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Aug 23 2010

There has been quite a mix of reports coming from our readers over the past few months regarding LG and their plans to launch BBC iPlayer on their range of Freesat enabled televisions.

From the email communication below between a joinfreesat reader (Stewart B) and LG, it doesn’t seem that LG even have an agreement in place yet, let alone are working on the software for a launch any time soon.

In our opinion, we have to question the likelyhood of this ever happening, especially as LG have now dropped the Freesat range, but hopefully we are proven wrong and Freesat/BBC put pressure on LG to introduce the on-demand service across their Freesat range, so all those customers who purchased can enjoy the same facilities as the rest.

Here is Stewart B’s email to LG;

…having made enquiries of you before, and having been advised that BBC iPlayer for Freesat would be available in July, this has obviously not happened. I purchased plug in ethernet adaptors to allow this to function and now find them redundant.

Can you advise, once and for all, whether your company has now abandoned a whole cohort of your customers by deciding not to proceed with this, or when (with accurate indication please!) it will happen. It is now very frustrating to see a red button EVERY time I click on a BBC channel saying “get BBC iPlayer” when I cannot do so despite previous assurances that my equipment would do so.

If you cannot give me these assurances please give me the name of the senior manager in your department or the department responsible for this decision in order that I can write to them to formally complain and request some form of compensation. thank you…

The response from LG’s UK helpdesk is;

The software for iPlayer is released by the BBC. As of yet there has not been a deal reached between BBC and LG to allow software for iPlayer to be added to LG televisions. As soon as a deal has been reached, the expected released date will be broadcast to the public via our website. This is as much information as we have regarding this matter at the present time.

We are also not aware that this unit was ever advertised by LG as having BBC iPlayer on it, nor that it would ever be available on the set. If you have evidence that says BBC iPlayer was going to be added to this particular unit please forward it to us so that we can investigate this matter further.

To reiterate as of yet there has been no deal reached between LG and BBC to enable LG to add iPlayer to their televisions, as soon as there is any news on this it will be available on our website.

For more information please visit the following link:

We would advise you to put your concerns in writing to:

LG Customer Services,
PO Box 645,
PE29 6YU.

This is the only way to pursue an issue that falls outside of procedure.

Best Regards,

LG Electronics UK Helpdesk

If we get any further response from LG, or from Freesat/BBC, we’ll add to the post.

76 Responses to “No Deal Yet Reached Between LG and BBC (iPlayer)”

  1. Paul Says:


    Great customer service from LG then.

    Prospective purchasers of any LG products may wish to consider the “future proofing” potential from such a supplier as opposed to others that embrace enhancements.



  2. Michael Tompkin Says:

    As an owner of an LG freesat tv(lf 7700) , am very dissapointed in this news and poor treatment of customers who have parted with their hard earned money. Poor show LG. Will not buy your products ever again.


  3. Two Pen'orth Says:

    It’s been obvious to me for quite a while that LG have abandoned Freesat.

    I e-mailed them some time ago to enquire if any up-to-date Freesat sets were in the pipeline. The answer was that there were no Freesat sets in production currently and none were expected.

    Is Panasonic the only manufacturer sticking with the Freesat platform in televisions?

    Presumably the others are leaving it to the consumer to choose a separate box.


  4. Paul Says:

    Surely there must be a boffin out there who is able to adapt some current software?? If it’s legal of course – I’m not bothered about losing my warranty as long as I get something that will make my TV allow current technologies work on it – LG should hang their heads in absolute shame –
    £400 down the pan –
    yeah, my TV works and I use it to watch TV – but Jesus – I got turned on at the amount of plugs on that machine and USB ports for software updates that do not look like transpiring!!


  5. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    I received e-mails throughout the past year, with replys from LG being.

