LG Offering Freesat Receivers For iPlayer

Following on from our previous post regarding the lack of BBC iPlayer on LG televisions with Freesat built-in, it would seem that LG are now offering customers of the LG LF7700 television a free Freesat digital box, so that they can receive iPlayer.

This would strongly suggest that LG have no plans to make iPlayer available on their now discontinued LF7700 range, choosing to supply all customers who ask with a separate receiver; maybe it is cheaper to buy receivers than develop their software for iPlayer, or they simply cannot get it to work; either way, this does seem an acceptance of blame which they have denied for so long.

So, if you have an LG LF7700 LCD television with Freesat built-in, contact LG on 0844 847 5454 (01753 491300) for further information. If LG agree to supply you with a receiver, they’ll need a few details from you including your original purchase invoice.

Please do let us know what they say to you, what brand they offer, and when/if it arrives.

Below is a copy of the communication received by MCMLXXIII and Phil, joinfreesat readers just in case you need to back up your phone call:

Thank you for your email.

There are technical difficulties in ensuring that the LG Freesat TV is fully compatible with the BBC iPlayer. As a gesture of goodwill LG will provide a set top box to enable your LG Freesat TV to work with both the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player

We require contact details (if not already provided), the serial number and a copy of the proof of purchase in order to process the claim, once received the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14 days. Please call our Customer Service Team on the below number with these details.

Best Regards,

LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

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  1. Don’t jump ship too soon… sell your Humax and your homeplugs.. keep the money in a biscuit tin under your bed.. I’m working on something…

  2. just received mine and set it up ok am i going mad is the tuner the same as the lf7700 is so why dont the iplayer work on the lf7700

  3. LG’s just responded to my question with this….. Very confusing….

    “Dear Customer
    We are glad that we can help with your question.
    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.
    Best Regards,
    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk”

    the question was…

    “In order to have a second LNB, I will have to have this fitted by a Satellite Engineer.
    As this is down to LG’s fault in not being able to provide BBC iplayer to the LF7700, then I will require this addition to be re-imburshed. Typically the same cost as for a new installation !

    I have read, that the reason that the update couldn’t be applied, is that the TV’s ethernet socket isn’t correctly wired, or that there is not enough internal memory within the TV to accept the software update !

    Please confirm whether this is true, and if untrue – the reasoning why the BBC iplayer update cannot be received by the LF7700.”

  4. @303 I wouldn’t assume taht LG will re-imbursh you for the additional LNB feed installation.

    LG hasn;t even answered any of your queries, which appears to be very typical.

    I am still waiting for a response to a letter sent to Head Office on 25th Aug !

    The receiver I receiver is boxed up, and awaiting for the retailer to contact me.
    I am hoping that the retailer like @291 will replace the TV with an alternative, and if cannot give me an intergrated solution, offer me a far better solution than what LG is offering !

  5. Just received response from LG, regarding the BBC iplayer update.

    This was due to techinal difficulties, and not due to the ethernet port, or internal memory of the television.

    LG didn’t care to expand on what the techical difficulties were.

    Admin. Would it be possible to contact LG, and find out what these problems were ?

  6. You can still ask for the box as I did so today and got an email back within 10 minutes confirming the request. Good for me as the sound is wonky on my TV so I will take it back and not have to get another one just for the freesat tuner. Anyone else experience issues with the sound btw, cutting out or desyncing with picture?

  7. @306 I think lip-sync is an issue generally with the sat signal, certain channels used to suffer from it quite badly on my old sky box. Never had the problem on freeview or dvd. Haven’t had the cut-out problem though.

  8. Hmm trying the iplayer beta on my free Humax foxsat HD box…very unimpressed really …it is nowhere near as good as the iplayer version on my Sony S370 blu ray player

  9. @308 Rang LG, and was told that this was due to the Ethernet Socket on the TV not enabled/working !

    Also informed that they are still working on the BBC iplayer update and that the Humax boxes were just a measure put in place, until the solution can be found/implemented !

