Ocean Blue Teases Freesat G2 Features

(News story from What Satellite & Digital TV)

DiSEqC 1.2 multi-satellite and advanced MHEG interactive TV are supported in the latest Freesat update from set-top box software creator Ocean Blue.

Sunrise DVB-S2 supports DiSEqC 1.2 motor control, with further upgrades due to add Unicable SCR* support and DiSEqC 3.0**.

It has both Freesat-compliant and general satellite modes, and all these features would be very welcome in the Freesat G2 products expected in early 2012.

Ocean Blue said: ‘The stack has been engineered to meet the demands of the latest system architectures and will work as a stand alone product, or in a multi-process environment.’

The software also provides MHEG-5 HD support in line with both Freesat’s specifications and the DTG D-Book 6.2.1, allowing services like the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

*SCR, or single cable routing, allows an LNB to serve multiple tuners or receivers via a single coaxial cable, without the need for a multi-output LNB or multiswitch.

**DiSEqC 3.0 allows motors, LNBs and other peripherals to send feedback to the receiver, enabling features such as completely automated alignment for mobile dishes. Product support has been very rare so far, however.

(News story from What Satellite & Digital TV)

36 thoughts on “Ocean Blue Teases Freesat G2 Features”

  1. The SCR support does sound interesting and means an easy upgrade for those with single LNB feeds, also the potential to run multiple receivers from one single dish too.

  2. Whilst on the subject of new receivers, ALDI have just launched a satellite kit based around a Tevion HD receiver HDSR 600 (Philex Electronics) with a three year parts and labour guarentee for around £69.99 (FTA),S2 compliant.Kit included dish, cable HDMI lead and sat finder kit! Whilst it has some limitations (I had to blind search to re-find the BBC HD channels when they switched over transmission recently and it only has 4 favourite categories for instance) it does have the facility to record progs in SD and HD via an attached HDD of your choice in size via a frontUSB 2.0 connection formatted in FAT32 (NTFS will play back though) using MPEG4 AVC H.264. It appears to me to give a first class picture too. Not my main receiver but appears to be a very good buy, even for a main receiver, and especially so in these hard times!

  3. Very sorry, don’t want to appear thick but this article has gone completely over my head. I’ll get my coat!!!!!

  4. Quite simple, Freesat products from later this year will have a new version of technical/software spec to further enhance the future services available on the Freesat platform, such as more on-demand products etc. Ocean Blue who are involved in the process have hinted at some of the developments, which include those mentioned. For the non-technie’s, you don’t need to worry too much about them 🙂


    The Aldi receiver is generic, not Freesat branded, so won’t have access to the 7 day listings etc. Unfortunately these kind of products whilst cheap, generally have a limited shelf life; a 3 year warranty isn’t great if you constantly need repairs/replacements.

  5. Ron: Those Aldi receivers, as Admin says, don’t have planners or EPG support so not only can you see what you want to watch far in advance, should services switch transponders or change other technical parameters, as does happen quite often, then you’ll be constantly updating services stored. Those B&Q Ross Sat Rx kits are also misleading in this respect as they don’t tell you the complexities involved in setting them up whereas Freesat branded services are a simple ‘plug and play’ exercise with on-screen prompts etc.

  6. The Humax boxes (HD & HDR, anyway) have always had DiSEqC 1.2 support and automated dish pointing – but only in non-Freesat mode and only with single LNB setup… and then only via a special sequence of the colour keys to gain access to a special menu. If my memory serves.

    Once set up for two LNB full Freesat the options are disabled/inaccessible.

  7. Does that mean for example we will be able to subscribe to Premier Sports which at the moment I have on the Sky platform.

  8. Yes and no.Support for motorised dishes means you get to view all the satellites visible at your location not just the 28E ones which potentially means thousands of channels but most are in a non english language or are encrypted so not really all that useful unless you speak a non english language. As for Freesat it does not mean more broadcast channels but means more streaming services llike iplayer and itv player. A sort of YouView for satellite I expect.

  9. I like the SCR single cable routing idea, because I have always gone for a single cable and LNB. So I take it the Humax SG2 (Second Generation) range will support this technology, and we’ll only need a single cable to plug into the Freesat + boxes.