    JAN 2010 “Freesat and BBC iPlayer finished their testing in December and LG are currently updating the software now – as we speak.”
    JUNE 2010 “This update should be available by the middle of July”
    JULY 2010 “”Unfortunately we do not at present have any information as the exact release date for when BBC iPlayer will be available on LG televisions. We can confirm we are currently in talks with BBC regarding this matter and hope to have an answer in the near future. We would respectfully request that you check our website periodically for news on any updates.”
    and more recently “The software for iPlayer is released by the BBC. As of yet there has not been a deal reached between BBC and LG to allow software for iPlayer to be added to LG televisions. As soon as a deal has been reached, the expected released date will be broadcast to the public via our website. This is as much information as we have regarding this matter at the present time.
    We are also not aware that this unit was ever advertised by LG as having BBC iPlayer on it, nor that it would ever be available on the set. If you have evidence that says BBC iPlayer was going to be added to this particular unit please forward it to us so that we can investigate this matter further.”

    I have tried twice e-mailing LG’s Jeremy Parnham (Head of customer services) and Steve Fraser (Head of Retail and Distribution), both neither has responded to my e-mails !


  6. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    response from Emma Scott (freesat) – “but rest assured this is a live topic we are talking to LG about this issue”, as I just e-mailed with this topic !


  7. Graham Hall Says:

    I’m afraid the likes of LG have never really had the technical expertise of flat screen manufacturing. They stack ’em hight and sell ’em cheap, without an after thought about what the customer needs might be! It’s the old adage – you only get what you pay for. Buying brands like Pioneer, Sony, or Panasonic is a much safer bet; at least they are more future proof?


  8. alferret Says:

    If a TV is sold as iPlayer compatible and LG fail to deliver then would that make the TV not fit for purpose?
    Just a thought, and if enough people start writing to LG or the supplier demanding they take the TV’s back because of this issue would that force LG to do what it needs to get this issue resolved.

    As an owner of a 32lf7700 I would be quite happy to return my TV for another brand this is supporting iPlayer after running cat5e cable into the bedroom & adding a hub into the fray as well I would like to use iplayer on a TV that I brought for that purpose.


  9. Greg Ebdon Says:

    If it’s true that LG never advertised their products as having (or definitely having in the future) iPlayer access: I find the idea that the original letter writer is attempting to get compensation from LG for incorrectly anticipating a free upgrade to a previously released piece of hardware based on no promise at all from the manufacturer to be laughable. LG have no obligation whatsoever to give out free upgrades, other than bugfixes, on any of their products unless specifically advertised as such, which is not the case. It’s amazing that as many manufacturers have agreed to work with the BBC and retrofit their old models to work with iPlayer as have. Expecting them to reimburse for lack of hopeful future functionality is just ludicrous.


  10. Mediaman Says:

    LG have always been for the quick profit and unreliable when future updates are needed. Their products do work well but there not future proof and need replaced every couple of years not because they are broken as such just that they can’t keep up with future technology.


  11. neil Says:

    Really poor, glad I went for the Sony. Have considered LG recently but will steer clear having heard this


  12. Oyodi Says:

    So LG have now dropped the FreeSat range, but the big question is will other companies follow their example, as FreeView HD is rolled out across the country, because if I were buying my box now or buying a new TV here in Devon, I would make sure FreeView HD was built in; Why, Surly any consumer now converting to HD will chose FreeView, Mainly because it has more HD channels.

    I have been a supporter of FreeSat ever since its launch, but as time passes I am gradually loosing faith in being able to recommend it to any one. It seems LG have already made this decision, and FreeSat will be, (as many people on this forum have pointed out); will be only for people who cannot receive a FreeView signal.


  13. Stefan Says:

    My recent experience of LG after sales support on a different issue was very unsatisfactory. Certainly I will not be buying LG products in future.


  14. Anon Says:

    Life’s not so good!!!


  15. Richard Crichton Says:

    Don’t get mad get even.If your sure that LG advertised future iPlayer compatibiliy on your particular model there are consumer protection laws laws about making misleading claims. You need written proof like the origional box that says that or does it say that in the manual.
    The BBC Watchdog programme or that consumer guy on the One Show might also take up the case if enough people contacted the show.
    Companies do not like bad publicity on national TV shows and will soon change their tune to save their bottom line if enough pressure is placed on them.
    Their is also the small claims court route to consider.


