Price Of Humax FOXSAT-HD Rockets


It would appear that a few days ago some of the major retailers decided to increase their retail price of the Humax FOXSAT-HD from £119.99 to £149.99.

The retailers involved in the price hike include John Lewis, Dixons, Maplin, Argos and Currys, with a lesser increase also by Amazon.

We have checked the trade price for this Freesat high-definition receiver but it hasn’t changed, suggesting that the major retailers have some how determined that the demand for this product is increasing, or available stock is about to become very short. We cannot imagine it would be due to lack of sales, as these big retailers would typically drop the price to trade values just to sell stock.

Very interesting, and odd at the same time; wonder if the same will happen with any other Freesat product.

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  1. It is, of course, unlawful for traders to collude to fix prices.

    I wonder how they have all come to change at the same time…..

  2. Off topic, but does anyone know of any planned software updates to this box? or a site discussing potential update plans? There are a number of things Humax could do to improve the software or r/c functionality…

  3. I would imagine that the higher price is the RRP. John Lewis would have been matching the competitors’ lower price and once this was adjusted would put the price back up. No collusion.

  4. Very intriguing – whilst it’s the best of the existing single-tuner Freesat HD boxes, if the retailers had been tipped off of some major imminent announcement from Freesat of a new HD channel, all FreesatHD receivers would be increased in value to maximise revenues when interest in the platform is heightened, rather than being kept to one particular model…

  5. Re: ChrisA’s post.

    The same thought crossed my mind. But then again, that may just be very wishful thinking.

    However………………….. these guys do not do this sort of thing without a reason and any new HD content is very LONG OVERDUE……..and may well be imminent.

    Or maybe this is all just whimsy and resultant speculation?

    Time will tell

  6. @Bob,

    There is a software update this year, not soon but it is due. This will update the box in only one major area: iPlayer but it will also provide improvements to the core software (no other new features).


  7. Of course it could all be just the mess that the government has made of our economy and the sliding value of the pound. I was all set to buy myself a new lens for my camera, only to find they’d gone up by 25% in the last 3 months. Hyperinflation here we come.

  8. @John R

    You might not be far off the truth to be honest, many electrical products seem to be rising in price at the moment, but in additional, digital switch-over really begins to motor with the north west later this year, so prices might start to creep up.

  9. The word ‘greed’ springs to mind! Don’t they know we’re still in a recession? Collusion on prices – don’t be silly, this is Britain!

  10. Its Hardly a Price rocket. Its the RRP and what I paid at launch. Some busineses are realising you have to make a profit, or why bother.
    If you got one cheap, well done. Prices will move again in the future, thats life.

  11. @chrislayeruk

    A 30% increase over night in some cases is quite a rocket in my opinion, especially when there seems no obvious reason for it. These businesses have been making profit on them for months at much lower prices (between £116-£119).

  12. Sorry to mention Christmas is August but September is just round the corner and lots of people buy their Christmas presents early. A good reason to put up your prices if you’re a retailer that has been struggling in the recession.

  13. Humax Direct sell grade A boxes for £89 or become a Humax partner and get them at trade price then sell them on Ebay. Simples:-)
    Why not set up a group account for Joinfreesat participants?

  14. Probably caused by exchange rate changes. I too have been glumly watching electronic items rise in price this year.

    However, I am a bit surprised that retailers would think the Foxsat HD would warrant a higher price. I never contemplated buying the Foxsat HD as the HDR was announced long before release. The main reason for buying either box is some future proofing for HD and watching BBC HD now. To benefit from either box you need a reasonable quality HD TV which dwarfs the cost of the receiver box. I would have thought that for most consumers the HDR was simply better value for money. With its series link the HDR effectively gives many of the key benefits of SKY+ at a more affordable price.

    If I didn’t already have an HDR I would be ordering it now!

  15. Perhaps by closing the gap in price with the PVR makes them look more attractive and easier to sell and gain a bigger margin for each sale?

    As Freesat isn’t flying off the shelves it makes sense to make as much as possible from each sale.

    “For 90 quid more, you´ll get so much more for your money…….” Sounds a lot better than “For more than twice the twice…..”

  16. As Freesat isn’t flying off the shelves it makes sense to make as much as possible from each sale.

    Back that up with figures please, without comparing it to Sky as usual! Bet ya can’t 😉

  17. @admin Freesat AFAIK spent around 5 million pounds on their Easter campaign and it looks like they added 100,000 sales. The cost per sale is amazingly high especially as there is no residual income. How much have they spent on marketing since launch and how many sales have there been? It’s hardly been cost effective.

    Also if I had a penny for each time I see the Panasonic Integrated Freesat TV ad on Sky, I would be a rich man.

  18. @derek500

    So your basing your opinion off marketing revenue? Not actual sales reached of late and how that matches up with the forecasted figures expected by both Freesat and the manufacturers?

    On the subject of marketing expense though, this also includes the large amount of work being done to promote Freesat as part of DSO and the promotional material coming looks impressive.

    @Tony Hales

    We don’t have it broken down yet, but 500,000 is said to have been achieved by some margin.

  19. Tony is nearer the mark. To discount for Christmas sales retailers need a period of higher price. August/September seems about the right period Have a look at sat navs, same thing happened to them last year. Sales happened leading up to Christmas because of the recession, not as the norm in January.

  20. I strongly suspect that the start of analogue switch-off has increased demand for digital boxes of all types and retailers are taking the opportunity to raise prices. I have been looking at the price of Freeview boxes with a view to replacing a very old one whose remote control has started to play up. While you used to be able to get a very basic box around £16, these are not to be found and the commonest are in the £25 range. Interestingly, an own brand box from Aldi as a weekly special was the same as when it was previously offered and a PC dongle from has gone down.

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