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Sep 28 2011

Panasonic iPlayer Update For 2008 Televisions

We have been waiting a very long time for this (too long), but as per the updated FAQ’s on the Panasonic website, the iPlayer software update is now available (version 1.619 for plasma’s, 2.606 for lcd’s), for the 2008 Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in. The Pansonic website states;

2008 Freesat television models: An update via Freesat is scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of September. The set will update automaticaly overnight on this date.
Please ensure that the ‘Auto Update Search in Standby’ is set to on in the system update menu, which is found in the setup menu.

We assume “Wednesday the 27th of September” actually meant today and the DTG website confirmed this!

It doesn’t appear however that any further updates will be provided for the existing range of televisions so ITV Player doesn’t look like an option, although much of the required changes to make iPlayer work should now be complete so adding ITV Player shouldn’t really be a problem; it might just be Panasonic covering their backs and anything else is a bonus;

It will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed.

If you have one of the televisions benefiting from todays update, let us know how you are getting on by posting a comment below.

57 Responses to “Panasonic iPlayer Update For 2008 Televisions”

  1. GaseousClay Says:

    According to the DTG web site the update is only for plasma models no mention of LCD models. Current LCD version is 2.602.


  2. Muzer Says:

    Of course, ITV might well work around the Panasonic firmware rather than vice versa, so you 2008 owners could well get ITV Player once it launches fully.


  3. Malcolm Says:

    Aahhh but when will they add ITV Player to their current 2011 range of TV’s???


  4. Muzer Says:

    Presumably when ITV launch ITV Player fully it will work with most/all current Freesat HD devices without them requiring updates. In theory.


  5. Dan Says:

    I hope that this update works correctly for those of you who’ve still got the PZ81 etc fingers crossed guys.


  6. Neil Says:

    As Muzer says, it’s also my understanding that the ‘iPlayer’ update is in effect an ‘IPTV delivery’ firmware update and thus, at least was told, that further additions to the platform will not require receiver specific software updates. The Humax range didn’t need firmware revisions when ITV Player launched and I was told at the time that the Panasonic range, at least 2009/2010 were next in line to get ITV Player although hasn’t yet materialised. Maybe with some of the 2008 models now finally getting IPTV connectivity then Freesat/ITV will add ITV Player simultaneously across their whole range? We can only hope!!!

    Seriously though, I’m happy for all those 2008 TV owners as it’s been an eternity. It felt long enough for my 2009 TV to get the update and that was 12mths ago, my BS750/850 BD PVR had it’s update around February-ish I think.


  7. Rozzo Says:

    v1.619 is now available via manual download for the Plasma screens and iplayer works well so far. LCD screen owners don’t yet seem to be getting their update, but hopefully will be OTA concurrently and soon.

    Jobsite also working but with a glitch as you cannot read the results list.


  8. admin Says:

    Now available for the plasma versions and the original post has been updated (past, not future!)


  9. Mathew Says:

    Unbelievable. I thought this day would never come but I have downloaded the software update and iPlayer is working! I really hope that my PZ81 dosent go wrong as a three year turnaround for repair is not really on Panasonic. Anyway, I wont harp on too much about how long this update has taken and say thank you to Panasonic. Probably wont buy from you again though.


  10. Tony Says:

    Great! A long time coming but it seems to be OK.


  11. Zub Says:

    About time, but a little too late. I much prefer Iplayer on the Playstation3 with HD streams. For a company so big, why did it take so long. But as long as Panny keep making Plasma’s I will still buy their screens.


  12. Graham Simmonds Says:

    Have downloaded the new software and seems to be working smoothly on my Panasonic Th-46PZ81 the download was availiable around midday today 28/09/2011.


  13. Ted Merry Says:

    I’ve got a 2008 Viera with freesat but there’s no mention of “Auto update” in my set-up menu.


  14. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Any news soon for us long suffering TX-32LZD81 owners???


  15. Roger Dawson Says:

    I’ve downloaded it and it seems to work fine. Just need to find something that I missed and actually want to watch!


  16. bob Says:

    Come on LCD????
    36m of hurt!


  17. Brian Damage Says:


    As I understand it, ITV Player was officially launched a couple of months ago.

    However the quote on the Panasonic web-site says:

    ” Will Panasonic be adding ITV-Player, and if so will it be via Vieracast or Freesat?
    As far as we are aware, Panasonic is considering adding this feature at a future date. However, there are no concrete details regarding this at the present time.”

    Let’s just hope the delay was because of the iPlayer update for the 2008’s and that they can now start looking at adding ITV player, 4oD and Demand 5.


