e/ 4th Sept (and that’s taking into account of the Bank Holiday weekend)

    Now into the third week, and still no signs !


  146. Dave Says:

    I emailed all relevant details on 1st Sept and got my confirmation email yesterday afternoon “…Please allow 7 – 14 working days to receive this…”

    There seems to be no issues with being in the Republic of Ireland…


  147. Shaun Says:

    @146 but you haven;t received it yet.

    I’ve had e-mails…
    26th Aug : “Once we have received this information we will request this to be sent which will take approximately 7 days to get to you.”
    26th Aug : “We can confirm, we have requested this to be sent out to you. Please allow 7 working days to receive this”
    26th Aug : “Once recieved the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14days”
    31st Aug : “Once received the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14 days”

    with no mentioning of working days, and still waiting.


  148. Shaun Says:

    Received a 20min phone call from LG’s Jeremy Parnham (Head of Customer Services), who’s confirmed that my request for the Freesat receiver to be updated to a Freesat PVR will not happen, as “The set top box is a gesture of goodwill and any requests for specific set top boxes are non negotiable. The model is at the discretion of LG and will provide basic compatible set top boxes to enable the iPlayer feature to be displayed. ”
    He also assures me that the First batch of receivers are expected to be received nextweek, followed by a booking in process, before dispatching, and that I should be one og the first to receive this receiver !
    A very dissapointing result, and altough I’ve suggested throughout the call, that I would rather have a PVR due to the delays, etc it appears that LG will only be sticking to the “gesture of goodwill” – I have asked for a detailed response to the problems, and to have the questions answered in an e-mail – but not sure if this would be possible !

    So those waiting…. it looks like it won’t be until th ened of next week, before delivery to those waiting commences !


  149. fsn6b Says:

    How do you connect this receiver to the TV – there’s no LNB output on the back of the TV?
    I’ve also been informed that there’s no HDMI cable, so how do you watch BBC HD & ITV1 HD – I thoush SCART only provides you with SD ?
    I thought there would be no additional cost, when accepting the gesture of goodwill from LG.
    Looking in the manual it mentions “Ethernet Input” – Ethernet port for the Freesat interactive service – What’s this service ?


  150. Alferret Says:

    @148 Shaun, your expecting rather a lot for LG’s lack of expediency. The TV doesn’t come with a PVR so why expect one? Isn’t that just greed? Take the TV back to your retail store, get your refund, buy another TV and then buy your PVR.

    Its a gesture of goodwill not a god given right to screw LG for something that your TV couldn’t even do.


  151. fsn6b Says:

    @150 Just reading through these posts, and it appears that the owners of the LF7700 have been waiting all year for the BBC iplayer release, being promised various dates, then recently LG started to offer freesat receivers, to provide a solution. The LF7700 I guess was purchased, so that only one piece of kit was needed, and that having an additional box could be unacceptable for many.
    It’s taken two months for LG Head of Customer services to contact @148, but wasn’t he just requested the box to be updated to a PVR, due to the additional delay caused, and for non responsive solutions from LG (@88). If he requested this additional update, why wasn’t he refused rather than wait a whole week.
    I’ve only a single LNB, removing the TV from the dish – updates for teh LF7700 will no longer happen. To wait 3+ weeks from requesting a box that was stated as being delivered within 7 days is unacceptable.
    However it looks like the big man (LG) has won, and that the little man (Shaun) has lost his battle. At least with his involvement with LG, we LF7700 owners will soon have the ability to receive the catchup services such as BBC iplayer.
    I wonder what’s changed from LG’s quotes “we finished our testng in Dec”, “BBC iplayer will be available mid-July”, “We can confirm we are currently in talks with BBC regarding this matter and hope to have an answer in the near future” and their decison of 23rd Aug to issue freesat receivers.


  152. Shaun Says:

    @151 Thanks for your support.
    @150 I was expecting that LG to be truthful – was the LF7700 capable of receiving Freesat Interactive services as mentioned in the guide (i.e BBC iplayer, etc), and for them to be realistic with their timscale. When giving a delivery of within 7 days, is what I expect, and not to receive further information regardingthe delay is not acceptable, hence the additional request.

    Its only a waiting game now, who’s first – will the retailer provide me with a full refund , before the receiver be delivered.

    To be contacted by LG’s Head of Customer services two months after intial contact is unacceptable !

    @admin – is it possible to lock this thread, so no further posts can be posted.

    as @151 states the Giant’s response “The set top box is a gesture of goodwill and any requests for specific set top boxes are non negotiable. The model is at the discretion of LG and will provide basic compatible set top boxes to enable the iPlayer feature to be displayed. ” is greater than its customers.


  153. Alferret Says:

    I too was an owner of a lf7700, although iPlayer was an integral part of my initial choice it wasnt the be all and end all of the TV.
    At the very most anyone who applies to LG for the goodwill gesture should get just that, it doesn’t really matter if it takes them 6 days or 6 months even with missed promises of delivery dates you will still be getting the product as stated, even if it means you have 2 boxes instead of the one.
    I think LG if they follow through are being quite admirable in offering a stand alone box and I think in all honesty they could say sod it, no boxes, and then the only recourse owners have is with the retailer NOT LG which is where legally we should be going and getting them the retailers to put pressure on LG.
    Where do I stand, well I got John Lewis to give me a refund on the grounds that the TV was fit for purpose as it was missing something that it was sold as having. I then went out & got another LG TV for the same price as the one that was returned. Am I happy? No of course not its cost me an additional £2.70 in parking & £5 in fuel to facilitate my outcome.

    @152 I understand where your coming from but I still stand by what I said, its greed to ask for anything other than a standard HD box capable of supplying iPlayer.
    Also I don’t think that Admin should lock this thread it would stop other users having an input & say in the issues raised herein & also netiquette would dictate that if the thread was to be closed upon request it should come from the OP (Original Poster)
    Just my 2p worth.


  154. Alferret Says:

    Also I don’t think that Admin should NOT lock this thread it would stop other users having an input & say in the issues raised herein & also netiquette would dictate that if the thread was to be closed upon request it should come from the OP (Original Poster)

    Soz, missed out a word :-/


  155. Mike Says:

    @148… a 20 minute phone-call… and all we really know is that you’re not getting a PVR… what did you chat about for the other 19 minutes and 59 seconds ?


  156. admin Says:

    We don’t plan on closing the comments on this post as we’d welcome reports from anyone that does actually receive a iPlayer enabled receiver from LGE.

    Shaun, why do you want it closing?


  157. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Meanwhile on Daz close….

    (Well you have to laugh now or cry).

    I wonder how long the “accepting” then “booking-in” process will take considering the sheer volume they have to deal with, and if it will cause another significant delay to their open-ended 7-14 delivery promise policy.
    Does anyone want a BT Vision box, a pair of Comtrend powerline adapters and a Sony dvpns78h DVD player for a HUMAX or Technisat HDFreesat box?
    Sorry Admin, but I’m getting desperate waiting for LG!


  158. Shaun Says:

    @155 just checked my phone – it was a 28min 8 sec call. A call in my opinion that was not necessary, as th equestions/queries should have been answered via e-mails/via customer support !

    All I know is that ; (only a few examples listed, but maybe many more)

    * I am not getting a PVR. (Was I really expecting this ? – No ? This was just to ensure that I would receive a reply, which I didn’t)
    * I am not receiving my standard HD receiver within the timescale that was given on 26th Aug, and when chased up when the 7 days as stated had passed.
    * Shippment to LG will be sometime next week, followed by shipment to customers a short while later.
    * A refund will not be issued by LG (this has to be negotiated via the retailer)
    * The LF7700 was never advertised as being BBC iplayer compatiable.
    * The Freesat HD spec addition of BBC iplayer/ITV player was not in place when the LF7700 was being manufactured.
    * A HDMI cable will not be supplied. (So only SD can be received)
    * To use the receiver, and to continue to receive firmware updates to the LF7700, a second cable needs to be installed from my dish.
    * My TV unit which was purchased, which only has space for the TV and a DVD recorder – has no space for the receiver (so the DVD has to be removed, and used when required .

    What I don’t know or why :-
    * LG’s dates of releasing BBC iplayer software had been changed throughout the year, ending with no release at all.
    * Why Head of Customer Support hadn’t responded to my e-mails over the past few months
    * Why replies from customer services diffres depending who’s answers the calls.
    * Why those who had been given dates after accepting the gesture of good will, weren’t contacted and informed of any delays.
    * Why it has taken until 23rd Aug for LG to publish anything on it’s website.
    * Will the LF7700 continue to receive future updates, support.
    * The box may not actuially be a Humax (altough told otherwise)
    * I may not get a response to any letters, e-mails, sent that where questions have been unanswered.
    * Why another product was not offered in place of the Freesat receiver (Some Blu ray player can receive BBC iplayer, and it appears some have been offered/received this)

    @153 You decided to claim for a full refund, and was successful – wonder what you would be doing if this was not obtainable ?

    @156 just thought as there appears that all we can do is to wait for LG to deliver the gesture, may that be withing the next week, month or year, and all that can be posted now is what model/make (and timescale) of receiver that has been received.

    my next post on this topic will be when (if) I receive my receiver, make/model and when (if) it arrives.


  159. Alferret Says:

    @158 What would I have done if I couldn’t get the refund, honestly? Absolutely nothing. I asked the question to JL they said yes, if they had said no then my 32LF7700 would still be sitting in my bedroom being used. iPlayer isn’t a deal breaker. I saw an opportunity and went for it and was successful :) in essence I have had a free upgrade my 37″ Sharp Aquos is in the bedroom and the new 42LD690 in the front room.


