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Feb 16 2011

Panasonic DMR-BS850, BS750 XS350 iPlayer Update

Update (16/02/11) – There was clearly no love in the air at Panasonic when they missed the 14th Feb software update, but have now released a revised date of 21st Feb (network) and 22nd Feb (over the air) for their DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350EB iPlayer update. Whilst these continual delays are frustrating, at least they have presented us with a new date which hopefully means they are getting closer!

Original post (25/01/11) – Panasonic have updated their FAQ section today to suggest a another “tentative” release date for BBC iPlayer on their previous Blu-ray/DVD models (DMR-BS850, DMR-BS750 and DMR-XS350EB); their date set in jelly is Valentines day (14th Feb 2011), could love be in the air for those still waiting?

Thank you for your patience in relation to the upgrade for iPlayer on DMR-BS750, DMR-BS850 and DMR-XS350.

The provision of an update has always been subject to extensive testing to ensure the integrity of the product. During testing of the software two bugs have been identified, one of which is considered to be critical, requiring further work by our research and development team. As a result, the release schedule has been revised.

I can confirm that a tentative release date for the update has been set:

2009 models (DMR-BS850/DMR-BS750,DMR-XS350EB)

14/02/2011 – available via Global website, to enable customers to download onto CD and upgrade
14/02/2011 – available via Network download and an Over Air Download via satellite.

We appreciate the frustration this delay may cause and of course offer our sincere apologies. However the reliability, quality and overall functionality of the recorder must remain a priority.

No further news on 2008 televisions sorry.

(thanks to rich for the heads up)

92 Responses to “Panasonic Offer “Tentative” Release Date For iPlayer”

  1. Neil Says:

    I’ve got a BS750 but use iPlayer on my Panasonic 37″ TV connected to it. I’m glad they are getting to grips with this, just those 2008 TV’s for them to sort out now and hopefully everyone’s happy! Lets see if the DTG schedule a download for the 14th!!


  2. pedro Says:

    Don’t think I’ll buy a Panasonic tv again – I bought a 2008 freesat tv for a lot of money – if I’d waited a couple of years I’d have got the updated model at half the price and would have been more likely to see an iplayer upgrade.

    Conclusion: Don’t be an early adopter. Don’t buy Panasonic.


  3. terrykl Says:

    I don’t understand why people buy something under a vague hint that something might be added in the future.I purchase something for what it actually is capable of
    at the time.I have just replaced my previous Panasonic with a current model.If some thing new comes out I don’t Demand that my product should have it.I think that for everyone on this site and other forums who say they will never buy Panasonic again,there will be thousands more who feel the same way as me and will continue to enjoy a quality product from a lesding manufacturer.


  4. Fluffy Says:

    “if I’d waited a couple of years I’d have got the updated model at half the price”

    That is par for the course with ANY technology


  5. gingercol Says:

    Sorry but Panasonic are actually one of the best tv manufacturers out there.And iplayer compatibility should not be the first reason to purchase a tv .Picture quality is first and foremost the basis on which to purchase a tv.


  6. Alan Says:

    gingercol – totally agree with you, not to buy Panasonic just because of the iplayer issue is just mad. They are brilliant TVs and would not consider any other make.


  7. Graham Hall Says:

    I agree with gingercol. I have a Panasonic and i bought it purely for picture quality. Technology moves on; it’s like me saying my tv hasn’t got 3D tough that’s progress


  8. Mark Says:

    @Graham, I guess that depends whether you see 3D as “progress” ;-). Like you say though technology, by it’s nature, changes constantly. No point whingeing about it, just accept it and buy the latest gadget when you can afford it. Or if you need it, which may be the same thing to some people….me included!


  9. Saltydawg Says:

    I love my Panasonic :-)


  10. Brian_Damage Says:

    @ 5, 6, 7, 8 Unless you bought the “latest gadget” on the understanding that an update was going to be made available to enable it to do this. In which case, I think most people would feeled a little cheated if this didn’t happen.

