LG Unveils Freesat LCD

LG has announced its plan to release televisions with Freesat built-in. The first television takes the form of the 37in LF7700 LCD and is due for release soon. LG intend to follow up with a large screen plasma with Freesat built-in later in 2009, with the prospect of further products in the future.

The LF7700 LCD TV is said to be competition for the existing Panasonic TX-37LZD81 although the technical spec and price has not yet been confirmed.

This is good news for Freesat and consumers alike, with more choice and clearly a successful uptake of the IDTV product range so far.

Following the announcement, Emma Scott, MD of Freesat said:

We’re extremely pleased to be working with LG as a manufacturing partner for Freesat in 2009. LG is world renowned for its quality products and this partnership will give consumers even more ways to enjoy Freesat as we grow the service.

Freesat is also in talks with a range of manufacturers regarding producing Freesat products and will announce further partners in 2009.

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  1. This is good news but why anyone would want to buy an integrated one without recording functionality is beyond me, why dont they put USB socket on the side and enable recording to USB disk?

  2. This is great news for Freesat. The greater the take up (by whatever source the consumer prefers), the better chance Freesat users have of obtaining a greater range of content with emphasis on more HD content.

  3. Someone needs to give C4 a kick up the backside for HD! And can I be a pedant and ask someone to take the apostrophe out of “it’s” (fourth word)? 😛

  4. Mark has made a good point. Why would someone pay a premium to buy an integrated Freesat receiver. I was going to buy the Panasonic TX-37LZD81 until the Humax Foxsat PVR arrived. I purchased the TX-37LZD80 and the Humax box and the combined price was approximately the same as the TX-37LZD81.

  5. Damn I bought a LG LCD just before crimbo. Ive got a separate Freesat box but would have been nice to have it built in.

    Must say though that I would recommend LG LCDs to anyone.

  6. Good news indeed . . . Looks like LG are pulling their socks up and getting in early on an opportunity.

    Used to think of LG as an Amstrad equivalent but more recently their products look tempting, competitive and quite tasty. Good luck LG and keep those prices interesting.

  7. Just an afterthought BJ.. it’s interesting that it’s almost impossible to by a ‘receiver-less’ screen.. Give more choice for those who do want their own box and don’t want to pay for a redundant receiver built in, perhaps this would be in the minority?

  8. Steven, it is far from “impossible” to buy a recieverless screen. You can easily buy huge monitors that dont have any kind of tv tuner in at all, and the tvs with inbuilt freeview are not being sold at a premium.

  9. I have a Freeview Digital TV tuner in my Samsung LCD TV and its awful, slow and unresponsive. I would never buy an integrated tuner again personally.

  10. I can only hope LG knows more than they are able to tell about the future of Freesat , otherwise my only reaction to an announcement about support from another manufacturer is a reluctant shrug of the shoulders.
    As someone who can get a Freeview signal – wake me up in a year or two when maybe there will be enough HD content to justify the platform ( how depressing is it that even on that timescale I’m still only able to say ‘maybe’ ).
    About the only upside is that in that time maybe volume shipments of large/affordable OLED screens will have started , as unlikely as that may be it’s no more unlikely than the broadcasters using Freesat to its full potential.

    Yawn , someone switch out the lights.

  11. @ Zag. You clearly made a poor choice. My Panasonic 32inch has inbuilt freeview and I can’t fault it. Reading reviews and seeing for myself, the Samsungs don’t perform well on SD freeview decoding.

    I plan to purchase the 37inch Panasonic with FreeSAT again based on reviews, just as soon as the price has levelled off a bit…

  12. I cant understand Doug’s attitude at all. You have no HD for £0 per month. I have all ITV’s football output in HD (Man U vs Tottenham coming up), ITV HD films and new dramas, A lot of BBC’s sporting output in HD, really great quality HD BBC films (Narnia on boxing day was fantastic) and I know that major sporting/ cultural events that come up will likely be on either channel. I pay £0 per month.

    I think I know which is the best deal.

  13. OK Paul D . . I’m not likely to buy a ‘huge’ screen anytime soon just a modest 37″ perhaps and it’s likely to come with two tuners, Analogue and Freeview even if I don’t need or want it. If Freesat is uncluded that’s 3 tuners!

    It’s not like the old days when a tele was a tele.. They’re multi-purpose screens that happen to have a built in tuner or two that you might not want . .

  14. Well done Paul D!! I’m impressed . . All we need to do now is tell the 9,000,000 plus $ky subscribers plus Freesat and cable users, say 15,000,000 in total that they could have bought TV’s without a tuner as they don’t need it . . 😉 . .

  15. Steven may I remind you that you claimed it was near impossible to find a TV without an in built tuner. I found you one. The 15000000 happy customers werent moaning, you were.

  16. Bet it’s an old model though 😉 .. Next year, 2010, all Freeview integrated TV’s and boxes in the UK will be out of date when Freeview HD starts up . . All those HD Ready TV’s with built in Freeview that can’t receive Freeview HD, every single last one in the country, or the world even . .

    I see yet another redundant tuner scenario and yet another external box . . 🙂 . .

  17. Its not as if redundant tuners harm you though. I have a freeview tuner in my new LG TV. It never gets used but it doesnt harm me to have it and I havent paid a premium for it.

    They are handy to have. Just imagine you have a TV without a tuner and your sky box blows up. You are stuck with analogue or nothing until the sky box is replaced. Its nice having the back up. And extra features in a TV can never be bad given that the ebay revolution has made resale value in a TV something worth thinking about.

  18. Admin will have me! 😉 . . So if we were to weight all the redundant tuners in all the the TV’s in all the world I wonder how many thousands on tons of precious metal and poisonous waste material we would be looking at?

    “It’s not that redundant tuners harm you”

    To be honest, most current TV’s will be in the skip in 12 years.

    I’m sure Greenpeace would have something to say if they were all dumped in a drinking water reservoir . . 🙂 ..

  19. Wow, thats some stretching! Just buy the TV I showed you. I tell you what, 300 quid for a 37 inch TV is a steal. Id be tempted myself if I hadnt already bought my LG.

  20. Anyway back on topic:

    I think Freesat getting more manufacturers is a very good idea. People who werent even aware of Freesat will see it in the TVs and that alone will increase take up.

    For people who want freesat to survive then take up rate is very important, and any sales of these integrated TVs will count as freesat units sold which in turn will increase channels and advertising revenues.

  21. Has anyone managed to get an idea of the costs for the LG screens that are coming out? I have noticed that Currys have the new Samsungs, Bravias, etc. with prices on their website – but no sign of the LG screens yet?

  22. I just bought the LG 37″ offering from Richer Sounds for <£600. A considerable saving over Comet and Argos. It is an excellent screen for my bedroom and as it has integrated FV and FS I benefit from access to all the free to air services. You can also pick up non-Freesat Astra content from the Sky satellite (such as Luxe HD). It's a great 1 box solution (saves on power and space). I still have another LG full HD set in the lounge connected to Sky+HD for my premium TV needs but this unit is excellent if you want to take advantage of free content. As even more of a draw, BBC iPlayer is to be rolled out to the FS service soon so it can even be used to view streamed content. I have it pluggen into the ethernet in readiness. On the down side (and this is a small niggle) this set is not SimpLink compliant so don't expect seamless integration with LG home theatre/DVD/BluRay…

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