Pick TV launching on Freesat

It has been announced by Pick TV on Twitter that they will join the freesat platform on Monday 3rd December, finally putting to rest speculation that the channel would launch soon after dropping their encryption deal with Sky.

Channel 144 is the Freesat home for Pick TV, offering viewers the opportunity to view great entertainment, drama documentaries and comedy. Popular shows include Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old?, Coach Trip and Road Wars. Pick also includes highlights from Sky Arts and Sky1.

Emma Scott, MD of Freesat said:

[..] With Challenge TV and Pick TV joining today too, the breadth of choice for our viewers, for free, has never been better.

Pick TV will be automatically added on Monday to your freesat receiver or television.

32 thoughts on “Pick TV launching on Freesat”

  1. Gordon S Valentine said:
    Any news on if the +1 version also get added at the same time?

    There is an official announcement due on Monday. I was told not to release this news until then, but seemingly the channels themselves decided to announce via Twitter early, so fair enough. Will find out about the +1 channels.

  2. Ok, while its nice to have another “general entertainment” channel on Freesat, its a pity it has to be Pick TV. Its a leech channel, showing gobbets of shows already on other (pay for) Sky channels (“Pick”, eh?) and filled with ads for other shows that are only on Payfor Sky.

    All in all, a bit of a waste of time.

    (Who at the back said “All TV is”???)

  3. I’d like to think I pushed them into releasing the details!! …I asked them on Twitter earlier, they replied with the info, then made the official announcement after an hour!
    Anyway, great news- have been waiting for Sky News for years! There’s no 7 day EPG data for the +1 channels, however.

  4. Roger @7. That is exactly what it is – essentially a teaser for $ky – it was rebranded on Freeview where it was originally called Sky Three. Interestingly, I understand (Wikipedia) that the audience for Sky Three on Freeview was significatly larger than Sky Two!

    The fewer channels that are available on Freeview but not on Freesat the better, I think.

    Does anyone know if Challenge TV is another Sky channel or is from the UKTV stable? If UKTV it raises hopes (no matter how slight) that we might _eventually_ see Dave on Freesat after all. ;-). (Sorry Admin)

  5. Fantastic news – whilst I had them already, it is great to get them on properly.

    This leaves the only major channels that are not on Freesat that are on Freeview as Quest, Viva and UKTV’s channels.

  6. Keith (original)Does anyone know if Challenge TV is another Sky channel or is from the UKTV stable?

    Challenge is from Sky.

  7. Steven Morgan said:
    What about the other Freeview channels? David, Yesteday and 4music?

    All tied into subscription contracts with Sky on satellite, to benefit from the much needed revenue, but you never know for the future.

  8. Yay I can set the recorder for Spartacus t & a now!

    Hopefully this will encourage UKTV to join with their freeview channels at the very least.

  9. Hi All,

    I’m happy to see pick tv for the sci fi but I’m glad I have a pvr so I skip the Sky promo crap every break !
    I personally dont watch the other two as I’m not into quizes & dont like non stop right wing bbc bashing propagander.
    However its a good move forward for the Freesat platform & I’m sure each channel will have its fans & anything that makes freesat stronger is a good thing in my book !

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  10. Already had these three at the press of a favourite list button but good for the platform ( I think anyway) 🙂

  11. Mmm I’m not sure allowing Pick on Freesat is a good idea. Basically it’s a free advertising channel/trojan horse for Sky. Here are a few crumbs from our encrypted table but the whole series is available weekdays only on Sky One in glorious HD etc etc. Hey like Sky News get it in fab HD only on Sky. Also have you noticed anything any other platform does Sky has to copy. Now they have go back channels to copy YouView/Anytime so no need to get those just get us.

  12. Only just seen this, I actually never thought it would happen! Will reply in more detail once I’m in front of a PC and not my phone!

  13. I understand the revenue side of things and that the channels probably wouldn’t have started without the $ky tie-in, but I feel there is something a little distasteful of BBC joint-ventures (albeit BBC Worldwide) not being made freely available on Freesat, especially when a few are available on Freeview.

    It’s such a shame the BBC is so constantly constrained and nobbled. First, they get a huge cut in funding (effectively) because they have to fund the foreign language radio stations from the licence fee after Foriegn Office funding was withdrawn. They’ve spent (wasted) a fortune moving TV production away from TV Centre and up north. Then what they can provide on Freesat is constrained to match only what can also be supported on Freeview – the so called Platform Neutral approach. Interactive (red button) services have practically all gone.

    Meanwhile $ky has an effective uncompetitive monopoly on new US TV series and sporting events. Anything successful that accidentally slips through to the BBC, Channel 4 or ITV 4, $ky then grabs exclusive rights for the third and any subsequent series. $ky now appear to be trying to commission all new comedy and drama series for themselves which they (so far) have kept exclusively.

  14. The old saying is true you can’t please all of the people all of the time you call for more channels when they arrive you moane get a grip are people that weak that you think coss you see an advert for sky on freesat people will abandon freesat I for one am happy to see pick and challenge and sky news on the platform glad they showing a bit of interest in freesat might mean the uk channels will do the same all good news

  15. MKay be good info for those who are interested.

    03/12/12 – “Pick TV”, “Challenge TV”, and “Sky News” are now available on the UK’s “Freesat” receiver’s EPG/channel list’s, “Pick TV” is on 144, “Challenge TV” is on 145, and “Sky News” is on 202

    Cheers to Robs Satellite for this

    Happy days – some more target advertising..

  16. Sally said:
    Why when I enter 144 on freesat to get pick nothing happens?

    Same here, though randomly we do have Pick +1. We only seem to have got it fairly recently though…

  17. Pick Channel has some good programs…BUT
    Why do you insist on playing music through the whole of all the films which is louder than the voices.?
    We give up on most of them…………

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