Poll: How Many Freesat Receivers Do You Own?

Following the success of previous polls, we thought it was time for a new poll to be introduced.

This one focuses around the number of Freesat receivers (both digital boxes and integrated televisions) you own, as quite often when sales figures are released (over 1 million sales since launch), we get questioned on how many potential households this actually is; this is the best way we can think of capturing a good indication.

The poll is down the left hand side of this screen, make sure your vote counts!

41 thoughts on “Poll: How Many Freesat Receivers Do You Own?”

  1. Don’t understand the question: Have 1 TV with F/S tuner built in and 1 recorder with 2 tuners built in (both connected). How many does that make?

  2. Physical products, not tuners, so if you have one integrated television, and one receiver/recorder, you have two total.

    A twin tuner receiver doesn’t class as two sales, just one.

  3. Indeed it is Admin.
    TV reception is shocking here, so freesat was the only option.
    2 Humax.
    7 are Sky boxes (without channel 5) need advice on that please?
    8 are bush

    2 of the bush boxes have died today!

  4. I have one freesat hd pvr and have just brought a freeview hd pvr just because of the CH4HD issue!

  5. Just the one (In my bedroom). The living room has Virgin TV XL for the family but I’m more than happy with the selection Freesat offers (especially the HD World Cup at the moment).

  6. I have 1 x humax foxsat hd, 1 x humax foxsat hdr and a panasonic tv with freesat tv. I also bought my parents a foxsat hdr so have voted on their behalf aswell.

  7. Remember this survey isn’t representitive as us people who read this web site are advocates of Freesat so we are all likely to own more than one box.

    Perhaps a representitive survey would be a survey card included with every Freesat box sold. But they you’d only pickup people who fill in surveys ….

  8. @ Mark Delaney

    Appreciate what you are saying but only a small minority of the 10,000 unique visitors we receive a day actually post comments on news stories we publish; so we could assume many others are merely looking for information on Freesat, or have purchased Freesat and want to know more.

  9. I have two Humax Freesat twin tuner PVRs, one in my lounge and one in the bedroom, I am very pleased with both of them. Alf

  10. I have purchased two Humax. One at the start which packed up after 5 months with picture break-up. (I couldn’t return it and got no reply from the Humax web site.) This should have put me off Humax, but I then purchased a HDR when it came out, which works fine. Pity about the money I threw away on the first one. I hope Humax are listening.

  11. Have just changed from sky to Freesat so have most of our friends,just think of the money we all save.

  12. There isn’t a “zero” option for visitors looking to gain information on Freesat prior to purchase……………….which is what I did.

  13. How about none? Had to ditch Freesat becuase it does not match up to Freeview. I owned a Humax Fosat PVR recorder but sold it because the Freesat standard definition picture quality is dreadful compared to Freeview, the Freesat EPG too clunky and no pictue in picture for the EPG. And now there’s more HD channels on Freeview! That say’s it all about Freesat’s development programme.

  14. @29 On the whole the SD picture quality I get on Freesat is excellent. HD is better but HD programmes on SD channels look pretty good. Freeserve on the other hand is very poor and suffers a lot from pixellation ,picture freezing and loss of sound.Maybe you had a faulty Freesat box?

  15. Have one-Humax HD box-brilliant. To Paul-13-just do a forced download, C5 is still FTA.on Sky. Check with Melksham satelites website for instructions.

  16. Damian @ 29. Why do you come here.

    I have 1 redundant Sky HD + box and 1 FTA HD receiver plus my true Freesat HDR box.

    All the receivers are capable of receiving the Freesat channels but only one has the Freesat EPG.

    So do I have 3 receivers or just the 1 ? .

  17. @31 The SD boxes must be cheap because most folks want an HD box either to match their TVs or for future proofing and the bonus is BBC HD!

  18. @ Damian 29

    I don’t know why you would ditch your Freesat box. I dare say you will regret that decision when the Freeserve transmitter fails! It is a good idea to have backup.

  19. I gave my Humax Foxsat PVR recorder to my parents who were in need of a PVR. Perhaps it’s because I have a Topfield PVR that gives me such an excellent SD picture quality using Freeview compared to the ability of the Humax Foxsat PVR recorder using Freesat. You will have to take my word for it as I wish I could show you how poor the SD quality was on my 52″ Sharp Aquos.

    I still can’t understand why there isn’t a picture in picture for the EPG provided by Freesat so that you can continue to watch TV while you flick through the progamme schedules? And the number of HD channels on Freesat at the moment is still stuck at two (ignoring Luxe HD). We have been promised Channel 4 HD for how many years? More HD channels oin Freeview. Who would have thought it! Get your act together Freesat!

  20. I totally agree with Damian@36, which is why I have put my FreeSat HDR in my bedroom and now have a FreeView PVR in the lounge. When I first brought my FreeSat box over 18 months ago I never imagined that FreeView would end up having more HD channels then FreeSat and I must say that the picture quality on CH4HD is excellant.

  21. Oyodi @ 37,

    I have PVR’s on both platforms as well and they are both equally as good as each other.

    That said let’s hope it remains so when the other HD channels get added this year and next to make up the 5 channels. Lets hope the Freeview HD channels don’t suffer with throttled byte rates like the SD channels are.

    For this reason my HDR wont be going any where for quite awhile yet.

  22. Chris K @ 38
    Yes I agree, which is why I have kept my FreeSat PVR by placing it in the bedroom, as I can always return it to the lounge if the FreeView HD quailty suffers from thottled bitrate when more HD channels come on stream.

  23. @36

    Re picture in picture for EPG on Freesat. There is a function on my humble Bush Freesat receiver which still displays the TV program in a window if you select the channel selection. It does not not give the EPG at the same time but I’m sure there must be some receivers that do

  24. Replying to Kevin Ver1,

    I don’t think any Freesat top boxes provide a picture in picture for the EPG becuase unlike Freeview, the Freesat EPG software or its specification is controlled by Freesat. This is my understanding but I am not 100% ceratin that this is the case.

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