  160. fsn6b Says:


    How long have you been waiting ? As the gesture has not really been posted anywhere until 26th Aug on this website (even though on LG’s website 23rd Aug – they are asking people to contact LG but no mention of the gooswill gesture)

    “LG is aware of the issues connecting your LG Freesat TV to BBC iPlayer and has been working to find a solution to resolve this issue.
    If you are experiencing problems with your LG Freesat television, please speak to an LG representative by calling the LG customer service helpline on 0844 847 5454 for an update on this matter.”

    I would have thought if @156 Shaun has been contacting LG through the year (as many others may have done so also), that these people would have been contacted, and informed that a receiver as a gesture of gooswill had been ordered, and will be delivered if they wish to take LG up on their offer.

    For them to make a gesture, and not be able to confirm ‘real’ dates of delivery, delivery within the dates given nor even have any units in stock is unacceptable – hence I guess the reason why @156 may have requested for his to be updated to a PVR.

    LG is aware of the issues connecting your LG Freesat TV to BBC iPlayer and has been working to find a solution to resolve this issue.

    LG’s statement :

    “LG is committed to offering its customers the very best service and would like to reassure people that LG will manage this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible”

    has clearly not been given, and for @156 to have been contacted from LG’s Head of Customer services (after various methods of communication), and still not given a compromise.

    I for one, will take this into consideration, when making/deciding any future purchases on any LG products.


  161. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Call made 23rd August, Later calls I was told although phoning on this date it wasn’t authorised until the 27th August.(internal paperwork?)
    The reason I hit the offer (i think) before it went public was down to me having a vibrating speaker issue and whilst on the phone addressing this I moaned about the iplayer and the assistant had received an internal correspondence detailing the free box offer and authorised me one there and then.
    Sad really.


  162. Herbert Splatt Says:

    Some people need to get a sense of perspective here! In the grand scheme of things, LG have said that boxes will be sent out, the actualities of when that is aren’t contractual so we can’t go demanding this that or the other.

    As a consumer you have the choice not to buy from them again if you are unhappy, but as they are doing this as a matter of goodwill – we don’t have that many bargaining tools.

    A box will come sooner or later, they shouldn’t be promising specific dates unless they quantify it with ‘all being well’ or such like as ‘as soon as we get it, they should be out within a week’. They aren’t helping themselves there, but customers have to realise that big companies aren’t always the most efficient, especially customer service departments who may not be given the most accurate information. Thats life – deal with it.


  163. boudy Says:

    @162 Sorry fella not necessarily so, LG can promise everything, so far they have delivered nothing. Nada Zip…. A lot of these TVs will soon be out of warranty and there is nothing we can do about that. Everything I have heard so far is still standard “Customer Services” script. All smoke and mirrors.


  164. wingnut Says:

    @153 What ever posessed you to go and buy another LG TV? Not in my lifetime would I ever line their pockets again! I’ve got plans afoot, and if / when they come to fruition I will post more here.


  165. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Wingnut, “plans afoot” Guy Fawkes!
    Thankyou for the most witty post so far in this , you made me smile.


  166. fsn6b Says:

    poll @#97 has voters recorded as having been offered Blu-ray players, yet @#148 – LG stated that the goodwill gesture “was non negotiable”.
    I wonder how they managed to secure the Blu-rays.

    Also it appears that a voter has received a receive, but assume had voted with what they were offered as it appears LG hasn’t of yet any receivers as yet to give anyone despite 3 weeks almost having past since LG ‘announced’ its Goodwill Gesture !


  167. MCMLXXIII Says:

    My guess is someone took the telly back and got a blu-ray player, in somesort of exchange deal- or that’s what they’d like.
    I’ve seen no evidence anywhere of people getting blu-ray.
    Until then it’s as much speculation as the goodwill freesat boxes.
    Please do prove me wrong as any news is good news.


  168. Mike Says:

    There’s no “goodwill” gesture. At the very least LG are doing this to deflect the bad press from their cockup at not being able to deliver iPlayer and the constant porkies they’ve been telling their customers. Coincidence that their “goodwill” gesture pops up a couple of days after joinfreesat posts the story that iPlayer on the LF7700 is unlikely ?


  169. fsn6b Says:

    @168 Mike , I too believe that there this is not a “Goodwill Gesture” –

    @148/158 At least Shaun was trying to have closure to the fiasco, and looking at his responses still has had no solution from even the Head of Customer Services ! other than a statement “LG have never formally stated iPlayer will be available. iPlayer is a function of freesat HD which was released after this television model was manufactured. All statements made historically were believed to be correct at that time. However as a gesture of goodwill LG UK have agreed to send to customers who have purchased the LG freesat TV LF7700 and require this feature a separate freesat set top box. The set top box will enable the LG Freesat TV to display the BBC iPlayer feature. ” , and that he will be receiving a receiver sometime in the future whether he likes it or not !

    My question is then, why wre the LF7700 owners made to believe that the LF7700 would have BBC iplayer from as early as Jan 2010, and to be given a dates “mid-July”

    I would like a full inquiry why:-
    *LG was unable to provide BBC iplayer, via the LF7700
    *Dates were given throughout the year of the software release.
    *Why they have now decide to issue receivers.
    *Why no receivers have been delivered despite giving delivery dates.

    and a few more questions, I am sure other owners would like to add.

    Perhaps may like to gather together a set of questions (from the LF7700 owners), and request that LG answeres them (truthfully).


  170. fsn6b Says:

    Looking at the posts regarding BBC iplayer for the LF7700, I’ve compliled a timeline ( of the LF7700 and BBC iplayer situation.

    So, (as #168), was this actually a gesture of goodwill on LG’s behalf, who due to joinfreesats’s posts ?
    as #118 suggests, and current situation seems to confirms it.

    LG are JUST Offering Freesat Receivers – No one has yet to receive one !


  171. Alan Me Says:

    Dear Mr M
    Thank you for your email.
    Due to unforeseen circumstances we are still awaiting the delivery of these set top boxes. As soon as we receive these they will be dispatched out to customers.
    We apologise for this delay.
    We would also like to confirm that at present we are unable to give an expected date of when iPlayer will be on the televisions due to the technical difficulties that we have encountered.
    If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 847 5454 we will be more than happy to help.
    Best regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  172. Mike Says:

    @171.. so even now they are persisting with the line that the iPlayer will be released on the LF7700.. or at least that they are working on it.. and that the delay is due to technical difficulties. This is completely at odds with “we have yet to reach an agreement”.


  173. Mike Says:

    This business about “we never promised iPlayer on the LF7700” is ridiculous. Of course there’s no LG document which says “We promise to bring out iPlayer on the LF7700”. But the fact of the matter is… they DID put an Ethernet port in the LF7700… and they DID put in their own product documentation that it is for “future IPTV services”… and they DID ( and continue to ) state that they are working on a release… and in part peoples decision to buy may have been based on this. That’s why they are sending out replacement set top boxes. There’s no goodwill in business. Some beancounter has highlighted this as the most cost-effective solution.


  174. fsn6b Says:

    “This update should be available by the middle of July”


  175. fsn6b Says:

    don’t forget the above quote fom LG, and the quote from Jan 2010

    “Freesat and BBC iPlayer finished their testing in December and LG are currently updating the software now – as we speak. Unfortuantely, there’s no time estimate on this but it WILL be in the near future.”


  176. SteveP Says:

    When LG said no deal had been reached with bbc to allow software for the iplayer to be added to the television it could have been true. It might be LG were at the time negotiating and trying to seek a change by bbc to the iplayer spec which would have allowed lg to incorporate into the TV and avoid its technical limitation, and bbc have refused such a change.

    Remember the update is software, and would have gone through some reasonable testing. So, when they said July it could have been in good faith at that moment in time and would have been on par with say Panasonic on development timeframe, only albeit in LG’s case the testing phase uncovered a big issue.

    Remember the above is just a potential theory though.


  177. wingnut Says:

    I heard a rumour that LG were changing their slogan from Life’s Good……….

    Loads’a Grief!


  178. Product Placement On Hollyoaks! | Join Freesat Says:
  179. Mike Says:

    In the next episode we see them phoning LG customer support and requesting an upgrade to a PVR as a further goodwill gesture. Then Jeremy Farnham ( name changed a little to protect the innocent ) turns up on a Harley Davidson with a bazooka and blows them all to kingdom come. Eat that Eastenders.


  180. Shaun Says:

    “We have shipped the units to LG, so they should be receiving them towards the end of this week, however it may well be best advised to contact LG regarding the delivery now.
    LG have only just ordered the products off us so they should have the stock this week.
    Regards Colin Wilson,
    Humax Customer Support”


  181. Paul Says:

    On channel 999 the section about the iPlayer says LG will be providing an HD Freesat box.


  182. MCMLXXIII Says:

    They have arrived at Regenesis and are now being processed


  183. John Says:

    Blimey, there are going to be a lot of Humax Freesat HD boxes hitting ebay quite soon.


  184. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Just got a confirmation email that the order is being processed, boxes have arrived and it’s going to take 7-14 days to get to me as the pixies they have got small little hands and alot to get through


  185. whistleblower Says:

    @180 did you get confirmation of Humax model number?


  186. admin Says:

    Bet it has a -G on the end 😉


  187. Shaun Says:

    No, nor have I received an e-mail from LG informing me that they will be in receipt of the Humax boxes within the next 48 hours.

    But then as me and Mr Parnham aren’t on speaking terms, then I guess I’ll be the last to know !

    If LG has just ordered the boxes from Humax today, then what has LG been doing for the past few weeks !

    Opps, I did say I was not going to say anything until receipt of the receiver (or PVR as requested and refused)


  188. Mike Says:

    “Due to unforeseen circumstances we are still awaiting the delivery of these set top boxes.”. Exactly how is not ordering them an unforeseen circumstance ?


  189. wingnut Says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier and quicker for LG to have provided Humax with a list of registered LF7700 owners and got them to dispatch the boxes direct, or am I just being daft? I suppose there could be a problem with confidentiality, but I’m sure that most would agree it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Anyway, its too late now. Whats another week or two…………..or three………or four………….or!!!


