Product Placement On Hollyoaks!

Are Freesat making the most of product placement opportunities on television? Well the Freesat HD logo was certainly very obvious on a recent episode of Channel 4’s soap Hollyoaks.

Freesat HD on Hollyoaks

The packaging suggests to us the product is the LG LF7700 LCD television, which is now discontinued and is currently causing much discussion regarding the introduction of iPlayer, or lack of!

Freesat HD on Hollyoaks

What do you think, product placement?

Thanks to omnidirectional (digitalspy) for spotting this.

12 thoughts on “Product Placement On Hollyoaks!”

  1. See as Freesat is not part of Channel 4 I expect this is just a coincidence and they just used the first TV box they could find which just happened to be this one.

    I don’t think it is product placement either as it’s an old item from a manufacturer that no longer makes Freesat sets.

  2. Wonder what is supposed to be in the smaller white box with all the tape round it on top of the main one. Not a Humax so they can get iPlayer by any chance?

  3. and the packaging clearly displays the Freesat HD logo, which means it should be capable of receiving BBC iplayer, and future Freesat IPTV services.

  4. No way is it product placement.

    I see there are three GRUNDIG GUFSAT01HD’s on Ebay with a buy it now price of £29.99 each. Perhaps LG are looking for bargains from Ebay and haven’t won anything yet.

  5. I think it’s probably a coincidence too but a good one at that! Does anyone know when this episode was broadcast as I’ll watch it on 4OD to see it in full?

  6. I think its good.

    Subtley done. Also adds more realism to the programme as the logos wouldn’t be hidden in real life.

    I’m all for subtle placement.

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