Panasonic iPlayer Update For 2008 Televisions

Panasonic iPlayer Update For 2008 Televisions

We have been waiting a very long time for this (too long), but as per the updated FAQ’s on the Panasonic website, the iPlayer software update is now available (version 1.619 for plasma’s, 2.606 for lcd’s), for the 2008 Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in. The Pansonic website states;

2008 Freesat television models: An update via Freesat is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of September. The set will update automaticaly overnight on this date.
Please ensure that the ‘Auto Update Search in Standby’ is set to on in the system update menu, which is found in the setup menu.

We assume “Wednesday the 27th of September” actually meant today and the DTG website confirmed this!

It doesn’t appear however that any further updates will be provided for the existing range of televisions so ITV Player doesn’t look like an option, although much of the required changes to make iPlayer work should now be complete so adding ITV Player shouldn’t really be a problem; it might just be Panasonic covering their backs and anything else is a bonus;

It will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed.

If you have one of the televisions benefiting from todays update, let us know how you are getting on by posting a comment below.

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  1. Cav, good for you. I would think Phil’s ethernet connection direct to the TV should be the first item to try, then check the network settings and finally use the top line on page 1 of the network setup to select “access” press “ok” and follow any further instructions to get the connection to activate.

  2. HI Rozzo, YEP – connected the internet cable into the back of the TV and BINGO! it works straight away!
    ta for you help – got there in the end.

  3. .. is there any other on demand stuff I can get apart from iPlayer? are there any others in the works?

  4. I think we can be pretty sure bbc iplayer will be all we get. If the itv player setup were to be compatible there is maybe a chance that we would get that too once it is launched out of humax-only-beta. P have clearly said they will not be adding any more sw updates to our models to provide future services.

  5. I’m behind the curve on this, as they say, and I’m still having problems:
    (Message on 901 = device not connected)
    Panasonic Viera TX-32LZD81 with software update confirmed
    Linked to router via TV ethernet cable to Devolo HomeHub (all lights on) to partner HomeHub (all lights on) to Thomson broadband router.
    Have VieraLink remote; can’t locate ‘network update’ on TV set-up menu.

    Any suggestions?

  6. I am new to this thread and have just checked my l37v10b and it shows version 2.306 as being up to date. Have I missed the ota update and if do can I do it manually?

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