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Nov 18 2010

We have launched a new poll on the left hand side of the page asking which HD channel you would like to see on Freesat next.

The key thing here is that we’ve picked channels that are most likely to join Freesat in the future; from the main stream UK broadcasters.

We know Channel 4 are in discussions with Freesat into bringing C4HD to the platform soon, but is this the HD channel you’d most like to see?

Don’t forget to vote, and by all means leave comments specific to this post below.

206 Responses to “Poll: Which HD Channel Would You Like On Freesat Next?”

  1. bryan Says:

    I voted for ch4hd but I would have voted for stvhd had I been given that option.


  2. Roger D Says:


    One for you here, you say that
    “we’ve picked channels that are most likely to join Freesat in the future; from the main stream UK broadcasters.”
    Could you rate them in order of when you think they may come to Freesat?


  3. admin Says:

    @Roger D

    Blimey, that is a tough one. Would probably say C4HD, Five HD then the ITV channels, but as most will know, some of these channels have sold their soul to the devil (Sky) as subscription only, so the only way to get them on Freesat would be with the continual growth of the platform and sales figures.


  4. Roger Says:

    (A different Roger…)

    There should have been an option for “None of the above”.

    As far as SD goes, I don’t watch any of the listed ITV offerings at all and Five and 4 only when there’s a programme of particular interest being broadcast. As for the HD hype, well….

    Talking about SD vs HD, I watched the animation “Open Season” on Five SD last Sunday and endured continuous encoding artefacts throughout the film. Did they purpously broadcast a degraded version to “encourage” viewers to invest in an HD subscription?


  5. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Well I voted for itv3 as it is the comercial chanel I watch most. I do like a Good Poirot……………….Content is King and I like its retro content. Chris :)


  6. Adam Says:

    Sky and ITV have an exclusivity agreement for ITV2/3/4HD, so the likelihood that they will appear on Freesat anytime soon is very low.

    Hopefully, C4HD soon and considering the change of ownership and rejoining Project Canvas/YouView, Channel 5 HD will not be too long either.

    E4 HD is a potential one for the future.


  7. Jason Says:

    For me Film4HD would trump these, and maybe E4HD ( of the current non-paid SD channels)


  8. Al Catraz Says:

    Well, of the list I voted FIVE as they have a number of US series that “she who must be obeyed” likes to watch, and I believe most are made in HD so would not be upscaled.
    I only ever watch ITV4 when the motor racing is on, and rarely venture into ITV2 or ITV3, so none of those would concern me if they stay SD-only.
    If I were allowed to choose any channel, I’d like to see BBC2HD before any of those in the poll, or at least a BBC HD with something other than “HD preview” all flippin’ day!


  9. Shaun Says:

    Five HD !

    Was kind of hoping that Fiver and Five US (as SD) would have joined Freesat’s lineup by the end of this year !


  10. Neil Says:

    C4HD is the one which will do it for me as it’s the channel I watch most often, according to the votes it seems it’s definitely wanted too! I would guess we’ll possibly see Film4HD and E4HD before any other ITV channels or Five HD as they are all tied in to exclusivity deals. There could be a remote possibility of an ITV2HD via the red button but depends on what deal ITV have made with Sky.


  11. Viking272 Says:

    Wow, Ashes highlights on ITV4HD would be awesome – if we play well!
    But seriously my preferences are C4HD and ITV4HD a close second.
    I really thought ITV with their part backing of Freesat would of been keen to put all their HD channels on this platform rather than do a deal with $ky. Very poor show ITV


  12. Paul Says:

    Hi all

    The sentiment is good on the poll – but how about the option for none of them!

    I am afraid not one of these channels “ring my bell” in SD let alone HD, But I know others are gagging for all or any.

    An individual “none” would also give an indication of the broad opinion of the ITV / Ch4 stable and the HD option. As I had no other choice and of course I would like to see more HD channels in general, I plumped for the Ch4 option.

    Sad I know



  13. mike.t. Says:

    i’d like to see BBc 2, 3, 4 go HD as this is possible


  14. admin Says:

    Ok, I’ve reset the poll to include E4 HD and Film4 HD, plus a none of the above option to keep things fair. Please vote again, sorry about that, they were admissions that shouldn’t have been missed!


  15. chris Says:

    i would like to see channel 4hd and five hd that way we will have bbc1 hd itv1hd 4hd and five hd


  16. ian Says:

    Channel4HD and E4HD would be mine, but as only one vote, i went with Channel4HD…..

    @Admin, do you know if the contract $ly has with ITV for the HD digital channels is rolling or fixed term?


  17. admin Says:


    Haven’t got access to that information sorry, but ITV made the point that they were looking for maximum revenue from these sister channels, so suspect they will have tied themselves into a fixed term deal, though having part ownership of Freesat would hopefully mean the length of contract isn’t overly long!


  18. SL Says:

    Flim 4, 5 or 4HD would do it for me


  19. Oyodi Says:

    What I want for Christmas is Ch4HD, (If Only) followed by:
    Film4HD then
    ITV4HD by mid summer so I can watch the Tour de France in glorious High Def


  20. Andy Clayton Says:

    The best option is a channel that will show a significant proportion of programmes in true HD. Upscaled HD is virtually pointless as most STBs will upscale SD anyway and make just as good a job of it as anything the broadcasters try to do.

    It’s insane IMHO to wish for ITV 2, 3 and 4 HD to come to Freesat. Most of the content on those channels is repeats so won’t be HD anyway. Let $ky keep them and only add HD channels to Freesat that are actually worth having.

    Feel free to disagree with me, of course, but that’s how I see it.


  21. satom Says:

    personally I would prefer any added new SD content channel to whatever HD copy – Hd is still nowhere near the picture quality and depth analogue tv had – so what the hype?


  22. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    I would have to say channel 4 hd as here in wales we have no channel 4 hd on freeview & the only way to get it is via sky & their unreliable sky hd boxes !

    If we already had channel 4 hd then I would vote for film 4 hd as its a good channel & would give freesat a boost to have a hd film channel. As much as i enjoy my 60’s cult tv on itv4 I see no advantage in upscaled broadcast of these programs, my bt vision box does the upscaling without the wasting bandwith, let sky pay for it & boast about how many hd channels they have !

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  23. bryan Says:

    this poll is like saying to your child ” what do you want for christmas ? ask for anything you like and if you believe hard enough santa will get it for you.


  24. mark Says:

    i would love to see 5hd and itv4hd because of the football (which is the main reason people pay for sky i would say) more football on freesat in hd would attract more customers which in turn would free more money for other hd channels in my humble opinion


  25. satom Says:

    @23 bryan

    hohoho … christmas is around the corner so why not 😉


  26. donaldaburns Says:

    freesat could set up a few channels showing documentrys and alittle sport


  27. Rother Says:

    Never mind HD get some more channels on first Fiver and Five US and Eurosport, deuche welle also best news channel


  28. Olivier Vogel Says:


    STV HD is already available! You should find it here:

    10936.00 V
    22000 5/6
    SID 3855

    And the resolution is great: 1920×1080!


  29. satom Says:

    yes but no but yes but only testing with ID 3855 and not on freesat (yet)


  30. Shaun Says:

    @9….. Food Network HD is misisng from the poll (not sure if any more SD channels that have HD are missing)

    Also perhaps, poll should include “more SD channels”, instead of “None of them” !


  31. Shaun Says:

    opps… in the above post – it should have been @14


  32. fsn6b Says:

    as there’s so many HD channels listed…. and many would like to have more than just the one choice, perhaps the vote should be rated to include additional voting.

    Perhaps, score as …

    1st Choice 10 points
    2nd choice 9 points.

    and so on


  33. Zub Says:

    Film 4 HD would be great. BBC HD channels hardly show any these days. Not bothered about Five, haven’t seen the channel for a very long time.


  34. Allen Says:

    Channel 4 HD for me.

