Question marks surround LG Freesat products

Following on from the announcement at the turn of the year that LG were planning to release a series of LCD televisions with Freesat built-in, we have today enquired with them in to the specific model numbers and screen sizes, and what release date is expected.

It would seem from the response that LGE (LG Electronics) are not intending on releasing these Freesat products!!! LG customer service said;

We do not at present have any plans to release this model in the UK. We would respectfully request that you check our website periodically for any updates on release dates of our products.

Now we are still certain that the release is going ahead, so it came of some what a surprise to us that LG’s own representatives would suggest otherwise. What concerns us most is the comment regarding no plans to sell this product in the UK, where else are they planning on a selling a television with a UK based platform receiver integrated? 😀

11 thoughts on “Question marks surround LG Freesat products”

  1. You should have tried the marketing department. Customer service in any organisation never knows anything

  2. We did, we are in touch with LGE’s marketing department directly, plus LGE’s PR company and they chose to reply via customer services.

  3. Thanks David, we have since had a response apologising for the inaccurate email response we got and also to suggest that the launch is expected in May.

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