  10. In answer to 6) Admin and 8) Neil, well I did say it had some limitations, lack of EPG being one (it has now and next prog. on EPG). Time will tell if it is reliable. I have placed it in my Summerhouse where I can sit and fiddle with it undisturbed to my hearts content if it needs updating on channels. I enjoy things you have to fiddle with anyway, but what you have said are good points and to be born in mind by a prospective purchaser.

  11. Just one more (boring) addition. I like the fact that I can detach the Hard Drive, bring it into the main house, plug it into my WD HD Media Player and watch the prog. on my main TV. Something the HDD attached to my Technomate TM-6900 HD Combo Super won’t do!

  12. any sign of new freesat recorders from panasonic? like the freeview model they have out with 3d blu-ray/twin hdmi/blu-ray recorder and hard disk recorder..

  13. @ 3 Ron

    As far as I know you will have problems with HD recordings over 45 mins long with a drive formatted in FAT32.

    I tried to record a prog on BBC HD to my external FAT32 drive via my Humax PVR and it failed, something about FAT32 limit of around 4 gig.

    Solution, format to EXT 3 via Linux with PartedMagic LiveCD. Hope this helps.

  14. Guys, what about Panasonic/Samsung Tv with Freesat turners? Would they refresh the 2011 line later this year or would these new specs appear on next year models.

  15. @GuyStar

    Panasonic had said that they wouldn’t launch a range of Freesat TV’s this year until G2 is available, so possibly they won’t have anything new until their usual March launches.

  16. @ Admin,

    According to which, the consumer magazine, Panasonic have released a 2011 range with freesat built-in. The VT30 being top of the range, this is a 3D TV with wi-fi built in, you can also record to a usb dongle or SD card. I have viewed the first look video on their website. The full lab test results are due july.

    Currently being a PZ81 owner and my experience with software updates, I am reluctant to buy anything until the G2 range are rolling of the production line.

  17. @ 20 bigal. Many thanks for the tip bigal. The Tevion plays the programme right through no hiccups whereas my HD media player has it from the same hard drive in 30 min. files (about the time I need to have a cuppa or pee anyway,I’m over 60 anyway!), so I just come back and play the next file. I will look into your tip though bigal, cheers.

  18. @ 24 Ron

    Just to clarify Ron. Are you saying that you can record a HD prog of 1 Hour duration or more on your USB hard drive formatted in FAT32 ?.

    As I said FAT32 has a 4GB File Size Limit so while it would be possible to record an SD prog with say a 1 Hour duration without problems a HD prog of the same duration would require a lot more than a 4GB File Size per prog.

    This is to do with the format of the drive and not your Tevion HD receiver, Also, I am not sure if the Tevion supports EXT 3 format. I just know it worked for me on my Humax PVR. Regards from BigAl (Just a wee bit younger than you are).

  19. @ 25 bigal
    Sorry for delay Big Al, havn’t looked on this forum for a couple of days. The Tevion plays a prog. whether in SD or HD all the way through, ignoring file size (if you say FAT32 is in 4GB file sizes then it must somehow daisy chain them together). When the same Hard Drive is connected to my WD HD Media Player it has the prog. in 30 min blocks (a prog. recorded in HD). So it is looking as though it needs 4GB for 30 mins HD, which is a lot, as my Technomate only needs around (give or take, depending on content) 4 GB per hour (BBC prog recorded, it used to be around 7 GB per hour ’til they altered the transmission). I have wiped the hard drive of the few progs I had on it. You have got me thinking now. I’ll record some SD and some HD again on the Tevion, put the HDD on my computer and see what space the different programmes are taking up, if you are interested. As I said, this unit has only just come on the market and (contrary to what my daughter thinks!!) I don’t spend all my time watching the box, so am still evaluating it. And now the Tennis is on I have put some of my tinkering on hold (I have just realised that I have admitted to watching more TV, don’t tell the daughter!!). I can confirm that in both the handbook and plugging the hard drive in use on my computer it is formatted in FAT32. My other HDDs are in NTFS that are in use on my computer. I have just loaded the HDD in use on my Technomate TM-6900 HD Combo Super and that is also formatted in FAT 32 (just in case you are not aware this receiver is also SD and HD). Last time I tried this HDD on my Media Player it didn’t want to know. I’ll have to recheck that again as I have done an update on it since then. Let me know your thoughts anyway Big AL.