  18. Rozzo Says:

    @ Ted Merry
    menu> setup> page 2/3> system update>
    2 options; turn on the auto update
    or; search now
    Good Luck


  19. Rozzo Says:

    Have used the iplayer a few times during the day, including ffwd and rewind which can cause problems, but all has been working well with it.
    Just the problem on jobsite where the results list and job titles seem to be obscured by what was meant to be the yellow background “brought to the front” so you cannot read the title text. moron on DS is going to report that to P as well as asking what the missed out LCD owners can expect next.


  20. Muzer Says:

    @Brian Damage: It was officially launched as beta for Humax boxes only. Even non-Humax boxes that worked before the public beta phase now don’t work.


  21. jezB Says:

    As usual and as expected now from Panasonic ….. T

    This update only works for 2008 Plasma screen Tv’s, NOT the LCD based TV’s. good luck to you Plasma owners you too have waited for 3 years.

    How I remember Panasonics answers about Iplayer Updates ……..

    Later in 2008 or 2009
    Later in 2010
    September 2010
    September 2011 ……………………..


  22. Ted Merry Says:

    Thanks Rozzo…


  23. Sean Says:


    Similar story for the LG LF7700 TVs
    Later in 2009
    April 2010
    June 2010
    Soon…… then NEVER (issued Humax boxes as a ‘gesture of goodwill’)

    I sent my LG TV back to store after waiing almost a year, got a full refund, purchased Panasonic G20.

    Hopefully, we wont have the same problems with ITV player…..


  24. stingeyal Says:

    Just watched my tv download and install its update. 5 years in the making, no more ps3 being on for iplayer (well, cept for HD tho)
    Very happy :-)


  25. Francis Says:

    I have just done update for the iplayer, on the Panasonic TH-42Z81B, and got a notice saying “Your device is not connected” . I have checked the ethernet cable twice, also the internet settings and everything is okay. So what am i doing wrong? any help would be greatful thanks


  26. GaseousClay Says:

    @ admin
    you can re-edit your opening text as the LCD version is now available for OTA downloading.


  27. GaseousClay Says:

    latest version 2.606


  28. admin Says:

    Thanks GaseousClay, have updated the post.


  29. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi all,

    I’m overjoyed at this upgrade, do I own a affected tv ? no ! I’m just glad that no longer will any thread that mentions I-Player ending up hijacked by people moaning about this issue ! Did all the complaints in public forums speed up the release of this update, I doubt it, but if it did, god knows how long it would of taken without !

    If only they (bush / havard group) would do the decent thing & swap out all the affected bush hd boxes that dont handle chan4 hd we could all concentrate on other things like new channels, more hd , freesat mk2 etc.

    It is a great shame that Panasonic let this issue damage the reputation of their brand., their customers deserve & usually receive much better, its a shame that on this occasion they let themselves ,their dealer network & most of all their customers down.

    I’m glad those affected by this have finally got what the rest of us have & I hope you all enjoy I-Player & It’s nice to see this issue has finally been put to bed !

    Enjoy it guys !

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  30. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Praise the Lord!!! us TX-32LZD81 owners need suffer no more! Just did a system update, and BBC iPlayer working smoothly – wonderful picture!
    Thanks Panasonic, you came up trumps.


  31. Alstone Says:

    I have a LCD TV type TX-37lzd81 and iplayer has installed and working. I tried at 9am this morning and there was no update, but at 12am there was . It took 20 minutes to download and install.


  32. Graham Says:

    My TX-32LZD81 updated this evening, reporting that all went as expected. Unfortunately no one told the set it should now work ! It doesn’t ! It fails to connect to my router which isn’t surprising as it reports the mac address as FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF , an invalid address as far as the router is concerned. Hardware knackered or not initialised properly. Has anyone else experienced this failure?


  33. Nat Says:

    32LZ81 updated and iPlayer works great – ace picture and sound. I always wanted it on the TV itself, not another layer down on the HDR box that is usually turned off.

    Great job Panasonic.


  34. jezB Says:

    Many thanks to all the people on this and other forums who have kept this issue alive with Panasonic over the last 3 years.
    The update does work, and I think we should be grateful to the person deep within Panasonic, who it appears had to shoehorn the new Iplayer software into the 2008 TV’s.


  35. Geoff Says:

    I’ve got a TX-37LZD81 with the latest update. I have no problem getting on to the internet but can find no link in the menus or on the handset which mentions iPlayer. – Any ideas guys?


  36. Geoff Says:

    I have a TX-37LZD81 with the latest update and no problem with internet access. However, I can’t find any menu or sub-menu or key on the handset which gets any mention of iPlayer.
    Does anybody else have this problem?


  37. GaseousClay Says:

    This is a red button application, tune to any BBC channel (though not a childrens one) and press the red button and follow the prompts. You can also key in channel 901 on the remote control and press the red button there.


  38. Geoff Says:

    OK guys I’ve justy found out that it’s on the red button on BBC1!!