  190. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Allow me to assist,

    One of those nice folk at LG (Regenesis) thought it prudent to take down the email addresses of those poor folk who’ve been waiting ages- that he himself dealt with.
    He then sent these said emails to those customers he had been in contact with.
    He is a step above most it would seem in this course of action.
    It seems his colleagues didn’t take the same approach- and hence the outcome of confusion.
    However- 7-14 days to send?
    Has only person been allocated this task of processing the dispatch? as at those delivery estimations it would seem so.


  191. fsn6b Says:

    What’s Regenesis e-mail address ?

    I wonder if those who’s been waiting and confirmed proof of purchase have to resubmit, aqnd wait a further 7-14 days !


  192. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Regenesis have the email list of “confirmed” proof of purchase.
    In fact it’s them who generated it.
    Let’s be clear when you call lg customer services you are in fact dealing with regenesis, who were awarded the customer service contract for lg some time ago.
    The only email I can provide for them is:

    therefore @191 We all have to wait 7-14 days regardless, we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak


  193. Shaun Says:

    e-mail to Watchdog, then, informing them of LG’s poor customer service !


  194. Alan Me Says:

    My reply of Humax today 15th
    Dear Customer,
    They ordered them off us and we are shipping them this week to LG so they should be receiving them to the end of this week hopefully, you would need to contact LG nearer this time to find out more information.
    Regards Colin Wilson,
    Humax Customer Support


  195. Alan Me Says:

    Dear Alan,

    It is a Foxsat HD.
    Regards Colin Wilson,
    Humax Customer Support


  196. Shaun Says:

    Alan Me , typically the same response from Humax that I received see #180

    Anyone heard of a Joe Orton, he’s e-mailed me asking if I have heard anything from LG !


  197. Shaun Says:

    Looks like Joe Orton is from LG’s own blog !
    Now Mr Parnham told me on Friday, that posting on blogs doesn’t help the situation – so why does LG have a blog !

    ( Day 21 – no response from LG confirming deliery date, or anything )


  198. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Use your noggin’

    Even (if) it gets here, you know it’s going to be a refurb or a graded box right?
    That’s an opinion I’ve held since the delay tatics came to play and I’m sure is seconded by others in this forum- mind you It is free after all.and I’ll be grateful for what I can get right now

    Do me a favour, my home phone bill is huge with all the calls I’ve made about this over the last month, can someone give LGenesis a call and get a shipment update!
    01753 491300


  199. Shaun Says:

    and that’ll be 7 working days…… I stopped calling them, when I was advised to call them again on the status, only to be told something totally different to what I had been told earlier……

    just a waiting game….. a long one…..

    #198 “it free after all” – not really, if no HDMI lead, you have to buy one, if you wish your LF7700 to continue to receive updates, you have to have another LNB feed from your dish, if your unit (like mine) hasn’t the space for an additional box, then you have to replace. Then there’s the call costs, time spent contacting LG, only to be told “it will be soon” !


  200. Tony Hales Says:

    I see there are three GRUNDIG GUFSAT01HD’s on Ebay with a buy it now price of £29.99 each. Perhaps LG are looking for bargains from Ebay and haven’t won anything yet.


  201. whistleblower Says:

    @200 check that these boxes are “streaming capable” for iPlayer etc, apparently early ones are not – despite having Ethernet. See the thread:


  202. mcmlxxiii Says:

    7 days it’s on it’s way, as part of the first 250 I am told.
    And it’s coming via Royal Mail so if you’re not in expect a card through the letter box and a trip to the local depot.
    Interestingly enough I’m also told the lack of iplayer isn’t LG’s fault and it’s being blamed loosely on a mis-communication with auntie (beeb).


  203. fsn6b Says:

    #202 – the lack of iplayer isn’t LG’s fault and it’s being blamed loosely on a mis-communication with auntie (beeb).

    Then perhaps LG would like to have available to LF7700 owners a full investigation of why .

    “Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer Support Team.
    I understand that you would like to when BBC iPlayer will become compatible with the LG LF7700.
    Unfortunately we are unable to specify when a particular device is likely to become supported.
    We are testing new devices all the time with the view to expanding the range of devices however compatibility also depends heavily on the manufacturer.
    Once again thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer.
    Kind Regards
    Andrew Gilfillan”


  204. andrew Says:

    @202 did they give you a tracking number?


  205. mcmlxxiii Says:

    @204 Sorry, they arn’t doing tracking numbers- as it’s probably on the cheap!

    @203 Admission of guilt by neither party is ever likely


  206. Alan Me Says:

    @203 This is reply i got Aug 31st
    Dear Mr Me
    Reference CAS-262838
    Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer support team.
    I understand you would like to when BBC iPlayer will be compatible with LG TV.

    BBC does intend on making the service compatible with all platforms, however we do not as yet have any further information on availability of BBC iPlayer service on LG TV.
    Nevertheless, I can assure that I have fully registered your comments on this issue. They have been made available to those responsible for maintaining the BBC iPlayer service.
    Once again thank you for contacting BBC iPlayer.
    Kind Regards

    Usha Devi Peri


  207. Mike Says:

    “Now Mr Parnham told me on Friday, that posting on blogs doesn’t help the situation”… of course it doesn’t help HIS situation… but then if LG had handled this properly there would be no need for blog postings. Remember Baldrick.. we’re not at home to Mr Cockup…


  208. Simon Says:

    Hi everyone just received my Humax Foxsat Hd box and there is a HDMI cable in the box so no to borrow a lond drill bit buy some decent coax and two F connectors and wire it up to my son’s 32″ Tv that struggles on freesat well pleased thanks to all who got on to LG about this!


  209. Simon Says:

    sorry should read struggles on freeview luckily I already have a quad lnb!


  210. Jasmine Says:

    Hi to everyone.
    Posties just been and delivered my Humax Foxsat HD box. Like Simon says @208 there is sealed bag of bits with all the leads, HDMI, Scart and RCA. Very pleased and thanks to all who put a lot of time and effort into this.


  211. Shaun Says:

    So an HDMI lead is being supplied., despite what LG’s customer services were quoting….. Another example of incorrect information being supplied by LG !

    “Thank you for your e-mail.
    Unfortunately a HDMI cable will not be included with the freesat receiver.
    The Model number is subject to change due to volumes so at this point we cannot confirm which model will be sent out.
    If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 847 5454 we will be more than happy to help.
    Best regards,
    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk”

    Well, lets hope when I return home, that’s there’s also a receiver waiting (or perhaps a posties card)

    Don’t forget to update the poll


  212. Kris Says:

    @208, 210 What is the model name / number? Cheers


  213. Shaun Says:

    Remember though, if you just have a single LNB feed, and have to connect the receiver to the dish instead of the LF7700 – then you will not receive any future updates, whether this is Freesat IPTV services, or updates for the TV itself !

    But since the TV is now discontinued, and receivers given in place of the BBC iplayer update, I guess no further updates will be transmitted.


  214. fsn6b Says:

    in addition to make/model of the receiver, post the date of when LG confirmed, and the date expected.
    My date was confirmed 26th Aug (delivery within 7 days) – and still waiting delivery after 22 days – but haven’t been home yet !


  215. Vinny Says:

    Just had a Humax Foxsat delivered, had email confirmation from LG on 31 Aug


  216. Dean Says:

    Anyone having problems receiving emails from LG?

    Haven’t had a reply since they asked for my proof & serial No. (Which Ive sent)


  217. mcmlxxiii Says:

    They have ran out already.

    The next batch isn’t expected for another 7-14 days, – and I go back to 25th August.
    Yesterday they told me I was getting one.
    Here we go again….


  218. Dean Says:

    just received an email.

    “We can confirm we have received your proof of purchase and have requested a replacement remote to be sent to you. Please allow 7-14 working days to receive this.”

    “remote!!” I wanted a freesat box


  219. Paul Says:

    My said remote as well. I rang them up, they said its a mistake and my box has been ordered .10-14 days


  220. andrew Says:

    @217 my date of confirmation was 31st and still hoping postie was his usual inefficient self and mine will turn up tomorrow or Saturday! One lives in hopes.
    @213 I will keep an eye on
    and then swop my aerial cable to the TV if an update becomes available.
    Also not surprised the full set of cables turned up as the Humax spec includes cables in all freesat models.
    Hoping that I was in first 250…….


  221. Shaun Says:

    @216 I didn’t receive any e-mails between 2nd Sept & 10th Sept, and only received an e-mail when I said, “As my e-mails from 2nd Sept, onwards had not been answered, that my request of the goodwill gesture to be updated to a PVR must have been approved, and expect to receive the PVR within gthe next seven days”

    This resulted in three e-mails on 10th Sept, being answered almost instantly and a wasted phone call from Jeremy Parnham – Head of Customer Services !

    I have not received any e-mails since 10th, altough requested that all questions/issues that I had raised to be answered either by letter/e-mail or any e-mails regarding dispatching of receiver (or PVR) !

    Poor Customer Service


  222. Dean Says:

    Email resolved.

    “Apologies we can confirm that was requested for you and not a replacement remote. Again please allow 7-14 working days to received the Humax Set top box.”

    Now its just a waiting game for me!


  223. Shaun Says:

    Receiver received was Humax Foxsat-HD which should have arrived by 2nd Sept (within 7 days from 26 Aug – 14+days late !). They even dated the covering letter to the 15th – the day after ordering them from Humax (see post #180)

    I still expect my letter sent to LG (25th Aug) to be formally responded (as also requested to 10th sept)

    LG quoted this about their LF7700 – “We are also not aware that this unit was ever advertised by LG as having BBC iPlayer on it, nor that it would ever be available on the set.”, yet they send a receiver out, which also has no advertisement on the package (or manual) also stating that it BBC iplayer compatable !

