Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Following on from our recent announcement (and many others related to this!), Panasonic have today released the software update via their website which you can download and install to access BBC iPlayer.

The updates are for the original Blu-ray/DVD Freesat receivers, the DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350; they can be downloaded through the following links:

Panasonic DMR-BS850 Blu-ray Freesat Receiver
Panasonic DMR-BS750 Blu-ray Freesat Receiver
Panasonic DMR-XS350 DVD Freesat Receiver

Alternatively, the software will be available ‘over the air’ some time tomorrow; just make sure you have the option set within the settings menu to ‘automatically download’.

The only remaining Panasonic products without BBC iPlayer are the original 2008/2009 televisions, which Panasonic are now saying will be available in September 2011.

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  1. Hurrah. Shame technology has overtaken Panasonic products. Can now even watch Iplayer through an Android phone which is what I have been doing recently as my DMR-BS850 is useless for it. I take it the ITV player will not be working on panasonic products

  2. The latest information on their website states that the Iplayer update for 2008 Viera TV’s will not now take place until September 2011, and goes on to state that a bug free update is almost imposible. Why can’t they be honest with us and state that the update for these models will never take place.

  3. @B. Webb

    …because it probably will. They also delayed the update on the receivers too, but this has finally happened, so they must be trying.

  4. LG couldn’t be honest – kept stating that the iplayer update would still take place, even after giving Humax boxes out.

    LG has yet to state that the update for these models will never take place.

  5. From disappointment to jubilation in minutes. My Panasonic Blue Ray recorder DMR-BS750 would not respond to the remote and thought it was no longer working. The only thing it would do was turn off and on. Turned it off in disgust and noticed that it was doing a software download. waited for it to finish and turned it back on and can say with much delight that the BBC iplayer works. Yippee.

  6. Installed OTA at lunchtime today – looks good, plays good – all is (almost) forgiven – just send me a 65″ plasma and we’ll call it quits

  7. @Kevin

    OTA download shouldn’t be available yet, are you sure it wasn’t downloaded via a connected network cable, as that method is also available from today.

  8. Definately OTA which is why I thought my machine had broken as it was downloading the update and I did not know at the time.

  9. Mine hasn’t updated yet, despite being left in standby all day and connected via Ethernet. (I’m assuming that if VieraCast works, this update should download over the network?)

  10. Here is what I noted this morning. My BS850 is usually on deep sleep standby (as opposed to the quick start one). I woke it up, no iPlayer, then as said above, I put it back on standby and I think from memory it showed DL-UPD or something like that. After only a few minutes that had gone, so it was probably downloading via the internet.

    Then to get iPlayer it is via the red button on the bluray remote, check the PZ81 remote that you are on HDMI 1 input via the bluray tuner, or whatever, not the direct freesat TV input. Then the bluray remote red button iPlayer red symbol top right of screen, press the button and the iPlayer menu that shows is similar to the Humax version, i.e. without BBC HD channel. The rest are there.

    This evening I watched Madagascar for one hour and it worked fine, apart from a 20 sec buffering wait, nothing to do with Panasonic.

  11. Similar experience to @Steve. It took me a while to realise that the weird message on the display was SW-DL – presumably software download.

    After all this wait, I have to say it works very well, at least as well as my Freesat box. I shan’t regret quite as much now handing over my precious Humax HDR to my mother-in-law who is about to lose her analogue in a few weeks time.

  12. @MYK-IT

    No, that version if iPlayer isn’t available via the Freesat platform, nor would it work anyway as the programmes from other broadcasters don’t play in iPlayer, it merely links you to their own on-demand service.

  13. Could anybody please shed some light on these queries?

    Panasonic equipment; TV (2010), BluRay recorder\PVR (2009).

    Although they are on the menu, I cannot access the new “red button” services, for example Becoming Human, on either machine.

    I was expecting them to be included in the new software release.

    Also, why are subtitles not present on ITV1HD?

    Any comments or pointers gratefully accepted.

  14. Panasonic dmr bs850

    I cannot access iplayer even though software has upgraded to 1.5

    get the red button option which I press i then choose a program and then i get a blank screen with the iplayer logo and the menus at the bottom but no picture

    I have an ethernet cable in the recorder

    All help gratefully received

  15. My Panasonic Blu Ray has not updated yet. I got the software update message last night but didn’t want it to update at that given moment. Left on standby overnight and nothing this morning. My net connection is now connected to it and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong. Should I have updated when it told me to?

  16. @ Hoxton
    I would imgine somewhere within the player/recorders menu will be an option to search for firmware updates, I suggest that would be your best port of call for now.

    all the best


  17. It seemed great that i player works on my BS850 until I tried to use timer recording. The recorder just freezes on pause and does not record. This seems reminiscent of an old problem with some of the first BS850s ie handing without recording on timer recoding. This early problem was fixed in an update from Panasonic but it now looks that it has come back agin with the iplayer update!

  18. iPlayer working great but how can we get ITV player through our Panasonic Blue Ray recorder DMR-BS750? Does anyone know?

  19. I have a Panasonic dmr-bs750 twin freesat .is there a update so I can use a DiSEqC switch
    Many thanks

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