  16. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    On LG’s website – for the Product, it displays the Freesat HD logo, and under Explore Product Features (or under the Features Tab) there is a banner “What is Freesat HD ?” with a link to take you to Freesat’s own website, where it mentions the BBC iplayer, and clearly states “So if you already have a freesat HD box, freesat+ box, or freesat HD TV there’s no need to buy new equipment.” in order to receive BBC iplayer. There is no mention on either site stating that the LF7700 is not compatible for the BBC iplayer update (or future internet services such as ITV player)


  17. Tony Owen Says:

    I have a LF7700 and have resorted to using a Humax box to get Freesat and BBC iPlayer. LG seems to have completely disregarded it’s Freesat customers… On top of the no show for the iPlayer the EPG is garbage, freezes all the time.


  18. mediaman Says:

    I doubt many manafacturers will drop Freesat. Freeview has expanded as far as it can it is now simply an advertising tool for SKY and a money machine for the Government. Freeview has a limited lifespan only used to convert people to digital so they can sell off analogue space and will probably be a full encrypted service (for SKY) or sold off by the government within the next 5 to 10 years. Some councils in the UK are removing aerials in favour of satellite as they are cheaper to maintain and can offer Freesat and SKY this will reduce freeview coverage in many area’s and make it a less profitable platform.


  19. Chrislayeruk Says:

    mediaman, thats nonsense.
    Freeview is the default TV service in the UK. Thats it!
    Freesat is a digital service, mainly for those who cannot get Freeview and have paid a license fee.
    The fact that itv advertise Sky on Freeview or Freesat, Virgin or anywhere else is nothing to do with it. They advertise alot of things, thats their job.
    Choose Sky if you want to pay more for what they offer, its your choice.
    Personaly, I have a life and there is enough to watch/listen on Freeview, Freesat and on the radio to not pay Sky for their offerings.
    Cheers Chris :)


  20. Lee B Says:

    I’ll be giving LG products a miss in future then!


  21. MikeC Says:

    @16 Shaun

    Unfortunately, that’s freesat making the claim and not LG.


  22. Shaun Jeffery Says: has just been posted today !

    This seems to imply that we can connect the LF7700 to BBC iplayer, but will experience problems !


  23. Jill Says:

    This has appear on LG’s website

    LG is aware of the issues connecting your LG Freesat TV to BBC iPlayer and has been working to find a solution to resolve this issue.

    If you are experiencing problems with your LG Freesat television, please speak to an LG representative by calling the LG customer service helpline on 0844 847 5454 for an update on this matter. LG is committed to offering its customers the very best service and would like to reassure people that LG will manage this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible”


  24. Richard Crichton Says:

    I downloaded the manual.
    Ne twor k (In Freesa t Mo de- DT V) (For Future Use)
    Switch to Freesat mode using the FREESAT button.
    (FREESAT button toggles between Freesat and Non-Freesat TV modes.)
    The function enables you to view or set the network connection information for the Freesat interactive services. (Freesat
    service for the future)
    Ensure that the TV is correctly connected to the local area network (LAN) and can access the internet. (►p.105)
    1 MENU
    Select SETUP.
    • If you have selected On in LOCK > Lock System menu, you will be
    prompted to enter your password to access. Use NUMBER buttons to
    input a 4-digit password.
    • Most users use a router or modem that has a DHCP server function can
    automatically be allocated an IP address.
    • Connected will appear when internet is successfully connected.
    • MAC Address is a unique address that identifies your TV’s hardware in
    the network.
    2 OK
    Select Network.
    3 OK
    Select DHCP or Static.
    If you use a router or modem that has a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
    server function, select DHCP. The IP address will automatically be determined.
    If there is no DHCP server on the network and you want to set the IP address manually,
    select Static.
    4 When selecting Static, enter values for IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS
    5 OK Select Save.
    6 OK Select Close.