    Unable to test unit as I’ve only a single LNB feed (from a quad LNB), and the Homeplugs purchased way back in January were returned for a refund.

    I wonder if this receiver will behave the same way as my Thompson receiver did – when Energy saving mode activated on the LF7700 – it disabled the remote of the receiver.


  224. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Dear Mr Wonderful

    Thank you for your email.

    Due to unforeseen issues with the delivery of these goodwill set top boxes, there was a delay in shipments to customer. As you can imagine we have received hundred of these requests. Please be made aware that this a goodwill gesture by LG, and we will be shipping these Set top boxes as soon as possible to customers.

    If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 847 5454 we will be more than happy to help.


    Best regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  225. andrew Says:

    Post been today- no box – hopes fading that I was in first 250, I wonder what basis they issued them on….
    I would not have thought that there were 2500 before me, but who knows or ever will be told.,


  226. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Imagine the aggravation they could have saved themselves had they just said 3 little words…”Within 28 days”.

    Mind you Never look a gift horse in the mouth…Without chewing it.


  227. Shaun Says:

    as LF7700 owners were enquiring about BBC iplayer throughout the year, you would have thought that they would have kept the contact addresses/email address and when they made the decision to provide receivers, then would have made an intial order based for those who had made enquires, received the order, then contacted the owner to see whether they still owned the LF7700 (or still want to receive BBC iplayer), and send out the receivers as each owner confirmed proof of purchase. That would only leave those, who hadn’t contacted LG. The receivers for these would be ordered, and dispatched to them (direct from Humax) as and when they contact LG.
    That would mean, myself, MCMLXIII who were almost the first to contact LG, would have received the receiveres within the said 7 days – rather that the 21+ days it has taken. Not sure how MCMLXIII is still waiting, as I contacted LG after he had !

    @#226 if with 7 days means 21 +days, within 28days would have meant next year ! LG has no concept of what time is.


  228. Shaun Says:

    and you don’t get an iplayer remote !
    ( which seem sto suggest the receiver is from Graded stock, as mentioned in #186


  229. whistleblower Says:

    I have just received a request for a receipt for my LF7700 TV before the STB is shipped.

    This is after I provided all details requested and this reply on the 28th of August:
    “We can confirm that we have receieved your details and have requested the set top box be sent to you as a good will gesture. Please allow 7 working days to recieve this.”

    What a fiasco!


  230. Brian Says:

    I too have just received a request for proof of purchase, even though when I originally phoned they said they didn’t need it because I’d registered the TV with them when I first bought it.


  231. fsn6b Says:

    @229/230 delay tactics !


  232. Mike Says:

    @229/230.. metoo


  233. Phil Says:

    My “We have requested a set top box be sent to you, this will take up to seven working days.” email was received on 27 Aug … still no box.

    I just asked Humax about @#228 post. This is their reply:

    “You do not need the RM-F01 remote control to use iplayer; the standard remote control supplied with the Foxsat HD is RM-108 which will work fine. If you would like to purchase the RM-F01 remote control then you can additionally as this remote control has some fast forward buttons for usage for iplayer.

    Humax Customer Support”

    I would like this fast forward ability, but even if LG agree to send one as a further gesture how long will that take?


  234. Dave Says:

    @220 – My LF7700 is on ATV 1.00.20, not ATV 1.00.19 as per this website


  235. Paul Says:

    Got mine this morning @ 8am.


  236. Shaun Says:

    Just disconnect the LF7700 from my dish, in order to use the Humax receiver.
    Connect via HDMI – The LF77000 won’t switch automatically to the HDMI source.
    When the Humax TV display format is set to Auto, it displays the 4:3 transmissions as ‘stretched’ widescreen.
    The Humax, when coming out of standby – takes about 10-15secs before you can watch a channel !
    This is not what I expect, as we are inconvienced even more, by having to select the HDMI source on the LF7700, and change the Display format to suit the transmission of the programme.
    However, BBC iplayer seems to work !
    But I’d rather not thave the inconvvience of the above, and since only having a single LNB feed have decided not to have the Humax connected to the dish, and reconnected the LF7700. (The Humax has now been boxed, and will return back to LG when the retailer contacts me and if they offer me a full refund)
    I will await for the BBC iplayer updated to arrive to the LF7700 meantime, and see about purchasing a Wii Console or a Blu Ray player in order to access BBC iplayer.


  237. mcmlxxiii Says:


    Shaun- if you don’t want it i’ll have it please!
    I’ve been told mines coming more times than a pornstar.


  238. Phil Says:

    Got the Humax this morning. Watching iPlayer on the it is so much better than the wii. You when you choose higher quality it looks and sounds great.


  239. whistleblower Says:

    iPlayer is important now but be aware that it, ITVplayer, 4oD etc. shall be replaced by youView (formally “Project Canvas”) in 2011 (subject possible delays) – see

    So if the LF7700 does work with iPlayer it may not be VoD future-proof such as youView


  240. Shaun Says:

    @237 – did not want to take a step backwards – bad enough having to have a receiver, but even worse when the HDMI source isn’t selected automatically (as it does when using SCART)

    Have sent the query to LG, (along with the screen size problem), and received a response, that was only relate to the screen size (i.e. change settings to 16:9 on both TV and receiver) – no mention about the HDMI problem !
    But as usually, as LG a question, you end up having to ask further questions to their responses.

    SAMSUNG BDC5300 BLU RAY DISC PLAYER , with 6 free Blu Rays selling for less than £100, but not sure if it’s BBC iplayer compatible !


  241. mcmlxxiii Says:

    I’ve had an email from Emma Scott’s representative and LG in the last week promising me a box.
    And still no reply.
    You can be sure of it
    (Vic and Bob fans you know what I mean).


  242. fsn6b Says:

    Just picked up’s latest magazine in WH Smiths, and surprised to see that the LF7700 was mentioned.

    Even more surprised to see it mention..

    “The Ethernet serves no current purpose, but COULD be used to receive the BBC’s iPlayer service if it breaks free from its internet corral.”

    Wonder if they used the word COULD, just in case LG decided not to go ahead with teh BBC iplayer update.


  243. mcmlxxiii Says:

    1cor·ral noun \kə-ˈral, -ˈrel\
    Definition of CORRAL

    : a pen or enclosure for confining or capturing livestock
    : an enclosure made with wagons for defense of an encampment.


  244. jmecks Says:

    The quote in @242 can be found on the techradar website, and was part of a review wriiten way back in October 2009.


  245. Dave Says:

    Just wondering if any enterprising person has requested a copy of the LF7700 source code as indicated in the appendix to the user manual:

    The following GPL executables and LGPL libraries used in this product are subject to the GPL2.0/LGPL2.1
    License Agreements:
    • Linux kernel 2.6
    • busybox
    • freetype
    • glibc
    • uClibc
    • libexif
    • id3lib
    LG Electronics offers to provide source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing
    such distribution, such as the cost of media, shipping and handling upon e-mail request to LG Electronics at:
    This offer is valid for a period of three(3) years from the date of the distribution of this product by LG Electronics.

    It might be the opportunity to fix some of the niggling “features”


  246. wingnut Says:

    “Dear Mr Wingnut,

    Thank you for your email to LG Customer support,

    We are working through our lists of people that have requested the free sat box’s as fairly as possible, of course the people who ordered first will get the first batch, we are now awaiting another batch and then will be sending out some more, We do appreciate you are keen to get the free sat box and hope you have yours soon. The shipping of the boxes is taking some time which we do appologise for.”

    Just for the record…..

    I was emailed on the 28th August to say they were sending me one!

    I wonder where I am in the queue?

    As I said in #189..
    Whats another week or two…………..or three………or four………….or!!!


  247. andrew Says:

    me thinks that the number of first shipment as 250 is a porky. I cannot believe that there were 250 ahead of mcmlxxiii and wingnut. I really expected that my email on 31st confirming my documents would have put me in the first 250 and, surprisingly, none of us have had a visit from postie.
    Could some of you who have had a delivery please let us know when you had the email!


  248. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Just had a phone call mine’s been despatched and received a tracking number.
    trouble is I can’t track it yet, despite having the 13 digit reference.
    I feel like a large scotch now..
    BTW If anyone has tried the component out on one of these boxes I’d really appreciate yourf eedback in how the 1080i compares to hdmi and if you can view BBC HD without DRM turning off your picture
    OR has anyone tried one in a HDMI switch and made it auto select, I’ve got one of those slx 2 into one auto selector thingys you see and a lack of hdmi inputs,available hence my wondering about the cutrrently free component connection method.. Help me out?


  249. Shaun Says:

    #245 – I don’t think there’s a problem, other than that for some reason, LG cannot air the update. They finished testing in Dec 2009.

    perhaps the update can be applied via the USB port !

    As it’s appears to be A Humax receiver internally, then perhaps they should ask Humax for advice.


  250. mcmlxxiii Says:

    @249 Genius!

    The usb port!
    This is how some lg tv’s were “hacked ” to play divx movies, so I guess what you say is actually quite feasible.


  251. Mike Says:

    @245.. IANAL.. but I think this is likely to be useless.. since it won’t be enough to build your own copy of the firmware


  252. fsn6b Says:

    @249 – Until LG tells us what the problems was with the BBC iplayer update, then the USB port wouldn’t make a differnce.

    Is it the software that’s the problem ? – (I don’t think so)
    Is it the broadcasting of the Software for the TV to update ? (Possibly)
    Is the problem with the BBC, Freesat ? (Don’t think so, as others have the update)
    Is it because LG has discontinued the LF7700, and have no freesat TV’s ? – This is probably the problem !

    Has LG actually tried the software update ? Is update via USB a solution ?


  253. mcmlxxiii Says:

    I heard a rumour it wasn’t hard wired correctly.
    Dropped the kids off at school and missed the bloody delivery.
    The collection post office is 2 mins away and I can get it in…5 hrs!
    How’s it getting there for ***** sake!


