Pre-Order a Humax PVR from Maplin and save £25

Pre-Order a Humax PVR from Maplin and save £25This has been mentioned a few times by readers of this site, but at present, with the shortage on Humax PVR’s, it seems to best solution is to pre-order from Maplin, and save some money at the same time.

This is what you need to do:

Step 1 – Visit Maplin and click on the “Subscribe and save up to £25 off your order” in the top right corner.

Step 2 – Register an account and sign up for the newsletter…or sign up for the newsletter only.

Step 3 – Wait a few days for the newsletter to arrive via email, which will include a 20 digit code.

Step 4 – Add the Humax PVR to your basket, but because the £25 discount only applies on £300 orders or more (the PVR is £299.99), add this Radial Electrolytic Capacitors which we believe is the cheapest item at just 0.11p.

Step 5 – Wait for Maplin to process your order, and save yourself £25 (well, £24.89!!!).

Total price: £275.10

Given that obtaining stock is so difficult at the moment, why not at least pre-order and save yourself some money? Maplin have so far been honouring the orders within the time-scale indicated.

30 thoughts on “Pre-Order a Humax PVR from Maplin and save £25”

  1. With all this pantomime to get a Humax PVR, how come only 80 people voted in favour of another manufacturer supplying Freesat PVRs? Am I missing somethig?

  2. Possibly because C4HD stole the limelight. I’d imagine most want a Humax HDR over another brand, it’s just obtaining one which isn’t so easy…but our recommendation above is definitely a route worth taking. 😉

  3. I’m afraid Humax lost their chance to sell me one of their PVRs, indeed, Freesat have lost me as a potential customer altogether. It’s all too little, far far far too late. My area (finally) gets Freeview in a couple of months, I’ll be a getting a cheap Freeview PVR instead of paying ~£300 for one of these. Freesat sounded like a grand idea when first mooted about 5 years ago. Now I can’t see much point in it.

  4. I’ve been waiting to get hold of a Humax PVR for ages now, this is getting a bit silly. I think Skys current offer of £49 for a HD box, £50 of free M&S vouchers and free fitting is going to grap a few freesat customers, for those that don’t mind paying a min monthly fee of £26 in these credit crunch days.

  5. Lee B – your figures sound interesting. Can you further soften the blow by combining broadband and telephone with the $ky HD deal?

  6. You can tell that Stuart Page that if he lived in Wales Freeview would not give him BBC-2 England.Thank God for Freesat!

  7. @Tony – Short answer, yes, you get free broadband and free UK (01,02 and 03 numbers) evening and weekend calls. See for all the gory details. Remember to read the small print (there’s loads of it!). Also, remember you have to pay £9.75 per month to keep using the PVR functionality if you stop subscribing to Sky TV.

  8. AndrewM – Thanks for that. I believe that, after digital switchover (when Freeview gets all the bandwidth and all the power), HD services will be added to Freeview. A start might be made later this year. According to the Digital Television Group ( “The regulator has reserved capacity for HD services on Freeview for ITV, UTV, stv, Channel TV, and Channel 4 and S4C.” (what no Beeb?).

    To get the most out of a £300 Humax box I would have to get my LNB upgraded to multi-port device and have extra cabling run around the house. $ky would seem to give access to a full spectrum of HD channels while I am waiting for the Freeview/Freesat freebies. What’s the biggest catch?

  9. Unfortunately, we are completely reliant on satellite in a rural location. Is the frustratingly unavailable Humax Freesat PVR, the only choice of recorder if wanting the equivalent of Sky+?

  10. @Sarah: As far as I am aware, at this moment in time, there is no alternative, yet, to the Humax Foxsat HDR Freesat PVR.

    There are plenty of excellent non-Freesat satellite PVR’s available including one from Humax. Unfortunately these will not have the Freesat functionality as the appropriate software is not included.. One manufacturer, Fortec Star, appear to be attempting to use the Freesat EPG in a non-Freesat box, from what I have read it appears to be more experimental than functional. A non-Freesat box could be described as functional rather than ultra user friendly.

    Your best bet is to be patient, you won’t be disappointed . .

  11. As I understand it ,u can only use a terrestial ariel with a freeview box ( not digital )and if thats the case it won’t be that long before the signal will be switched off and we all get digital so u ought to buy a freesat box rather than a freeview.?

  12. Elaine j – Freeview is digital. Freeview works through you rooftop aerial, whilst FreeSAT works through a satellite dish. Although Freeview and Freesat are both run by the same people, copyright issues mean that the range of channels is not quite the same for the two platforms. For example, you can’t get WeddingTV+1 on Freeview.

    When the analogue signal is switched off, the terrestrial transmitters will carry Freeview at full signal strength, so coverage will be much better than it is at the moment. Even if you can’t get Freeview now, you should after digital switchover.

    The cheapest Freeview box I’ve seen is about £15, and would just sit between you present aerial and your TVt. The cheapest Feesat box is almost £50 and requires a satellite dish which, if you haven’t already got one, will cost about £80 to install.

    Whether you go the Freeview route, or Freesat, would depend on so many factors. You would do well to sit down with a knowledgeable friend and really give the whole subject a good thresh. If still in doubt – buy both!

  13. @Elaine j: Tony is absolutly right.. Freeview is the Digital replacement for conventional/analogue TV that we have had for years. Freeview will be here for many, many years and is picked up/received through a conventional aerial on the roof or in the loft.

    Freeview and Freesat are completely different systems.

    Freesat comes via satellite and can only be received by using a dish outside.
    The satellites you receive are the same ones received by a $ky box, the channels you get are those that pay to be included in the Freesat service.
    If you already have a dish installed by $ky it will be perfect for Freesat too as long as it’s working..

  14. Maplin have just changed stock availability from 14 days to 28 days. Looks like my order will be taking a bit longer than I thought. Darn…

  15. csm, it’s no real conciliation but all retailers are in the same boat, if Maplin’s are struggling, so are the rest, so whilst you could keep checking our site for updates on other’s having stock, you might as well keep your order with them, at worst you cancel, or buy and sell on ebay 😀

  16. Great tip,
    Got fed up of waiting for it to arrive in the shops, and I’ll save £25
    I ordered mine on 25/1 I’ll let you know when I get it.

  17. I’ve just tried to cancel the Maplin order so I could order from Comet who have these in stock locally, but wasn’t able to cancel this on line. With Maplin changing the stock availability to 28 days it looks as though I will be having a long wait as well ! Frustrating when Comet have these for delivery.

  18. Cancelled the Maplins order by phone, ordered one via Comet, delivery next week. I can look forward to watching (most of) the Six Nations in HD – sorted !

  19. Ordered from maplins on the 27th January,their help line told me that they received a delivery yesterday and are receiving another delivery today.
    My order has been dispatched today pm, help line also told me that they had a back order of 700 units !! Looking forward to HD Rugby.

  20. I order mine on the 27 January and it looks like start/mid March for my delivery 🙂 400~ on the waiting list 😀 yay!

  21. Its hats off to Maplins as mine arrived Friday 6th, installed in less than 15 minutes and i love it !!!! HD and HDMI upscale is a real step up against my old sky + box pictures.
    Remote seems fine to me with lots of features to discover !

  22. I got the following info. from a very helpful customer services via email on Sunday 8th
    “180 were due in yesterday but have not arrived yet, this may be due to the
    severe weather conditions.
    30 due in 13th February 2009
    120 due in 27th February 2009
    150 due in 6th March 2009
    150 due in 13th March 2009.

    We currently have 494 back orders of which yours is one, I would expect your
    order to be honoured from one of the first three deliveries above.”

    And now the good news, my order was despatched today!

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