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Mar 22 2014

Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Software v1.2.6 releasedManhattan have released a software update for their Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD model, which includes assorted core stability and recording fixes as well as a number of software enhancements. It is important to note that due to the changes in this release, a factory default is required after updating. Recordings will not be lost but favourites, settings and scheduled recordings will.

You can download the software here, and update yourself using a USB stick, or if you prefer, please contact us and we will send you a USB stick with the update and printed instructions.

v1.26 (from v1.1.1)


– When playback of a recording is completed, the user is returned to the library with the recording selected, rather than back to the top of the library
– When watching a recording, pressing the BACK or LIB button returns to the currently playing recording in the library
– Changed Step 2/5 in first time installation to show both tuners signal. Also a warning popup is displayed if no signal is detected on LNB IN 2 and you proceed with the installation
– Changed hard disk error waring prompt to make it clearer on how to recover the operation of the hard disk
– Series linked programmes only display in folders when there is more than one episode recorded


– Assorted recording and library fixes
– Failed recordings issue caused by box going into standby when a recording is imminent
– Random crash when a number of overlapping/conflicting recordings are scheduled
– Series recordings will always be made from the original channel the recording was made on
– Endless recordings
– Adding or removing of reminders in the Schedule
– Assorted core stability fixes

Download the Plaza HDR-S v1.2.6 software

2 Responses to “Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Software v1.2.6 released”

  1. mike65 Says:

    Good stuff, its a fine box overall but can be cranky unexpectedly.


  2. xander Says:

    Not impressed at all. overall picture quality was poor! Nice EPG though, but had to exchange it yesterday for new Bush BS103TZH, which to me had superior picture right across the channels.

    Plaza developed very thin vertical black lines across some channels, hence the exchange.


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