  25. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:


    When I-player launched and the first gen alba group sd boxes weren’t upgraded to include I-player despite having internet connections, didn’t they say that I-player was only part of the freesat hd spec ? as the lg tv’s are freesat hd does that mean they have to comply with the spec ? if not wouldn’t that be like a digital tick tv not being able to pick up freeview ?

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  26. MCMLXXIII Says:

    Bloody hell!

    I just rang the LG telephone number from their service announcement website and got through to a lady who said:
    “As a gesture of goodwill LG would like to send you a replacement set-top box which is capable of receiving BBC iplayer and ITV player.
    As you have registered with us before , this will be with you in 1 week and there is no-charge for this, we shall call you if there are any changes”

    Erm.. Thanks???


  27. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    I just rang, and the advisor didn’t even know anything about BBC iplayer/LF7700 or anything. Then went away and came back with the normal response, of “…soon…..”
    I mentioned that another owner is reciceiving a HD receiver as a gesture of goodwill, and would like the same. He wasn’t aware of anything.
    I requested that this was raised (VOC raised), and that a letter once again was being sent.
    I also mentioned that having no responses from Jeremy Parnham (Head of customer services) and Steve Fraser (Head of Retail and Distribution), is poor customer services.


  28. Tony Hales Says:

    Looks to me like they cannot or have no intension of implementing iPlayer and are waiting to see what pressure (if any) is brought to bear. The “not reached agreement with the BBC” thing looks like a fob off excuse.


  29. Rob H Says:

    Deal, or no deal – why did people choose LG?

    Buying a separate dedicated set top box will pretty much ensure you get the latest goodies. Freesat has more web enabled goodies planned inc. LoveFilm last I heard & something else I can’t remember.

    I’m always happy to have an extra box to keep up to date with developments, integrated is always nice looking but it’s never straightforward as this LG debacle shows.


  30. Roger Says:

    And there were all us Bush HD users thinking WE were the unluckiest denizens of FreesatLand!

    As in post 25, I was under the impression that “network services” were part of the HD spec. It looks that Lucky Goldstar were pushing their luck and supplying under-specced equipment that just met the then current (ie before iPlayer became available) requirements. I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem was a lack of flash memory for firmware upgrades beyond simple patches.

    In addition, they’ve probably looked at the number of units sold, the size of the Freesat market and the beancounters have decided that coding up the iPlayer to fit into the available memory would simply cost more than their profits from the sale of the units.

    Another thought: given the supposition on cheapskate manufacturing/limited memory, perhaps they offered an iPlayer subset to the BBC and were told to go and think again. They did and decided to have a massive snit and take their ball away.

    Oh well. Fingers crossed for all you LG users out there.


  31. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    Having sent an e-mail to LG requesting the same gesture as MCMLXXIII (post #26)

    I too , now have been asked to forward my details to LG (proof of purchase, etc..) inorder to receive a receiver capable of receiving BBC iplayer (via the LF7700) as a gesture of goodwill !


  32. admin Says:

    Please do let us know if any of you receive a seperate receiver from LG, and what make/model.


  33. Phil Says:

    I just emailed, and here is the reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    There are technical difficulties in ensuring that the LG Freesat TV is fully compatible with the BBC iPlayer. As a gesture of goodwill LG will provide a set top box to enable your LG Freesat TV to work with both the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player

    We require contact details (if not already provided), the serial number and a copy of the proof of purchase in order to process the claim, once received the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14 days. Please call our Customer Service Team on the below number with these details.

    Best Regards,

    LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


  34. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:


    Could Shaun Jeffery or MCMLXXIII post the email address to send details to please, as i have customers who have this tv & have been waiting for a i-player upgrade.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  35. Phil Says:

    LG said they are sending a HUMAX


  36. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Well I’m glad as I think some folk thought I was telling porkies.

    As I was already registered via LG due to a previous technical query they already had my proof of purchase etc (therefore no email to send in my case) so this may save some of you out there some time.
    They couldn’t clarify to me what brand of receiver I was going to receive.
    If it is a Humax, can this be made into a recorder like the technisat? as I can be pretty sure they won’t send me a pvr!


