Panasonic Launch New Freesat TV Range

Panasonic Freesat

Following what we thought was the expected launch of iPlayer on Panasonic televisions today, it would seem that the secrecy has been over the new range of televisions launching soon, rather than anything else! 🙁

This is still good news though, especially for those with access to both Freesat and Freeview reception, as the new range shown below now include both Freesat HD and Freeview HD receivers built-in; a first in this country.

The range are as follows and will begin roll-out in March this year:

Plasma Televisions

Panasonic TX-P42G20B
Panasonic TX-P42V20B
Panasonic TX-P46G20B
Panasonic TX-P50G20B
Panasonic TX-P50V20B
Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Panasonic TX-P65VT20B

LCD Televisions

Panasonic TX-L32G20B
Panasonic TX-L32D28BP
Panasonic TX-L32D28BW
Panasonic TX-L32D28BS
Panasonic TX-L37G20B
Panasonic TX-L37V20B
Panasonic TX-L37D25B
Panasonic TX-L37D28BS
Panasonic TX-L37W20B
Panasonic TX-L42D25B
Panasonic TX-L42W20B

28 thoughts on “Panasonic Launch New Freesat TV Range”

  1. Way to go Panasonic.Totally logical move. Be interesting to see if Sony follow their lead. If only the other head in the sand manufacturers like Samsung and Toshiba were as enlightened as Panny.

  2. Pity they don’t focus a bit more on their existing customers’ needs rather than racing to be first with the lastest gadget.

  3. Built in tuners for Freesat HD and Freeview HD is an essential not a gadget. Would you buy a new telly without them? iplayer is the latest gadget and having to wait a while for it is not the end of the world especially as it’s still in Beta testing.

  4. Great News
    My TV is now over 4 years old, and I will be repacing it with a Panasonic with FreeSat HD & FreeView HD built in. I was already thinking of buying a FreeView box this April for the FreeView HD transmissions here in Devon, but this is fanstasic news, My old TV will now go in the bedroom!

  5. donna forgetta the i-player, is it there on the new sets, why still not on the old – it’s a freesat obligation – don’t hide behind it’s only beta testing?

    see several rather disappointing responses to the thread on this site (two threads ago) relating to the rumoured i-player update to existing equipment which did not happen today! panny also suggest their website lists new develpoments but the new sets are not there yet!

    those of us who have bought into panasonic in 2008 or 2009 deserve to get better treatment. by all means make progress on the new ranges but don’t overlook your past customers!

  6. Come on Panasonic! I paid a lot of money for my DMR850. Where is the iPlayer, and where are the enhancements to Viera Link?

  7. Its all very well, but any new customers should beware, Pansonic have not added the promised iPlayer now some 3 months after Humax, and, their much trumpeted Viera Link is just a vague shadow of what Panasonic are offering to their US customers.
    Don’t buy Pansonic until they come up with what they promised. So far they all all Fur Coat and no nickers!

    Disgruntled Pnasonic BluRay recorder customer

  8. 3. Priso(n) – Based on their current track record for customer service, I certainly wouldn’t by a panny with these essentials.

  9. Can’t say how disappointed I feel, am really waiting for iPlayer on my Panasonic, wish I’d gone for the Sony now to be honest. Not good at all from Panasonic’s customer view, first to release their televisions with freesat integration and now a load of unhappy customers, I’d look carefully before buying from them again.
    Fell VERY let down

  10. Laurence (10) : No – the BBC side of the support for iplayer comes via the satellite in the red button pages and is therefore available already on all freesat HD platforms – each manufacturer then has to upgrade their own firmware for each of their TV/HDR to provide the other bit of the equation which is to process the stuff coming in from the broadband connection.

  11. I note the new range of Panasonic Plasma and LCD Televisions—But can anyone explain what has happened to L E D Televisions.
    Non of the Big manufacturers seem to be pushing L E D why, i thought that this was the next step up ??????


  12. I am so happy with my Panasonic TV even though it does not have the iplayer functionality. I find it amazing how many people say they would not buy another panny or any other brand due to something that is an added bonus. If my sole reason for choosing a panny TV was for possible iplayer in the future and not having this would have stopped me at the point of purchase then I would think Panasonic themselves would say you have missed the point of the product altogether.