    Still, let’s not overlook the fact that is very positive news from Panasonic.
    Hopefully Cupid will be delivering more than roses this year.


  11. Jooles Says:

    Facts of life.

    1. Early adopters always get shafted.
    2. A new improved version will come out the following year at a fraction of the price.
    3. “Promised features” rarely turn up and if they do they are usually late.

    If in any doubt refer to rule number 1.


  12. ian Says:

    Panasonic.. Long awaited BBC iPlayer updates.. LOL!!


  13. jezB Says:

    I think that the real issue is that Panasonic have now many times issued dates for Iplayer updates for these devices.

    And yet have failed to deliver updates repeatedly.


  14. Rich Says:

    This is the first time they’ve come up with a date for these particular models of STB as far as I’m aware (?) so it’s at least some progress!


  15. Russ Says:


    I would hardly call buying something were your handbook states the ethernet port is for internet services for freesat, also showing a diagram with an ethernet cable running from the back of the tv to a router, as a vague hint !!!


  16. Richard Crichton Says:

    Hardly Panasonics fault if Freesat changed the specification by insisting on DRM after the initial specification was given to the manufacturers.If so it is Freesat that should be taking the flak not Panasonic but they (Freesat) seem to be getting away with it scot free. If I were Panasonic or LG I would be seeking compensation for my damaged reputation from Freesat.

    (I don’t know if Freesat did change the spec or not it’s just my guess.)


  17. admin Says:

    @Richard Crichton

    Spec from Freesat didn’t change, but the process of involvement between Freesat and the manufacturers was never direct, just kind of leave them to get on with it; so unfortunately “future technologies” might have been lost in translation.


  18. a bored sony freesat tv owner Says:

    here we go again……………


  19. Phil Says:

    Well I wouldn’t wait up. When my Sagem freesat HD finally did get iplayer it was unusable (jumps several minutes into program randomly while watching). I think there is a real difference between manufactures who want freesat to succeed and those who just want to get product out.


  20. Justin Says:

    iPlayer works perfectly on my 2009 G15, thanks for asking…

    Although I didn’t buy the TV based on whether it might or might not have iPlayer and any other associated stuff – it’s just a bonus. I bought the TV on the basis that it delivers an awesome picture and is fully DLNA certified for my home media network.


  21. Dan Says:

    When I installed my PZ81 I ran an ethernet cable to my router on the understanding that at some point iplayer etc would be available. Now I was told this was going to happen not by some shop assistant in Currys but by Panasonic’s distributor at Cedia.


  22. Russ Says:

    @ 18,

    Obviously by the headlines, this thread was not aimed at being of interest to anyone other than Panasonic owners. If you find the content boring, you might be better off getting back to your Sony Freesat tv, who knows, you might find something to relieve your boredom on i-player.


  23. Oska Says:

    @ 22

    Is there a Sony Freesat tv forum? Just switched from a Panny to Sony…

    Sorry, joking :-)


  24. Rozzo Says:

    Actually, I am a bored Panasonic freesat tv owner!

    Very happy for 2009 recorder owners. At least you know how many bugs they still have to sort. Good luck!
    Ever hopeful (and still faithful) for us 2008 freesat tv owners.
    Wish they’d tell us how many bugs are left to resolve for the tv upgrades.

    Panasonic should be well above the “shafting” brigades.


  25. jmk Says:

    Any software update at all for the LZD81 would be nice! I still wait for a fix for the “midnight bug” on the EPG…

    All companies have software update skeletons in their cupboard, so you can’t really win, just suffer slightly different disappointments.


