Panasonic increase Freesat product range

Panasonic have announced the launch of more Plasma and LCD televisions incorporating Freesat. Based on the success of the initial TH-LZ and TH-PZ product line, Panasonic have increased their range to cover 14 models, of which will start to roll-out in March 2009.

Building on the success of its award winning series of freesat models, Panasonic has also increased its freesat offering within this line-up of Viera TVs, ranging 14 models in screen sizes from 32 right up to 54 inches.

Panasonic’s full HDTVs with freesat built-in are a convenient and high quality way to view over 140 digital TV and radio channels including brilliant HD programmes from the BBC and ITV, all for free.* Freesat offers subscription free HD services, gives you super fast digital text, as well as digital subtitles and audio description and as the freesat service is satellite based, further capacity for the expansion of HD services can be assured.

This is fantastic news for both Freesat and Panasonic, showing that integrated Freesat has been very popular in Panasonic televisions.

We believe these are the models to include Freesat, although we are waiting confirmation:

TX-L32G10 (lcd)
TX-L32V10 (lcd)
TX-L37G10 (lcd)
TX-L37G15 (lcd)
TX-L37V10 (lcd)
TX-P42G10 (plasma)
TX-P42G15 (plasma)
TX-P42V10 (plasma)
TX-P46G10 (plasma)
TX-P46G15 (plasma)
TX-P46Z1 (plasma)
TX-P50G10 (plasma)
TX-P50V10 (plasma)
TX-P54Z1 (plasma)

7 thoughts on “Panasonic increase Freesat product range”

  1. Why do Panasonic not incorporate Freesat tuners into their smaller LCD TVs (26″ and 19″)? I would have thought that a lot of people are looking at PVRs for use as part of a main TV setup and hence may be not as interested in purchasing large TVs (42″+) with Freesat tuners. 26″ and 19″ TVs would with Freesat tuners would be useful for second room setups without requiring a separate box.

  2. Great news, more choice for the consumer. I love my Panny 42pz81 plasma. No doubt that the new plasma’s will have a lower power consumption.

  3. My suspicion is that they consider free HD one of the primary reasons for buying a Freesat set, and that you need a larger screen to get the benefit of that material, so they don’t bother with the smaller ones.

  4. I have been waiting months for sony or panasonic to produce a 20inch freesat television.
    Their must be a big market for smaller television with freesat built in.They have freeview on smaller set so why not freesat?

  5. I have a hotel with 23 rooms and satellite feed to each room. I am looking for a 26″ TV with integrated freesat tuner to install in each room. When will they be available?

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