  37. admin Says:

    The single tuner Humax HD doesn’t support PVR functionality like the TechniSat. Actually quite surprised they have decided upon a higher end brand rather than the cheaper Grundig/Goodmans/Bush option, or even the Metronic.


  38. LG Offering Freesat Receivers For iPlayer | Join Freesat Says:
  39. Shaun Jeffery Says:

    Hi Mark (post #34) is the e-mail address I used, in addition to the e-mail form on LG’s website. Got a response requesting proof of purchase, etc from both so that a receiver could be sent to me


  40. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for your help mate.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  41. Hopefull Says:

    I’ve sent details of this problem to BBC’s One Show for their Dom to run as a story !
    Not sure if they’ll use it – altough topical as their show has just been added to the BBC iplayer content


  42. mcmlxxiii Says:

    I don’t think Dom would take it now as a solution has been offered, so no real mettle for him to embarrass LG !


  43. Hopefull Says:

    The details were sent to the One Show before ‘LGs solution’

    I wonder if, it was LG that decided to offer receivers, or that of the owners !


  44. boudy Says:

    off to find my receipt !


  45. mcmlxxiii Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great then (albeit very cheeky) if they sent us the Humax Foxsat HDR!
    Well, I can hope. I am just wondering if there are any additional benefits of having a satellite feed to the lg and the other to the Humax other than iplayer.
    If i could record then I could finally ditch my BT Vision.


  46. Shaun Says:

    LG hasn’t posted anything about receiving receivers on their website !

    Guess once they run out of receivers, then perhaps a few lucky ones may end up with HDRs or Bluray players capable of receiving BBC iplayer.

    Guess the week ahead will see what we will receive


  47. admin Says:


    It seems highly unlikely that LGE will post anything regarding this option on their website, as they’ll want to only resolve for those that complain about the lack of iPlayer.

    This post has had a few thousand unique visits, so we doubt LGE will be too happy with us making particular mention about it, but ultimately we want to protect the name of Freesat and ensure customers get as much as they can from the service/platform.


  48. mcmlxxiii Says:

    A question:

    I bought my 37lf7770 purely to integrate all the features together, prior to that I had a hd freesat set top box and a sony Bravia.
    And I thought I was going forward!
    I downsized a screen compared to what i could have bought had I not bought a tv with freesat built in.
    So i have had the tv since may, waited for iplayer (and the future planned interactive services) and it’s not going to come.
    Honestly I would like to take this tv back, exchange it for a bigger panel and get a new set top box- do you think the retailer will accept the return on this basis?


  49. Hopefull Says:

    Guess most 32″ TV’s can now be purchased for less than £299, and a freesat HD box less than £100.

    So most owners, if were allowed to receive a full refund, could actually purchase another manufacture’s TV (even with Freeview HD), and Freesat HD Box for less than they paid for their 32LF7700.


    32″ Freeview HD TV Toshiba 32RV753B £329.99
    Bush Freesat HD box £73.19

    Almost £100 savings compared to £499 I paid for my 32LF7700, plus their’s the advantage of having 4HD (via Freeview HD)


  50. Tony Hales Says:

    I can’t get Freeview HD until June 2011 as there is no coverage. That’s why I went for Freesat.


  51. Shaun Says:

    @50 – same here till 2012, but what @49 was stating, that current prices, you can still have a 32″ HD TV, Freesat HD & Freeview HD at a lower price than what you had paid for the LF7700 (Freesat HD & Freeview) – so a full refund may be best – my store will not issue a refund, as they insist that only Humax boxes were the only BBC iplayer device, and that no other Freesat product was advertised as being BBC iplayer compatible.

    I think most went for the LF7700 to reduce the number of boxes connected to the TV.

    Prices will always be cheaper, after you purchased anything.