  26. neil Says:

    @22 lol, sorry only joking. I seem to be a rare breed as no-one talks about sony freesat tvs on here. I’m still wondering when itv player will be working. I’m sure there won’t be any announcement when or if that does happen though. Panny and Humax get the headlines always


  27. peet Says:

    Whereas I understand to a degree where some people are coming from, when criticising lzd81 owners for still expecting iplayer on their tv’s after all this time, even though it wasn’t actually functioning on the purchase of the product; bear in mind that some sales people at the time made clear statements regarding the imminent inclusion of the service on the product prior to sale.
    Yes, we were first adopters, but the Freesat spec was already established (as I understand it, rather than Panasonic’s attitude that Freesat have been since modifying the standard)
    It’s fairly obvious to me that Panasonic are and have let us down on this promise, and that it will probably not materialise on this tv, at least in any reliable way, probably because the hardware is not up to it; but what irritates the most, is the way they are playing for time and avoiding any obligation of responsibilty. That’s all well and fine, but it’s a cheap attitude, and despite the general quality of their televisions, I would definitely think twice before purchasing from Panasonic again, especially where there are so many good alternative choices, because when I buy something I just want to get what I paid for.
    So rather than criticise the buyers, take a tip from our experience with this company – if you have any issues with your purhase, Panasonic customer service seem to reply very slowly and usually with a standard form letter. I’ve found them evasive, vague and uninformed. That just would put me off any brand who treated me the same way… no biggie


  28. GGUK Says:

    We purchased a PZ81 from John Lewis in July 2008 – with the explicit understanding that the Iplayer was part of the Freesat standard and that an upgrade was imminent, with a few weeks ‘according to Panasonic’

    Two years later, after numerous contacts with Panny and JL, still no update so received a 4/5 refund from John Lewis as we considered it mis-sold. Result!


  29. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Fully concur with what you are saying about Panasonic! Excellent kit, but as far as the PZ81 series is concerned, the company are far too slow in responding in this matter. I shall think twice before buying Panasonic again!


  30. Shawny Says:

    BBC iplayer isn’t working via channel 901 !

    At first I thought it was because of my Panasonic TV, but others have the same problem….


  31. Rozzo Says:

    Feb now!
    Still no news for 2008 tvs!
    I want iplayer on it now (toys out of pram time) so I can stop using the technisat hdfs for that and move it to a second older tv. Then with iplayer on the freesat tv I can buy a proper generic (linux based / with plugins) sat twin tuner pvr, to use linked to the panny tv, without the limitations of freesat.
    I thought freesat would be a “good thing” but getting seriously pi**ed off with the restrictions and with panasonic being unable to meet the iplayer spec (which could be bbc/freesat’s fault).
    Freesat future proof for 5 years? Who’s kidding who?


  32. loss of face Says:

    for over 18 months now Panny have continually said for 2008 TVs ‘coming soon’ that is THE issue – LG gave their customers a free box ages ago – so Panasonic what will it be..
    1 – do nothing and hope it all goes away
    2 – make it happen NOW and prove you are still a series player in this market
    3 – hold your hands up and do the right thing.

    Option 1 is wearing very very thin… I would be embarrassed if it was my company.


  33. Canary Phil Says:

    Well, only 6 days to go – yet no update on DTG website. Doesn’t bode well , does it ? I can’t get a response out of Panasonic either !!


  34. jon Says:

    Just spoken to panasonic 8/2/2011 the update has been postponed


  35. jon Says:

    Update cancelled


  36. JezB Says:

    Yet again Panasonic fail to deliver an update.


  37. Ian Says:

    An absolute disgrace Panasonic !


  38. MalcolmK Says:

    Feb 14th 2011. Well guess what! Panasonic have yet again postponed delivery of the iPlayer for their 2009 Sat boxes. But this time, they’ve decided not to set a new date yet. This is appalling service; whoever his responsible (Panasonic/Freesat) should be totally ashamed of their performance. For now I’ve bought a laptop to run the iPlayer on and pipe it through to my Pany TV. Brand loyalty is being stretched to the limit!


  39. Ian Says:

    I’ve had an email today from Panasonic Customer Care Advisor who have given me another “tentative” release date of 21/02/11 (Network Download) & 22/02/11 (Over the Air Via Satellite) for the update of my BS850 Blu Ray Recorder for the BBC Iplayer feature.