  254. andrew Says:

    Apologies to LG for sarcasm. Box arrived in post at 10. Thanks.


  255. fsn6b Says:

    @253 – “rumour it wasn’t hard wired correctly”

    Another theory is that there’s not enough of internal memory in the LF7700 in order for the update to be downloaded, and applied !

    Would it be possible for admin to contact LG, and find out the true reason why LG couldn’t provide the update.

    To end up having to use two remotes, manually select the HDMI, have a standalone box is not the reason why I purchased the LF7700 ! :(


  256. Shaun Says:

    @255 even if these rumours were true, I don’t think LG would own up – otherwise they would have to refund all who purchased.


  257. jmecks Says:

    Phoned LG 27/08/10 and told I would get call back – never did. Phoned again 02/09/10 and was asked to email proof purchase, which I did same day. Missed post on 18/09/10, so requested redelivery today. It’s arrived, and is exactly as described above. I will probably never use it for iPlayer since I have a Wii connected already, although Phil’s note @238 will probably make curiosity get the better of me. I have updated the poll


  258. mcmlxxiii Says:

    GOT IT at last.
    Thankyou LG.
    @257 I think those who said they got a blu-ray player were either telling porkies or exchanged it at shop-


  259. Shaun Says:

    yep…. perhaps they had good retailers, who offered them Blu Rays, instead of offering full refund.

    Strange to see that only 10 voters have a Humax, you would have thought by now, that this number would have been a lot higher.

    @255 “Would it be possible for admin to contact LG, and find out the true reason why LG couldn’t provide the update.” – This would be useful. LG have yet to respond to my queries regarding this from August, but guess LG would just say it’s because of the “on-going talks with the BBC”, and avoid the real answer. 😉


  260. Hellcat Says:

    I wrote to LG regarding the iPlayer issue basically because I don’t want another box, remote and HDMI socket used. Seems that they have completely wiped their hands of LF7700 owners. They confirmed to me that there will never be a fix and that the only way to get iPlayer on my TV is through an external Freesat box. I am so angry at being an early adoptor of Freesat and then being treated like dirt by LG. Okay, they are giving boxes away which is maybe more than they needed to do, but to me, this really isn’t good enough. Tried going down the Sale Of Good Act with them too, but they have just told me to contact my retailer as it was only ever Freesat who advertised the iPlayer functionality.


  261. wingnut Says:

    LG’s Press release ……………..
    clearly refers to the ethernet port for future iptv services. IPTV is defined as the secure and reliable delivery to subscribers of entertainment video and related services. These services may include, for example, Live TV, Video On Demand (VOD) and Interactive TV.

    Surely at the very least LG should be obliged to enable the ethernet port as this is the only way you can receive iptv. If they dont, they are not allowing owners to realise the full potential of the LF7700, and therefore should be held accountable!

    Still no box BTW


  262. jmecks Says:

    I have received the Humax box, and the iPlayer performance is excellent, but I’d gladly swap it for a fix to the EPG.
    The Humax EPG looks very similar, but you can use it straight away instead of waiting several seconds while information is downloaded. Surely the poor EPG renders the LF7700 unfit for purpose? Are there any other TVs with such poor EP performance?
    LG has addressed the iPlayer issue at great expense to itself, but the fact remains that the LF7700 was released before it should have been.


  263. Alan Me Says:

    Today 22/9/10
    Dear Mr Me,
    Thank you for your email.
    Due to high demand we can confirm that the first batch has been sent out and we have received another batch today, we are trying to ensure that all of our customers receive the goodwill gesture set top boxes as soon as possible.
    Best regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  264. Tony Owen Says:

    Received today , requested on 2nd September.


  265. Mike Says:

    @261.. exactly.. I emailed LG several months ago asking what these IPTV services were and when I could expect them.. predictably they declined to reply.. probably because they know full well that making claims like that then failing to deliver is going to be a loser if anyone could be bothered to take them to task.


  266. af Says:


    got mine this morning, humax foxsat hd, looks brand new, with hdmi lead, no g suffix on serial number on receiver or cardboard box, pleased with outcome, just need to set up now, will use in living room for iplayer access, lf7700 is used in bedroom

    requested mine 13/09/2010, received reply on 15/09/2010 confirming delivery within 7 working days

    i know some may still feel aggreived, but my view is that lg have acted in our best interests and not theirs, when a cop out could easily have been taken



  267. admin Says:


    It won’t have a G on the end, we were just messing. If it was graded, the serial number would be on the top of the packing, not the side and will have an A on the end.


  268. af Says:

    @ admin

    just messing with the ‘A’ ?

    no A on either box or receiver

    not so much an issue just as happy whether refurb or new



  269. Alan Me Says:

    Mine just come took over two weeks but well worth the wait, well done this time LG,.


  270. Colonel_B Says:

    Box arrived today, very happy with outcome and service, as mentioned LG could have simply ignored any requests regarding this issue.


  271. wayne Says:

    Mine came this morning. Not bad 9 days


  272. John Says:

    Mine arrived yesterday, think I sent through my receipt on the 14th, so it was 9 days for me too.

    Really not sure what to do with it, as I’d just signed up for BT Vision, and I think they achieve the same end really. I think it’s a good resolution though.


  273. Denis O'Sullivan Says:

    I sent in my proof of purchase etc on 31st August. Got a reply on the 2nd Sept saying 7-14 days. Still no sign of my box!!


  274. Mike Says:

    Arrived yesterday, first emailed around 28th Aug, thne sent PoP on about the 2nd sept, then heard nothing back till it arrived.


  275. Chris Says:

    I’ve just emailed off my POP to lg. Is it right that everyone’s getting the Humax HD receiver (not the recording one) and it’s taking approx 4 weeks to be delivered?


  276. scb Says:

    eventually got mine – good end result really as with careful use of a splitter I can still run TV as normal but view iplayer via new Foxsat Humax box when I want and link it by Scart to my Panasonic Freeview PVR to record Freesat channels (including BBC and ITV HD) which hadn’t been able to do before. Pity it took some of us to moan persistently to LG to make them sort out a problem very much of their own making.
    Ta to LG anyway for their goodwill gesture.


  277. Mick Says:

    Received the Humax Freesat HD box yesterday. Firstly, thanks to this site for bringing it to the attention of the owners of this set and secondly, thanks to LG for this goodwill gesture. I’m sure other well known brands wouldn’t have done this.


  278. Alan Tooke I Eng MIET Says:

    I belive it to be a lack of memory problem with the download as the Freesat guide is also slow loading on the LQ unlike the Panasonic. Most customers who purchased the LG wanted a one box one remote solution LG have failed to provide this so a replacement TV is the only answer I look forward to receiving a full refund plus compensation so that I can purchase a Panasonic.


  279. Brian Says:

    @scb #277 – if you are linking to the PVR via scart then the HD channels won’t be recorded in HD, as it won’t provide an HD input.


  280. Mike Says:

    Well.. it’s here… I’ve taken apart the Humax and removed the PCB.. only 2 connections.. and transplanted this into the LF7700. Will this void my warranty ? Alright then.. I didn’t do that.. but wouldn’t it be nice if it worked. A free beer to the first to be brave enough and post a YouTube video.



  281. Duncan Says:

    The official Freesat site has a page detailing TV’s that include Freesat and theirs now reference to the LF7700 and free set top box.

    I’ve provided all my details to LG, called three times, promised / assured my unit had shipped…. But nothing has arrived.

    This is a very big and expensive mistake for LG it would be interesting to know how many customers have claimed the free units?


  282. mcmlxxiii Says:


    “How many times do I have to tell you?
    You are not God…
    I am”
    ( Kevin Bacon Hollow Man).


  283. chrisk Says:

    I have received my goodwill gesture, but the performance on this box is pityfully slow when loading the tabbed view in iplayer. I have seen offerings from Sony, Samsung and other Freesat boxes and I’ve got to say I am disappointed.

    If I was LG and trying to avoid bad press, I’m not sure If I would have rolled out something which is, at best, only slightly better than not having iplayer working at all.

    The iplayer functionality was my main reason for buying, I am now considering a refund and a switch to the competition who do have have it licked.

    Sorry LG – Nice TV but game over.


  284. wingnut Says:

    Hopefully tomorrow, I can update peeps on “My Plans Afoot”

    A story to follow


  285. whistleblower Says:

    My LF7700 reports 35% satellite signal strength (in the red!) and 92% quality while my Foxsat HD reports 95% satellite signal strength (green) and 100% quality from the same satellite LNB cable.

    Is there a fault with either LF7700 of Foxsat HD hardware/software? As both satellite boards are Humax I was expecting the same results. Either way there is a large discrepancy.

    Has anyone else experienced this?


  286. boudy Says:

    Today I got my free LG Supplied (well “Gesture of Goodwill”) Humax Foxsat HD receiver. It appears to brand new, unmarked, all cables etc. Win Win !

    Now for the bad news. The fact LG has given away these boxes to its customers is laudable but it has taken almost a year to fulfill what they sales people were “Hinting at”, sales people include everyone it seems but LG who put the FreeSat logo on their box and watched the sales rush in as everyone was ultimately “conned” into buying (Conned – Confidence Trick!).

    Whether this was intentional or not the outcome has damaged my confidence in company that appears to market itself as trusted brand however their slogon “Life’s Good” sends a positive message but who for ?

    I would highly recommend that anyone considering any LG product, watches for what is “not said” in the advertising and sales blurb, as LG are playing a game which ultimately leads to a failure of confidence, which will inevitably lead to a failure of their business and the end a of promising brand.

    To LG get the sales right, if you are not planning or going to do something, don’t get your minions to spread gossip of “Future” features that just aren’t going to happen. You knew long ago that Iplayer wasn’t in your plans, but you avoided the subject and in the end let the customer service team, fix what “FUD” the sales team spun!. The only people to get any credence out this mess is your customer services team, thank you, as for your sales, lets start again. You have FreeView HD, are you sure you have told everyone everything ? or is this another FUD waiting to happen.

