Panasonic Hold Off On New Product Range

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Panasonic have put on hold their decision to launch any new Freesat products this year (usually in March); instead choosing to continue with the existing range of Freesat receivers and built-in televisions.

They have stated their reasoning behind this is due to waiting for the new technical details of the second generation Freesat products which all manufacturers must comply with.

Whilst Freesat are underway with plans to release this information later in the year, we suspect Panasonic are not wishing to jump in too soon following the fiasco with the early products in 2008 still not capable of accessing BBC iPlayer.

The new Freesat specification (currently nicknamed G2) is expected to include some minor hardware changes, but is largely focused on Internet based services, such as on-demand, which is expected to become common place over the next few years.

As soon as we have more information on what is included within the spec, we’ll let you know.

27 thoughts on “Panasonic Hold Off On New Product Range”

  1. Makes sense to me. I suppose the “once bitten, twice shy” addage is appropriate.

    They have certainly taken a bit of stick in the last 12 months or so for the lack of iPlayer functionality.

    Fair play – let us wait and see what the next gen of Freesat G2 compliant kit is like when it is released.


  2. “I suppose the “once bitten, twice shy” addage is appropriate.”

    Many ex-customers will be thinking the same.

  3. Sounds like a good idea for panasonic’s future credibility. But it wouldn’t matter if the promotional material they do write didn’t promise something they don’t appear to be able to deliver. There seems to be an implicit suggestion that somehow freesat, or even customers, are at fault for panasonic’s bad publicity; the lesson should be if your product can’t do something, don’t say it will, and then people won’t feel shortchanged.

  4. “we suspect Panasonic are not wishing to jump in too soon following the fiasco with the early products in 2008 still not capable of accessing BBC iPlayer.”

    and lets not forget at the time of publishing neither are the 2009 PVRs capable of iplayer

  5. I bought a Panasonic 2008 42″ model Freesat HD television end of 2008, I thought “at last!” whe they announced bbciplayer was going to be available on Feb 14th 2011 but it’s still not there, does anyone know what the latest date is going to be? Seems it was a good selling point for Panasonic at the time but buyers are getting a little frustrated now. HELP!

  6. @Rob Collyer

    The date of thw 14th Feb was never for the 2008 televisions, but for the 2008/2009 Blu-Ray/DVD receivers. The new date quoted for your television is September at the moment!

  7. This sounds firmiliar,LG with their freeesat TV`s,they keeped stalling for months on end until they admitted defeat with their lack of firmware developement and supplied humax set top box`s to get them out of a jam.Unable to turn on the ethernet port they stopped production of their freesat TV`s,what a narrow minded company they are,freesat will out strip freeview in all aspects,I say to all forward thinking companies,get on board with freesat as this is the future.

  8. In answer to Patrick, I for one was very pleased with the Humax Freesat box supplied by LG for free (as I had purchased one of their TVs) and let’s face it, it is not a cheapo box, and the facilities and picture is superb, as is the picture on the LG Freesat TV. I am a happy bunny!!!!

  9. Will the G2 spec thingy delay the previously announced Samsung products introduction I wonder or have Samsung got cold feet and thought better of introducing Freesat product.
    They are being very quiet at the moment and it’s nearly March already with no details forthcoming.

  10. @11 Ron
    You are a happy bunny but LG must have lost a ton of cash over Freesat so who can blame them for walking away and ignoring the platform. Not good for Freesat or LG or the consumer in the long run.

  11. What does a Satellite EPG host (Freesat) have to do with internet and on-demand, such that they are specifying standards? Will those standards apply to any other boxes?

  12. @admin it was meant to provoke a reaction nothing more. i personally believe this will only affect a very small amount of people who are about to purchase a new tv of which i have previously posted my views on this subject

  13. I hope the new generation of FreeSat receivers have built in Wi-Fi, to connect to a home network; if a cheap printer can do this then why not a FreeSat receiver!,

  14. as Freesat is only a few years old, who wants to replace their existing kit with new kit ?

    will their be an add-on bit of kit, that will connect to the existing kit in order to upgrade to the G2 standard ?

  15. As a newcomer to freesat I bought a panasonic 26″ lcd tv
    two weeks ago to use with my Humax HD box.I discovered that bbc i-player would not work and informed John Lewis whose staff were also surprised. Should I change the tv?

  16. @JohnM

    If your television is a new one with Freesat built in, it will work for BBC iPlayer, as will the Humax HD box. It is only the 2008/2009 Panasonic models with Freesat built in without iPlayer.

  17. My new panasonic tv is the only change in the system.The tv is connected to the humax box and the message is not connected to internet.I then replaced the tv with my old one and connected to i-player as usual.

  18. Rumour has it, the 2011 models will be in the shops by May – or were due to be, before bad things happened to Japan.

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