    Fingers crossed !!!!! 😉


  40. Ian Says:

    Thank you for your continued patience regarding the proposed software update to allow the BBC iPlayer feature to become available on the 2009 range of Freesat recorders.

    As mentioned previously, the provision of an update has always been subject to extensive testing to ensure the integrity of the product and this is the reason for the recent revision of release schedule.

    I am pleased to confirm that a tentative release date for the update has been set:

    2009 models (DMR-BS850/DMR-BS750,DMR-XS350EB)

    21/02/2011 – available via Network download
    22/02/2011 – Over Air Download via satellite which will begin at 10:00am

    In order to be able to receive BBC iPlayer you will need to have your Freesat recorder connected up to both a Freesat enabled satellite and your router through a network cable.

    We appreciate the frustration the delays to the update has caused and of course offer our sincere apologies. However the reliability, quality and overall functionality of the recorder must remain a priority.

    We trust that the above information will be of assistance to you and will of course continue to keep you updated as information becomes available. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 844 3852 or email us using the following email address:


  41. Rozzo Says:

    Well, there’s no caveat about a bug still to be resolved so let’s hope for all those with the 2009 recorders that the tentative date will prove to be true.

    As for 2008 tvs we still have no news, no email responses from customer care or Andrew Denham and so left guessing whether any work on these has as yet been done.

    I suppose if they still have a stash of unsold 2009 recorders then after the update they could offer those to 2008 tv set owners to access iplayer that way?


  42. Rozzo Says:

    Could it be worth bumping this thread to the top of the home page with the new, slightly less wobbly (than jelly) date?


  43. Rozzo Says:

    It’s also announced on the Products FAQs site


  44. admin Says:


    Done :)


  45. Trevor Says:

    The problem with Panasonic is not that they hav’nt sorted iplayer out although that IS frustrating, its that they continually promise to do it and they give dates and then dont deliver. I was always taught “under promise and over deliver”. That way you dont get all the bad publicity and people are happy with what you do. What hope for ITV Player?!!


  46. Russ Says:

    Kitted my brother out with some solwise homeplugs for his panasonic G10. Took no more than two minutes to get iplayer up and running and I have to say I was very impressed. The on-demand genre is a great addition to freesat. I am now waiting in anticipation for my PZ81 download!! Panasonic estimates the life of my plasma screen to be 100,000 hours, hopefully their engineers will get it sorted by then!


  47. Matthew Clayton Says:

    I have received this email today from Panasonic regarding my 2008 FreeSat TV:

    “BBC iPlayer on 2008 Freesat models

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your LZD81 LCD panel / PZ81 plasma panel.

    I note that you have specific interest in obtaining an update to the above product to facilitate watching BBC iPlayer.

    I appreciate your disappointment that we have so far been unable to provide this upgrade and note your concerns.

    However, I would stress that the above product was supplied to the market to satisfy a demand for HD content availability via Freesat and has successfully provided this. It was also always intended, albeit not promised, that Panasonic would make best endeavours to provide additional features and functions if possible.

    It is important to note that such additional features did not form part of any contractual obligation with third parties such as Freesat, or indeed the defined specification of the product. In addition, as I am certain you can appreciate, it is impossible to design any product to be future proof. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate and new features are being introduced all the time. Many that are in the market now were not conceived at the time that your product was launched. In addition, specification for the content providers systems have changed a number of times since the product was initially released, resulting in difficulties for our development teams. Accordingly our marketing of the LCD / Plasma panels did not include a commitment to provide these new functions.

    Having stated this, we do recognise that our customers are keen to receive the enhanced feature of BBC iPlayer and we remain strongly committed to realisation of this request. The integrity of our product and the ability to ensure continued and consistent functionality remains paramount. We would not release software that might in any way compromise the intended specification of our product. This has presented a number of technical difficulties for our development team and has meant that we have not been able to provide an update as quickly as we would have wished.

