Panasonic iPlayer Update Available On 2009 Freesat TVs

Panasonic appear to have quietly (until now!) released a software update for their 2009 Freesat built-in televisions (V10/G15) that open up a working version of BBC iPlayer.

The update isn’t available via the normal Freesat route (satellite signal download), but instead through the VieraCast facility available on all these models.

To update, connect your television to your broadband router (network cable), then access by pressing the VieraCast function button on your remote which should prompt you to update the software; click ‘yes’ and the software will download via your internet connection.

Hey-presto, you should now be on version 2.303 and have iPlayer via the ‘red button’ on BBC1.

Thanks Nigel and a few other joinfreesat followers for the heads up on this one.

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  1. So despite having a 2008 TV I finally have iPlayer – thanks to BTVision rolling it out. Interesting to note that I’ve had my BTVision box (an old silver one) longer than my 2008 TV but BT still managed to implement iPlayer on it…

  2. i have a panny v10 hooked up and working with vieracast but the update doesnt seem to happen, even when i force a software update over the net it says i have software version 2.106 and this is the latest version.

    has it been pulled already??

  3. I have been reading the post and checking software updates on this and other discussion groups about lzd81 and have lost my patience. Think Rozzo is right and Panasonic should honour their obligations and offer a generous trade in program or full refunds

  4. I’ve got a 2008 freesat Panasonic and I received a bit of a sniffy email from their headshed more or less saying that they were under no obligation to provide iPlayer access for these sets..
    Anyway, I got round it by connecting my laptop with an audio cable and a laptop to Tv cable, both available cheap from Amazon, and it works no problem. It’s necessary to have the laptop connected to the mains. Go to TV menu and select PC. Get the iPlayer menu on your laptop and it should then show up on yout TV – if not , press either F5, 6 or 7 – one of them gets it working but I’m not sure which. It’ll work without the audio connection but you can’t then adjust the volume on the set, and laptop volume might not be enough..

  5. It would be even better if old threads like this one were somehow flagged to have new content on the home page.

    btw Geoff, there are many workarounds; I use the technisat hdfs, the real pain as you say is the sniffy attitude at P’s HQ where it’s “not their fault”.

  6. Hi, does anybody know if the Panosonic 2008 Freesat TV sets can still get BBC HD ? I have re tuned my set and I am still l unable to get BBC HD !
    though I can CH4 HD.

    I have found the information below and hope this does not include the Panosonic 2008 TV ?

    Some older satellite equipment will not support DVB-S2. If you can’t watch Channel 4 HD, then you will no longer be able to watch the BBC HD channels.

  7. “Hi, does anybody know if the Panosonic 2008 Freesat TV sets can still get BBC HD”

    Yup, had to retune but still got all the HD channels on 2008 plasma.

  8. I had to reset my 2008 Panasonic set to ‘shipping condition’ in order to get BBC HD channels back- you can find it on the ‘setup’ menu. A simple retune was not enough.

  9. Thanks Geoff, Will try `shipping condition’, you never know I might even get I player, though I doubt it 🙂

  10. Any news on this iPlayer software for the ZD81? Have Panasonic given up, even though they marketed this TV as the “first Freesat TV? You would have thought they would have added the iPlayer by now to this flagship product???

  11. Do you think that we could all make claims, in the small claims court for the loss of functionality. Can we claim for equipment to enable the function of I-player at Panasonic own cost.

  12. Can you pleases advise me of the date that BBC I -Player will be enabled on my
    Panasonic PZ81. The current software is version 1.616, will this be update
    soon to enable I-Player.

    If you cannot enable this function can you pleases supply the relevant
    equipment to enable these functions free of charge.


    Thank you for your e-mail regarding your PZ81 plasma panel.

    I note that you have specific interest in obtaining an update to the above product to facilitate watching BBC iPlayer.

    I appreciate your disappointment that we have so far been unable to provide this upgrade and note your concerns.