    Does anyone know if there’s been any progress on that? I know there have been rumblings for a while, but I’ve not seen anything more concrete.


  35. Dan Says:

    I voted CH4HD. Second on my list would be Film4HD


  36. Shaun Says:

    @ 32…. my preference would be.

    Five HD,
    E4 HD,
    Film 4 HD,
    ITV3 HD,
    ITV4 HD,
    ITV2 HD,
    Food Network HD,
    CH4 HD (only last, as I can access this on Freeview HD)


  37. Rob F Says:

    IMHO, if FreeSat wants to give people an actual reason to get/use their platform they will do everything in their power to air as many movies and as much Sport in HD as they can get their hands on. Those are what will draw people that otherwise really have only one option… Sky.

    I voted Film4 simply because it is the best Movie channel currently available FTA and I’m more interested in Movies than sport.


  38. Rob F Says:

    Oh and for those of you voting up things like ITV3/4 etc, perhaps you should consider what value having those channels taking up a rare HD slot on the satellite really adds? How much REAL HD content do they actually air? Someone even said they like the retro content! Do you think that’s HD?

    HD slots are hard for FreeSat to secure, I hope they get used for services that genuinely take advantage of being HD.


  39. HD-Sceptic Says:

    As we have been reminded above, ITV2,3,4 HD have given exclusive rights to $ky, so their inclusion on Freesat will not be an option for some years. In any case, they seem to rely on old material which was recorded long before HD was invented.- why are we voting on them?

    As DSO progresses nearly everyone will have access to Freeview. BBC1, BBC-HD, ITV/STV and Ch4-HD are all available on the Freeview platform and seem to be working well. Your poll seems to be aimed at a generation which is not used to being told they can’t have things!


  40. Anders Says:

    I have voted for Film4 HD… would love to see the movies in HD, that would be cool since there are not that many movies shown in HD on freesat channels…
    And after that i would love to see another channel arrive: Food Network HD 😀


  41. admin Says:

    @Rob F

    Freesat don’t secure slots for any broadcaster, they must organise space themselves on the right satellite beam to broadcast FTA; Freesat will offer a slot to anyone meeting the relevant broadcasting conditions.


    Appreciate and respect that you don’t see HD as anything special (and I sit on the fence as the quality of HD isn’t great for most channels) but HD plays a very big part in consumer decision, which is why this poll is relevant.


  42. Neil Says:

    #34 – Allen: I believe there’s negotiations going on, exactly what though is anyone’s guess! The BBC advertised the available bandwidth in Broadcast Magazine (an industry publication) a couple of weeks back, I’d assume to make it fair, and being the BBC, they have to be transparent so therefore do have to officially advertise it, even if they already have a suitable candidate to rent this bandwidth. Speaking with C4 Viewer Enquiries recently they said and I quote “they want to get the channel on to every platform but bandwidth (on Astra 2D) was what is holding them up with getting on to Freesat”.

    Following the BBC reshuffles there has now been a solution to this bandwidth issue for C4, it’s just a wait and see game now as to if and when it will appear. My guess is that the BBC wouldn’t have done all these reshuffles if they’d not done their homework first to see who’s interested as BBC1HD would have fitted on 10847V along with the existing BBCHD without having to move the existing 2x BBC1 sub-regions.


  43. DDT Says:

    Never mind which HD channel? How about something useful like getting ITV Player up and running?


  44. Rich Says:

    @ DDT # 43

    I’ve got a Panasonic blu-ray recorder freesat thingy, and it’s absolutely brilliant…but, I’ve still not got iPlayer!

    I really like freesat; brilliant picture on most SD channels; I’ve got Freeview built in to the TV and the picture quality is far superior on the Freesat box on the same TV. I don’t know if the Freesat box is better at upscaling the picture. I would like to have Channel 4HD, just to make it equivalent to Freeview (although there is no freeview HD where I live yet).


  45. Tony Says:

    @ 27 Rother
    Im totally with you on this one. Let’s get our priority’s right. Never mind HD , 3D , Hyper HD. & Super Dooper 3DD. Let’s get the SD channels firstly in order.. We need the missing sd channels from freeview moving over to freesat before we get onto HD channels. And yes I know some are tied.

    Too much HD content is just up scaled anyway!

    Once all good quality SD channels have come aboard the free ship then let’s look a little further ahead . We will never see a massive increase of HD channels on this platform until alot more potential people jump on board Freesat. Not nice but very true.


  46. Allen Says:

    @Neil #42

    Thanks for that. Definitely sounds like something is happening – and it really has to be 4HD, doesn’t it? I’m sure the government involvement in C4 will mean they have to get it to all the HD platforms.


  47. Kev Says:

    Hi all i voted film 4 HD but end of the day any new channel is a bonus


  48. barrie Says:

    My vote goes to E4 with its consistently high quality programming. Misfits has to be one of the best drama series in years.

    On a different note perhaps you could do a poll on what type of channels Freesat should try and attract. For me I would love to see StarTV type channels that include Asian movies (chinese/korean/japanese). I would also like to see another rock music channel that isn’t quite as heavy as Scuzz!


  49. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #41 – admin

    Thanks for the reply. As regards “HD plays a very big part in consumer decision”, the recent report on $ky take-up showed only a quarter of their subscribers had opted for HD. And. ever since Freesat launched, if you go shopping for kit it has been difficult to find SD boxes. Customers who have been conned into buying HD kit, then finding there are hardly any HD channels, will naturally be peeved. This forum caters for a small, vocal, mainly young audience. I believe that we, as a group, are far from typical of the mass audience which the broadcasters have to please. Have you noticed the lack of female votes in the debate so far?

    That said, it is fun to have a poll like this as long as none of us takes it too seriously. It is a way of getting things off our chests – but why do people keep telling us how they have voted? That.s what the scorecard is for. Who cares that I rate BBC4 way ahead of E4? At the end of the day, unless Emma follows this thread and attaches serious weight to it, it’s just like chewing things over in the pub on a Friday night (and missing New Tricks and The Mentallist.)


  50. admin Says:


    This site was never intended as anything other than the kind of pub chat you mentioned; I don’t take it too serious, though the site does represent Freesat and presumably in a way in which Freesat themselves are happy with, as they do monitor the posts, comments etc and Emma Scott herself visits from time to time too (hi Emma!).

    Polls are nothing but a bit of light hearted fun, but if they can in some way influence broadcasters and Freesat, then they are worthwhile doing on that off chance. We know some previous polls have been used to get results.

    Agree that the demographic using this site is likely to be more technology savvy etc, but I doubt the large majority of those buying HD receivers have retrospectively thought “hang on, I should have got an SD box really”.


  51. R Guest Says:

    Hi i would love to see SKY NEWS in HD or ITV3 HD


  52. Neil Pritchard Says:

    Would like to see History & Discovery Channels added – if possible in HD! Am soon having a Humax Freesat+ box installed and really looking forward to easier recording!


  53. Graham Says:

    I would like to see DAVE on Freesat as well as Channel 5 in HD.
    ITV HD is a waste of space!


  54. admin Says:


    Dave isn’t part of the poll, nor is it available in HD.


  55. Jon Says:

    Admin, have you heard any rumours about C4HD coming to freesat? Freesat have confirmed ‘soon’ on their twitter feed a few months ago, but how long is ‘soon’ in the world of freesat?


  56. Neil Says:

    Allen – Yep, I’m hoping so! I can’t really see who else would want it as they are either already onboard Freesat or tied in with Sky. ITV could put another region on there in HD but that would be a waste of the bandwidth in my and many others opinion!

    On the subject of Freeview channels which are currently tied in with Sky (Dave etc), I wonder on what terms their encryption deals last for? It must be tempting for them to break free and go on to Freesat when Astra 1N launches and provides much needed extra spot-beam capacity from next Summer. In essence, Astra could switch the UKTV bundle from widebeam to spotbeam and put certain channels FTA, by which time I reckon Freesat will be well past the 2m sales mark anyway. All depends on how long Sky’s contracts are for and potentially if the Virgin Media 50% share of UKTV is sold (and to who!).