    So problem is ?
    1. Hard Ware – Ethernet Socket on TV
    2. Memory – Internal memory on TV
    3. Software

    Does anyone know the reason why ?

  10. when i first got my 7700 the Ethernet port was in the menu but when it done the software update the network menu was removed did any body else notice this

  11. e-mailed LG, asking what the problems were with implementing the IPTV services – BBC iplayer, etc…

    reply. “As a gesture of goodwill LG will send the customer a set top box to enable their LG Freesat TV to work with BBC i-player and also future services.”

    This does not answer my query.

    Perhaps joinfreesat can contact LG, and have them publish what the problem is !

  12. @fsn6b

    We’ve tried countless times but they won’t give an official statement to us. We know on a few occasions customers of theirs have been told verbally that they cannot get the Ethernet ports working, but they are unwilling to put that down in an email.

  13. @315 Yep…. that’s what’s I’ve got from LG.

    Verbally, but not in an e-mail, altough I have got a voice mail (when requested for this to be sent as an e-mail) from LG customer services stating that they are not prepared to send me any documentation via e-mail regarding this, and that the final word being is that the box is a goodwill gesture, and that they are unwilling to compromise or willing to do anything more !

    (I’ve sent ASA a copy of their advertisment/press release)

  14. @Shaun

    We had to move servers last night because of instability; we appear to have lost comments between 4pm and 10pm. We are trying to retrieve them!

  15. LG’s reasoning for not continuing with Freesat TV’s (LF7700), appears to be done to the limited availability of Freesat !

    “The LF7700 has been superseeded by LGs range of Freeview HD TVs. LG has opted to persue Freeview HD due to the limited availability of Freesat.”

    Not sure what they mean by “the limited availability of Freesat”, as I thought it covers a wider area than what Freeview covers !

  16. @Shaun… lucky I keep a back-up!

    The LF7700 was the second and last LG product that I shall ever buy. My first was a 42LT75 TV (Integrated Humax PVR with dual Freeview tuners) that has been plagued with software lock-ups. I should have learnt from this episode and not bought another LG product.

    I can only conclude from the symptoms that the root cause of these problems is inadequate testing before product release, at least by LG UK.

    LG UK are in a mess over this issue as they have issued over 420 Humax STBs and dare not set a precedent by allowing one retailer to return a LF7700. michael.barnshaw@lge.com has admitted this in writing to mershants with disgruntled customers so feel free to contact him, I’m sure he shall be willing to explain all. I guess Mr. Brian Na (president of LG Electronics UK) is worried about his 2010 bonus and I assume trying to hide this from Korea or at least delay until coming clean in 2011.

    I returned my LF7700 with a full refund to the merchant after pointing out the IPTV claims on http://www.lg.com/uk/press-release/article/lg-sets-hd-potential-free.jsp . The merchant said that he was going to force the LG sales rep’ to take the TV back before he paid the invoice for his latest LG delivery. I have since bought a Samsung LExxC650. The quality is fantastic and has Freeview HD and Internet TV (that includes iPlayer) so Freesat iPlayer is not an issue.

    I did receive the Humax box and shall be selling this on eBay after Freeview HD is transmitted in our area but is little consolation (~£80 on ebay is not enough for my time lost) that all of this has caused me. I’m sure that LG leveraged Humax to provide the STBs free in leiu of the LF7700 problems.

    Along with this post I shall be informing friends & family of the poor LG testing and questionable ethics.

    Think twice before buying LG… Lifes Good… after LG!

  17. @Samsung!…………… Congrats

    Im glad to hear that somebody else was able to convince their retailer that the LF7700 was “Unfit for Purpose”.
    It’s a shame that more peeps didn’t take this route.

    My Humax is still sitting in the loft unopened, but I think I will give it to my mum and cancel her sky, as she really cant afford the charges.

    Update on my Panny TX-P42G20B…………….. It’s the Dogs Doodahs!