    However, I would stress that the above product was supplied to the market to satisfy a demand for HD content availability via Freesat and has successfully provided this. It was also always intended, albeit not promised, that Panasonic would make best endeavours to provide additional features and functions if possible.

    It is important to note that such additional features did not form part of any contractual obligation with third parties such as Freesat, or indeed the defined specification of the product. In addition, as I am certain you can appreciate, it is impossible to design any product to be future proof. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and new features are being introduced all the time. Many that are in the market now were not conceived at the time that your product was launched. In addition, specification for the content providers systems have changed a number of times since the product was initially released, resulting in difficulties for our development teams. Accordingly our marketing of the LCD / Plasma panels did not include a commitment to provide these new functions.

    Having stated this, we do recognise that our customers are keen to receive the enhanced feature of BBC iPlayer and we remain strongly committed to realisation of this request. The integrity of our product and the ability to ensure continued and consistent functionality remains paramount. We would not release software that might in any way compromise the intended specification of our product. This has presented a number of technical difficulties for our development team and has meant that we have not been able to provide an update as quickly as we would have wished.

    We are not complacent however and are strenuously pursuing the matter on behalf of our customers with our research and development teams. Currently, we anticipate the provision of an upgrade for BBC iPlayer in September 2011. However, as always, this is subject to the testing required to ensure that it will not be detrimental to the product specification.

    We will of course continue to provide you with updates regarding this as and when we receive the applicable information. The latest information will always be provided via the FAQ section of our website.

    It will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed.

    I do appreciate your frustration and disappointment at the delays in providing BBC iPlayer functionality and offer my sincere apologies. However, I trust that the above will help to offer some clarification of the situation.

    I thank you for your patience in this matter. If you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 844 3852 or email us using the following email address:

  13. A lot of words but at the end still no real idea if we will get
    Iplayer on a TV which has a RJ45 on all ready for it….So
    again sit and wait till September 20???………

  14. I note that after 9 months with the same over the air update for the 09 Vieras being sent out, an end date has now appeared for that update 19th September 2011, which if you were to be an optimist might lead you to think that Panasonic are about to change to a different update on the 20th?! Could it just be?
    Mind you most 2008 Viera owners have probably lost the will to live by now.

  15. I bought my 2008 42 inch freesat tv from John Lewis and I have emailed them about the failure of Panasonic to provide internet connectivity. As there is 5 year guarantee with it they are looking into the problem. I think Panasonic should be liable for a hardware upgrade if they fail to upgrade the TV software. The TV cost £1000 and I could have bought one for half the price. It will be interesting to see what John Lewis have to offer.

  16. Thanks for the advice Dan. John lewis are going to replace my TV. I can’t believe it.
    Many thanks I have always jumped in to early with new technology and your comments spurred me on after about 10 emails I got confirmation this morning.

  17. I have been monitoring this thread for the past year and I have just one thing to say. Thank you! I e-mailed John Lewis last Tuesday night, they called me on Friday to ask what TV I wanted to exchange my dud Panasonic for! No hassle. I had no idea what TV to go for so they gave me the weekend to think about it. My new Samsung UE40D5520 LCD/LED HD 1080p TV, 40 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD will be exchanged on Friday. That’s what I call customer service. 5* 😉

  18. Thanks Panasonic for again at the 11th hour postponing (can you postpone if you never intend to deliver??) the improbable Iplayer update for 2008 TV’s, that you have been hinting at now for over 2 years.

    On the subject of future Panasonic purchases

    I not complacent, and am strenuously pursuing the matter. Currently, I anticipate the provision of an upgrade of my home entertainment system later in 2011. However, as always, this is subject to the financial and quality testing required to ensure that I am not left with little cash and redundant equipment.

  19. According to “moron” on the Digital Spy site:
    There is currently a sign off happening tomorrow 28th and on Thursday 29th the update will go live for a period of 2 weeks.