    K.I.S.S, Don’t promise (be it LG or the channel) what you can’t keep.


  287. Alf Says:

    This is also something I have noticed too. My LF7700 reports a 40% signal strength and a 40% quality, still a great picture though. My Humax however reports a 85% signal and a 90% quality off the same dish and lnb. I must say the picture on the Humax on BBC HD is better than the LF7700. If I plug a Technomate receiver into the same feed I get a 91% signal level and a 70% quality so I don’t know how much credence to pay to signal meters on tuners.


  288. Dave Says:

    @285 – this is a common feature of the LF7700 – the strength and quality should be viewed as a relative guide between channels using the same tuner, not a comparison between tuners. As long as you get clear picture and sound quality the difference between the two tuners is irrelevant


  289. whistleblower Says:

    @288 – I agree but what action should be taken on the red, amber and green region then?… are these just a meaningless novelty?


  290. Dave Says:

    Without getting into a discussion on the visual representation of data, In this case I’m inclined to say yes


  291. wingnut Says:

    Once upon a time,
    A long time ago (October 2009), Mr and Mrs Wingnut decided to buy a new TV. They wanted a TV that would last a long time, and be “future proof” because technology was advancing very quickly. They also wanted Freesat built in, as they only lived in a very small flat and there was nowhere to put a freesat box near the TV.
    One bright sunny morning, they got up very early and off they went to find a TV. When they got to the shops, they found the choice was very limited, as not many manufacturers had designed a TV with Freesat built in. They were very poor and so only had a limited budget.
    “Oooh” said Mrs Wingnut, “Look at that LG42LF7700, that looks very pretty, and it’s got Freesat built in”. “Yes” said Mr Wingnut. “That certainly does look a fine TV, and LG are a well known brand, I’m sure that it will last us a very long time”
    “What about BBC i-player?” said Mrs Wingnut. “I’ve heard that it will be available on Freesat soon”
    “Let’s go home and look on the internet, and see if we can find out more,” said Mr Wingnut.
    So off they went with a skip and a jump, back to their very small flat.
    Mr Wingnut spent a lot of time on the internet researching, and reading reviews on the LF7700. He even found a press release from LG saying, “The LF7700 is packed with the latest technology features, including an Ethernet port, connecting viewers directly to future IPTV services.”
    This certainly was the TV that had everything they wanted!
    “Yippee” said Mr Wingnut. “I will look on line and find the best deal for the TV”
    After extensive searching, he found many different prices, but decided to order one from a retailer that would give a 5-year guarantee and free delivery. They were not the cheapest, but he felt that it was worth paying a little more as they were a Major Household name with a very good reputation.
    Mr Wingnut ordered and paid (£749.00) for the TV, arranged the installation of a Satellite dish, and eagerly awaited the arrival of the LF7700.
    A couple of days later, there was a rat-a-tat-a-tat on the door.
    “Good morning” the man said, “I’ve come to deliver your new LG TV”
    “Yippee” said Mr Wingnut. “Yippee” said Mrs Wingnut.
    The man and his assistant carefully carried in the TV and Mr Wingnut signed for it. Mr and Mrs Wingnut waved goodbye to the two men, and then excitedly unpacked their new TV.
    He hung the set on the wall, tuned it in and everything was wonderful. Mr and Mrs Wingnut were as happy as pigs in s**t.
    Christmas came and went. All was well until…………………….
    It was now January, and BBC i-player had already started being beta tested on the Freesat platform and was available to certain boxes and TVs. Mr Wingnut emailed LG to ask when i-player would be available on his TV. LG responded by saying that tests were in progress and it would be available sometime in the Spring.
    Spring came and went, but alas, still no i-player.
    Over the next few months, he emailed LG many times, but kept being told that “It would be soon”
    Mrs Wingnut was very sad, which made Mr Wingnut very angry.
    Many emails bounced back and forth, and eventually on the 28th of August, LG announced, “There are technical difficulties in ensuring that the LG Freesat TV is fully compatible with the BBC I-Player. As a gesture of goodwill LG will provide a set top box to enable your LG Freesat TV to work with both the BBC I-Player and ITV Player.”
    “Oh my” said Mr Wingnut, “This is not good. We only have one feed from the Satellite dish and what’s more, we have nowhere to put a set top box. If I wanted a set top box, I could have bought a much cheaper TV and saved hundreds of pounds!”
    “What can we do?” said Mrs Wingnut. Mr Wingnut thought pensively, and said, “Don’t you worry dear, I have Plans Afoot”
    Mr Wingnut gathered his thoughts (and his evidence), and telephoned the retailers Customer Support Line. He explained the situation to a very polite gentleman, but the very polite gentleman told him that as the TV was functioning, there was nothing they could do. Dissatisfied with this answer, Mr Wingnut asked to speak to his Manager. After being put on hold for a couple of minutes, he was greeted by a very nice Manager. Mr Wingnut explained once again to the very nice Manager, and after a lengthy conversation, the very nice Manager agreed with Mr Wingnut, and said that he would take the TV back and give a complete refund of £749.00 pounds. Not only that, but the very nice Manger would also give him an extra £75.00 as a Gesture of Goodwill.
    Mr Wingnut was happy. Mrs Wingnut was not!
    “What shall we do now, we won’t have a TV,” she sobbed. “Don’t cry, and don’t you worry dear; we have £824.00 to spend on a new TV. I have been looking and have found the Panasonic Viera TX-P42G20B for £802.00. It comes with a 5-year guarantee, and a free DMP-BD45EB-K Blu-ray Player. Not only that, but it will play all our avi files via an SD card or USB, and can also be set up as a media centre and stream videos from the PC through the router, plus an external Hard Drive can be connected to use the Recording function. And not only that, i-player works too!”
    “Yippee” she said. “Get your coat,” he said.
    Mr and Mrs Wingnut jumped in their car, and off they went to the shop to collect their new Panny.
    They brought it home, took down the LG and put up the Panny in its place. Mr Wingnut tuned it in and spent the whole night playing with his new toy. “This is great”, he exclaimed.
    This certainly was the TV that had everything they wanted!
    Mr and Mrs Wingnut went to bed as happy as pigs in s**t.
    Next morning, there was a rat-a-tat-a-tat on the door. “Hello Mr Postman” said Mr Wingnut. “I have a parcel for you that needs to be signed for” said Mr Postman. “Thank you, goodbye” said Mr Wingnut. He opened the parcel excitedly. “What could this be?” he wondered.
    “Oh look at this Mrs Wingnut, LG have sent us a Freesat box as a gesture of goodwill! I’m not sure what we are going to do with it though, perhaps I will put it in the loft for the time being!
    Just then, there was another rat-a-tat-a-tat on the door.
    “Good morning” the man said, “I’ve come to pick up an LG TV”
    The man and his assistant carefully took away the LG and gave Mr Wingnut a receipt for it. Mr and Mrs Wingnut waved goodbye to the two men, and waved goodbye to their old LG TV.
    The next morning, Mr Wingnut checked his credit card statement and found that £824.00 had been credited back to his account.
    Mr and Mrs Wingnut really were as happy as pigs in s**t, and they both lived happily ever after in their very small flat………..

    The End


  292. whistleblower Says:

    @291 – how come you did not have room for a set top box from LG but did have room for a DMP-BD45EB-K Blu-ray Player?


  293. wingnut Says:

    @292 For your information.
    The Blu-ray player was part of the offer, so I wasn’t going to refuse it.
    I have sold it to a friend for a reasonable price.

    The reason why I told my story was to prove that at least someone agreed that the LF7700 was NOT fit for purpose, and consequently allowed me a full refund (plus a bit more), thus enabling me to go and get a TV that fitted all the criteia that I assumed the LG would have done.
    As it happens, I have ended up with a far superior (IMHO) TV, plus a couple of sellable boxes for less than what I originally paid for th LG.
    I’m Happy!


  294. alex Says:

    humm finding myself in the same possition.

    BOught the LG tv so I could get I player after my TV failed and only having 1 lnb so humax box was no use and could not get freeview.

    now got basic 18 channel freeview, got hdd recorder for that, but this ‘free’ iPlayer able HD box would mean either having no DVD player or no HDD recorder due to space, so somewhat less than ideal, would appreciate some help . ideas, other than wish i bought the panasonic like my mum……..


  295. jmecks Says:

    @293 – NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE is the key. Everybody is concentrating on the iPlayer aspect. Surely the dreadfully slow EPG is more of a problem in normal day-to-day usage. You could debate until the cows come home whether the Freesat label should guarantee the iPlayer facility. You could never argue that the EPG is not part of the Freesat specification. You could also argue that Freesat awarded its accreditation to a set that was not up to scratch. I know that I will not be replacing the TV for many years, and every time I get stuck waiting on the EPG, it will remind me that LG abandoned its responsibility to provide an software upgrade facility. Please do not allow the iPlayer smokescreen to hide the fact that LG has done a runner.


  296. Richard Says:

    I received my Humax set top box yesterday (22 days). To be honest I’m really pleased with it. Apart from the time delay, and unpleasantly worded letter that acompanied the Humax, I think some are making mountains from molehills – having an extra box by the telly isnt the end of the world.


  297. Dave Says:

    Well I’ve requested my STB…I will have to wait a few weeks then ??

    Just a tip, I use the iplayer option all the time on my Sony S370 blu ray player. The picture quality from both SD and HD shows are outstanding as good as freesat HD…


  298. Brian Says:

    There’s quite a few Humax boxes appearing on ebay at the moment!


  299. Dave Says:

    The annoying bit is I can use iplayer wirelessly via my son’s PS3, but I need an ethernet cable and home plug for this – If it arrives it will be a present for my parents..


