Panasonic to launch LCD Freesat TV’s

Following the success so far of the three Panasonic plasmas with Freesat built-in (sizes 42in, 46in and 50in), Panasonic have announced the launch of two LCD televisions with Freesat built-in, available from October.

The LZD81 series will be available in two sizes, 32in and 37in and is great news in the increasing number of Freesat products coming onto the market, especially for so many of you whom have been waiting for news on slightly smaller televisions with Freesat capabilities.

All Panasonic Freesat televisions are supplied with high-definition and standard-definition digital satellite receiver, as well as a SD digital terrestrial (Freeview) and SD analogue terrestrial tuner with easy user navigation between all three services.

Prices will be £900 for the 32in (TX-32LZD81) and £1050 for the 37in (TX-37LZD81).

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  1. How come a smaller screen TV (37″) and LCD be more expensive than a Plasma 42″?? Considering both Plasma and LCD Panasonics Freesat.
    Who is goingto buy that LCD when they could have the Plasma?Unless the LCD ones come with a PVR incorporated…

  2. About the new poll. There is something i don’t understand. First I think option 2 (Five) and option 3 (More channels) should be together.
    PVR Box? They exist already or they are on the way,not? Five is also coming..
    For me BBC iPlayer would be something extra that differenciate from other services. I don’t understand why it is the fifth on the poll at the moment.
    Adding Five doesn’t offer nothing new to Freeview.
    I also voted for More HD content.

  3. Juan – The LCD is more expensive as it’s brand new to the market, prices will drop in the same way as the plasmas did. For example, the 42in plasma originally sold for around £1,300, and is not down to £950.

    Regarding the poll, whilst certain options are coming no matter what, it’s a poll created just to understand what our readers would class as most important, irrespective of this. At the moment most beleive that more HD content, more channels and PVR functionality are top.

    Channel five is listed separately from more channels because more channels are highlighted as the less likely ones, like those on terrestrial which are subscription on satellite.

  4. Seems very expensive for a 32″ lcd tv, with simply another new source. That’s about double the price you can get a normal one for.

  5. Obviously this is great news, although I do hope the price falls enough to make it an option for more people.

    Just voted on the poll – More HD content, Channel 5 and Better advertising. Didn’t say more channels as it’s unrealistic at the moment.

    Surprised how not many people said better advertising. I know people dislike advertising, but it’s important to get the message out. How many people have actually heard of Freesat, or have accurate idea of what it is?

    I’ve thought for a while now that Freesat should offer a slighly lower EPG fee (e.g. 27k) to channels who list Freesat along with their channel numbers, like:

    SKY: ch 111
    Virgin: ch 222
    Freeview: 88
    Freesat: 399

  6. … unless I can convince the missus that the 37″ is only very slightly bigger than the 32″, and MUCH smaller than those huge 42″-ers!
    (I’ve already written off the chance of a 42″ in our living room – unless we move the settee into the hall!)

  7. Yay, merry Christmas one and all. I’ll be getting myself one of the 32″ sets … provided the price drops a little by mid December as I’ll never convince the missus at £900 (Even though she wants one herself – a newly decorated lounge is a superb tool for persuading your wife of the need for new toys 😀 ).

  8. @admin: Still it is just £250 difference at launch price for 42 inches and Plasma over 37″ and LCD . So I think £250 for bigger and better is quite good.
    Even worst NOW the LCD 37 will be more expensive than the 42″ Plasma when they come to the market! By then might be the same price as 46″ Plasma!!

    The truth is I got my 42PZ81B on June when they were launched for £1099 from Dixon. So probably the LCD will be cheaper than the price mentioned on the post.

    admin said: “The LCD is more expensive as it’s brand new to the market, prices will drop in the same way as the plasmas did. For example, the 42in plasma originally sold for around £1,300, and is not down to £950.”

  9. The manual for the Plasma version of this set describes a ‘Common Interface Module’ for accessing Pay-TV services. Presumably the same thing as a CAM. However it specifically states that the CI module will not work with Sky, if that’s what you were hoping.

    As for ‘MPEG-4 decoder’ … what do you mean by that? Are you asking what sort of HD broadcasts it can deal with?

  10. I think that what ever specifications and prices for new equipment you are still going to get people whinging. We have to be realistic and at least now an increasing number of people are going to be given more choice and break the stranglehold of Sky.

  11. The quality of Panasonic TVs has to be seen to be believed. I am sure this is good value for money.

    I bought my Panasonic LCD TV 6months ago and am absolutely delighted with it both with Goodmans Freesat box attached and integrated Freeview.

  12. Am getting rid of sky (£47 per month) and am thinking of buying the Panny 42pz81b,does the tv come with all the necessary leads etc for installation?

  13. Prices not as expensive as we expected, 32in £786.70, 37in £863.70. See right hand column for price comparison link, available from next Monday (6th October)

  14. i am a sky customer,so can i use the same dish and go through a splitter???,and get the hd channels

  15. in a year of vieving a 37inch plazma,
    whot would the saving be viewing a 37 inch lcd?
    is it a worth while saveing

  16. Bill and admin. Yes and the Humax will have a 320 gb Hard Drive, where the capacity is fully available to the end user and not as the Sky+ box where approx 140gb is allocated to Sky Anytime and isn’t available as free space to the user. Not to mention the fact that the eSata USB and ethernet ports are disabled and unlikely to be enabled by Sky.

  17. Bill and admin Oh! and I forgot to mention the inclusion of Diseqc with the Humax receiver giving it the capacity for multiple satellite reception—–thats not available with any of the Sky boxes!

  18. Bob There is a an EEC requirement for sets now to have the inclusion of a Universal Pay per View CAM slot. This makes sense in that most other European countries have different encryption formats eg: Conax Irderto Via-Access etc and this allows different encryption CAMS and broadcasters de-scrambling cards to be used via this port. Another aspect to this is that LCD’s and Plasmas are produced for multiple Country markets and have the capacity to manage different broadcasting formats eg: PAL1 and 2 SECAM NTFS etc

  19. Bob and other interested parties. The Setanta situation is one where they have a Satellite carriage contract with Sky an their CAM will only de – scramble with Freeview.

  20. how com when i got to add more sat channels i get a list of loads of channels and go to keep but the channels dont stay on the list. how do i access the channels i have saved?

  21. I’m totally new to Freesat. I have Sky at present with one cable from the dish. Is it possible to split the existing cable to provide the two inputs or will I need an extra cable direct fron the dish?

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