Metronic HD and PVR Receiver News

Metronic have confirmed that their first Freesat receiver, the high-definition SATHD100 will be available from some major retailers and most independent retailers during January. Maplin are already showing this product as available to buy but we have no news on anyone successfully receiving yet.

In a conversation with Dale Heathcote, Managing Director of Metronic, he said:

Our HD box is arriving in earnest during January, I was hoping for November but we had to wait until we had approval from Freesat and the DTG and as you can appreciate this approval has taken a lot longer than we anticipated as we had to meet all the specified criteria from day one, unlike our competitors where many concessions were given in order to get their boxes released for launch.

The product will be stocked by some major retailers and most definitely the independents.

Dale is expecting to have more news available within the next couple of weeks after some important meetings.

Pricing for the HD was a question we put to Dale; as we’ve mentioned on here a few times that the price point of £150 (decided upon by the retailer, not Metronic) would probably be too high to see good returns given the existing model Alba and Humax versions already established and cheaper. Dale added:

On pricing, it depends on 2 factors, the pricing in the market place for truly competitive product; also the £/$/Euro exchange rates and the anticipated fluctuations, the changes since October have not helped any of us!

Metronic have also confirmed that they are developing a Freesat+ PVR and that it’s due for release hopefully in April 2009. Metronic are hoping to announce the technical specification and ability to record red button ITV HD shortly.

As for the DTR, we are indeed working on a model which I hope to launch in April this year. Specs will be revealed shortly including the issue you refer to.

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