    My list for purchase
    Quality of picture (at a set price point)
    Reliability & Service (Bought at JLs for 5 year warranty and good service)
    Size of TV required
    Ability to get good colour balance.

    I accept iplayer is something a lot of people are looking for but to say it’s the deciding factor over another brand is detracting the qualities of a brand such as Panasonic.

  13. Ste (14):
    I agree they do make good kit (I’ve got a panny TV, DVD player and camera so they must be doing something right!), but customer support is also an important factor.
    Whenever I’ve gone to panny with a technical question (a) it takes weeks (months on one occasion) to get a reply and (b) the reply is usually completely useless.
    Buying from JL overcomes the good service issue to a point, but we should surely expect good support from the manufacturer too.

  14. Am I right in thinking that if I buy one of these new Panasonic TVs with dual Freesat and Freeview tuners and bring it back here to France, I can then get both Freesat and French TNT channels without the need for any external boxes.

    As far as I understand, French TNT works the same as UK Freeview as its a European standard system, so a UK TV with Freeview built in will work with TNT in France. Anyone know if this is correct?

  15. @Froggie. You are correct. The French DTT system is the same as the Irish one. The Current lg and Sony freesat tvs will also work. The current Panasonic freesat tvs do not because of a software issue with them not recognising mpeg4 dtt transmissions.

  16. Froggie-
    tricky question because Pansonics products are usually very tightly spec’d to the market they are sold in. So, existing freesat tvs with SD freeview are already available and so if these work in France for TNT then the new ones will too in SD but French terrestrial digital HD has already I think been running using the DVB-T standard rather than the DVB-T2 standard which the UK is starting to use for HD. So I imagine you would have to find out whether the HD element which I think uses the acronym H264 will work in DVB-T mode. It’s too technical for me but you are right to be careful and wanting research definitely required.

    Others – yes overall the products from P are very good and I am happy with the primary functionalities of my 81 series freesat tv. I am not fussed about missing out on you tube etc additions which appeared in the 10/15 series but am fussed to get the i-player which was a promised feature from the outset.
    I had also hoped that at some point they would add diseqc for multiple satellite users but it was a hope rather than an expectation.

    I will definitely have a look at the new 20 series specs/manuals when they get published.

  17. froggie and shane
    indeed shane says its the mpeg4 incompatibility which is another HD related acronym.
    btw, another thing to consider, will the epg work in Ireland or France?

  18. Al Catraz (16)

    Strange that as I to have a Panny TV, Bluray and TZ7 and I did send there technical team a question about whether my TV would play AVCHD files from the SD card slot on the TV. I got a reply nearly 3 months later stating…NO which was correct….I was lucky as the Bluray player has an SD slot and that accepted that format…pheww! I take your point about there customer services.

  19. Don’t bother buying a Panasonic Freestat/Freeview TV if you want iPlayer though.

    Despite all the talk about iPlayer on their current Freestat TV’s they have never released it and won’t even discuss it with customers.

    Of course iPlayer wasn’t my only consideration in buying my current Panasonic (of which I have 3 round the house!). But it was a factor, and something I was looking forward to using.

    It’s more the lack of trust I now have in Panasonic as a brand. Made me much more wary of how much support they will give. What about software updates to the sets for Freeview and Freesat? Can you trust them to actually release them, or fix a problem if it occured?

  20. iPlayer works great on my Humax for a couple of months. I had told my father who bought a Panasonic TV with freesat to expect iPlayer to appear on this, but no sign of it yet.

    The post above is somewhat negative. Is iPlayer not coming to Panasonic Freesat HD after all?

  21. So can I now (May) buy a Panasonic with Freeview, Freesat and iPlayer or do I still have to wait?

    Who is selling them?

  22. I would like to know the technical difference between the TX-L37V20B (UK model) and the TX-L37V20E (European model). Both must have the same DVB-S tuner, and of course they have a different mains plug.

    What I want to do is load the TX-L37V20B firmware (v2.702) onto the TX-L37V20E, instead of v2.505. To enable Freesat EPG, etc.

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