    We are not complacent however and are strenuously pursuing the matter on behalf of our customers with our research and development teams. Currently, we anticipate the provision of an upgrade for BBC iPlayer in September 2011. However, as always, this is subject to the testing required to ensure that it will not be detrimental to the product specification.

    We will of course continue to provide you with updates regarding this as and when we receive the applicable information. The latest information will always be provided via the FAQ section of our website.

    It will not be possible to provide software upgrades to further enhance the platform used in this range of TVs in the future. Therefore any future additional services cannot be guaranteed.

    I do appreciate your frustration and disappointment at the delays in providing BBC iPlayer functionality and offer my sincere apologies. However, I trust that the above will help to offer some clarification of the situation.

    I thank you for your patience in this matter. If you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 844 3852 or email us using the following email address:

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Communications Centre
    Panasonic UK Ltd
    PUK (Registered Number 01069148 England) Registered Office: Panasonic UK Ltd, Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8FP ”


  48. Rob Says:

    Also got the same email from Panasonic. September 2011 – I think they’ve made up a date a long way in the future thinking it’ll go away. A pathetic excuse from one of the so called Top AV manufacturers.


  49. Nat Says:



  50. John Wallace Says:

    Oops, sorry, Didn’t see that it has already been reported. I have been buying Panasonic TVs / Recorders since the early 1980’s. I don’t think they will be getting my custom again. The Freeview recorder that I bought at the same time as the LZD81 packed up after 15 months.. My local dealer said it was a common fault and I was unlucky that it went just outside the warranty period.


  51. ian Says:

    as i said in a post above… Panasonic.. iPlayer updates!! im still LOL that they even have the bare faced cheek to keep saying this, actions speak louder than words all day long. Panasonic have been flapping their chops for so long on this now, they actually come across (IMO) as all mouth and no trousers, no actions, just constant BS and ‘claiming’ time after time they will issue a fix for this, and have thus far, failed miserably!!!


  52. Dan Says:

    Methinks I’ll be off to John Lewis to discuss matters.


  53. Rozzo Says:

    “such additional features did not form part of any contractual obligation with third parties such as Freesat, or indeed the defined specification of the product”

    That cannot be true! (for iplayer / VOD)

    None of us is expecting to get vieracast or the now even newer vieraconnect. Nor dlna, nor freeviewhd, etc, but surely iplayer would have been part of the original / freesat spec?

    @ Dan – good luck with JL, at least they may be large enough to do something. Those of us who bought from panasonic shops however have to deal with smaller franchises and it really shouldn’t be the retailer to suffer this time around.

    Sept 11 can only be a guess at best, and more likely a delay tactic to push it out of the limelight.


  54. Rozzo Says:

    @47 – the text is now also posted up on their product faqs site.

    It does not bode well


  55. Russ Says:

    or indeed the defined specification of the product.

    Why then does my PZ81 handbook state that the ethernet port is for internet services for freesat?


  56. Peter Says:

    Hmmm……9/11, another momentous occasion eh?


  57. Rob H Says:

    *feels smug he bought a Humax HDR*


  58. kate Says:

    Panasonic are an excellent company that produces high quality products.

    Its funny how some complain that a company has delays in getting something right, when at the same time those same people complain that things are perfect when they get released.


  59. kate Says:

    Panasonic have shown great commitment to Freesat … unlike other companies that cut and run away.

    If Panasonic can implement updates despite the changes to the infrastructure they will.


  60. peet Says:

    @ Kate

    Don’t really understand your point.
    People are complaining that part of the service that was promised for these purportedly Freesat standard products has not been provided, and after repeated failure to meet said promises. (Whilst almost every other Freesat product can do it) These ‘network services’ were part of the sales pitch for my lzd81 over two years ago, and they have always been just around the corner.
    Should people just keep quiet and be grateful to only have part of the whole service other products from the line, and other brands, have offered for some time?
    That doesn’t seem to be the sort of point someone on the side of the consumer, might make…


  61. Loz Says:

    I have copies of Panasonic promotional marketing materials for the PZ81 from June 2008 stating the following

    “Later in the year, interactive services will be available via the internet using the LAN connection, with the possibility of additional services like BBC iPlayer in the future”.