  20. @ 26 Ron

    Ah yes, as you say the Tevion must daisy chain them together, Good that it ‘Knows to do that’. Probably puts each prog in its own folder.

    What You & I are doing is a little bit different. On my Humax I had full HD recordings on the 320gb internal hard drive that I wanted to transfer to the external 500gb drive.

    I found that transfer of a 1 hour long HD prog would fail with a message something like FAT32 4gb limit so I had to look at other options. Fortunately for me the Humax supported EXT3.

    As you are recording directly to the USB drive it would seem that the Tevion just splits the files into 4gb segments and joins them upon playback.

  21. @27 bigal
    Just to update you Big Al. I recorded 2 programmes on the Tevion, one 1 hr. prog on BBC HD and one 1hr 20 min prog. on Ch.4 SD. On connecting the HDD used to my computer it shows the following. The Ch.4 prog. took up one file, space of 1.82 GB (or actual of 1,910,496 KB). The HD 1hr. prog. was split into 3 files (which must be reassembled by the Tevion for play back fluently). The first 2 files were of 2 GB size (or actual of 2,097,152 KB each). The remaining file (bringing up the end part of the prog.) was of actual 1,364,448 KB. So this ties in with the space taken by the HDD of my Technomate, ie about 4-5 GB per hour for HD. About 1.4 GB per hr. for SD. Is that of any help Big Al? Regards,

  22. @ 28 Ron

    “The HD 1hr. prog. was split into 3 files”. Sounds about right.

    2,097,152 KB X 2 = 4,194,304 So it could not do it as just 2 files due to the 4gb FAT 32 limit.

    The Humax pvr files are a .ts format, Is it the same on the Tevion?

    If so, There is a great player/converter for .ts files for a PC. Its called VLC.

    Thanks for the update.

  23. I have successfully linked up a Tevion HDSR600 to my Panasonic 1080i TV. It “performs” OK thru’ a SCART lead, however when linked up with the HDMI lead ONLY the only thing I see on screen is the HDMI1 logo in the top left corner of a blank screen. I have replaced the Aldi HDMI lead with a proven lead but get the same result, nothing! I am I missing a trick here?

  24. Sounds like a HDMI issue, try another television, but in any case, you don’t have a Freesat receiver so answering the question here might be difficult.

  25. @ 30 Sam

    Do you have no picture via HDMI on SD channels OR just HD ones?

    If it is just HD then it may be an HDCP issue.

    One of HDCP jobs is to “authenticate” the connection between two components via a “digital handshake,” and problems with this handshake process can result in the loss or degradation of picture and sound.

    Just a stab in the dark on my part as I do not have a Tevion. Perhaps RON who does have one could input into this problem.

  26. bigal

    With only the HDMI lead connecting TV to theTevion(Philex Electronics Ltd) HDSR600 satellite receiver unit, there is no response from the Tevion Remote Control Unit.

    If a SCART lead is substituted for the connection, then the remote works and will select all available SD and HD channels. The “Format ” key on the RCU will also enable choice of 576, 720, 1080i functions.

    If RON is out there with any ideas I’m listening.

  27. @ 33 Sam

    In view of what you said about the remote control not working via HDMI The only thing I can suggest (If it is possible) is to perform a Factory Reset and re-tune the Tevion with only the HDMI cable connected.

    Other than that It sounds as though your Tevion may be faulty.

    A cable connecting to your TV should not disable the remote control.

  28. @32 bigal & @33 Sam. Sorry,I have not been monitoring this feed, just got back to it. As it is 10 days since the last feed and I don’t want to occupy unwanted space 1). Have you fixed the problem yet Sam? 2). If you have what was the cause? 3). If not, there is a very good helpline with Philex via the internet. 4). If you havn’t yet solved it and would like me to look into it I will do my best. I also have a Panasonic 1080i which I first connected my Tevion to with a HDMI lead (the one supplied) with no probs. It is now connected to a 1080p, again with no problems. Regards,

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