  18. Just got my Humax Freesat box, looks new from what I can see (accessories bag sealed and box in packaging). Quite pleased with it overall as iplayer was never really a massive issue for me. Now I can get my TV returned to the shop due to its sound faults and still have a freesat box if they can’t replace it.

  19. I’ve approached my retailer stating also that the LF7700 was “Unfit for Purpose”. As the TV is being purchased by monthly payments – I’ve suggested that my payments are to be suspended until an agreeable solution has been put in place. I’ve mentioned the problems I’ve had with the LF7700 – replacement remote, energy saving disables other remotes, the disabled ethernet socket, the lack of the promised BBC iplayer update, the ‘freezing’ EPG, LG’s customer services, HDMI source not automatically being selected, etc……
    I was asked what I thought I had purchases, of which my reply was “A single intergrated unit, capable of receiving HD channels, and IPTV services such as BBC iplayer without the need of additional equipment or remotes, LG’s solution of supplying Humax boxes was not agreeable”

    Now awaiting for them to get back to me……

    (My Humax box is boxed, sitting unused)

  20. Full refund from retailer for my 32LF7700 – will soon have C4HD as the replacement TV is a panasonic TC-L32G20B which has Freeview HD/Freesat HD and IPTV services intergrated.

    Top marks to the retailer.

  21. I’m VERY late on all this news so just phoned LG (got answered immediately). The helpful advisor was under the impression (from 3 or so weeks back) that the free box was a stopgap until the software issue had been resolved; he was unaware until I told him that that wasn’t going to happen as LG had discontinued Freesat TV’s. I gave him this site’s address so he could be a little more up-to-date!

  22. I was also informed that the Humax box was a stopgap, a month or so back, and when re-enquiring about the BBC iplayer, I kept receiving information on to contact LG with my details, in order to receive a Humax box.

    I requested that additional information needs to be displayed on LG’s website regarding the problem with BBC iplayer, but this was rejected.

    Fed up with this, I’ve secured a full refund, (see #324). I should have went to my retailer first, as they give me the refund without any problems.

    I’ve now been watching BBC iplayer via my Panasonic without any problems, and it was £75 cheaper than what I paid for the LF7700 !

  23. Humax FreesatHD box arrived today – can’t make my mind up now whether to use it or pass it on as an Xmas gift. It really does defeat the reason why I bought the LF7700 in the first place…. and I’d need to fork out another £40 or so for HomePlugs as my TV is in my lounge and my broadband box is upstairs……

  24. I bought my 32LF7700 in June from my local Currys. I only paid £248 for it – I didn’t realise it was a discontinued product until I registered it with LG. I emailed LG in July and again in August asking for an update on BBC iPlayer functionality and got the same stock answer that they had no news on the update and asking me to check http://uk.lge.com/ regularly. I’ve done so but never saw any reference to the supply of a set top box. Thanks to coming across this site yesterday I called and emailed LG at the address above. Today I received a reply stating that a set top box will be sent and to allow for 14-21 days delivery due to demand. Thanks all.
    I agree that the EPG can be slow but nevertheless I’m still pleased with the TV and the fact I will be able to get iPlayer on something other than a PC.

  25. Just latched onto this issue. I have an LG 42LF7700 which generally I am very pleased with seeing as I took the Freesat route to link my redundant sky dish up to get BBC and ITV HD output. I also run a BT vision box with the TV so get all the replay packages and sky sports.

    I might just ask for the free box anyway and flog it…..

  26. Just heard about this. I have bought a 37LF7700 in August 2009. Of course I would have like to have BBCi player working. Since this is Jan 2011 can I still claim for a Free Box? Where I’ve been all this time? What will be the process to claim one for and the argument is….? Thanks in advance.