  300. mcmlxxiii Says:


    I get the 300(th) post.
    Hasn’t all this received unprecedented coverage?
    Mr Wingnut got a good deal too didn’t he?
    I too got “sorted” in a similar fashion but I won’t go into details for fear of reprisals.
    Rest assured if I can get my hands on a freesat recorder that comes down to a more reasonable price, I’ll then ditch BTVision once and for all.
    So if anyone out there wants a black bt vision box and a Humax foxsat hd and wants to do a deal for Humax recorder, I’ll be very pleased to hear from you.


  301. Mike Says:

    Don’t jump ship too soon… sell your Humax and your homeplugs.. keep the money in a biscuit tin under your bed.. I’m working on something…


  302. john Says:

    just received mine and set it up ok am i going mad is the tuner the same as the lf7700 is so why dont the iplayer work on the lf7700


  303. Jill S Says:

    LG’s just responded to my question with this….. Very confusing….

    “Dear Customer
    We are glad that we can help with your question.
    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.
    Best Regards,
    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk”

    the question was…

    “In order to have a second LNB, I will have to have this fitted by a Satellite Engineer.
    As this is down to LG’s fault in not being able to provide BBC iplayer to the LF7700, then I will require this addition to be re-imburshed. Typically the same cost as for a new installation !

    I have read, that the reason that the update couldn’t be applied, is that the TV’s ethernet socket isn’t correctly wired, or that there is not enough internal memory within the TV to accept the software update !

    Please confirm whether this is true, and if untrue – the reasoning why the BBC iplayer update cannot be received by the LF7700.”


  304. Shaun Says:

    @303 I wouldn’t assume taht LG will re-imbursh you for the additional LNB feed installation.

    LG hasn;t even answered any of your queries, which appears to be very typical.

    I am still waiting for a response to a letter sent to Head Office on 25th Aug !

    The receiver I receiver is boxed up, and awaiting for the retailer to contact me.
    I am hoping that the retailer like @291 will replace the TV with an alternative, and if cannot give me an intergrated solution, offer me a far better solution than what LG is offering !


  305. Jill S Says:

    Just received response from LG, regarding the BBC iplayer update.

    This was due to techinal difficulties, and not due to the ethernet port, or internal memory of the television.

    LG didn’t care to expand on what the techical difficulties were.

    Admin. Would it be possible to contact LG, and find out what these problems were ?


  306. Joel Says:

    You can still ask for the box as I did so today and got an email back within 10 minutes confirming the request. Good for me as the sound is wonky on my TV so I will take it back and not have to get another one just for the freesat tuner. Anyone else experience issues with the sound btw, cutting out or desyncing with picture?


  307. John Says:

    @306 I think lip-sync is an issue generally with the sat signal, certain channels used to suffer from it quite badly on my old sky box. Never had the problem on freeview or dvd. Haven’t had the cut-out problem though.


  308. fsn6b Says:

    also, you cannot access the Jobsite channel (Blue button) from teletext channel 998 !


  309. Dave Says:

    Hmm trying the iplayer beta on my free Humax foxsat HD box…very unimpressed really …it is nowhere near as good as the iplayer version on my Sony S370 blu ray player


  310. fsn6b Says:

    @308 Rang LG, and was told that this was due to the Ethernet Socket on the TV not enabled/working !

    Also informed that they are still working on the BBC iplayer update and that the Humax boxes were just a measure put in place, until the solution can be found/implemented !

    So problem is ?
    1. Hard Ware – Ethernet Socket on TV
    2. Memory – Internal memory on TV
    3. Software

    Does anyone know the reason why ?


  311. john Says:

    when i first got my 7700 the Ethernet port was in the menu but when it done the software update the network menu was removed did any body else notice this


  312. Shaun Says:

    @311 yep… the manual also has NETWORK showing on the menu.


  313. Joel Says:

    @307 – the desyncing was on freeview, not sure about freesat as we don’t have a satellite yet.


  314. fsn6b Says:

    e-mailed LG, asking what the problems were with implementing the IPTV services – BBC iplayer, etc…

    reply. “As a gesture of goodwill LG will send the customer a set top box to enable their LG Freesat TV to work with BBC i-player and also future services.”

    This does not answer my query.

    Perhaps joinfreesat can contact LG, and have them publish what the problem is !


  315. admin Says:


    We’ve tried countless times but they won’t give an official statement to us. We know on a few occasions customers of theirs have been told verbally that they cannot get the Ethernet ports working, but they are unwilling to put that down in an email.


  316. Shaun Says:

    @315 Yep…. that’s what’s I’ve got from LG.

    Verbally, but not in an e-mail, altough I have got a voice mail (when requested for this to be sent as an e-mail) from LG customer services stating that they are not prepared to send me any documentation via e-mail regarding this, and that the final word being is that the box is a goodwill gesture, and that they are unwilling to compromise or willing to do anything more !

    (I’ve sent ASA a copy of their advertisment/press release)


  317. Shaun Says:

    last night, there was two posts after #316

    (One from Samsung!, and the other a reply)

    Why deleted ?


  318. admin Says:


    We had to move servers last night because of instability; we appear to have lost comments between 4pm and 10pm. We are trying to retrieve them!


  319. Shaun Says:

    LG’s reasoning for not continuing with Freesat TV’s (LF7700), appears to be done to the limited availability of Freesat !

    “The LF7700 has been superseeded by LGs range of Freeview HD TVs. LG has opted to persue Freeview HD due to the limited availability of Freesat.”

    Not sure what they mean by “the limited availability of Freesat”, as I thought it covers a wider area than what Freeview covers !


  320. Samsung! Says:

    @Shaun… lucky I keep a back-up!

    The LF7700 was the second and last LG product that I shall ever buy. My first was a 42LT75 TV (Integrated Humax PVR with dual Freeview tuners) that has been plagued with software lock-ups. I should have learnt from this episode and not bought another LG product.

    I can only conclude from the symptoms that the root cause of these problems is inadequate testing before product release, at least by LG UK.

    LG UK are in a mess over this issue as they have issued over 420 Humax STBs and dare not set a precedent by allowing one retailer to return a LF7700. has admitted this in writing to mershants with disgruntled customers so feel free to contact him, I’m sure he shall be willing to explain all. I guess Mr. Brian Na (president of LG Electronics UK) is worried about his 2010 bonus and I assume trying to hide this from Korea or at least delay until coming clean in 2011.

    I returned my LF7700 with a full refund to the merchant after pointing out the IPTV claims on . The merchant said that he was going to force the LG sales rep’ to take the TV back before he paid the invoice for his latest LG delivery. I have since bought a Samsung LExxC650. The quality is fantastic and has Freeview HD and Internet TV (that includes iPlayer) so Freesat iPlayer is not an issue.

    I did receive the Humax box and shall be selling this on eBay after Freeview HD is transmitted in our area but is little consolation (~£80 on ebay is not enough for my time lost) that all of this has caused me. I’m sure that LG leveraged Humax to provide the STBs free in leiu of the LF7700 problems.

    Along with this post I shall be informing friends & family of the poor LG testing and questionable ethics.

    Think twice before buying LG… Lifes Good… after LG!


  321. wingnut Says:

    @Samsung!…………… Congrats

    Im glad to hear that somebody else was able to convince their retailer that the LF7700 was “Unfit for Purpose”.
    It’s a shame that more peeps didn’t take this route.

    My Humax is still sitting in the loft unopened, but I think I will give it to my mum and cancel her sky, as she really cant afford the charges.

    Update on my Panny TX-P42G20B…………….. It’s the Dogs Doodahs!


  322. Joel Spencer Says:

    Just got my Humax Freesat box, looks new from what I can see (accessories bag sealed and box in packaging). Quite pleased with it overall as iplayer was never really a massive issue for me. Now I can get my TV returned to the shop due to its sound faults and still have a freesat box if they can’t replace it.


  323. Shaun Says:

    I’ve approached my retailer stating also that the LF7700 was “Unfit for Purpose”. As the TV is being purchased by monthly payments – I’ve suggested that my payments are to be suspended until an agreeable solution has been put in place. I’ve mentioned the problems I’ve had with the LF7700 – replacement remote, energy saving disables other remotes, the disabled ethernet socket, the lack of the promised BBC iplayer update, the ‘freezing’ EPG, LG’s customer services, HDMI source not automatically being selected, etc……
    I was asked what I thought I had purchases, of which my reply was “A single intergrated unit, capable of receiving HD channels, and IPTV services such as BBC iplayer without the need of additional equipment or remotes, LG’s solution of supplying Humax boxes was not agreeable”

    Now awaiting for them to get back to me……

    (My Humax box is boxed, sitting unused)


  324. Shaun Says:

    Full refund from retailer for my 32LF7700 – will soon have C4HD as the replacement TV is a panasonic TC-L32G20B which has Freeview HD/Freesat HD and IPTV services intergrated.

    Top marks to the retailer.


  325. Chris H Says:

    I’m VERY late on all this news so just phoned LG (got answered immediately). The helpful advisor was under the impression (from 3 or so weeks back) that the free box was a stopgap until the software issue had been resolved; he was unaware until I told him that that wasn’t going to happen as LG had discontinued Freesat TV’s. I gave him this site’s address so he could be a little more up-to-date!


  326. Shaun Says:

    I was also informed that the Humax box was a stopgap, a month or so back, and when re-enquiring about the BBC iplayer, I kept receiving information on to contact LG with my details, in order to receive a Humax box.

    I requested that additional information needs to be displayed on LG’s website regarding the problem with BBC iplayer, but this was rejected.

    Fed up with this, I’ve secured a full refund, (see #324). I should have went to my retailer first, as they give me the refund without any problems.

    I’ve now been watching BBC iplayer via my Panasonic without any problems, and it was £75 cheaper than what I paid for the LF7700 !


