Metronic Freesat HD Digital Box Now On Sale

Metronic SATHD100 Freesat HD Digital Box

Metronics first Freesat digital box is now in stock at Maplin, priced £149.99.

We questioned in a previous post why anyone would consider purchasing this HD receiver at such a high price, given that the Alba Group and Humax versions are already so established and priced significantly cheaper, but if you are considering a purchase, we’d love to hear the reasons why.

Buy online at MAPLIN for £149.99 inc P+P

Don’t forget to include a product review on our Metronic SATHD100 product page if you do indeed own this product.

11 thoughts on “Metronic Freesat HD Digital Box Now On Sale”

  1. Also sign up to their newsletter online to get discount vouchers.
    I think you will be able to get around £7 off.

  2. Well it have got to be better than the alba boxes and has 2 years guarantee i did email metronic and ask for the user manual but they said if i want a copy of the user guide go buy the receiver i do not think this was good customer support,

  3. I have the Bush HD box and have found it to be very reliable and has an excellent picture quality, and is currently £97, in fact you should be able to get a free £10 voucher from Argos as well if you add a pack of batteries to the order. A cheap way to watch some HD while we are waiting for the Humax PVRs to be more available or come down in price.

  4. I got the goodmans HD reciever for 49.99 in empire direct on christmas eve. Its a great box and better than the BUSH which I found had a very directional remote control. It is almost certainly not worth paying 150 quid for this metronic. Look around over the next couple of weeks and you will likely pick up an alba badged box for less than 70 quid.

  5. The price allows Maplin to claim “Save £50” and still sell at a price just short of £100. This seems to be normal Maplin practice if you hadn’t noticed.

  6. i have a metronic which i purchased six months ago and i am dissapointed with the remote control it has a very annoying mind of its own

  7. I have used the Metronic box since it came out,and it is superior to most of the other was installed properly and has never lost the signal,unlike the Humax and Grundig boxes.

  8. i have a metronic box and am not happy with it,first of all i agree about the remote control it is very sensitive, also i cannot get my local itv region when i tune in via the postcode i get itv central west not itv yorkshire,i cannot access itv 1 hd i tune into the channel,i press the red button when it comes up and i just get a blank screen,i was hoping an over air software update would cure the problem but i cannot even connect to it,it just keeps saying software upgrade service is unavailable.

  9. when will the software be here to support bbc iplayer on my metronic hd100
    Freesat Box?
    The RJ45 Ethernet socket is there ready, anyone got an update on this subject?

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