Poll: Which HD Channel Would You Like On Freesat Next?

We have launched a new poll on the left hand side of the page asking which HD channel you would like to see on Freesat next.

The key thing here is that we’ve picked channels that are most likely to join Freesat in the future; from the main stream UK broadcasters.

We know Channel 4 are in discussions with Freesat into bringing C4HD to the platform soon, but is this the HD channel you’d most like to see?

Don’t forget to vote, and by all means leave comments specific to this post below.

206 thoughts on “Poll: Which HD Channel Would You Like On Freesat Next?”

  1. #200 HD Sceptic

    I also watched Garrow’s Law and The Sky at Night. The first program being in HD.

  2. Film 4 hd has to be put on freesathd and channel d hd and ulster tv hd for the folks in n ireland fivehd and five usa and fiver and dave should be forced on to it by ofcom and sky 3 also and sky newshd and e4 hd and sky should not be alowed to buy any more satilite space for at least two years or more and freesat to buy them and ouest to be put on freesat

  3. s£y is scamming ITV C5 C4 on there hd format and scamming all customer of freesat and freeview aswell about blocking channel going on to freesat contacted your mp as i have and i have contacted oft

  4. @conor mcdermott

    ITV have their HD channel on Freesat, the other ITV channels are on Sky only because of a decision ITV made, no one else. C4 HD is coming in April and Channel 5 HD cannot gain the right broadcasting space.

  5. Viking272 said:
    Wow, Ashes highlights on ITV4HD would be awesome – if we play well!
    But seriously my preferences are C4HD and ITV4HD a close second.
    I really thought ITV with their part backing of Freesat would of been keen to put all their HD channels on this platform rather than do a deal with $ky. Very poor show ITV

  6. It would be better to have all Sky HD channels so then people can access them if they want to. It is good news about BBC1+1. What about BBC1 America as well?

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