  57. emsquared Says:

    4HD would be very welcome with Film4HD a close second. Failing that some kind of 4OD on demand would be great though I expect a future Freesat and YouView integration would necessitate the purchase of an entirely new box.


  58. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #38 & #39

    The comment about ITV showing programs made before HD made me laugh as the contributors clearly do not realise that many old programs are more than suitable for today’s HD TV. Many series were made on film which means the picture quality can be better than many programs recorded with HD cameras. Quite a few series have been digitised in HD such as Star Trek, The World at War, The Prisoner and Space 1999. I am sure many others will follow in due course.


  59. KeithM Says:

    The ITV2/3/4 HD & Channel 4/5 HD. would be very good if Sky Sport New HD.
    Sky 3,Living. Living it.


  60. bryan Says:

    @Olivier Vogel Says: 28

    thanks for that but stvhd is not available! if you have a grundig gufsdtr500hd on none free sat it will only load htv1hd (granada). so if you live in scotland you cant get itv1hd on the epg and have to record manually. I live in the borders so please dont tell me I can put a border post code in .I am sick that my local news is carlisle or the isle of man I go to edinburgh and glasgow often but never carlise or the ise of man so my103 is stv


  61. Francis Says:

    I would to see STVHD on Freesat, so why did it go on Freeview first ?. i have watched STVHD on Freeview and it was’nt all that exciting. So how long will it take to get BBC Scotland in HD?.


  62. satom Says:

    Off topic for all who had hopes for an independ channel to survive. Just read of the death of film 24 – handing its slot over to another media moloch: Sony acquires Film24’s Sky EPG slot and will start its own channel in early 2011. The sad end of yet another somewhat different and somewhat independend channel, Don’t know but guess the sat slot will go t sony as well … maybe for 24hours xbox tv with inline chat?


  63. Neil Says:

    satom: Just read this myself. It would be good if Sony made this new channel FTA and if SD only then there’s a possibility, depends what’s going to be on it and whether Sky’s coffers are open for them to grab in to?

    Don’t forget that those Electric Media bouquet of channels are planning a launch in the new year. I was sceptical if they would ever get off the ground but they’ve signed some content deal with ITN so reckon they’ll appear. Lets hope they join Freesat too.

    In the meantime I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for C4HD.


  64. satom Says:


    yes I hope for these too but also very sceptical they will ever appear – like the concept though. As I said would be a good one for local/regional sports away from the big money & movie rights so called sport. (Still remember when they said, what should happen if there some small adverts allowed on the shirts … that was in the days there were fe still soccer players and playground not namred sand run by and as big businesses … )

    as for film24 – as I see it sony is like abc/disney known for subscribung and merchandising everything til the hilt. Don’t see any chance of it going fta or freesat. So again one less interesting choice …


  65. Clive Says:

    When I bought a new super dooper TV I was wrongly told by the assistant that my set would receive 400 plus channels which I took with a pinch of salt. I was also told that it would pick up all the freeview stations which it doesn’t. Therefore, I think that it would be better to get some of the different stations on this platform added first such as Channel One, Sky 3, Dave, Fiver plus some of what I would call entertainment stations like Gold. I love the Horror station on Freesat and would love the sci fi channel. A lot of the stations on freesat are duplicated i.e music stations ( not vintage) religious and all the adult stuff. I would expect that rather than having to vote that all stations if available should be added. Would it be possible to have more USA main large entertainment format stations.


  66. Geoff P Says:

    I would have voted for ITV Iplayer if it were listed then C$ but it is likely that C4 will join, hence I chose C5.


  67. kes Says:



  68. Frank Says:

    Not in the poll is Radio.

    I would love to listen to Radio Chill on Freesat,
    It is online at but my TV speakers are much better than my laptop so I prefer this.

    The only way I can currently get Radio Chill on Satellite is by:-

    Pressing Menu
    Selecting STB Mode in Settings,
    Changing STB Mode to Non-freesat
    Pressing Menu again
    Keying in 5422

    … and at long last I can relax listening to Radio Chill .. and it works!

    But then I have to reverse the STB Mode process to watch Freesat TV again.

    Please can you make it stress free by adding Radio Chill to Freesat?


  69. Dave R Says:

    BBC 1 Regional Programmes, ie. BBc South.


  70. admin Says:

    I think some are missing the whole point of a HD poll; HD doesn’t include ITV Player (an on demand service), nor does it include Radio (as radio isn’t HD!). The choice is from HD channels we feel are most likely to join the Freesat platform over the coming months/year.

    We need to create a post at some point advising that channels like Dave, Gold, Eurosport etc etc are all subscription channels on the satellite platform (Sky) and therefore unless there is a significant change in strategy by these broadcasters, they won’t be available on Freesat; nor do Freesat make the rules on adding channels, that is soley down to the broadcaster to decide then pay up the very reasonable EPG charge. If you want a channel adding, contact the broadcaster directly so they know.

    Please keep further comments specific to the channels listed in the poll.


  71. C14R4N Says:

    @65, Clive.
    Not really much point in adding Channel One as it is shutting down next year, and its owned by Sky, so I doubt they would allow it onto freesat anyway


  72. JayW Says:

    As with many previous comments – Not the ITV ones, as virtually all their programming is old repeats. There may be a few programmes made in HD, including the few Soccer matches on ITV4, but hardly enough to make it worthwhile to create an HD slot for mainly upscaled programmes.

    The “4” channels & 5 would be best – but I am not holding my breath. I suspect that I will need to wait until 2012 when I can get C4 on Freeview in my region


  73. Russ Says:

    I voted C4 HD, I have a panasonic PZ81 which has both freesat & freeview receivers. We can receive freeview in my area but I have never bothered to connect to my ariel mainly due to the fact I only have one tv point in both my lounge and bedroom, and I hate cables running around the skirting boards. However I am very satisfied with freesat and am quite happy to be patient until further HD channels are added. As freesat sales increase I am sure more channels will see this platform as a vehicle to gain access to a larger share of viewers and advertising revenue.


  74. Al Catraz Says:

    70: maybe my suggestion wasn’t such a good idea after all. If this was a pub chat, I think I’d have gone to the bar for another pint by now! 😉


  75. Frank Says:

    With respect, the HD specification includes surround sound.,857-2.html.

    My request for Chill Radio was made in this context so please can you have another look at this?


  76. HD Says:

    The space used by ITV HD (& some more) should now be available, enough to launch a good 2 HD channels on, maybe freesat could offer this to some smaller channels like BET HD or Food Network HD they’d be able to launch in HD… the bigger ones (ie ITV, C4, Five) would have rights issues with this widebeam anyway.


  77. admin Says:


    Space used on the Astra2 and Eurobird1 satellite beams are not sold by Freesat, nor Sky, or any other satellite based platform, they are owned and leased by SES, or the existing broadcaster. Freesat sell a slot on the EPG (TV Guide), nothing more.


  78. HD Says:

    Admin thats wrong, Freesat leases an entire transponder, which now has space free. Just look at Men & Movies… freesat exclusive & on the freesat transponder, i dont know if freesat offer channels cheaper slots than say arqiva, sky or however, certainly a good opertunity…


  79. mediaman Says:

    ITV 1+1 is launching soon for viewers in England. Channel 3 and STV won’t allow them to launch in Scotland at this moment in time. All to do with show’s like X factor which STV gets ad Revenue from and ITV trying to steal the revenue from Scotland. Apparantly they are trying to work a deal but it does not look good for this channel.

    STV HD and CH4 HD would be a good Christmas present.