  52. Shaun Says:

    LG customer services responses regarding the LF7700 updates and BBC iplayer

    • The delay in release BBC iPlayer.
    “The delay in the release of bbc iplayer has been due to technical difficulties with the software”
    • Why dates such as soon, mid-July was given for the BBC iPlayer update.
    “The dates were planned release dates but have been put back due to technical difficulties”

    • Why it has taken until 23rd August to display anything regarding BBC iPlayer on LG’s website.
    “LG have never stated iplayer will be available, its function of freesat HD was released after the televisions were manufactured.”

    • Whether your company has now abandoned a whole cohort of your customers by deciding not to proceed with any future updates (including ITV Player, and other Freesat HD services).
    “New updates will be available when faults that require a firmware fix are detected”

    • An accurate indication when the BBC iplayer update will happen, and the update for ITV player.
    “Unfortunately there is no available indication due to ongoing difficulties”
    • Why the LF7700 has become an discontinued product.
    “Models are discontinued after 4-5 months of being on the market to make way for new ones”
    There was no mention of “No Deal Yet Reached Between LG and BBC iPlayer”, or “LG Offering Freesat Receivers For BBC iPlayer”, or why e-mails sent to their Head of customer services have had no replys !
    They have mentioned that my letter has been passed on to the relavant departments, but I that could easily be a dustbin !


  53. Hopefull Says:


    Yep, agree, they saw your questions, answered them from a script, and then binned the letter !

    “Models are discontinued after 4-5 months of being on the market to make way for new ones” – What are the new Freesat models ?

    An accurate indication when the BBC iplayer update will happen, and the update for ITV player.
    “Unfortunately there is no available indication due to ongoing difficulties” – Why has someone just been told within the next few weeks ?

    Why it has taken until 23rd August to display anything regarding BBC iPlayer on LG’s website.
    “LG have never stated iplayer will be available, its function of freesat HD was released after the televisions were manufactured.” – How can a company manufacture something without knowing what the function of Freesat HD was going to be ?

    • Why dates such as soon, mid-July was given for the BBC iPlayer update.
    “The dates were planned release dates but have been put back due to technical difficulties” – Why wasn’t these dates put on LG’s website, followed by appolgies for any delays ? – Why take until 23rd August ?


  54. steve Says:

    just phoned lg got scan and send my recipte but not got a scanner


  55. steve Says:

    wat a rip off


  56. admin Says:

    Don’t think LGE will stretch to providing you with a scanner too. Can you just take a picture on a camera and send that; if the writing is clear, they should accept it.


  57. steve Says:

    just sent a phot of recipt


  58. steve Says:

    just sent a photo of recipt to lg if it works ill let you all now


  59. Shaun Says:

    If you registered the TV via the website, when purchased, then you shouldn’t have to send them anything, after all the LF7700 lifespan was a little over a year before being discontinued !


  60. steve Says:

    phoned lg yesterday got my vce number for a humax box


  61. Shaun Says:

    @60, guess that LG also stated delivery to be between 7-14 working days !

    be prepared to wait !


  62. steve Says:

    should be here by 25 sept they said


  63. steve Says:

    has any one had a box from lg yet


  64. MCMLXXIII Says:


    None have arrived at Regenesis yet

    (they are the company who handle LG customer services) the boxes are being sent to them first.


  65. MCMLXXIII Says:

    They’re heeerrrrree….

    (Poltergeist) and they are now being processed for dispatch I’m told by the imp who lives on my shoulder


  66. steve Says:

    if now one has herd anything from lg perhaps we shoul get intouch with watchdog on bbc1.ann robbinson might do something.


  67. fsn6b Says:

    @66 filled form on Watchdog’s website……


  68. Shaun Says:

    @65, yet Humax states “We have shipped the units to LG, so they should be receiving them towards the end of this week, however it may well be best advised to contact LG regarding the delivery now.
    LG have only just ordered the products off us so they should have the stock this week.
    Regards Colin Wilson,
    Humax Customer Support”
    What has LG been doing since 23rd August – certainly unable to deliver within the 7 days we were being told last month !


