Official Harvard Statement On Box Failures

Following our post regarding the software Update which caused some Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat boxes to fail, Harvard International have released the following statement:

As a result of a recent over-the-air download to Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat HD digital boxes, some boxes have experienced problems. Whilst the number affected is limited, the cause of this problem is nevertheless under urgent and active investigation by Harvard International in conjunction with its suppliers.

Meanwhile, Freesat viewers who have reported this problem are each being contacted and arrangements are being made to ensure they can continue to enjoy the full Freesat service. This process is ongoing and will be completed by Sunday 25th October.

This issue concerns Goodmans, Grundig and Bush Freesat HD Digital Boxes only. Freesat viewers and owners of these boxes who are experiencing this problem, and who have not already provided their details, should contact the Harvard Helpline T: 0871 230 1777. We can assure all affected customers that they will receive a satisfactory resolution based on their specific requirements.

Harvard International wishes to apologise sincerely to the Freesat viewers and users of its Bush, Goodmans and Grundig Digital Boxes who have experienced this problem, and who have been inconvenienced by not being able to access the Freesat service.

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  1. admin – which box are you having problems with? I had the Bush one. Originally it was a bit of a pain in the arse, I was told to “wait for a week and a software update will take place”. After a week I rang back and they told me to do the same again. After the second week I argued that nothing has happened, so they took my number and I got a call from Harvard. From what I can gather the update doesn’t work on some boxes, Bush being one of them.

  2. Well this morning there was a software upgrade scheduled from Harvard to run from 16-18 November (1.8.something, I seem to recall) but it seems to have been pulled. It’s no longer there now!

  3. I was really pleased to see on this blog that I was not alone with my Grundig Freesat box problem. Harvard responded quickly and within 36 hours had my box collected by courier and replaced by a Goodmans box which worked OK for two weeks. Here endeth the good news. Yesterday the Goodmans box could not download the version 1.8 software and went into a “loop”! Called Harvard again today ( dont use the Indian call centre but dial 02392 248210) and a courier is collecting the box tomorrow so their engineers could “fix” the problem. Hopefully they return a working box early next week. If it happens again I shall go back to Currys and demand an alternative non-Harvard box.

  4. I have the Bush HD box problem caused by the software “upgrade” on 13th October. My current software version is 1.7.48. Reading all of the above it seems I need version 1.8.1 but that this was only available for download for a short period. Will Harvard make it availbale again do you think or do they enjoy making people like me suffer?

  5. I bought a Grundig freesat hd (sat02hd) before I had seen any of these problems. After 2mins watching the BBC HD channel it ignores the remote control. The light on the front flashes blue to acknowledge a command has been sent but it does nothing. No info no change of channel. It requires a hard reset (power cycle) to

  6. Harvards have picked up twice from me. The first time they replaced my original Grundig after a week with a Goodmans which worked fine for about a month. They picked that up and ‘fixed’ it for me, again taking a week to do this. All ok until Christmas eve when most stations became unavailable – only getting BBC1 and ITV2. I share a dish with a neighbour whcih has worked fine for years with Sky. We have both switched to Freesat now and he’s having no problems so it’s obviously my Goodmans again. The story continues!!!

  7. Hi i have a goodmans freesat hd box and the problem i am having is the box is stuck with a blue power light and nothing else. No signal on the screen and nothing responds. Is this the problem caused by the update?

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