  80. satom Says:

    that one is npt on astra 2b but eurobird 2 (owned and space rented out by eutelsat) and is NOT to be used by freesat channels broadcasting FTA due to american greed, aka copyright issues. FTA channels with copyrighted materials only can be transmitted via astra 2d tps


  81. admin Says:


    As satom has aluded to, Freesat space is specific for their use on Eurobird1, it isn’t suitable for UK broadcasters looking to make their channels FTA; these would need to be on Astra2D which Freesat have no control over.

    Freesats EPG charge is much cheaper than Skys.


  82. Keith G Says:

    I can’t see a lot of difference between SD and HD exceopt that the sound is louder. And the SD channel numbers are easier to remember – 1,2,3,4,5.


  83. Oyodi Says:

    @Keith 82
    The differance between HD & SD does not make to much differance on TV’s under 28″ but on 32″ and above it is quite remarkable, especially on 50″ tv’s and above.


  84. HD Says:

    @80 & 81 which is what i said in my first post, suitable to smaller channels allready broadcasting FTA (in SD) on Eurobird 1, these might not have a big budget to spend on a HD feed, but freesat could help them and in return get more HD content.


  85. satom Says:


    why should freesat do that? theres no reason, not enough demand for that and freesat don’t have and are not ment to have the money needed for that

    anyone who was used to the picture depth, clarity and fine details of analogue broadcasting will never see any difference between digital Sd and digital HD since both is far worse than analogue – just better to encrypt to stop at non natural borders and to sell new equipment.Netx step 3D only receivable tganks to the new system, with special 3D Tv sets …


  86. admin Says:


    It isn’t Freesats responsibility to aid broadcasters in setting up HD channels on available frequencies, as Freesat don’t sub-lease space out, that is the responsibility of the satellite owners such as SES only. Yes minor channels can broadcast from Eurobird, as they are not restricted by the narrow beam needed for our major 5, but Freesat don’t have and cannot offer this incentive.


  87. ian Says:

    HD on my 22″ telly looks good tbh!

    ahh yes, the debate about where space is from and who owns what! :-)


  88. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Frank, you need some Hi-Fi in your life if you like radio and are able to put up with most TV Speakers. Get an internet radio and you wont have to have the TV on all the time as well. But this is Off topic sorry all.
    In 10 years time we will wonder what all the HD fuss was all about. Chris :)


  89. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #88 – Chrislayeruk
    No need to wait 10 years – I’m wondering what the HD fuss is about already!


  90. Richard Crichton Says:

    BBC HD channel should morf into BBC2 HD instead of showing previews all day until 4.00pm Mon-Fri which is just a waste bandwidth.


  91. ian Says:

    #90, yes, why have the channel if you dont begin untill 4pm, its a waste of bandwidth and space, im pretty sure the BBC have shows they can put out before 4pm!

    @HD Sceptic, why do you slate HD so much? fair enough everyone has a different point of view, but you just hate it no??


  92. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #91 – ian

    Admin pointed out earlier that this forum was meant to be fun, like a Friday night debate in the pub. Unless you accept that everyone has a different point of view, keep out of the pub!

    I feel that too many of the posts here are trying to rush HD – probably because they were conned into buying the gear before a credible service was on offer. Also, too many posts seem to be putting HD before content. If a programme is cr*p, HD won’t save it. Apart from the “Big Five” terrestrial channels, hardly anyone is making new programmes – they are all showing repeats. Come the weekend, they show back-to-back repeats of what they’ve already repeated.

    I feel we should get the quality and content right in SD, then improve the definition where the content justifies it. I followed the debate about the BBC1-HD DOG with interest and I now see the value of it – it reminds me that what I am watching is “HD” when I start to doubt it.

    I hope this helps!


  93. Dan Says:

    Although new HD channels is great news i agree with what comment 27 had to say freesat needs channels like fiver,five us, dave and also channel one. Now if all these channels came to freesat, Well freesat would own Freeview HD withou a doubt


  94. admin Says:

    Not sure I can physically keep explaining why channels like Dave won’t be available on Freesat for a very long time!!!!


  95. Oyodi Says:

    I think the confusion about channels like Dave is that people see it is available on FreeView so can’t understand what you mean when you say it cannot be available on FreeSat for a very long time!.


  96. Oyodi Says:

    To add to the above, I believe that all tv equipment should now have Freeview and Freesat built in like Panasonic, then people will have the best of both worlds and receive all of the free to air broadcasts available, HD & SD.


  97. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @92 HD Sceptic

    I can understand your argument of HD verses content, however I think your arguments are fatally flawed. Firstly you have pointed out in various posts that your eyesight is not HD standard so you are unable to appreciate the true difference in picture quality. I can tell the difference very quickly, for example last night I noticed in less than 10 seconds that I was watching QI in SD thanks to Stephen Fry’s tie.

    Secondly I do not believe you understand the rationale behind making programs in HD. How do program makers know if a program will be a critical success? Take Downton Abbey. its creators possibly thought it would attract a modest audience which would be fine as sales to other countries would make it an attractive proposition. It is clear that thought HD was a worthwhile investment as it would increase the chance of selling the program.

    Thirdly the technology is here, why not use it? Nature programs have benefited greatly by utilising HD technology.


  98. Mikey Says:

    I too would have voted for stv if given the choice. When are they going to wake up to public demand?


  99. satom Says:

    @ 98 Mikey

    be happy stv at least making the afford for their public so you can get their stv hd testing without a $ky card in non freesat mode for the time beeing


  100. ian Says:

    @HD Sceptic, i find it rather funny you think i do not respect others opinions, if you had a read of what i put in the post asking you if you just out-right hate HD, you will also clearly see that i said ”fair enough everyone has a different point of view” which is not slapping down you or anyones views, feelings and/or opinions!!
    I am also fully aware that, as stated by a very pe’d off admin (why is dave not on freesat!!!!!) that the threads on here are to be treated like a pub chat, if you dont like, dont come for a pint, well, all due respect, your the one who obviously needs to pass on the pint, as all you do slate HD, and will not allow others here to voice the fact they, like me and thousends of others, enjoy High Definition television broadcasting! dont bitch slap a comment just because it is something you disagree with!!


  101. Alan Says:

    I agree if a programme is rubbish then HD will do nothing to improve it, however we should embrace the new technology and not knock it.

    Like many others on here I enjoy watching programmes in HD and if some are sceptical about it then thats up to them but they do need to respect other’s opinions.


  102. Dave Says:

    Can we have a survey on the deletion of channels, and the use of favourites?

    Some boxes seem to allow deletion of channels and others dont. Have you deleted 101 and 103 yet?

    Or a survey on the substitution of 101 and 103 for 108 and 119?


  103. Neil Says:

    101 still serves me a use for regional news, 103 would if I didn’t live in the North West (where we are lucky to have ITV1 Granada HD) so for most the SD equivalents still a purpose!! Advertising is still heavily regionalised so I’m sure ITV’s advertisers would like you to watch 103 too!


  104. Tony Says:

    @102 Dave
    That would only be useful on SD boxes with HD but with so many people not having hd as an option i’m afraid I can’t see this happening for the foreseable future.
    People are still not getting the HD hype & it’s not really suprising with the lack of proper hd content .
    It will be a pretty long time before HD becomes the norm..
    As for 3D ….. Well enough said & good luck to all the companies spending so much on a dead duck..(only to be seen by a few subscribers) 3D will never be free… Well that’s my opinion anyway.
    By the way whens the Happy Hour.. I’m loving the pub !


  105. bryan Says:


    Tony never mind happy hour.Get home to your wife, your dinner is in the dog.


  106. Tony Says:

    @ Bryan 105 ,

    Love your reply… I wasn’t really in the pub it was a bit of banter as to the reply given by

    50 @ Admin

    “This site was never intended as anything other than the kind of pub chat you mentioned; I don’t take it too serious, though the site does represent Freesat and presumably in a way in which Freesat themselves are happy with, as they do monitor the posts, comments etc and Emma Scott herself visits from time to time too (hi Emma!).”