  327. Chris H Says:

    Humax FreesatHD box arrived today – can’t make my mind up now whether to use it or pass it on as an Xmas gift. It really does defeat the reason why I bought the LF7700 in the first place…. and I’d need to fork out another £40 or so for HomePlugs as my TV is in my lounge and my broadband box is upstairs……


  328. Matt Says:

    Are LG still sending out the boxes? I’ve just heard about this!


  329. Steve Y Says:

    Yes – as long as you can provide proof of purchase, they are sending them out – mines “in the post”


  330. jamie allan Says:

    I bought my 32LF7700 in June from my local Currys. I only paid £248 for it – I didn’t realise it was a discontinued product until I registered it with LG. I emailed LG in July and again in August asking for an update on BBC iPlayer functionality and got the same stock answer that they had no news on the update and asking me to check regularly. I’ve done so but never saw any reference to the supply of a set top box. Thanks to coming across this site yesterday I called and emailed LG at the address above. Today I received a reply stating that a set top box will be sent and to allow for 14-21 days delivery due to demand. Thanks all.
    I agree that the EPG can be slow but nevertheless I’m still pleased with the TV and the fact I will be able to get iPlayer on something other than a PC.


  331. Paul Potter Says:

    Just latched onto this issue. I have an LG 42LF7700 which generally I am very pleased with seeing as I took the Freesat route to link my redundant sky dish up to get BBC and ITV HD output. I also run a BT vision box with the TV so get all the replay packages and sky sports.

    I might just ask for the free box anyway and flog it…..


  332. Thanos Says:

    Just heard about this. I have bought a 37LF7700 in August 2009. Of course I would have like to have BBCi player working. Since this is Jan 2011 can I still claim for a Free Box? Where I’ve been all this time? What will be the process to claim one for and the argument is….? Thanks in advance.


  333. Danny Callaghan Says:

    The whole issue here is that the TV was sold as Freesat and would have BBC iplayer when this came on stream summer 2010. This how the TV was sold by John Lewis Edinburgh. Having received a Humax box from LG now means that the satellite aerial is now plugged into the Humax box and the TV is now really just a monitor, although a very expensive monitor at that. The picture quality (not the iplayer) is not as good as when coming direct from TV when it was connected to the satellite aerial, despite tuning best possible. The programme menu is not as good and now we have 2 pieces of kit and 2 remotes. We did have a Sky freesat box so could have bought a much cheaper standard TV. This we have now dumped.
    We are complaining good style to John Lewis and asking for full refund or exchange to TV which does what it says on the box.
    Alferret nos 40 & 50 & 52 purchased from John Lewis and was given a full refund by them. In My conversation with JL and they are refusing to accept that they have given refunds and quoting that we have had TV more than 28 days so cannot get refund which is rubbish as at the time we got TV we could not use ipayer as was not available to check. Could Alferret either give on here full details of the JL store and date of purchase and refund date and any other info or email me


  334. Danny Callaghan Says:

    Anyone else who has had a refund or exchange from John Lewis can you please post details of store, date of purchase and refund and invoice no or other info either here or email me


  335. Thanos Says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve just had a reply from LG that they will supply me as well with a free Humax Box. Now I am in sync with all the people above complaining why we should not be having the iplayer working as the TV is Netcast compatible as far as I know. Is stupid considering the trouble LG is going through to supply a replacement box with all its consequences instead of not completing the application and enable it on LF7700. I agree is a brilliant TV.

    Dear Athanasios kokotopoulos.

    Thank you for your email.

    In reference to your email regarding the humax box, In order for us to complete the process please could you send a copy of your receipt. Once we have recieved and processed this you should expect to recieve the Humax box between 7-14 working days. Please quote this reference in your reply CNExxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.
    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Best Regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
    LG Customer Services
    UK: 0844 847 5454
    Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm


  336. Ged Says:

    Fortunately am redocarating my lounge and moving TV to be wall mounted. Only read this thread this morning, have contacted LG and sent e-mail proof of purchase. Received an e-mail back promising me a Humax HD freeview box within 7-21 days.

    Not bad for nothing after simply reading your thread – bought my TV – 37” Iin April 2010, so still within first year guarantee period ?


  337. Stephen Says:


    You say a Humax HD freeview box, is that definately correct or did you make a mistake and it should be Humax HD freesat box? I would prefer the freeview box, but hey if they sent me a freesat box, i wouldnt complain!


  338. Ged Says:

    I’m unsure now as the initial conversation was on the phone. My e-mail from them simply reads; “have requested the set top box to be sent to you as a goodwill gesture.”

    So watch this space…..


  339. Ged Says:

    Now here’s a new one – I contacted my original retailer to ask for a full refund/exchange whih they agreed to the latter of equal value. The stramge bit is they asked me if I’d pass on my free box to them quote ‘as a gesture of good will’ because they would have to re-sell the TV.

    Hmmm…….using my free upgrade to re-sell and claw some money back, bit shoddy if you ask me.


  340. Cazini Says:

    @Shaun – can you please re-post the email address you suggest I use to contact Lg about the freesat reciever?

    Thank you


  341. Jules Says:

    Hi I phoned LG this morning to be told there were no more boxes to send out they had run out!! How can a tv company run out of boxes. I only saw the message last night on my TV seems I was too late very disappointed , if anybody gets one can they post a message here please.


  342. Matt Wright Says:

    I just called LG as i only found out about this today. I was told the goodwill gesture finished about 3 weeks ago and they were no longer providing the box to their customers. Seems bad that they have stopped it as those people that still bought the tv but not called them should still be entitled to this to enable the tv to be used to its full potential. They also told me there is no way the firmware would be fixed as it was all due to hardware inside the machine.

    Seems like poor customer service to me.


  343. Thanos Says:

    Same here. At the end of the day although, I had the product registered since long time ago I never received any e-mail or any type of reminder about it. Is it worth pursuing it? I did call them too but all they said was that the promotion finished back in March.

    How did they expect us to know about it?
    Why we did not get any reminder or e-mail to tell us that they were about to stop the promotion even though we registered the product.

    Customer service very poor.


  344. Thanos Says:


    Is that true? As per response below. Was it really advertised on their web site and Humax web site about the Free Humax Box? I do not remember anything like that. At the time I was looking at the web site but I do not remember anything regarding Free Humax box promotion for LF7700.

    From their response:


    Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

    Dear Mr Kokotopoulos

    Thank you for your email,

    We have logged you complaint on our database unfortunately however the deal was for a specific period of time which was advertised on our website and humaxes website. As we wasn’t directly involved with the purchase transaction we are unable to refund you, this would be down to the retailer disgretion.

    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.

    Best Regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  345. David Killick Says:

    I just found out about this today having just connect the TV to my modem and getting squat in return. I spoke to LG and they advised that the offer finished in March 2011. They advised that this was advertised on the Freeview channel, who watches this???

    I sent an email to and asked them to respond with some form of resolusion to this issue for a product that is not fit for purpose. If I get anything I will let you know.


  346. David Killick Says:

    The reply from LG:

    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We are sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced and for any inconvenience caused.

    Whilst we do appreciate you comments and the disappointment caused, the goodwill gesture that LG offered owners of the discontinued LF7700 models ran for 6 months and has now ended. This goodwill gesture was made to enable those customers who bought the TV under the impression that it would eventually connect with the BBC’s iplayer, to do so. Although the TV does have an Ethernet port, listed in the manual as ‘for Freesat service in the future’, this connection did not end up being utilised. The facility to connect to the BBC iplayer was not marketed by LG in any way

    We are sorry we are not able to assist you further with your request but please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries

    Best regards,

    Vicky Richardson

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


    LG Customer Services

    UK: 0844 847 5454 Ireland: 0818 27 6954
    Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Sat 9am-6pm

    Sun 11am-5pm


  347. David Killick Says:

    my reply:

    Dear Ms Richardson,

    Thank you for replying to my email.

    I think that you may of missed the point here, the TV in question has an ethernet port for a reason and the documentation supplied with the TV and the CD manual confirm that this is here for the sole purpose of connecting to future facilities available on Freesat HD. This may not of been marketed by LG but in this case the product has the facility that is evidently useless. Knowing this at the time pof purchase may of turned my attention away from this unit if I had known.

    Usually with every other electronic item I have purchased the ports are all fully useable even if it means the purchase of additional equipment or cables. In this case I have brought the ethernet cable needed at £6.99 which is now useless and none returnable.

    The offer should of been left open for customers with this unit that may not have been aware of it and not put down as a limited offer, the fact that you now refuse to take any action is dissapointing and puts LG in a vary negative light.

    Please can you see if you can escalate this issue.

    I look forward to a reply.

    David Killick


  348. David Killick Says:

    looks to be a non-starter, todays reply:

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Whilst we appreciate your comments and the disappointment caused, we are unable to send out a Humax to you as the promotional offer has now ended.

    This was advertised on the LG website, Humax website and the Freesat channel.

    We are sorry we are unable to assist you any further in this matter.

    If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 847 5454 we will be more than happy to help.

    Best regards,

    Vicky Richardson

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  349. tom mc namee Says:

    my wife and i saved for 2 years to buy a new tv as ours was very old (like us,late 70s,we looked for a tv that would last us out , i picked the lglf7700
    and to show my wife that i knew what i was doing i looked at the back and
    told my wife that this is the tv we need because we will never need to upgrade.
    we saved again to get a computer so we could get our shopping delivered,
    on the inter – net ,my wife can`t get around very well , and have been on it for 5 months, i got in touch with the girl at lg customer services and fobbed us off
    with technical talk, what hurts now is every time i turn on the tv it says,,,,,,,
    LG lifes good, not in my house all the younger ones have more channels and can watch shows they missed (we miss a lot as we forget a lot ) just because it took us longer top get the inter – net. anyway with what time we have left we will not be buying matches with the name lg on them in case they don`t do what it says on the box if the above letter looks ok i could not have done it
    without the help of my young grandson.


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