More Freesat Digital Box Manufacturers To Follow

In addition to the announcement today of Metronic manufacturing Freesat digital boxes, Freesat have said that they are also in discussions with a number of other potential digital box and integrated digital television (IDTV) manufacturers and expects to announce the next wave of partners by the end of the year. Additional distribution channels are also being considered and will form part of an on-going strategy to bring free digital and HD TV to everyone that wants it.

7 thoughts on “More Freesat Digital Box Manufacturers To Follow”

  1. That would be fantastic news. I’m hoping for a Sony receiver. I like the way they design their GUI. A bit of competition should result in price drops, especially for the PVR to come.

  2. TIVO update……..……

    In May 2008, TiVo boss Tom Rogers said that he was hopeful that TiVo would be relaunched in the UK soon.[23] TiVo also revealed they are working on a hub or server box that would record for the entire family and serve to all the TVs round the house.

  3. With the greatest respect to you guys them guys who get most things right about Freesat TV {removed for advertising} mentioned a few months ago that both Sony and Toshiba would be making Fressat products by end of 2008/2009 I think they mentioned embedded TVs as well.

    Colin Ord.

  4. colin – Unfortunately they lost the respect of many a reader both on here and on the forums when they started created 10-20 spammy websites all discussing the same matters under the heading of Aberdeen design or similar!

    Unfortunately both the IP and email address you’ve given match those sites!!!

    All manufacturers were approached in the development stage of Freesat, and both Sony and Toshiba declined with a view to reconsider should the platform become successful. There is every chance of them developing by end of 2009, but then anyone could post that! We prefer to stick to hard facts or information we have good confidence in, such as discussions Pace did have with Freesat into developing a multiroom server based unit.

  5. I wish to purchase freesat (humax set top no good after just over 2 years) so don’t want humax. Currys recommended sagecom but rubbish reviews.
    Any alternatives.
    many thanks
    Sandra appleton

  6. Humax are generally seen as the best and most reliable, so may have just been unlucky. The only other ‘real’ alternative would be Manhattan. Certainly not any of the others if you want a long term receiver.

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