    Love the chat..

    Keep it up guys n gals..


  107. bryan Says:

    @Tony 106

    that was soooo funny next thing you will be telling me there is no Santa.” not really in the pub” you really had me fooled .


  108. Tony Says:

    Santa is my part time job , I start next week , Iv’e been told I can only appear in HD or 3D though , Need to go to specsavers…

    No seriously though if I had to pick between the HD channels it would be
    ITV2 (no chance) and Channel 5 (maybe but in the future).

    Now they would be a great xmas present !


  109. HD-Sceptic Says:

    I am slightly bewildered. I enter a pub debate and, because I express a slightly different point of view, I earn replies like “and will not allow others here to voice the fact they, like me and thousands of others, enjoy High Definition television broadcasting”. Even if I wanted to, how can I stop others voicing their opinions?

    I view Freesat and Freeview as partners, working together to give the UK the best possible coverage of digital TV as we move to the completion of DSO. My 50 quid Freesat box gives me access to four HD channels. BBC1, STV and Ch4 HD channels all simulcast their upscaled SD channels, with the occasional programme in native HD. I agree that some programmes have benefited from filming in HD – but a lot haven’t. BBC-HD now seems a bit of an oddity, with a selection of programmes taken from the other channels. The debate on this forum seems to be about what Freeview channels should simulcast on Freesat. I appreciate that quite a lot of people who live in big cities have not entered DSO yet, but that will happen quite soon. When that happens, everyone will have access to the Freeview-only channels like Dave and Channel4-HD.

    Much of the pub-level debate seems to be about whether Freesat can overtake Freeview – without consideration about why it should. It is on the same sort of level as whether Arsenal should beat Manchester United to the premiership title. Admin seems to be getting frustrated by people who do not read the threads before whinging about issues which have been aired many times already and are not easily solved because of contractual and copyright issues.

    Several people who post on this forum claim to speak “for thousands of others”, so I will. I, in common with thousands of others, have eyesight which is past its use-by date. Some of us can be improved with spectacles, whilst some just like to relax in front of the TV and take the picture as it comes. I do not begrudge HD channels to those who can really appreciate them. However. I would like to see more emphasis on making good programmes, with HD coming second to that. I belong to the generation which used to provide audiences of 20 million viewers regularly to popular TV shows – the content has now deteriorated to the point where they are doing well to attract 3 to 5 million. Get the content right, then add HD.


  110. gingercol Says:

    As with all hd channels it is down to content c4hd,5hd and bbc1 hd do not have a lot of actual hd content. if like me you have a sky+ hd box all programmes in hd are highlighted. very little of the above mentioned channels are highlighted .The only true hd channels are BBC hd and luxury hd as the only content shown is actual hd.


  111. Al Catraz Says:

    109 HD Sceptic: I agree with almost all you say – remember the switchover from 405 lines to 625? I guess the pub discussions would have been pretty similar then!
    I don’t completely agree about the 20 million viewers compared to today’s figures – there are now hundreds of other channels to spread the viewers across these days, so it’s not all down to poor content.


  112. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #109 HD Sceptic

    I am old enough to remember the days of 20 million viewers of a program and many of those programs were very good, however I disagree with your view that content now has deteriorated. As with all periods there are good programs and bad. The TV audience is now fragmented so it unusual to get such high viewing figures, however if we went back to just three channels I am sure many would complain.

    I agree that making programs in HD does not automatically make them better, but there are only a handful of reasons why producing them in HD makes them any worse.

    Frankly I think your comments can be a bit on the negative side. You keep bleating on about content but never give any examples of what you mean. At least I have provided examples of great HD programs. How about another example ‘Shaun the Sheep’ which is very entertaining, imaginative and appeals to a wide age group.


  113. ian Says:

    @HD Sceptic, im blind in one eye, and the other is not much cop at the best of times, however i do enjoy HD telly, if you dont, stop knocking it, voice your feelings by all means as others do, but cut out the slating of people who like and enjoy HD telly! its worn so thin, the US government think its a new W.M.D!


  114. Roger Says:


    If the programme I want to watch is on HD, and I can get it without an additional subscription, AND I remember that it’ll be on HD, then I’ll watch it. Its not worth knocking a delivery system as such, unless its complete technical c**p. However, I prefer not to use HD output when its controlled by a greedy monopolist.

    Of course, this rush to HD was driven by America and Asia – the NTSC 525 line system in use in those regions was only marginally better than the old 405 line system that we dumped in favour of PAL 625. The low end “HD” 720 standard bears the same relationship to NTSC as 405 did to PAL. Only 1080 is an improvement as far as the UK is concerned.

    How much HD output is 1080 HD vs 720 HD?


  115. Jock Says:

    #114 – Roger

    “How much HD output is 1080 HD vs 720 HD?”

    As far as I’m aware, all UK HD is broadcast in 1080i. However, a lot of TVs have to down-scale it to 720p to suit their native resolution. The long term goal, as televisions, bandwidth and compression technology improve, to move towards 1080p.


  116. Richard Crichton Says:

    @ HD ready TV’s are 720p and 1080i capable.
    Full HD TV’s do 1080p however only Blu-ray discs and the defunct HD-DVD format use 1080p.


  117. Jock Says:

    #116 – Richard Crichton

    My understanding is that HD-ready TVs have been offered for some time – and not only from the “best” makes like Sony and Panasonic. Consequently there are plenty of TVs out here in consumerland which are only capable of 720p. Of course, a serious HD buyer shopping today would look for “full HD” which is 1080p-capable.

    All plasma and LCD TVs are progressive-scan devices. Although they can cope OK with interlaced pictures, they can deliver their best when fed with a progressive picture. HD requires a lot of bandwidth. One way of keeping within the limits is to use the 720p standard but, as things have improved, 1080i has become possible. I believe that the ultimate goal is to move all HD transmissions to the 1080p standard which, as you pointed out, is already used by Blu-Ray.

    Fortunately for us, the electronics of STBs and TVs do a seamless job of up- and down-scaling signals to deliver pictures at the native rate of the display. Soon nothing less than 1080p will satisfy us – or will 3-D have taken over by then?


  118. WERT Says:

    some 1080i sets only accepts the 1080i input and most of these are 720p in resolution, which they then downscale the 1080i image to, then there’s the moving image which often makes the actuall resolution you see lower than this as an example alot of early 1080p sets only use 600-800 pixels during movement aswell. To get the full 1080i as broadcasters use you’d need the 1080p set.


  119. WERT Says:

    and 1080i 50 fps is the same quality as blu-rays 1080p 24 fps


  120. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #117 Jock

    The BBC is working on Ultra HD TV which is 4320p. Don’t expect it before 2016!

    TV is already being produced in formats at higher resolution that 1080p HD. The list includes Red Dwarf Return to Earth, the second half of the final series of ER and the new series Southland from the makers of ER. These were filmed using the Red One camera.


  121. Roger Says:

    So if you don’t have a genuine 1080p source and 1080p TV, then pretty well anything “HD” ends up downscaled to 720? It doesn’t sound much of a step up from 625, does it!


    Oh well. I was never a audiophile, the concept of gold-plated mains plugs to improve the quality of the power supply almost made me choke with laughter when I came across it, and the videophiles seem to be progressing in the same direction.

    Ultra HD? What will that downscale to???

    ps – all this upscale/downscale* reminds me of image interpolation in cheap early digicams so they could boast a higher megapixelage than the native image sensor could warrant. The results were usually dire. Obviously electronic pixel-guessing is becoming more competent nowadays, but its still just the electronics taking a stab at what it thinks should be there.

    * No, not “Upshares/Downshares”…..


  122. Alan Says:

    HD Sceptic – I totally dissagree with you about a deteriation in programme content. The programmes you refer to were from a different era. You only have to look at some of the old programmes we raved about years ago to realise now just how poor some of them were.