    It should appear on the DTG site tomorrow or Thursday morning.

    Panasonic are currently writing a series of FAQ’s to be published on their website.

  20. Panasonic FAQs have now been changed to confirm the above, albeit with some confusion calling it overnight on Wed 27th Sep!

  21. After almost THREE years to the day of purchase, my 42″ PZ81 has now got BBC iPlayer capability!

    The internet connection has been in place for the past year (via mains). Today a logo sprang up on Freesat to announce a software upgrade was available. Pressed ‘OK’ and within 45 minutes the software downloaded; installed and found the internet connection all on its own. I went to channel 901 and iPlayer is up and running straightaway in ‘High Quality’ mode without a hitch.
    Now waiting for ITV etc.

  22. Steve………….Great news for you…………Is this a PZ81 LCD TV ?……Just
    tried my 37inch PZ81 and no work here

  23. G3YBO: My PZ81 is a plasma system. IMO a superb piece of kit. But the enjoyment and satisfaction of ownership has been marred because one was always aware that it could never be used to its fullest potential… until now.

  24. Brilliant. My 2008 32″ Panasonic Viera updated last night. iPlayer working very well. Full marks to Panasonic for sticking the course with this,

  25. Felt like I have just won the lottery having just succesfully downloaded software version 2.606 to my 2008 TX-37LZD81 and now in a state of shock at finding that it seems to work perfectly on the BBC iPlayer (using 200Mbps Homeplugs.)

    So I am grateful that Panasonic got there in the end and also for the helpful comments and the pressure that contributors to this thread gave. Thanks everyone.

  26. I’ve got a Panaqsonic TX-L37G10B running Versio 1.612 Softwear. I’m connected to the internet and freesat. I’ve got auto update set but all I get is a message trelling me that my softwear is up to date which I know is not true. Does any one know if Panasonic are still broadcasting softwear updates for this model and if so how do I get it installed onto my TC. Any help would be greatfully received

  27. 48.Brian Clements Says:

    September 6th, 2010 at 4:05 pm
    Mozer said
    I have just purchased Panasonic TX-L37V20B & set up with Wireless Dongle but every time I switch off TV, wireless connection is lost when I next switch on & have to go to setup menu switch to wired wait 1 min then switch back to Wireless again & wait for it to reconnect! Is this normal for this model?
    Have replace Dongle & USB cable No change, supplier changed TV & same problem continues.Any ideas

    I have exactly the same problem and work around it in exactly the same way.

    Any ideas?

    I too am having this problem. Only appeared to manifest it’self after downloading viera connect update. Please help.

  28. E McGuinness said:
    My TX-L37G10 (bought Aug 2009) doesn’t have VieraCast so how am I supposed to get i-player?

    Contact Panasonic. They sent me an SD card with the update on it. It came through a couple days later and my TV now works with iplayer!!

  29. Smithy said:
    I’ve got a Panaqsonic TX-L37G10B running Versio 1.612 Softwear.I’m connected to the internet and freesat. I’ve got auto update set but all I get is a message trelling me that my softwear is up to date which I know is not true.Does any one know if Panasonic are still broadcasting softwear updates for this model and if so how do I get it installed onto my TC.Any help would be greatfully received

    E McGuinness said:
    My TX-L37G10 (bought Aug 2009) doesn’t have VieraCast so how am I supposed to get i-player?

    Contact Panasonic. They sent me an SD card with the update on it. It came through a couple days later and my TV now works with iplayer!!

  30. Robert H said: Contact Panasonic. They sent me an SD card with the update on it. It came through a couple days later and my TV now works with iplayer!!

    Bit late coming onto this thread – 5yrs! However I’m in the starting position – level 0…no firmware update, no iPlayer and Panasonic say they no longer support the G10B. Robert H; you wouldn’t still have that SD card, would you?? Be a godsend right about now….

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