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Oct 30 2008

We have had a few emails regarding this, so just to confirm, Panasonic have officially said that they “currently have no plans to release a Freesat TV with built-in PVR”. Sorry guys.

9 Responses to “Panasonic say no to IDTV with PVR”

  1. Juan Pablo Says:

    Then good news for those who prefer more external boxes. 😉


  2. Al (Original) Says:

    I never thought anyone would produce one anyway.

    I could perhaps see the attraction, but personally, I’d rather keep tv and tuners seperate as tuners / PVR’s tend to go wrong more frequently than tv’s in my experience and tv’s are far more expensive and inconvenient to have out of service.


  3. Zubeir Says:

    it’s always better to have an external pvr, easy upgrade/replacement.


  4. Juan Pablo Says:

    Well but the thing is Freedom of choice. You can always have an external PVR even if your TV comes with one. Or just get a TV without the PVR.
    But there is no choice for people who wants a TV with PVR…
    I wouldn’t say is ALWAYS better to have an external box. It might be for you.
    One TV with all.. less remotes, less energy, less clutter, less manuals to read and interfaces to learn…Ask a woman about the last thing… :-)

    I would trust AI experience but I would have thought that the most fragile piece is the TV, not the boxes…My only exprience is 25 yars ago my mum had flowers on top of the TV…and my brotherand I were playing.. end of story water falling in the TV. Thank God with lat TVs you can’t put flowers on top of them 😀

    I still can’t see. If the TV is out of service what is the point of having the box?


  5. Steven Says:

    Perhaps the answer is to build screens that have optional ‘plug in’, at the back, modular receivers? Like just plugging a card into the PC. Those who want a PVR for Freesat of Freeview can opt-out the tuner option. Or maybe have a Freesat (or satellite) or Freeview only option without PVR, or both. I don’t see modern flat screens as Television Receivers, they happen to be a screen with a tuner built in that is not upgradeable. There will be tens of thousands in the not too distant future with completely redundant analogue tuners in Europe. Can you buy a screen without an analogue tuner right now? Probably not, but we’re still paying them.

    The next step will be the use of ‘universal’ remote control protocol for all brands and devices.. Perhaps using Bluetooth? . . Pigs might fly . . 😉


  6. Denis Says:

    Does the TV also include a Freeview receiver?


  7. Al (Original) Says:

    Juan, I can’t say I have a tremendous amount of experience of failing PVR’s being one person only, but look around and you’ll find plenty complaining about Sky+ boxes that allegedly seem to frequently die after 2 years. Given the average life of a good tv is at least 5+ years, it doesn’t bode well necessarily for a combined unit.

    That said, as I mentioned above, I’m not against it if it was proposed. You’ll know from other threads that I’m all for reducing the number of boxes under the tv, just personally, I wouldn’t buy a combined tv / PVR myself because of potential reliability issues.

    As for the flowers, I definately think its cheaper to watch them on TV rather than in TV!


  8. Juan Pablo Says:

    @Denis: Yes they have Freeview tuner too (at least the Plasma ones). I guess the LCD would too.


  9. Panasonic confirm Freesat HDD Blu-Ray Recorder » Join Freesat Says:

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