  27. The whole issue here is that the TV was sold as Freesat and would have BBC iplayer when this came on stream summer 2010. This how the TV was sold by John Lewis Edinburgh. Having received a Humax box from LG now means that the satellite aerial is now plugged into the Humax box and the TV is now really just a monitor, although a very expensive monitor at that. The picture quality (not the iplayer) is not as good as when coming direct from TV when it was connected to the satellite aerial, despite tuning best possible. The programme menu is not as good and now we have 2 pieces of kit and 2 remotes. We did have a Sky freesat box so could have bought a much cheaper standard TV. This we have now dumped.
    We are complaining good style to John Lewis and asking for full refund or exchange to TV which does what it says on the box.
    Alferret nos 40 & 50 & 52 purchased from John Lewis and was given a full refund by them. In My conversation with JL and they are refusing to accept that they have given refunds and quoting that we have had TV more than 28 days so cannot get refund which is rubbish as at the time we got TV we could not use ipayer as was not available to check. Could Alferret either give on here full details of the JL store and date of purchase and refund date and any other info or email me dannycal@blueyonder.co.uk

  28. Hi all,

    I’ve just had a reply from LG that they will supply me as well with a free Humax Box. Now I am in sync with all the people above complaining why we should not be having the iplayer working as the TV is Netcast compatible as far as I know. Is stupid considering the trouble LG is going through to supply a replacement box with all its consequences instead of not completing the application and enable it on LF7700. I agree is a brilliant TV.
    Netcast http://www.lg.com/uk/netcast/index.jsp

    Dear Athanasios kokotopoulos.

    Thank you for your email.

    In reference to your email regarding the humax box, In order for us to complete the process please could you send a copy of your receipt. Once we have recieved and processed this you should expect to recieve the Humax box between 7-14 working days. Please quote this reference in your reply CNExxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.
    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Best Regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
    LG Customer Services
    UK: 0844 847 5454
    Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm

  29. Fortunately am redocarating my lounge and moving TV to be wall mounted. Only read this thread this morning, have contacted LG and sent e-mail proof of purchase. Received an e-mail back promising me a Humax HD freeview box within 7-21 days.

    Not bad for nothing after simply reading your thread – bought my TV – 37” Iin April 2010, so still within first year guarantee period ?

  30. Ged,

    You say a Humax HD freeview box, is that definately correct or did you make a mistake and it should be Humax HD freesat box? I would prefer the freeview box, but hey if they sent me a freesat box, i wouldnt complain!

  31. I’m unsure now as the initial conversation was on the phone. My e-mail from them simply reads; “have requested the set top box to be sent to you as a goodwill gesture.”

    So watch this space…..

  32. Now here’s a new one – I contacted my original retailer to ask for a full refund/exchange whih they agreed to the latter of equal value. The stramge bit is they asked me if I’d pass on my free box to them quote ‘as a gesture of good will’ because they would have to re-sell the TV.

    Hmmm…….using my free upgrade to re-sell and claw some money back, bit shoddy if you ask me.

  33. @Shaun – can you please re-post the email address you suggest I use to contact Lg about the freesat reciever?

    Thank you

  34. Hi I phoned LG this morning to be told there were no more boxes to send out they had run out!! How can a tv company run out of boxes. I only saw the message last night on my TV seems I was too late very disappointed , if anybody gets one can they post a message here please.

  35. I just called LG as i only found out about this today. I was told the goodwill gesture finished about 3 weeks ago and they were no longer providing the box to their customers. Seems bad that they have stopped it as those people that still bought the tv but not called them should still be entitled to this to enable the tv to be used to its full potential. They also told me there is no way the firmware would be fixed as it was all due to hardware inside the machine.

    Seems like poor customer service to me.

  36. Same here. At the end of the day although, I had the product registered since long time ago I never received any e-mail or any type of reminder about it. Is it worth pursuing it? I did call them too but all they said was that the promotion finished back in March.

    How did they expect us to know about it?
    Why we did not get any reminder or e-mail to tell us that they were about to stop the promotion even though we registered the product.

    Customer service very poor.

