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Mar 16 2009

Following on from a PVR conversation we had with Metronic back in January, the launch of their Freesat+ PVR which was expected to be around April is now hoped to launch mid 2009.

Details of the PVR receiver, expected to rival the Humax FOXSAT-HDR are still unknown, but it is believed that Metronic are just waiting on approval from Freesat before commencing with the development.

Kiran Patel, speaking on behalf of Dale Heathcote, MD of Metronic said;

PVR product, as soon as we get a sign –off from Freesat then we can start the project – possibly June/ July launch!

Metronic currently have a single tuner HD digital box (model SATHD100) available, which launched 20th December 2008 through selected retailers and is reporting good sales figures so far.

10 Responses to “Metronic expected to launch PVR mid-2009”

  1. Soul4real Says:

    So good to see so many manufacturers have confidence in the Freesat badge.


  2. Wouter Says:

    If Freesat is insisting on £30k for EPG entries, why not at least add Luxe TV free of charge to the channel listing. i.e. the EPG will not show any data, which makes recording difficult (i.e. manual only), however this way we can see LuxeTV easily. Make it channel 950 or whatever.

    This will at least keep Freesat consistency regarding payment for EPG while consumers can enjoy some extra HD. hurray!


  3. Joe Says:

    Soul4Real i assume you’re being sarcastic ?


  4. alex Says:

    Wouter, That is a very good idea, and maybe they should invite more non-freesat mode channels to the freesat mode, which will boost the channel list, and make it easier for people to watch different tv channels,

    Then you could make the TV Channels pay for the EPG guide if they wanted to be featured on it.


  5. Ash Says:

    I like this idea, but what they should do is move the radio stations to ‘0’ like on sky and pop the non paying/no epg in the ‘700’ channels.
    But again, they should not really offer it free forever, maybe free for a while for the channel to decide if they want to pay and move to a better epg number with epg listings or they can have a discount on the £30k fee if they have no epg listings but want a better epg slot.


  6. Al Catraz Says:

    It would seem TechniSat are joining in too:


  7. admin Says:

    Al, this was announced last month, see

    It applies to a standard HD box though, not PVR.


  8. IanP Says:

    This delay is a bit odd. Humax said recently their PVR exclusivity has long since expired and Metronic original said they’d have their own one around April. Now it’s mid March and they’re still waiting for approval from Freesat to begin the project, WTF. If they do deliver by June/July I don’t think I’ll be jumping in to buy a product that complex with such a short time to market.


  9. Al Catraz Says:

    admin (7) – oops, sorry! I should have known you’d be on the ball! 😉


  10. Metronic PVR Delayed | Join Freesat Says:

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