  123. satom Says:

    @ 122 Alan

    Sadky the important word is some – in this era the word is most. Just look at the stuff ITV and four are eminating — non stop judge judy, coach trip cookings, realty soaping with no end, how to buy a house, juk look at your home, look how they live, look the great millioaire, look the undercover boss, … juicy celebrity worship, what XYZ did next … need to say more? (Don’t even start with five)


  124. Al (Original) Says:

    I voted for Film4HD but I’d like to also see 4HD and 5HD.

    Just a little off topic, but its about time Fiver and Five US came to Freesat as well (preferably in HD format).


  125. Al (Original) Says:

    @Roger #4, I’m a little surprised that 5SD was disappointing last week. I didn’t see “Open Season” so can’t comment specifically other than to say that 5 SD is consistently the best quality of picture for me on SD.

    I think it a little over the top to suspect that 5 are deliberately degrading SD to make people subscribe to Sky.


  126. john B Says:

    Just a thought,BBC HD seems a bit lost now after the start of BBC1HD.Why not swap it for BBC NEWS HD or BBC2 HD. By the way I voted for Channel 5


  127. ian Says:

    Why BBC News HD?? most, if not, nothing the BBC use in news is HD, so to create a HD news channel is pointless, best part of 70% of what sky news outputs is only SD, but sky being sky think they are smart, when infact they are just………… (a naughty word!)


  128. Jock Says:

    #126 – john B

    BBC news is on BBC1 and BBC1 is available in HD – hence BBC news is HD.

    I didn’t think anyone watched either BBC News or the Parliament channel. Do either of them really pull a big enough audiences to justify using up scarce HD bandwidth?


  129. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #123 Satom

    The problem with HD Sceptic is that goes on about content but when I come back with examples of programs which I consider to be good he fails to reply. I have no idea of the kind of programs he likes or dislikes. He is persistent with his criticism, but seldom constructive.

    At least we know you are not a fan of reality TV. Channel do have quite a few programs I like, such as Time Team, Grand Designs etc. I even enjoy some of the reality shows such as Come dine with me (mainly due to the narration). Channel 4 still produces good quality drama and they do show some good films.


  130. raydetinu Says:

    i feel conned, when i picked freesat about a year ago we were promised lots of new hd channels soon, including itv2, c4 etc.
    then they all signed up to sky.
    then freeview hd started.
    so what is the point of freesat, unless u live the outer hebrides.


  131. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Ray, That is the point actualy. Freesat is a platform for people who struggle with Freeview. If you can get both, like me, you may as well, Best of both worlds.
    Of course, if you want to bleed on subscriptions, go subscribe. Thats the beauty of it, Choice.
    Enjoy, Chris :)


  132. robbyp Says:

    it would be great to have channel 4 and five in hd on freesat, as for itv 2,3+4 hd they’re muck in anyway let sky keep them, the greedy pigs that they are.


  133. EddieH Says:

    Ray @ 130

    If your on a Freeview relay TX then you get very little choice and Freesat gives you that choice without subscription also some people just cannot get a Freeview signal because of their location. So that is why Freesat started. HD is the normal progression of transmission standard so eventually all channels will be HD. SD will go the way of VHS..eventually.


  134. Neil Says:

    I hear today that Richard Desmond of Channel 5 has thrown his toys out of the pram at the fact Sky (aka Murdoch, his rival) are producing the news output for Channel 5. Apparently the £9m contract runs until 2012 but Desmond wants out of it early and is prepared to buy Sky out!

    Makes you wonder how well he actually gets on with Sky in other terms and whether they may break free of other Encryption contracts (for Fiver and Five USA) once they are up.


  135. bryan Says:

    I was made redundant over a year ago,over 60 ,was paying $ky £40+ a month I thought I will fill up my $ky + cancel $ky claim pension credit sit back and watch what I had recorded . well you all know what happened next !!! no pension credit cos the wife was still working. no watching what I had on S— plus cos they wanted more money of me.Then I saw the light joined freesat best move I have made since joining the original BSB we all like a wee moan I love the hd content on here and yes I would like more hd channels but thank god for freesat


  136. Mediaman Says:

    Many believe that channel 4 has bought space of the BBC to launch their HD channel but according to a few people at the BBC STV has rented space to launch their HD channel next month on Freesat in Scotland. Whatever is going on expect another HD channel on Freesat before Christmas hopefully.


  137. satom Says:

    mhm…. why would STV do that? They already use a sky tp on 2D for STV HD (10936 V) with ITV 1 Granada HD (also FTA) and ITV 1 Central Wst HD $ky


  138. Mediaman Says:

    STV need more space for next year. For what I have no idea My cousin was at a meeting last month and they were talking about taking back their ITV2 space next year and he overheard some of what was being said but I should stress that was not the meeting he was attending so all the facts he does not have at the moment.


  139. Neil Says:

    Maybe they are referring to ITV2 on Freeview for which they may want to utilise their Mux 2 bandwidth for an STV+1? I find it odd that STV would launch on the BBC’s HD mux when it’s also present on 10936V, unless ITV take this back for another ITV1 region??

    It would be a great loss if C4 didn’t take this opportunity to get on board Freesat, especially considering the increased sales figures and that their 4HD service is now available on Freeview HD (costing them more).

    My sources have given differing opinions about the whole scenario. I honestly think the whole thing is probably a closely guarded secret so in essence none of us actually know!


  140. Richard Crichton Says:

    @Ray 130
    Who promised you lots of new HD channels on Freesat about a year ago? It was certainly not Freesat themselves. A retailer perhaps?

    I say,what’s the point of Freeview no HD where I live till next June then only half the channels available on Freesat plus no option to get BBC regions.


  141. Alan Says:

    raydetinu – there has never been any promise of lots of HD channels on Freesat.


  142. mediaman Says:

    139# I thought STV +1 or possibly STV 2 but they should sort out their main channel first. Personally I am hoping for 4 HD myself.


  143. Oyodi Says:

    I have jumped ship and yesterday brought a FreeView HD PVR and I must say the quality is fantastic and its lovely to be able to watch and record Ch4 HD, even thou I already could receive Ch4HD as the TV has a FreeView HD turner built in,
    I have moved the FreeSat HD PVR in to the bedroom so I can always put it back in the lounge if and when more HD channels become available.

    I wanted a second HD PVR and after a lot of thought I went for the FreeView option because of the Ch4HD issue.


  144. DaveCov Says:

    @ ray #130
    I live in Coventry (not the outer hebrides)…it’s the central region of uk, right next to birmingham… and i cant get freeviewSD (freeviewHD isnt even planned until late 2011), so Freesat is perfect for me…it also saved me £45pm which i previously was foolishly paying to $ky.


  145. Neil Says:

    mediaman: Lets keep our fingers crossed! The other only interested party I could see would have been UTV HD but reckon there’s space earmarked for them on 10936V by moving ITV HD Central off at a later stage.


  146. Richard Crichton Says:

    I see a Freeview HD pen drive for PC’s is now available. Are there any available for Freesat?


  147. satom Says:

    @146 Richard

    with build in dish I assume?

    (sorry could not resist)


  148. Russ Says:

    I sent an e-mail to channel 4 this morning enquiring as to wether C4 HD will be joining freesat in the near future. The reply was, unfortunately, there is no spare capacity on freesat at present. If or when this situation changes we will explore the possibility. However I suppose they are unlikely to tell every Tom, Dick or Russell who enquire, ahead of making a formal announcement themselves. Still, keeping my fingers crossed !!!


  149. Neil Says:

    Russ: I got a similar response as I spoke to Viewer Enquires twice. The first call was explicitly about C4HD which was very positive (saying they hoped to have it very soon) and the second time I called regarding issues surrounding PVR recordings finishing too early. At the same time I took the opportunity to ask again about C4HD and the agent told me they want to get on-board Freesat but can’t due to lack of bandwidth.