  39. Geoff Says:

    Many thanks Gas – after all the drama I thought it was just my luck not being able to find it!


  40. Francis Says:

    I still have no iplayer, i looked on freesat web site, and there no mention when they’ll update the Panasonic tv


  41. Francis Says:

    So i wonder who is having the same problem, my Panasonic has freesat built in. I hope you don’t to get a Humax box to get the BBC iplayer??


  42. Peter Says:

    Well after virtually giving up hope of ever getting I Player on my 2008 TH-42PZ81B
    I switched on yesterday to find that I had received the software upgrade and it works!
    Of course I’m still miffed with Panasonic for this appalling delay and the news that other upgrades are unlikely.
    They don’t deserve the customer base they have with performance like this.
    Unfortunately I cant afford to ditch a working TV that is becoming a white elephant even though I thought I was buy a reasonable amount of future proofing.


  43. Rozzo Says:

    Have you tried the following
    menu> setup> page 2/3> system update>
    2 options; turn on the auto update in standby
    or better still; search now, then follow on screen instructions, takes less than 20 minutes in all. Assume you have the network in place.
    Good Luck


  44. Phil Says:

    have got the same problem as Francis with my TX-32LZD81 – says it is not connected to the internet – but it is as have got Viera Cast internet stuff


  45. Rozzo Says:

    Francis and Phil,
    Francis’ post seemed to suggest he had not had the update.
    Are either of you saying you have had the downloads and are on the new v2.606, have internet connection (with VC on a more recent tv or box as 2008 tvs don’t have VC), plus either:
    – have gone to channel 101/102/108/109, pressed red, got the page prompt for iplayer page 7001, pressed enter, waited, and iplayer still won’t display?
    – or have gone to channel 901, waited, pressed red, waited, and even then no iplayer home page?


  46. Phil Says:

    hi Rozzo. I am connected to the internet via my Panasonic blu-ray player. I do get the Viera Cast internet content.. maybe I will have to plug a cable directly into the TV too.. have got a hub somewhere =will try that next week


  47. Phil Says:

    ..oh yes. i have got the new software,,and I have tried the red button route too..


  48. Cav Says:

    With much excitement my 2008 LCD said there was a system update, I thought surely not the iplayer update that I had given up hope of getting, downloaded but like Francis, 901 tells me I’m not connected – which seems very odd as I’ve just downloases the update and my tv tells me I’m connected. Any ideas? Thanks


  49. Rozzo Says:

    Phil: Seems you have identified the problem: The TV has to be connected by ethernet to the router directly, or using a hub, or in lieu of connecting the player, connect up the tv to test it out.
    Cav: Is it in network setup that your tv says it is connected. Are the IP and DNS fields set to auto? and proxy fields blank? and you are in the UK using a UK ISP? The download came OTA via the sat signal.


  50. Cav Says:

    Well Rozzo, I’m a bit chuffed now. The answer to all of your questions was yes apart from the Proxy field which had inadvertently entered ‘AA’, so I deleted that. I then tried 901 and success!! I didn’t know if it had sorted itself out or I had sorted it out by removing the proxy ‘name’ so I put the ‘AA’ back in the proxy name and tried again – back to the previous problem. Took out the ‘AA’ again so proxy field was completely blank and hey presto, it works. Happy now so Phil, give what worked for me a try. Thanks Rozzo!!!


  51. Rozzo Says:

    Cav, good for you. I would think Phil’s ethernet connection direct to the TV should be the first item to try, then check the network settings and finally use the top line on page 1 of the network setup to select “access” press “ok” and follow any further instructions to get the connection to activate.


  52. Phil Says:

    HI Rozzo, YEP – connected the internet cable into the back of the TV and BINGO! it works straight away!
    ta for you help – got there in the end.


  53. Phil Says:

    .. is there any other on demand stuff I can get apart from iPlayer? are there any others in the works?


  54. Rozzo Says:

    I think we can be pretty sure bbc iplayer will be all we get. If the itv player setup were to be compatible there is maybe a chance that we would get that too once it is launched out of humax-only-beta. P have clearly said they will not be adding any more sw updates to our models to provide future services.


  55. Ken B Says:

    I’m behind the curve on this, as they say, and I’m still having problems:
    (Message on 901 = device not connected)
    Panasonic Viera TX-32LZD81 with software update confirmed
    Linked to router via TV ethernet cable to Devolo HomeHub (all lights on) to partner HomeHub (all lights on) to Thomson broadband router.
    Have VieraLink remote; can’t locate ‘network update’ on TV set-up menu.

    Any suggestions?


  56. Spig Says:

    I am new to this thread and have just checked my l37v10b and it shows version 2.306 as being up to date. Have I missed the ota update and if do can I do it manually?


  57. DHARAM Says:

    How do I get update for my panasonic LCD (2009) TXL37G10B???


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