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Jan 10 2009

For all those wishing to know what the Metronic SATHD100 screenshots look like, here they are.

Thanks to Digitalspy member Jim (aviewer) for supplying the images, who managed to purchase one last Thursday from Maplins for £149.99, which arrived the next day.

Metronic EPG Guide
EPG Guide

Metronic Channel Banner
Channel Banner

Metronic Channel Genre
Channel Genre

Metronic HD Preview
HD Preview

Metronic Main Menu (Channels)
Main Menu (Channels)

Metronic Main Menu (Settings)
Main Menu (Settings)

Metronic Main Menu (Installation)
Main Menu (Installation)

Metronic Main Menu (System)
Main Menu (System)

Metronic Picture Adjustment Menu
Picture Adjustment Menu

Metronic Aspect Ratio
Aspect Ratio

Metronic Video Format
Video Format

12 Responses to “Metronic SATHD100 Screenshots”

  1. Fluffy Says:

    What does the ‘G’ in EPG guide stand for? :op


  2. John Richardson Says:

    EPG – “Electronic program Guide”


  3. Col Says:

    The “G” in “EPG guide” stands for “guide” just as the “N” in “PIN number” stands for “number”… can’t think of any more off the top of my head but I know there are many more mistakes like that


  4. Fluffy Says:

    Yes, thanks John. I did know that.

    Well done to Col for grasping my actual point!


  5. Dan Says:

    It is known as RAS Syndrome.

    RAS = Redundant Acronym Syndrome


  6. Fluffy Says:

    Cool. Well I can’t stay on here all day, I’ve got to take my car for it’s MOT test. Hope I can remember my PIN number :op


  7. PaddyM Says:

    Thought MOT stood for Ministry of Transport


  8. Paul Says:

    Yep, it does, MOT is actually the reverse scenario as most people just say MOT and not MOT test.


  9. StrangeFolk Says:

    People are strange and what they say, even more so 😉


  10. Al Catraz Says:

    bet the folks at Metronics are impressed with the fact that nobody has actually said anything about their box yet!
    just off to the ATM machine…


  11. darnall 42 Says:

    just got an e-mail from paypal-save £10 when you buy anything over £75 with paypal on maplins website


  12. Al Catraz Says:

    they’d have to knock at least £30 off to make it competitive with it’s cheaper rivals.


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