  150. Richard Crichton Says:

    @147 satom
    I take your point but even Freeview pens mostly need an external aerial connection to work properly. Things should improve on that front after the DSO when signal strength is increased.


  151. george wood Says:

    channel 1 (used to be virgin) would be missed if we switched to freesat from sky would you be adding sometime??, and could you tell me can you use freesat on another tv in another room via magic eye like sky ??


  152. admin Says:

    @george wood

    Channel 1 is disappearing next year anyway, so won’t be available at all then. You can setup Freesat in another room, but you would need an external modulator as unlike a Sky digibox, there isn’t one built-in.


  153. Chrislayeruk Says:

    And you dont pay subscriptions……………….


  154. satom Says:

    @146 Richard

    yes but DVB-T needs smaller antenna which can be carried with the laptopd (just a metal pin of some sort) whlist for DVB-S you’ll a least need a camping version of a dish and it has to be connected to the pen by F-connector to work as it should do.


  155. Richard Crichton Says:

    @154 satom
    Indeed not practical but I didn’t mention laptop. I said PC’s :-).


  156. satom Says:

    @155 Richard

    autocue pen = laptop/notebook usually pens are used for those
    for desktop pcs I expect cards like technisat#s are a lot better more useful and make more sense


  157. ChrisK Says:

    Those voting figures don’t look good for ITV going behind a pay wall.

    ITV 2, 3 & 4 HD & SD R.I.P.


  158. satom Says:

    @ 157 ChrisK

    not really surprising seen the stuff (formerly known as programs) eminating from those … seems a bit of taste remained with some viewers ….


  159. Richard Crichton Says:

    @156 satom
    I use a Tevion Freeview pen which came with Arcsoft total media and total media theatre with my Lenovo SFF P4 3.2 which sits under my 42″ HD TV/Monitor and serves as a Freeview PVR. It saves installing a card and works very nicely as it is connected to a full size loft aerial. The Lenovo was £75 from an asset management company and makes more sense than buying a Freeview PVR. I can easily use the pen with my netbook if required which I couldn’t do with a internal card. I have another lenovo P4 3.2 which I have kitted out to play Blu-rays and Hd-dvd’s as well as fitted a Freeview card.


  160. martin Says:

    by the way there is an option for noune of them i favoure ch 5 because if they get the slot then they might bring fiver and five us to freesat as well three for the price of one back of the net


  161. satom Says:

    @ 160 martin

    someone suggested to change that option to I would like more SD instead
    but a – this poll is about HD and b – as I learned from more tekky guys for the muxx on this tp it is mandatory for every channel on it to be an HD one. Since SES deceided its better to let 2 C rott empty at a nearby sat position than use it to expand freesat space and $ky is not willing to move their programs to one of the lots of empty tpx theres no chance for new SD FTA.


  162. Neil Says:

    satom: SES have left 2C in place for a reason to provide backup support at 28.2 and 31.5E. They’ve already lost a craft at 31.5E a few years back which meant 2C had to go and provide DR support. I guess with 1G currently in orbit at that position and given it’s age SES didn’t want to take chances. Also, in the current arrangement they could move 2C to 28.2E fairly swiftly (in two/three days) if needed to provide short notice support.

    Astra 1N is launching next year with lots of extra UK spot-beam capacity. Existing wideband Txp’s on 2A and 2B can be swapped to 1N whilst keeping their same frequencies, together with 16 unused allocated new frequencies so once in service the old spot-beam issues holding channels back from Freesat should be no more!


  163. colin Says:

    Following the thread of all the arguments, it seems to me that an HD movie channel will encourage faster take up of Freesat than anything else on offer.

    I have a Panny TV with Freesat and Freeview built in so enjoy both worlds. My reason to go to Freesat was I believed that it would eventually offer more HD and more SD channels as it had greater bandwith available. Was I wrong?


  164. Neil Says:

    Nope Colin, your spot-on there. I believe it will offer more HD capacity and channels but not until the spot-beam issues are resolved in post 162 above yours.


  165. satom Says:


    As Neil already stated you’re quite on the right track. Freesat (and with the option to tune into non freesat sat channels even more) will give you greater choice. BUT keep in mind they will not always have the same bucket of channels – you might get different channel on both systems – there are various reasons from commercial (fe belonging to certain media groups) to financial keeping some channels from sat but who will offer their programs FTA on a small DVB-T regional outlet.
    So you will NOT have every channel, DVB-T offers, but over all considerably more choice.
    And with the new satellite its possible – not necessessary,since media companies are very reluctant to go on satellite (and viewer panels like gfk only consider viewing rates of their paying members so there is a very bent picture of how many people watch and listen to satellite stations) – there will be even more choice in the years to come.


  166. Oyodi Says:

    Dear Chris,
    Reply from Ch4 HD
    Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding Channel 4 HD.

    We are sorry to hear that you are unable to get Channel 4 HD on freesat, however it is not currently available on that platform. The channel will be coming to Freesat, however, at this time we have no dates to confirm when this will be. I am sorry to disappoint you.


  167. satom Says:

    so provided they aren’t just stalling that would eliminate 4HD for the time beeing – and as the buyer of that BBC space ? Seems C4 waiting for 2N at least …


  168. Richard Crichton Says:

    C4 are probably waiting for a larger audience not just for 2N which could easily fail to reach orbit or otherwise fail.
    Its like the person who never buys anything because he is waiting for something or other to come out. Lack of narrow beam space is a very convenient excuse not to go on Freesat in my opinion. If they really wanted to it could be made to happen one way or another.


  169. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    One would have thought that BBC 1 HD and ITV HD coming on line would be sufficient impetus for C4 HD to arrive on Freesat. Clearly from the poll it would make sense


  170. Neil Says:

    C4 Viewer Enquiries will have been told that this should be the standard response to these queries. Even if it was coming they wouldn’t allow their Enquiry Agents to ‘spill the beans’ ad-hoc as both Freesat and C4 would want a coordinated press release. Never say never, think the chances of it appearing this side of Christmas are now nil but it may make an appearance in the New Year.

    1N is due for launch April 2011 according to info on Lyngsat so if that’s true then C4 may wait and rent a 1N transponder from SES.


  171. Adam Says:

    Film4 first, but really all the licenced terrestrial providers could and should provide their primary channels in HD FTA even if there are financial reasons for not doing so with their secondary channels.


  172. satom Says:

    @ 171 Adam

    sorry to say so but thats a lot of unrealistic wishful thinking on your part with no regards to real economy forces – I don’t think the could and seen the relative limited demand for HD whilst they have to remain their SD versions alive and all have to be paid for, I doubt they should and risc their whole chains. HD will come, but it has to evolve – slowly.


  173. Neil Says:

    After looking at the poll results again what they do show is that there’s nearly as much demand for Film4HD as C4HD which C4 could capitalise on. If they launched Film4 HD FTA on Freesat (and Sky) I reckon they would attract a lot of viewers. HD is a marketing tool and it’s the perception that if a channel is ‘in HD’ then it must be better, at least that’s how Sky like the average member of the public to think of it! I reckon if Film 4 HD appeared FTA it would be a major sales driver for Freesat and Sky Movies subs would take a minor dent (only minor though). I think C4 have done the best thing keeping it off Satellite for the time being until, hopefully, they can launch FTA when the economics are right.


  174. satom Says:

    @ 173 Neil

    agreed 100% – Film4 HD would be/have a mayor impact for freesat. Movies are THE stuff people (at least those whose optics are not downgraded by lifelong overload of computer graphics) are bound wanting to watch in HD (apart from nature maybe). Lets hope times get better and freesat gets Fim four HD


  175. Josh Welby Says:

    I would like to see Channel 4 HD, Channel 5 HD, E4 HD and FilmFour HD join


  176. Dan Says:

    According to Freesat’s Facebook page, there’s gonig to be an announcement regarding a new channel tomorrow.