  69. Alan Tooke I Eng MIET Says:

    So LG think they can get away with giving us all a set top box.
    Now why did we all buy the LG TV with Freesat built in?
    Because we did not want a separate box and wanted a one remote solution. If we had wanted to purchase a separate box we would have done so and at a cheaper price.
    Of course we want to be able to receive I player it’s part of the Freesat spec for manufacturers.
    I await new televisions with I player and Freesat built in from LG for all the one’s I have sold to my customers.


  70. Shaun Says:

    even with having a Humax receiver connect via HDMI, you have to manually select the HDMI source – The LF7700 (I assume, rather than the Humax) can’t select the HDMI source automatically.

    This is a step backwards ! – Waiting now for retailer to offer me a full refund (or alternative product to the LF7700), on which the Humax Freesat HD will be returned to LG !


  71. Alan Tooke I Eng MIET Says:

    Some of my customers also have a five year insurance policy on the LG are LG going to give five years on the separate box, I doubt it.
    Come on LG get your act together and refund the retailers so they can refund the customers. I will no longer be selling LG.
    It’s my guess that there is not enougth memory to run the updates software for I Player as the Freesat menu already takes a lot longer then the Panasonic.


  72. steve Says:

    LG have sent me a box deliverd it wendsday but i was not in got to go to my local sorting office to collect it.


  73. steve Says:

    had a humax box of lg its only £129.99 at argos its the foxsat


  74. Danny Callaghan Says:

    My friend has LG32LF7700 delivered Jan 2010 and recently got a Humax box from LG. She purchased the TV from John Lewis and we were told that the iplayer would be available sometime 2010 and was a reason for the purchase, she has been delighted with the freesat and quality of picture till now.
    Following conecting the Humax box to get iplayer this required the sat cable to be plugged into the Humax box, therefore meaning that the freesat on the TV became redundunt. Also she has now ended up with another piece of kit she does not want and 2 remotes. The picture quality is no way as good as on the TV direct and I have tried various settigs etc.
    I have now complained to John Lewis and asked them to see what can be done for having read this and other forums seems contacting LG is a waste of a phone call.


  75. Shawny Says:

    @74 Yep, contacting LG is a waste of time – I received a call from their Mr Parnham, and a whole 30 mins of my time wasted.

    I got so fed up with LG, that I contacted the retailer, told them why I purchased the LF7700, backed up with ‘promises’ from LG that the iplayer would be available soon.

    They refunded in full – and now I have a Panasonic 32″ G20 capable of receiving BBC iplayer, and its also has Freeview HD (handy for C4HD) and it was cheaper than what I paid for the LF7700.

    (LF7700 cost £499, whilst G20 cost less than £420)

    John Lewis has the 37″ version of the G20, so maybe they’ll do some some of swap/deal for you as its around £699. They also have other models of Freesat TVs of different sizes/price


  76. FLAMinEK Says:

    I got gesture of goodwill Foxsat Humax HD box from LG for lack of bbci player on there 32″ LF7700 which I bought from Richer Sounds when it first came out for £499 (plus the 5 year £50 insurance). Just had to email a scan of my recipts to LG. Got £90 on Ebay for the box and got £450 refund from Richer for tv (they said it was a year old and couldn’t refund 100%). Still I got most of my money back but had to sell the box to make the difference.
    I then got a Panasonic TXL32D25 l.e.d tv from richer (as they offer the best insurance deals I think) which has a IPS panel,freeviewHD,freesatHD ect for £650 and am glad I went for a branded tv. LG are a bit like LIDL, they stack them high and sell them cheap but are not worried about customer service.
    apart from the BBCi player not working on the LF77 the freesay EPG was rubbish and would freeze for 30 seconds when first loading and throughout it function would freeze (not enough memory I think hence there not able to accomodate the bbci player).
    My new Panasonic is mega quick on scrolling through the EPG on both freesat and Freeview and has auto switching to hdmi source. Also has analogue audio out which is rare on most tv’s and is very much needed for my X41 wireless xbox gaming headphones to listen to tv as my xbox uses optical out for x41 for gaming.
    My advice to everyone is get a refund for your LG,sell the humax and buy a Panasonic LED tv. Yes there pricey but worth it.


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