lower cost of Humax FOXSAT-HDR

Update (3rd March) – Play price now increased to £289.99. If you pre-ordered one at £249.99, let us know whether Play honour that price or not., the DVD/CD, Games and Electronic online giant have today announced the plan to sell the Humax FOXSAT-HDR from the end of March for just £249.99 delivered, almost £35 cheaper than the closest competitor today.

It’s possible that they have been given an indication of trade cost for in a months time, or are making full use of their Channel Island VAT status, but either way it’s an amazing price consider demand is still very high. It sets a precedent for price reductions over the next month, so will be interesting to see what happens.

If your willing to wait, are accepting pre-orders online now, alternatively, have a look at the currently availability on our Humax FOXSAT-HDR product page.

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  1. I’d like to think Humax have recovered their development costs and with the numbers they are shipping can afford to drop the price!. Also the Sky alternative is now much cheaper so a price drop is needed from all the retailers.

  2. It won’t be because of the VAT status – that only applies on prices around £15 and less (I don’t remember precisely how much though), hence its popularity with DVDs etc

  3. I don’t know what Barak Obama has to do with this:
    “It sets a president for price reductions”
    but I assume you meant to say:
    “It sets a PRECEDENT for price reductions”

    Ezy misteak 2 maik ! LOL

  4. The channel Islands do not have VAT however if it imported to a UK address it could be liable for VAT at customs

  5. Good question, no idea at this time, not all major retailers have 2 year warranties available, but most independents do, just depends on the distributors deal, i.e. whether they paid more for that cover from Humax.

  6. Steve – thanks for that. What is your opinion of a box refurbished to Grade A standard by a manufacturer of Humax’s standing?

  7. Tony,

    From the description, they are customer returns. My understanding is that they are obliged under the distance selling act to accept returns from people so I guess they are sourced mainly from that. They have a years warranty (rather than the 2years for the brand new ones) but over 1/3rd off the price.

    I purchased a 9300T-500Gb from them just before Christmas and they delivered it quickly so they get my vote for reliability on that side.

    I think if I was looking for one now I would get the grade A, especially with the HDPVR out now.


  8. i got the £89 humax foxsat from humax direct and i have had no probs with it .apart from a few creases on the packaging (which could have been done while in transit ) it was as new-not a scratch on it and all acsessorys were new -so for me it was a great deal saving me £50 😀

  9. I see that the release date on has now been pushed back to 27 April, I guess because the offer’s so popular?

  10. According to their product page, John Lewis have “more than10 in stock” at £292, free delivery, 2 year warranty. They’ve got one less now, as I just ordered one.

  11. Phew – placed an order at 7am this morning with for £249.99. Got an order confirmation back at that price so I hope they honour it.

    Although the confirmation of the pre order came back the wording looks like they might be able to wriggle out of it if they really wanted to.

  12. Play have proved another waste of time, they must get their marketing policy from Dixons. From my experience of Play they never honour anything! I still can’t understand why Humax can’t get any units into the shops so I can pick one up, maybe worth waiting for the Panasonic now, they have the ability to get stock into the shops.

  13. Just ordered from Dixons, so we’ll see how bad they are! Current price is £284.99 and if you put MARCH10 as a voucher code, that’s take it down to £274.99 delivered, may help others still looking.

  14. Interesting to see Sky’s reaction – big marketing campaign for Sky+ HD, and cutting their box price to £49. Is this simply a reflection of the economic times we’re in, or are they getting worried about the potential impact of Freesat on their revenues?

  15. I don’t think the Sky deal is as good as it seems. It’s £49 for the box and then you have to take a HD subscription for 12 months. I think you can get the first month free and free installation if you are a new customer but that still means the minimum first year cost is about £335. Even after the first year you still need to keep paying £10 a month otherwise all you end up with is a reciever without the PVR functionality.

  16. Brady – the $ky deal also includes free broadband and free phone calls. It also gives access to HD channels which are never likely to appear on Freesat. The free installation, with a multi-outlet LNB and the extra cabling represents a saving of almost £110 as compared to the equivalent Freesat set-up. If you currently have a dish with a single LNB, the cost of changing to a twin or quad LNB and adding extra cabling will not be trivial, otherwise all you end up with is a reciever without the PVR functionality.

    If you’re buying an HD TV from them, E-Buyer will sell you a $ky+ box for £29 if you take out $ky HD sub.

  17. Just bought one from Dixons using the march10 discount, arrived 3 days later. it is obviously a refurb which wasnt stated a purchase, the front plastic screen has hundreds of scratches on it, they are picking it up 2morrow and desptaching a new one (hopefully)

  18. Tony, Dixon’s as far as we are aware don’t sell refurb units, are you sure you haven’t just made the common mistake of thinking it’s second hand due to scratches, which in fact are just on the plastic film covering the front panel, not actually on the display itself? You just need to remove the film.

  19. Really tried hard to look for the plastic film but couldnt find it, looking at another review somewhere else it seems that it is the answer. have given dixons a shout and will get the magnifying glass out tonite

  20. What a dope!!! As you said, plastic film in place, wasnt very obvious but should have known better, I moan at my missus for leaving the plastic film on her mobile screen!!! cant fault dixons customer service in this case though,they were excellent.

  21. Hi I just rang Play and they say they are going to honour the original price so fingers crossed.

  22. Dixons Customer Service – not quite so good as Tony has found… My box arrived from them packaged with no more than a piece of plastic film around the original Humax box, clearly the DHL boys had been playing catch with it, one stoved in corner and the front flap (with the clear film still intact!!!) has the bottom left corner broken off – hugely annoying. The Dixons gent arranged collection just fine, however he now tells me it’s end of line and no more stock due anytime soon – I tried explaing how it can’t be end of line since it’s barely past beginning of line but all fell on deaf ears. This means I’m now back to square one again trying to find the best price for the box with someone who has current stock. Dixons and Currys are not showing stock as of now…

  23. There’s someone on Ebay with a whole bunch for sale @ £250 plus free postage. Dunno if it’s for real but he’s sold 7/20 so far by the looks of it.

    Hope this helps. Personally I’m not sure I’d risk Ebay as I would like to know where to return it to in case of a fault. Would Humax fix it ? How long is the warranty ?


  24. Just had a further look, £15 extra off if you collect, free delivery (recorded delivery on insures up to £36!!!!!), total £235…then take off paypal/ebay charges…too cheap…plus the warranty is with the retailer, i.e. person you buy from, Humax may not assist in this case.

  25. Looks like those Ebay boxes were genuine! He’s received +ve feedback from 3 or 4 people so far.
    Amazing price at £240 BNIB delivered. But I do still worry who would pick up any warranty claims ?

  26. They recovered half from what we believe, those on ebay have been reported just in case, as at that price they have not been bought at a price the official channels would offer.

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