    Putting iPlayer to one side, where are the other “interactive services” promised for 2008?


  62. Jon Says:


  63. Jon Says:

    I did not need file as it updated auto with ethernet connected.
    Looks good!


  64. Peet Says:

    @ Loz

    Not forgetting the promo video for the pz81 range – check out 1m 45s in


  65. Dan Says:

    Just got back from John Lewis, there was no quibbling whatsoever and they are doing a straight swop, my PZ81 for a brand new Panasonic Viera TX-P42V20B. Result!


  66. peet Says:

    @ Dan
    Good for you – can I ask which John Lewis you got the exchange from?


  67. Dan Says:

    John Lewis Bluewater.

    May I add, I hope all PZ81 owners get satisfaction in whatever guise.


  68. peet Says:

    well I’m going to give John Lewis a try, also; but although I’m hiding it well, I am expecting a great deal of quibbling…


  69. Dan Says:

    @ peet, The arguement I used was the fact that the original Panasonic promo video stated that interactive services via the ethernet port would be available within months. Therefor due to this lack of services it’s a clear case of miss-selling. I don’t think the lack of iPlayer is enough of an arguement as it was never stated that it was a certainty.


  70. peet Says:

    @ Dan –
    thanks, I agree that is the essential argument;
    but I imagine it will depend on the arbitrary judgement of whichever team member I happen to speak to, and what mood they are in, rather than the point of the law… although having said that, I have generally found John Lewis to be a very reasonable company to deal with.
    Whatever happens I’ll post whatever reaction/result I get, right here. But I’d be very happy with the result you had.

    BTW did you deal with them over the phone or in store?


  71. Dan Says:

    @ peet, I went into the shop and spoke to the people in the technical department of tv/audio


  72. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:


    Can somene tell me if the TX-P42V20B, TX-P42G20B & TX-P42VT20B each already have support for the iPlayer? Or not?

    If supported, would this now be built in from new? Or would I have to wait for an update to be broadcast?

    What about ITV player? Is that available yet?

    And would anyone care to share their opinion of these three potential replacements for a PZ81B?



  73. admin Says:

    All the ’20’ range have iPlayer now, though whether they have it out of the box will likely depend on the manufacturer date and how long the retailer has held the stock for. Chances are you’ll have to do a software update, but that will be simple.


  74. Dan Says:

    My PZ81 replacement the TX-P42V20B had iPlayer out of the box.
    The G20B is a cheaper alternative, not entirely sure as to the exact differences.
    The VT20B is the same as the V20B apart fro mit has the dreaded 3D capability!

    I’m most impressed with the V20B finding the picture quality of the NeoPDP panel an significant improvement over the PZ81 which I found in no way lacking itself. Connections aplenty on it, I’ve got a 1TB hrd drive plugged into one of the USB ports with music, divx video & photos on.


  75. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    What’s “dreaded” about the 3D capability? (Apart from the cost of the TV and not having any 3D disks to watch) [Does 3D require a new player too?]


  76. Dan Says:

    I personally can’t stand 3D. To me it’s a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
    I saw the Panasonic demo at last year’s Cedia trade show of a 103″ 3D plasma and my and my collegue were totaly underwelmed. I’m more than happy watching good old 2D using my Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD which compined with the V20 equates to a quite stunning picture.


  77. Rozzo Says:

    The G20B won’t have PIP/PAP multi-screen and the casing definitely looks cheaper made imo. I wouldn’t want one. It would be the V20B for me. V20B also has a “pro” filter rather than a non-pro whatever that means and the power consumption is slightly higher.
    The G20B’s seemed to be attracting a much larger discount 2 months ago than the V20B’s


  78. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    So after a lot more reading, I’ve come to the conclusion that the main problem with 3D seems to be a severe lack of content – there really is next to nothing to watch!

