NME TV to close

NME TVIt would appear that NME TV will be closing on all platforms (not just Freesat) from the 5th January 2012. Posted on their Facebook page, they announced:

As you might have seen on the channel @nmetv will be closing on the 5th Jan so get your tissues out and watch it while you still can!

We don’t know the exact reasons why, but we presume it will be financial, as the channel certainly appears to have been popular since joining Freesat in February this year.

We wish NME all the best and hope the channel may launch again in the future.

52 thoughts on “NME TV to close”

  1. Just went looking for it on the telly and then found this. What a shame! In my mid 40s and can’t stay on any of the other channels for more than a few secs. Let’s hope someone fills the space and we can lose a +1 channel that I can honestly say I will never watch.

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