Racing Post To Join Freesat

Racing Post Joins FreesatRacing Post, the popular horse and greyhound racing website/paper have announced they will launch their television channel on Freesat, mid-December.

This follows yesterdays announcement of a raft of Channel 5 channels launching in early December, further increasing the growth and popularity of the Freesat platform.

The channel will comprise of three greyhound racing programmes per week initially, shared with Information TV on channel 402.

RACING POST is delighted to announce the return of live greyhound racing into homes across the UK and Ireland from mid-December, with the launch of a new three-times-a-week programme, Racing Post Greyhound TV.

Hosted by Racing Post, in co-operation with bookmakers Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral and bet365, plus leading betting exchange Betfair, the programme will be broadcast on Sky digital channel 231 and Freesat channel 402.

Live evening racing will be shown from Hove and Monmore on Thursdays, Romford and Sunderland on Fridays and Crayford and Newcastle every Saturday from 7.15pm to 10.45pm. The programme will be free to view and will also have a webcast presence on and on founders’ websites.

The programme’s first transmission date will be announced in due course along with the line-up of presenters.

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(thanks Shane for the heads up)

26 thoughts on “Racing Post To Join Freesat”

  1. Not for me, but great news at another channel coming to the platform.

    (Possibly) great news for those that follow the dogs, and let’s face it, I bet that we ALL watch it every now and then – especially while having a little house gathering!

  2. I don’t think Racing Post TV is going to be a proper standalone TV channel. My guess is that they are just subletting space on Information TV in the same way the Caravan Channel does!

    [admin] Updated main post with confirmation of this [/admin]

  3. Good news. Curious though, what will be shown on screen when the three-times-a-week programme, Racing Post Greyhound TV is not on air.

  4. @admin Information TV is channel 402 on Freesat and channel 231 on Sky – the proposed channel numbers for Racing Post TV.

    I would be really surprised if Information TV closed down to make way for it. As I say, I think Racing Post TV will simply be a strand on Information TV. It probably explains why it is only on-air three days a week!

    [admin] Updated main post with confirmation of this [/admin]

  5. More good news – i know many mmight not be into horse racing but i quite like watching a few races every now and again – Delighted – even if your not into it you have to admit were gettin a nice set of new stations this christmas – 5*, 5USA, the plus 1 stations of all the Five line-up, and now a racing station – thats 6 new stations – couple that with all the stations weve gotton this year –

    THATS 15 stations added this year – THATS ABSOLUTELY SUPERB – even if your not into some of them, for a FREE TV platform to add that many stations- It leaves Freeview staggering behind at this stage – fair enough – no 4Music – but we have stacks of music stations – No Dave? we have the CBS channels, the Horror channel, BET, – I KNOW IM ON WHAT IS CURRENTLY THE BEST FREE PLATFORM AVAILABLE – Bravo guys… bravo

  6. @Richard Crichton (Tony/Richard!)

    Tough one to call, strictly speaking it is just their greyhound programmes for now, but it is also their stab at a channel, so is a bit of both. They plan to see how it goes and introduce more programmes, which might lead to them needing their own slot; who knows!

  7. Wasn’t NME and Bliss already on Freesat, left and came back ?
    NHK-HD replaced its SD channel.
    And a few channels left.

    Still, not bad for 2011 – Wonder whats instore for 2012 🙂

  8. Bit of a funny press release!

    Will ch231/402 be changing it’s name in the near future from Info TV to a Showcase #?

    Would explain why Racing Post couldn’t name the channel and just gave EPG #s.

  9. I’m liking the the idea of these new channels due to arrive on freesat in December. However, what I would really love to see on freesat are some sports channels, would be like the icing on the cake so to speak. So freesat, if you guys could work your magic just a little more, I would be the most happiest man on earth.. Oh, by the way, keep up the good work on bring us all free channels..

  10. @13E you are unlikely to get any channels showing major sports events on Freesat – even for the the more minority sports that something like Eurosport show rights are very expensive.

    Free to air sports channels have been an unmitigated disaster even on Sky over the last 7 or 8 years. Numerous channels showing minor sports in the clear have either gone encrypted or closed.

  11. Good to see a sporting strand on the platform, good for those who like the dogs and no need to pay Murdoch’s bunch either. I quite like the Landscape programming they put on Showcase/Info TV too, they show some really good videos with music too.

    I guess Showcase 2 may arrive in the future as there was talk about 12mths back when they had made comments about getting it on the platform.

  12. @13 Boxnation – a boxing channel is availaable FTA via Non-Freesat mode 11585H 27500 2/3 (8:00pm to 10:00pm)

  13. I’m glad we’re getting all the channel 5 channels, but I’m most interested in the HD additions. Hopeful for channel 5 HD next year. Can we have ITV4 HD please, I really want all the football in HD!

  14. @19 There is no chance of the ITV 2 3 4 HD’s going clear anytime soon,. Those ITV channels have been setup to diversify the ITV revenue streams.

  15. I am delighted to see Greyhound Racing on 3 nights per week as i have recently adopted one of these beautiful dogs! Well done Freesat and Racing Post

  16. Hi anychance of getting pick tv-Sony channel- sky news
    Dave-could we do a poll for perfect channel coming to freesat 2012
    It’s a great platform and I would love to see few more channels

  17. Not that it really bothers me as I am not into racing so I wont watch it, but it’s nearing the end of December now and it’s still not on.

  18. Tried to get Greyhound racing on Freesat 402, but nothing comes up. Can some one please advise if you have to pay for this ‘free’ channel.

    Have tried 414 and 412 but nothing.

    Many thanks,

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