  37. Gents,

    Is that true? As per response below. Was it really advertised on their web site and Humax web site about the Free Humax Box? I do not remember anything like that. At the time I was looking at the web site but I do not remember anything regarding Free Humax box promotion for LF7700.

    From their response:


    Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

    Dear Mr Kokotopoulos

    Thank you for your email,

    We have logged you complaint on our database unfortunately however the deal was for a specific period of time which was advertised on our website and humaxes website. As we wasn’t directly involved with the purchase transaction we are unable to refund you, this would be down to the retailer disgretion.

    I hope this has been of some assistance to you.
    Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice.

    Best Regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

  38. I just found out about this today having just connect the TV to my modem and getting squat in return. I spoke to LG and they advised that the offer finished in March 2011. They advised that this was advertised on the Freeview channel, who watches this???

    I sent an email to cic.uk@lge.com and asked them to respond with some form of resolusion to this issue for a product that is not fit for purpose. If I get anything I will let you know.

  39. The reply from LG:

    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We are sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced and for any inconvenience caused.

    Whilst we do appreciate you comments and the disappointment caused, the goodwill gesture that LG offered owners of the discontinued LF7700 models ran for 6 months and has now ended. This goodwill gesture was made to enable those customers who bought the TV under the impression that it would eventually connect with the BBC’s iplayer, to do so. Although the TV does have an Ethernet port, listed in the manual as ‘for Freesat service in the future’, this connection did not end up being utilised. The facility to connect to the BBC iplayer was not marketed by LG in any way

    We are sorry we are not able to assist you further with your request but please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries

    Best regards,

    Vicky Richardson

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


    LG Customer Services

    UK: 0844 847 5454 Ireland: 0818 27 6954
    Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Sat 9am-6pm

    Sun 11am-5pm

  40. my reply:

    Dear Ms Richardson,

    Thank you for replying to my email.

    I think that you may of missed the point here, the TV in question has an ethernet port for a reason and the documentation supplied with the TV and the CD manual confirm that this is here for the sole purpose of connecting to future facilities available on Freesat HD. This may not of been marketed by LG but in this case the product has the facility that is evidently useless. Knowing this at the time pof purchase may of turned my attention away from this unit if I had known.

    Usually with every other electronic item I have purchased the ports are all fully useable even if it means the purchase of additional equipment or cables. In this case I have brought the ethernet cable needed at £6.99 which is now useless and none returnable.

    The offer should of been left open for customers with this unit that may not have been aware of it and not put down as a limited offer, the fact that you now refuse to take any action is dissapointing and puts LG in a vary negative light.

    Please can you see if you can escalate this issue.

    I look forward to a reply.

    David Killick

  41. looks to be a non-starter, todays reply:

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Whilst we appreciate your comments and the disappointment caused, we are unable to send out a Humax to you as the promotional offer has now ended.

    This was advertised on the LG website, Humax website and the Freesat channel.

    We are sorry we are unable to assist you any further in this matter.

    If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 847 5454 we will be more than happy to help.

    Best regards,

    Vicky Richardson

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

  42. my wife and i saved for 2 years to buy a new tv as ours was very old (like us,late 70s,we looked for a tv that would last us out , i picked the lglf7700
    and to show my wife that i knew what i was doing i looked at the back and
    told my wife that this is the tv we need because we will never need to upgrade.
    we saved again to get a computer so we could get our shopping delivered,
    on the inter – net ,my wife can`t get around very well , and have been on it for 5 months, i got in touch with the girl at lg customer services and fobbed us off
    with technical talk, what hurts now is every time i turn on the tv it says,,,,,,,
    LG lifes good, not in my house all the younger ones have more channels and can watch shows they missed (we miss a lot as we forget a lot ) just because it took us longer top get the inter – net. anyway with what time we have left we will not be buying matches with the name lg on them in case they don`t do what it says on the box if the above letter looks ok i could not have done it
    without the help of my young grandson.

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