  177. satom Says:

    following some real channels one wonders if its time for another (christmas) shopping channel, birds and sofas galore or religious nutters …


  178. satom Says:

    from the freesat page:

    “media psychologist Dr Brian Young from the University of Exeter, reveals that the biggest motivation for watching TV is the opportunity to talk about it with others. ”

    wonder who would do that?

    btw: when should WTF start regular broadcasts? would they join freesat?


  179. satom Says:

    Last spuculation for now:

    “The station, called Absolute Radio 00s, will go live at 10am on December 10 ”

    my money is on that one


  180. Neil Says:

    Dan, you beat me to it!!! I wonder what this new channel could be?? Could it be what we’re all expecting??

    Satom: Absolute Radio 00’s won’t appear before Absolute Radio 90’s as that’s already on Satellite.


  181. Says:

    Im afraid there will be no free spot beam space for freesat in 2011. Just read a a long running thread at a certain sky related website which first stated following ses 2N would only be temp stationed at 28.2 and later moved to its final position at 19.2 and now shows no mentioning of 28.2 at all. Looked it up at the factory site for 1N and at lyngsat and both stated 1N 2011 19.2 E. Her the lyngsat data:

    1104 Astra 1N Ariane 5 19.2°E 55 Ku tps

    Lyngsat show NO satellite to be launched in 2011 for 28.2 E


  182. satom Says:

    Just looked a bit more. Following lyngsat the next new satellite for 28.E will be 2F in october 2012:

    1210-12 Astra 2F 28.2°E

    followed but 2E in 2013

    1301-03 Astra 2E 28.2°E

    can someone here from “the industry” confirm that?


  183. satom Says:

    apologies for the 2N typo – there is only 1N no 2N- SES astra start schedule from their website:

    ASTRA 1N, Q2 2011
    ASTRA 4B, Q4 2011
    ASTRA 2F, Q4 2012
    ASTRA 2E, Q1 2013
    ASTRA 5B, Q2 2013
    ASTRA 2G, Q1 2014

    seems more space will at the earliest come to 28.2 E in late 2012, early 2013 and 2014 …


  184. HD Says:

    More narrow beam capacity is confirmed for next year in the freesat interview on this site… Also some more information; 1N was listed as going to be at 28.2e temporary before on the SES website. Someone also found footprint for the satellite published in october


  185. Neil Says:

    Satom: 1N as far as we know is to be located at 28.2E temporarily. Yep, SES did have it listed as going straight to 19.2E but their interactive Google Earth footprint map confirms (as per the link above) it as being at 28.2E from Q2 2011 to provide up to 2yrs of extra narrowbeam capacity.


  186. satom Says:

    thanks – lets hope ses have not changed their plans since october …

    about the new channel: IF there will be a new channel to freesat I still guess it will be WTF otherwise it might be showcase 2. Can’t remember any significant channel changes apart from those. As always theres a wide offering of less appealing channels like more gross (girls reclining on silky sofas), agitated shouters or shoppers delights …


  187. satom Says:

    sorry forgot to explain the IF – the comment in a running thread on their facebooks page only states to look for a new channel announcement – which could as well be only a new announcement about some existing or awaited channel …


  188. Neil Says:

    Normally they make channel announcements together with an EPG launch which usually takes place in the morning so maybe this could be part of a bigger announcement of a new channel launch at a later stage…. the plot thickens but all will be revealed!!


  189. Phil Owens Says:

    Been keeping an eye on the Facebook page. Nowt yet


  190. Neil Says:

    Me too! No doubt admin will update the site as soon as info is released too.


  191. Phil Owens Says:

    NME radio and Rocks & Co1 have been added this afternoon….. So it says on DS..


  192. satom Says:

    the usual though 1 radio (appreciated) and 1 shopping … why does mountain and mouse comes to mind?


  193. satom Says:

    if ses astra seems to be mre interested in $ky germany and serbsat than freesat wouldn’t that be an opportunity for eutelsat to become more active at 28.5? Would be better for freesat as well for not every freesat channel to be checked by $ky before it can join freesat …


  194. Phil Owens Says:

    @ 192 satom.. mountain and molehill even lol….
    All a fuss about nowt… Come on Freesat give us something good for Christmas…


  195. Phil Owens Says:

    @ 193 satom… Do Eutelsat have the capacity at 28.5 ? They don’t seem to have any plans to bung another bird up there….


  196. Neil Says:

    NME Radio’s pretty good, would like NME TV back too!!


  197. satom Says:

    @195 Phil

    not yet but since ses does not seem to be really committed at all to this position in general and freesat in part. eutelsat could make an efford to become freesats prior partner. astra would rather position new satellites (or in case of failiure transport from 28.2) to any transsylvanian position than extend space at 28.2 it seems from their latest decisions …


  198. HD-Sceptic Says:

    It is interesting to see Ch4HD in the lead in this poll with 39% of almost 4000 votes. What is it that voters hope to watch? Last night, between teatime and bedtime, there was only one programme in HD – and that was a film. None of Ch4’s native offerings were in HD. It varies slightly day by day, but you have to look carefully to find any HD offerings. This is not a pilot service – Ch4HD is already operating full time on Freeview, Virgin and $ky.

    Whilst it is good to see how visitors to this site want to see UK TV develop, it is a timely reminder that we are not representative of the wider viewing audience.


  199. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Welcome back HD-Sceptic. Have you been on holiday? Well you can’t complain about the lack of HD tonight on Channel 4 as from 9pm ‘Any Human Heart’,’Desperate Housewives’ and ‘8 out of 10 Cats’ in glorious HD, albeit not on Freesat :-(.

    There are many other programs in HD so do not use one nights offering as a definitive example. By the way, I thought you preferred content to picture quality. Why the complaint?

    When are you going to give us a list of the programs you admire?


  200. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #199 – Kevin Ver1

    Thanks for the welcome back. I felt that this thread had sort of lost its way, so yes I took a break.

    My comments about one night’s offerings on Ch4HD were not intended to be a definitive example – merely a snapshot to support my question “why do so many people on this thread want this channel in HD when there is so little HD content?” I was not complaining.

    Yes – I rate content over the number of pixels, but my personal taste is irrelevant. I did not watch any of the programmes which you listed above and that choice was not influenced by the pixel count. On Sunday night I enjoyed the last episode of Garrow’s Law. Recently I have enjoyed a couple of repeats of Jazz 625 on BBC4 – The MJQ and Dave Brubeck. Tomorrow night I will watch “The Sky at Night” on 4. Does that help?


  201. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    #200 HD Sceptic

    I also watched Garrow’s Law and The Sky at Night. The first program being in HD.


  202. conor mcdermott Says:

    Film 4 hd has to be put on freesathd and channel d hd and ulster tv hd for the folks in n ireland fivehd and five usa and fiver and dave should be forced on to it by ofcom and sky 3 also and sky newshd and e4 hd and sky should not be alowed to buy any more satilite space for at least two years or more and freesat to buy them and ouest to be put on freesat


  203. conor mcdermott Says:

    s£y is scamming ITV C5 C4 on there hd format and scamming all customer of freesat and freeview aswell about blocking channel going on to freesat contacted your mp as i have and i have contacted oft


  204. admin Says:

    @conor mcdermott

    ITV have their HD channel on Freesat, the other ITV channels are on Sky only because of a decision ITV made, no one else. C4 HD is coming in April and Channel 5 HD cannot gain the right broadcasting space.


  205. Glyn Talbot Says:

    Viking272 said:
    Wow, Ashes highlights on ITV4HD would be awesome – if we play well!
    But seriously my preferences are C4HD and ITV4HD a close second.
    I really thought ITV with their part backing of Freesat would of been keen to put all their HD channels on this platform rather than do a deal with $ky. Very poor show ITV


  206. Glyn Talbot Says:

    It would be better to have all Sky HD channels so then people can access them if they want to. It is good news about BBC1+1. What about BBC1 America as well?


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