    However, more worrying for me are the reports of two major problems with G20 and V20 range: namely the 50hz fast-motion blurring and the floating-black levels. (Both of which are covered in some detail on other forums)

    So I guess considering buying another Panasonic was very stupid of me!
    But does anyone else make Freesat HD plasmas now?


  79. Dan Says:

    Well there must be something wrong with my eyes.

    I’ve not noticed any floating blacks or bluring and 3D just looks…


  80. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    “Floating black” becomes a noticeable problem if you watch in a low light conditions. The black level/contrast fluctuates randomly. Most notably on widescreen borders, but also across the rest of the image. Essentially it seems to be a fault with CATS (even when CATS is disabled). There are a number of video examples on YouTube, but here’s just one:

    The 50Hz problem is described here:

    and gets an official acknowledgment from Panasonic in the clip below, after about 2 mins in.


  81. Dan Says:

    I’m aware of the discussions on, however I or one cannot see an issue myself. Everyone’s different of course in what they percieve as a problem, I always found the fan noise on the PZ81 intrusive, yet other people couldn’t hear it.


  82. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    Yes – the fans on the 81 are a little noisy, but I don’t notice them now. Perhaps the same is true for the 50Hz problem and the floating blacks – though what I’ve read and seen makes it hard for me to believe that I wouldn’t notice them.


  83. Rozzo Says:

    Hope your swap was done. You do however seem to be the only person to have (reported) had success on any of the forums. You and one other several months ago who get a 4/5ths credit. It seems others who have tried with JL, or Panasonic have not had that sort of luck.

    It seems clear enough that if the tv cannot get anything via the ethernet socket, at minimum that means the blue button jobsite content, that there is a fault and some action under sale of goods act should be taken, be that refund, exchange or compensation.

    Panasonic seem to claim now that the fact that yellow and green button content work on that channel is interactive enough, even though they admit that does content is part of the broadcast data and does not come via the ethernet port!


  84. Dan Says:

    The phrase used by Sean Pertwee in Panasonic’s promo video was ‘ interactive services within a few months’
    It was on this basis that I raised the Sale Of Goods Act. I was prepared to put my foot down and argue my corner, however thankfully I didn’t need to.
    All of you even if you’ve tried before should go and forcefully make a stand and I hope more of you get the right result.


  85. Rozzo Says:

    Panasonic also need to fix the set’s refusal to auto re-tune for DVB-S2 channels which we can only deal with via a full “shipping condition” reset and all the pain that involves as now experienced with the BBC1HD and BBCHD and previously CH4HD retunes.


  86. Dan Says:

    Just interested seeing as it’s a few monbths on whether anyone else has managed to swop or get a refund on thier PZ81?


  87. Rozzo Says:

    Nope, shop and head office have stuck together and promised to file and not respond to any further correspondence. They also promised to keep us up to date on developments but ofcourse have since said nothing.


  88. Peet Says:

    Hi, it took a while but I eventually got a swap. Essentially a credit note, which I had to put towards a slightly dearer telly. I didn’t have an easy time, and it took a lot of patient discussion with various staff, but in the bitter end they accepted the point.
    I felt bad that JL were taking the rap for Panasonic, but standby the fact I was missold the set. Best of luck to everyone else.


  89. Dan Says:

    Well done Peet for getting a result.


  90. Dan Says:

    David has just posted on the thread to say that he’s getting anew TV from John Lewis as well. That’s ammo for the rest of you to get claiming.


  91. Rozzo Says:

    Well done to those of you who just got replacements via JL; it seems they are the only retailer willing/able to if pushed enough.
    Head office called a 2008 owner and promised an update had been finalised to be available by the end of the month but no more detail as yet for the rest of us. see


  92. devfaulter Says:

    Well it seems as though Panasonic have kept to their word. On Friday, the last day of September, my TX32LZD81 downloaded an update of its firmware, and finally I have iPlayer on my box! :)

    My faith in Pansonic is (at least partially) restored…


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