Metronic Set For iPlayer Launch

We have it through unconfirmed sources that Metronic plan to launch software on or around the 24th May which will include BBC iPlayer. This will be for their only Freesat receiver, the SATHD100.

Metronic are the last of the Freesat ‘receiver’ manufacturers to launch the BBC iPlayer service, with only Panasonic (schedule here) and LG remaining with their IDTV’s.

The Metronic SATHD100 is very much a middle of the range Freesat HD Digital Box, though availability of the product seems to be diminishing with John Lewis recently selling for just £79 on clearance. If Metronic read this, maybe they can contact us with news on their plans, as we’ve been unable to get any response from them!

8 thoughts on “Metronic Set For iPlayer Launch”

  1. There can’t be many manufactures left now who have not launched Iplayer. I suppose it won’t be long now when we start the whole process again with ITV Player or whatever it is called.

  2. Well done Metronic. Frankly i’d like to see LG release a software that would allow LG tvs to display “now and next” info when changing channel and the capibility to delete channels from EPG. I can only hope it might come with the iplayer upgrade, whenever/if ever there is one.

  3. “I suppose it won’t be long now when we start the whole process again with ITV Player or whatever it is called.”

    @Jon, that’s not how these interactive features work. The updates that make iPlayer work for different boxes are not iPlayer specific updates. They are updates to add features to the interactive engine, like playing video from the internet or communicating with an internet server. The iPlayer needs these features available in the interactive engine of a box for it to work.

    Once a box supports these features in its interactive engine, any channel that does interactive stuff can use these features. An example of this is the new job search feature on the Teletext channel, which fetches job information using the internet connection on the box. They introduced that without having to do a software update on each box, because they are using these new features (like the iPlayer is) in the interactive engine of the boxes. So when ITV launch their ITV Player, it should work straight away on all the boxes that the iPlayer and Teletext job search already works on.

  4. I got fed up with emailing LG you never get a reply, I have asked when they will upgrade LF7700 model no reply if you ring they just give you Da Da Da no nothing about it,,

  5. Metronic will be launching BBCiPlayer on the Sat 100 Freesat receiver but we have no firm date of when the OAD will become available it is anticiapted to be released over the next 10 days or so.

    Metronic have no immediate plans to release new Freesat products until 2011, but will be involved in the release of ITV Player on the SAT 100..

  6. Metronic sent a USB upgrade link to me today. After installing this on my box I have not been able to receive any channels at all. It scans and seems to find all the channels but then tells me no channels were found. It says it will not send out an over the air update until after the World Cup is over.

  7. Is this a waste of time as we seem to have lost the BBC i Player.My Humax box just gives the instuction to purchase a Freeview HD Box and the site for the i Player has gone.

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